Waters lost to these two in Cincinnati so revenge is there let's play Pickleball again best of five just wide so you know we're gonna have great fire fights you know we're gonna have a great defense it's going to be a beautiful day here a little wind the backs of Brighton Irvin.

Second serve it's actually swirling around here too it's on the right to serve if you're new to the players Jesse Irvin there's Lee Waters and Annalee I love when they do that for me anymore great placement she didn't need a lot of.

Power the placement worked perfect I even have a shirt with that phrase on there thank you Cameron so the two-handed backhands are in all four quadrants on this court today they will dictate who wins today yeah and look for airbright to throw the first punch she loves to speed up that vacuum.

And she slides immediately for the counter foreign she's ready sorry before she's fired up yeah the the just you want to get like what does an intense space need to look like she is number one foreign.

who's getting that one little indecision there yesterday they were going back and forth on which side I like Anna on the left better just because of the two minute backhand I expect they'll switch to that here and they do call but again we mentioned just a little wind at their back and it holds.

It in that's something they're just gonna have to adjust one three one second third that will not trickle over in the waters yesterday started with my mom left and then quickly moved to Annalee on the left we'll see if they just play it straight up or stick with that here.

Jesse and you saw they chose not to unwind the stack there themselves so a lot of Chess early here Cameron and I like that it's early on in the match we're settling in and figuring out the patterns of who's going to play which side I would look there what.

Annabrite does so well she doesn't even bring the paddle to her body or behind everything is out in front she's able to carry so quickly and finish those points 4-1-1 Cross Court speed up from Lee Waters works and it's not something people hit often because they think it's going to kill.

Their Partners but if you can hit it at the right speed in the right placement It's very effective you gotta have a variety in your game they certainly have that so Irvin goes for the big swing from the Baseline but a nice start for bright and Irvin again best of five here up three five.

Foreign there and that's the Dangerous Waters they win six points in like 48 seconds sometimes just the pace they play at with the final answer there is Mama Waters is coming out hot.

I think they know they need to be a little bit more aggressive especially because Anna brain Jessica Urban play on so much emotion and then we get louder as they play better so silencing them immediately in this first game is going to be key for success there you saw just as wicked a two-handed back and you've got maybe the.

Two best with Annalee and Anna bright so Anna's watching you probably have a good team to backhanding your body somewhere Denise Smith our head referee here and faced these ladies yourself so water's call time out let's see if they can get something going and boy you hate to miss a return after you call time out so.

Momentum not stopped actually added to here oh and wow Jesse Irvin just sent a bug into a blue movie in here and just like complimentary pickleball and a bright finishes it off so uh sorry insects of the world they are focused on everything here as a team.

Coin just deep and I think we saw the evolution of Anna Bright's game there when she came out she could hit the ball hard and beautifully but you got to be able to reset to play against these ladies and showed it so well in that point second serve and the pressure she's putting on Lee right now I know she does like to step a.

Couple feet off the line but when you have Anna Bright's backhand straight up with you you almost need that little bit of time so looking for her though to almost pressure Anna maybe take a step in and counter it quicker look at that Hustle this is a high level tennis court South Carolina Gamecock Lee Waters.

Jesse played at a very high level of tennis herself and then Italy Waters not old enough to go to college I think she's doing all right let's see.

Look at this insanity and it is Lee Waters with the last answer there as they've played defense for 20 minutes to finally get to the line she stepped in that's what I was wondering for stepping in asserting the dominance and finishing that last ball great pickleball subscribe one.

More than three and that point ball ends up deep and I think there's confusion as Anna bright had an overhead and she said you you to give a tune in more of a swinging volley rather have the overhead if everyone's teeth are set that's why I was like the.

Word mine yes I think you sometimes creates that confusion it's your bald again foreign there so here we go 782. that comebacks have been the name.

Of the game all day and the waters are forging one of their own hair getting Loud Let's go over to our daughter and Anna bright has walked to the chair all right we wanted epic we're getting it so far here and our children Jesse Irvin I think was like that's out.

But let one go earlier that stayed in and no she needs to punch down on that thank you nasty right there and just out of nowhere we got a game point Anna just needs to regroup right now I.

Think there's a little confusion coming over the front Jesse went to go in front of Anna bright backhand volley in the game the game is coming through at a most opportune Moment One game point save to get the ball back excited bad luck there off the table.

