foreign guys I found it this is the best pickleball machine on the market today I got spin shot to sending one of their pickleball machines to review and I'm glad that I did I'm going to show you five drills that you can do using the.

Spin shot as well as all the features that make this machine the best my favorite thing about this machine is that it lets you create your own sequence of shots meaning that the second third fourth fifth ball it shoots out can all be different from the first which allows you to replicate in-game situations for the first drill I've set.

The mission up to hit a Top Spin serve and then quickly Drive A Hard Top Spin shot over the net this allows me to work on my returns and then getting up to the net to defend a hard driven ball on the third shot then the machine will wait for me to get back into position before starting the drill again to set this shot sequencing up all you.

Have to do is download the drill maker app connect straight to the spin shots built-in Wi-Fi network and then you'll be able to change every shot sequence for 12 different drills this is what the interface looks like just a long press on a drill to open up its settings then you can adjust the direction the speed the spin the height and the frequency of.

Every individual shot or all of them at the same time by the way I'm using a Selkirk Invicta Vanguard 2.0 in this video It's My Paddle of choice if you want to buy one you can use my code to check out big shouts to sellkirk for sponsoring the channel everyone needs to practice their third shot drops so I've.

Set the machine to alternate hitting backspin shots to my left and my right most people hit a slice to return on the second shot so you're most likely going to have to hit a third shot drop on a ball that already has backspin in the app I set the machine to alternate left and right in the horizontal column and then set the spin to a negative value to.

Make it backspin if you want to spice up the drill a little more then you can set it to choose a random horizontal value so you don't know where it's going to feed the ball also I set up buckets as targets just to give myself something to aim at the third drill is alternating forehand and backhand volleys similar to the last drill I set the machine to.

Alternate going left and right but this time it's sending me hard Top Spin shots to simulate a drive after you get comfortable with this I'd recommend starting in the center of the court to make yourself have to move a little bit before you hit that shot anytime you're moving it makes the shot a little bit harder and challenges your.

Fundamentals overheads are you kidding me I've been looking so long for a way to train overheads like this not having a tennis background put me at a big disadvantage when it came to hitting overheads but now that I've had a chance to drill the heck out of them with the spin shot it's became one of my favorite shots.

We recorded this on a pretty windy day but the machine was able to reliably feed the ball in pretty much the same place every time it's super consistent and I've yet to have a ball get stuck in the machine hands battles with a partner I've set the machine up to periodically feed a soft shot that I can take out of the air.

And speed up at bin to start a hands battle after we have our hands battle we just wait for the next shot to come and start again you can even crank this speed down a little bit more and have it hit soft dink shots if you want to speed up off the belt instead it's so nice having a constant feat of balls so you don't have to keep stopping to grab new.

Ones the spinshot pickleball machine costs around two thousand dollars but with that two thousand dollars you're getting the best pickleball machine that money can buy today it holds around 100 Balls and the battery has lasted me for over three hours at a time there's a really reliable app to use to program your drills the machine is very durable.

And it's super consistent thanks for watching I'll see you in the next one peace
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