So let me get this straight and by the way this is straight from the wording of the newly revised no spin serve replay rule for 2023 that just came out recently and I quote this new replay rule must be called by the referee except that the receiver may also call for a replay if the receiver cannot discern that an item on the hand.

Contacted a visibly spun ball in a non-officiated match or if the release of the ball is not visible to the receiver the replay must be called before the return of serve so that got me to thinking one of those things we might call a chin scratcher here's the scenario.

As that hard or wide or squirrely spinning ball crosses the net and I discern that it might cause me or my partner some trouble I immediately yell before contacting the ball of course replay couldn't tell for sure if you put spin on that ball or not I think you exceeded the allowable 47 revolutions per minute.

And yours was around 52 revolutions per minute Reserve yeah this won't cause any controversy at all in Rec play or attorneys where there isn't a ref and even when there is one let's just further slow down this game and continue to be a laughing stock to so many other sports and their adherents.

Come on pickleball we can do better P.S easiest solution ever remember table tennis I know you used to play it in your basement but the real thing years ago they were having this same problem with people hiding serves and spinning it illegally and nobody could actually hit the ball back so they said.

Very simple here's your hand open it up put the ball only in the Palm no touchy with the fingers same thing we can do right here in pickleball and then guess what throw it as high as you want or drop it as fast as you want guess what the law of gravity works the same.

Either way you do it all of this mercifully goes away you're welcome
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