It's Jesse all right she seems to be okay the other interesting thing here is they've decided at this point in time to switch sides and put Jesse Irvin on the left thank you it's all set up daughter giving her mom a late Mother's Day present there.

Game point number two can't return so deep so great and Irving so earlier sir here we go foreign net cord that sets up the water's for an easy point we'll do go back to their original plan.

Which we talked about off there you were recommending why did you think that's the right thing to do I like the match-up of Anna bright up in front of Louis Waters I think it's a good look I think it's a good fit for both of them and it gets in a bright little bit more confidence that I think she's lacking right now once she gets settled back in.

Look for them to take this game too hello Lee Waters what an angle is that nice actually pronates the rest and puts one into the DJ booth those are usually out that was nice second serve I'd like to see a little bit more emotion from Anna Bryant Jesse Urban I.

Know they need that point yeah but they need to create it in order to get that energy and get the momentum back on their side foreign ERS who is forcing the pace and chilled.

She'll attack from anywhere and be ready for the counter and she set it up well she took a step back knew she was going to hit the speed up slid immediately and finished again with the forehand it's that no one with that second shot is going to be the star of the show right now that.

Off-pace ball is so hard to read and so effective inside out so that was all about Lee Waters couple misses from Annalee actually get the ball back for Irvin and Bryden Irvin has seen enough and sometimes when you want to shallow meaning you want to put yourself in front of somebody in that Arrangement.

Bright was not in front of Lee Waters because she had been playing the left so now they've got that shadow see if they stay with that foreign I like it I think that's where they need to stay as far as the game plan goes in the strategy.

there's the fake Ernie there just catches the line foreign she was expecting just punched it deep 241. now they're gonna switch out of this so watch this okay this is chestnut checkers.

second step so back and forth with the strategory here Cameron oh and that ball kisses the tape and goes wide so Court position changes all over the place here.

Four two one thank you sir Annalee took a full swing and that was ready to just absolutely clobber it but get that two-hander out of there that's beautiful when you're playing the water is your.

Patterns have to be on point the strategy you can't think twice about it and I think in that first game and starting the second game they were second-guessing their shots they're second guessing their strategy how are we going to play straight up are we gonna are you gonna come over and stack and I think settling in right now I'm.

Seeing a little bit more calmness with them picking the response a little bit better being more relaxed and then picking their moments just like Anna bright taking a little bit off seeing it seeing the waters part ways and then finish that ball down the middle it is Sunday so Waters can be parted a lot of times it's not about playing.

The ball it's about finding that right chemistry and that movement within the team that creates confusion Chaos on the other side where you can create Those runs and that's what you're seeing with the waters good return coming out of the timeout let's see if they get a second one so it definitely went for it.

Five four two write a second only to Dylan Frazier a number of paddle rotations on the uh spin before she serves it and two missed returns so they hit a great one to start and then two misses so they will take all the gifts available winds definitely swirling around a bit.

Too XR pickleball sign there but uh we'll never know it's great placement when you're going to hit that speed up always go forehead inside shoulder chest hip creates a pop-up almost every time just like that right to the shoulder it jams them if you hit the backhand side you can counter easily but on that.

Forehand side it jams every time the Cross Court attack again effective for Lee Waters working in the middle that's a dangerous area here from parade and Irvin in the middle they don't play this way they get a Miss I love that setup though when you see your opponent both of them.

Almost on one side of the Court you want to keep the other one honest it doesn't need to be anything hard I would have just liked a nice Punch or a nice roll to the outside so Brian comes out firing that was a ball that Anna Lee Waters would have loved but the Anna Vienna goes to Bright there.

Foreign when you train with someone every day and your family of course you just have that sense of comfortability and it shows on the court in every point they play come on good fight from right there to keep it.

Alive and then that's usually the no-go Zone there but uh just hits the top of the tape so six seven one water's creep in front they got game one in their pocket second serve right goes in inside part of the net unfortunately for her.

Foreign 77. 772 yes sir inside out that wind I must hold that in because that was a big swing seven wins swirling a little bit a little more cloud cover than earlier in the week.

And Anna Lee Waters is questioning why on Earth did I do that because that ball would have sat up off the bounce 772 unfortunately for her carried over into the serve so ball back no harm done seven seven that's pretty from Anna bright exactly.

