All right you guys so I'm going to talk about the forehand topspin drop what I love about this drop specifically is that the spin on it makes it an aggressive drop because once it goes High over the net It'll like dip really low once it gets to the kitchen line that's what makes this drop a lot better than a push drop.

Um it's just a little bit more aggressive you can put some more spin on it and then once it hits the ground it'll actually jump up towards your opponent making it a more aggressive shot to return so the first thing I want to talk about is contact Point contact point is the point at which your paddle hits the ball.

Okay so um many times like for example for a dink you're going to want to contact the ball at the bottom of the ball because that's going to push that ball up on a drop especially a forehand topspin drop you're going to want to contact the ball in the bottom half quadrant of the back side I know that was a big explanation.

But basically if you have a pretend line going across this ball think of it like an equator you're going to want to hit the bottom half of the ball and not directly under it but actually the back side so if you hit the ball flat like just on the side of it the ball is going to travel flat there's going to be no spin if you contact just the bottom that.

Ball is just going to fly up that's why you want to find that sweet spot right in the middle that back side and really brush that ball with your paddle face next we're going to talk about the direction of your paddle face so when a paddle is hitting the ball especially for topspin you're going to want to contact that ball where I said.

That contact point is and the paddle is going to go from that five six o'clock Mark on the clock all the way up to a 1 12 o'clock part so I'm going to show you guys kind of what this is going to look like so again you're going to contact that ball with the paddle tip facing down at five six o'clock and you're gonna rotate that paddle all the way up.

To that one two o'clock once you swing through the ball again the biggest thing with topspin is it's not directly pushing the paddle straight you're actually brushing the back side of the ball that's what creates the spin for that Top Spin drop so again you're contacting it low paddle tip down and then coming up to that one two o'clock.

Part on the paddle face so the best way to practice this is just to start off at the kitchen line so again you really want to have that paddle tip contacting that ball on the back quadrants and have that paddle tip down at that five six o'clock and then really work on pulling that up.

To that one two o'clock this is a great way if you are looking to really create that Top Spin to just practice it on a date because if you're not doing it on the dink then you won't do it on the drop so again start off really working on getting spin on those dinks at the kitchen line and then once you start doing that I would work on a drill to.

Back you up to the Baseline so I wanted to show you guys this in slow motion see at the point of contact how the paddle tip is down at that six o'clock I'll go ahead and show you guys again Watch where it ends at the follow through so down at six o'clock Mark and then it flips all the way up to that 12 o'clock Mark that's how you get Top Spin.

So a great drill to help you progress all the way to the back line is something that I call a slinky drill so how it's going to work is you're going to have a partner on the opposite side of the kitchen line they're going to stay there the entire drill and all they're going to do is they're going to feed the ball to you you're going to.

Start at the kitchen line and once you hit a successful topspin drop then you're going to take a step back now the whole goal is to again really work on the topspin drop if you feel like oh I'm not getting that shot down stay where you are don't take a step back yet and go until you achieve that topspin drop from that point again you're going to.

Take one step at a time the goal isn't to get to the back line as fast as you can the goal is to really just work on the stroke and make sure that you're getting spin on those drops I'm going to go ahead and have my feeder start right here I'm going to hit three from the kitchen line that's one here's two here's three now I'm going to step back.

And I'm going to try to hit three from here two and three good take a step back oh missed that one so I'm going to make sure I stay there and make sure I complete three before taking a step back so one to three good.

Take a step back one two three take a step back one two three good an added bonus is once I'm back here to now do the same thing but now moving forward so two.

Three all right I'm gonna move forward one step one and three I'm gonna move forward two two three I'm gonna do an extra credit because one was high hey all the way until I get to the kitchen line again my goal is to be really trying to.

Get action on that ball getting my paddle tip down contacting that ball below that equator having my follow through out in front foreign you guys for an extra tip now this is if you feel like your stroke is really on a great way to add a little bit more topspin is honestly to get your body.

Weight into the shot so I always say when you're hitting a drop you want your non-dominant foot coming forward stepping into the shot something that will give it a little extra oomph is really getting that body glow and pulling with your legs instead of your arms so a great way to practice this is honestly to just stay at the Baseline.

And really work on shifting your weight from your legs and moving forward from your hips and really bending that knee low all right you guys biggest thing I want you to see is the weight transfer that's happening in my legs so when I'm hitting that ball my legs are loaded in the back leg and then as I'm pulling that shot.

Forward I'm shifting with my hips and transferring that weight from my back foot to um for like front foot or actually even forward so what's awesome about this is you can put a lot of spin on it and that ball will go really high but then still dip really really low all right you guys so basic things that.

You want to remember for this shot is the paddle positioning going from low to high contact Point making sure that you're contacting the ball on the bottom back side of the ball so that you're really brushing up that's what creates that topspin motion and again making sure that you're getting your body weight into the shot really having that.

Non-dominant foot forward pulling your hips into it and really lifting with your legs instead of your arms I hope you guys found this helpful make sure that you give me a follow at all things pickleball on Instagram and Tick Tock and I will see you guys in the next one all right
How to hit a pickleball forehand topspin drop shot

In this video, we will cover everything you need to know to master this technique, including a step-by-step tutorial and a useful drill to practice the forehand topspin drop shot.

If you’re looking to improve your pickleball game and add a deadly weapon to your arsenal, the forehand topspin drop shot is a must-have skill. This shot is particularly effective when executed correctly, allowing you to surprise your opponents with a deceptive and precise shot that will leave them scrambling to keep up.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover the proper grip, body positioning, and swing mechanics required to execute the shot effectively. We’ll also provide a simple drill that you can practice to hone your skills and take your game to the next level.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this video will provide you with valuable insights into the forehand topspin drop shot and help you master this essential skill. So, grab your paddle and let’s get started!


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My Paddle: Project 002
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