Is when I first started hearing his name around the scene it was everyone was saying he was the most hyped man in pickleball he brings a little bit of I don't know what do we call it a little yeah I was gonna say Swagger but it's like a little all right what's up guys uh so this last weekend was it was pretty cool it's a.

Pretty big weekend for me uh it was the first time I played Ben johns but it was the best tournament I've had yet so that was really cool I had a midterm today at 2PM so I spent all day yesterday studying woke up early spent six hours straight just studying for this exam I'm a senior at the University of Chicago if you're unfamiliar with me but regarding.

Training for pickleball so basically I took yesterday off how to focus on studying you know anybody that says they don't have time they're just lying to themselves they spend an hour doing nothing they spend an hour talking to a friend sure you know social life is very important but like you may get to that point in your life where what you're.

Doing with your life is more important there's a great quote that I heard uh Mike Tyson say recently if you're a friend to everybody you're an enemy to yourself at the end of the day you got to put yourself first foreign when I go to like train you should be.

Focusing on one thing I've heard many people say it before but it's just so true if it's right before a tournament however it's okay to it's okay to work everything but if you have a week or two or even a few days pick one thing and just get after it thank you.

already stops because they see like a girl in the field and then I think the girls like actually a ghost yep yep let's go get it so okay I'm just gonna I'm just gonna go uh I'm like a ghost okay we are starving we will not take this no.

Longer rather than starve your torment to set you on fire you bloody Rascals could not live if it were not for the poor you bloody Farmers could not live if it were not for the poor to them that keep you bloody Rascals alive but there will be a Slaughter made amongst you very soon are you angry because I'm selling the.

Farm what difference will it make none none everything will go on the same that's why I'm angry so it's blood all right guys since it's a quicker for me to memorize my lines and I thought I'm gonna go go to our gym right now and get 30 minutes of playing.

Tougher one no no no no these bloody Farmers could not live if it was not for the poor to some that keep you bloody Rascals alive but there will be a Slaughter and I would very much like to thank you just as I paint your peace I'm sorry you had to witness that that was uh not my best work see it is 3 15. this exam is.

At 11 A.M so that's seven two plus eleven twenty hours minus 15 19 hours 45 minutes it's about 10 hours of studying ahead of me wish me luck I try not to drink coffee past 4 pm and it is 3 37 p.m so we're okay time is 9 42 p.m uh I started studying.

At 3 30 p.m taking a few small breaks this is tea not coffee there may be some caffeine in here though more of a more of an early bird myself so I'm probably gonna go to sleep around 11. good night all right boys exam starts at 11 A.M.

It's worth 40 of my grade it's about it's gonna be an hour and 20 minutes let's go we are mobile what's up guys time is 12 58 p.m I got class at 2PM and you know I'm gonna celebrate with the gym right we just finished let's go let's go today's back day stay tuned.

foreign guys time is 1 59 I'm running a little bit late because you know I wanted to get that last set in uh class at 2PM one of my favorite snacks is a rice cake chocolate rice.

Cake peanut butter sandwich all right boys all right boys time for the second Gym session of the day leg day let's get it that was a pretty short gym session it's about 45 minutes long time is 7 15 p.m.

Sorry if the lighting is bad but I'm headed to the pickleball courts let's go I haven't played in person since uh since uh I played Ben Johnson right yeah let's go thank you.

All right I wanted to train tonight you know just because I'm preparing for a tournament next week's super plus I'm thankful that I got to hit today let's get it let's get it I'm happy I'm happy uh it's 10 p.m see what tomorrow holds chicken rice and wine what more could you want oh yeah all right guys what's up it's 3 41 p.m.

Had some school work and errands I had to run today uh earlier today now it's time for my favorite part of the day let's get it foreign guys so I've been dealing with a wrist injury for about three weeks now it's getting better but basically I haven't.

Been able to work on my two minute back end I'm uh I've used a one-handed backhand and Tennis since I was 10. so switching to 200 and pickleball has proven difficult I don't want to do too much but I'm basically just gonna do some fast hands maybe some ground strokes where I work on my backhand swing my two in the back end swing so.

Let's see how this goes thank you thank you this is a little rare you know I like it medium but.

Yeah it's pretty good I hope you enjoyed this week I know I'm happy that's over it's a very stressful exam week but thank you for making it this far next tournament we have is Palm Beach Gardens app in my backyard so excited for that I'm Gonna Keep training every day definitely gonna play this weekend let's get it thanks for watching.

VLOG STYLE – Episode 4: Enjoy this behind the scenes look at my professional pickleball regimen during Midterm Week at the University of Chicago (RE-UPLOADED AT A HIGHER QUALITY)

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