What she was needing to do seeing the creep in by there getting a nice high ball not doing much just flicking the wrist back behind Emily Waters yeah when she's straddling the tea or worse just put it over there with a little Pace use her Pace well done and a bright second cell eight seven two.

oh dear God set off by when I said oh dear because the bird was so high it was like a 3-0 third there but uh they almost scrapped the way back to the kitchen line thank you.

it's nice so you can do that shot with the two-hander if the ball is high enough right just roll that left hand over creating that roll right behind your opponent.

that defense pays off again with the wind swirling a couple of those just didn't travel far enough for the waters to tattoo them and what I like is that both teams do so well they take their time in that transition zone some people think you have to hit one to two shots and Rush the kitchen don't hurt.

Her point four seven eight shots then get up to the kitchen work the point and get that finishing ball yeah third shot drop there's nothing wrong with 13th shot drop there's not and and that's how pickleball is evolving right you can take your time you can create from the transition zone now.

Really listen up people Cameron's spitting the truth it's a two-handed backhand when the ball goes off the tape you got to get two buttons to the right spot all right welcome back everybody what a match we have going on here Dave Fleming with Cameron Blackwood and.

Up and back here we go who is going to get to the end the waters got game one this is game two time in 972 and they get a mistake from Lee Waters who can't believe it says wow a game point for bright and Irvin that's the five today.

Foreign a little bit more maybe a little bit harder push Jesse off the line see who's going to get the lead here quickly it seems to be whoever gets the the lead right at the start is taking the game so here we go click.

attack second one now you always help those even out there too Jesse engaged focused ambitious zero zero one.

Point one example Jesse Irvin there where they were defending like crazy and get a miss I think annivers might look like it was going out from our angle that Annalee hit again out on her ends.

A big swing by Lee Waters catches the net foreign ball that sometimes is the most rewarding that you get and then you have the other team thinking is it going to.

Be a speed up is it going to be a roll is it going to be a dink just changing up that pace creates so much confusion on the other side just like that right off the bat she followed in her mom's footsteps knowing hey that was the best ball to hit that off speed really created the confusion let's try it again.

And uh while that's going on this is when the waters do not need a technical issue with the referee but that's what's going on off camera right now quickly fixed they want to race to the line and play race the line and play we just did some beauty it's going are you just moving and shaking am I.

Coming to the middle am I not and then that gets her a ball yeah it creates Just Like Jesse did she flew off the line for a counter and it was that off-pace ball versus sitting in and countering it right there Jesse Irvin has great hands it keeps the ball keeps her paddle away on front of her something like that but because of the.

Change of pace the waters are now creating Irvin unsure of themselves for that next shot inside out after all there for melee Waters comes up short so they do get the lead to start game number three.

Seconds good take from Anna bright just got to make it and Jesse walks immediately to the left side of the Court there was a message there foreign.

Point Hunter's shoulders slumped on that like come on for Annalee not even be able to get it you know that was the perfect roll over Brighton Irvin will happily accept unbelievable get by Lee Waters that helps them out I mean it's like a hockey goalie being screened there I don't know.

How she saw that ball come through her daughter but maybe she's used to that at home to go with the last serve again sir people like why would she have to serve so short and slow um just don't be predictable and make it especially with the wind too.

When you hit that Lobster the opponents then have to create the pace and create the movement of the ball so sometimes when you're hitting just a nice hard easy serve it's a nice place for them to then create the point right off the bat so I like the change of pace also surprised that we haven't seen a log yet.

Because it's now a key shot in the third shot but I think that's just due to the win but I would like to see if it settles down that change of place in the nice ball from Lee Waters because she has a beautiful lot that she can throw in and you certainly saw Anna Bride come flying in there and take over that last point.

So that'll give her confidence thank you point and we water stepping away and trying to find her game here in a very elongated high-pitched note of.

Right there as she just got everything she wanted and is now trying out for the voice in the middle of a match here foreign Waters and a lot of talking hidden behind the paddle on that side there there's the note from Anna bright nice.

Job from the truck s good good what any Waters does so well is if we misses a shot maybe here or there capability and the shots to just take over the point take over the match as you saw just there great cat.

