So the one-headed backhand Drive is definitely the shot that I see the most players struggling with but if you want to hit juicy drives like Drew here you need to do these three things first the second you see the shot coming you want to prepare and take your paddle back as early as you can you don't want.

To be preparing for these shots at the last second so this position you want to get here as quickly as you can you don't want to linger and go slowly second you shoot the backhand turn and prepare for the ball second you need to move your feet so that you can hit the ball and make contact with it with some space away from your body okay so see how he's.

Making contact with the ball out from his body it's not too close like this this should be too close yeah he's hitting out with a bent arm you want to have a relatively straight arm when you hit your one-handed backhand Drive to your contact Point your arm should be relatively straight and away from your.

Body the last thing is that as you're hitting your drive your body weight should be going directly towards your target put that all together and it should look something like this