S having a couple of problems with that forehand running around and backing off and what a get by Jesse Irvin really good angle from Lee Waters that goes just wide shut up Irvin and bright now walk in with some pep in their step again.

Five two one down early I've got five in a row in this run that's too good down into the Asics Point another forehand mistake from Lee Waters she seems a little frustrated as.

You said Annalee Waters trying to pump up her mom good look at Jesse Irvin always goes through the routine of bouncing the ball a few times to be set for a point everybody has their little routine inside out and it's like oh Anna you had a shot at that.

And that's what Lee Waters needed to get out of the function see if they can get something going with the ball back second sir yeah you talked about being troll coming in early Waters usually is but uh racing in after a good punch ball from right there.

Not too far down and a big swing and the hands in the air from Lee Waters so she's trying to find it and now she just mess up there let's take a timeout let's reset that is successful let's get back to it.

Serve off the tape here on the PPA means we will redo it as long as it clears the kitchen foreign and seven two one in a bright Sprints back to serve.

foreign that Anna bright Firepower and fiery personality is coming right now hey do not look for it to go anywhere it's only going to get louder yes on auditions for her later in the.

End nine two two foreign water start to creep in start to cover for her mom leaves the line wide open.

Impressive display there there's a good look at Anna Brighton we got a game point here in game three Anna Lee water so they get a stop we saw a 10-1 come back in the men's match so 10-2 you're one one spot closer but that is a mighty Mountain what they're not afraid to climb it that's for sure they are not they've got.

All their their gear three ten one little Carabiner right there for the mountain climb so trying to get the problem behind her after she hits a winner she knows she has not had her game where she would like it to be but.

We'll come back oh sorry in record time for man of Brighton we're gonna keep playing four tension get your paddle up Anna bright does just that second chance of the game right.

Here camera I liked it she pinned Jesse Irvin back in the back and it almost suffocated her you saw Annalee and her mom come over I really liked that play yeah they were.

Only playing 10 feet of court and that one worked out and There She Goes Again Great Rally here and Anna Lee coming over makes you want to put a ball over there which gets her more involved everywhere look at that Direction paying off so it's working.

16. just over rips that third so try number four ten six one second serve that's what she does she's sliding left she taught you to go behind her gotta.

Keep it inside five game points here here's the fifth foreign what I like there is you could see Annalee lurking I want to finish this.

But I want to speed it up said it just wasn't the right time and the patience she has and the knowledge on the court is just absolutely incredible to them pick her spot second chance I'm gonna keep you honest says Jesse Irvin okay you go ahead and crawl over there what a great ball that was.

Gotta go on too deficits still four point and she's lowering them into the Trap is it open over there maybe it is maybe it isn't it she wants to play on her paddle oh corn and now they're the eight and you can feel it they've called one time out.

Will they call another one they choose not to here comes up short so I'm Gonna Leave missed a drive on the last opportunity and a drop there sixth game point here I would like them to go back to their original game plan where they were able to get so many points is pressuringly.

And waiting for that pop-up and Lee Waters hangs in there now the waters finishes would be Lucky Seven Cameron they hope so for sure I'm sort of I like it come back Sunday continues can they get.

All the way there hey ten one point okay so this ball oh that's close yes so they choose to challenge so here we go what a pivotal challenge this is Denise Smith our lead referee but the video.

Referee is the key to this and it's Kathy postal weight who is going to check this out and see wow nine ten one or eight ten two what a massive difference that is Cameron it is and both of these teams you can tell they're just fighting out there so hard when you have such a massive lead like bright and urban just did.

House Anna Lee Waters the best player in the world who take over a game by herself and she's done just that so like I said I'd like them to go back to their pattern of course pressuringly water suit they can't get maybe an idea like she's doing before get her a little bit on.

What animal Waters is doing so well it's created so much chaos am I gonna poach him for what that does is it causes you to maybe hit a shot you didn't even mean to hit or you weren't wanting to hit mirror right yeah it was 10 too so I mean this is significant seven game points without.

Question in the head of Anna bright and Jesse Irvin and now a pivotal crawl here coming up also what I'm seeing here is we did have Urban and bright heavy on their kitchen line being very dominant now you see them about one to two feet off the line playing a little.

Bit more conservative letting the waters take charge they don't like to be there so look for them to regroup in this regardless of how the call goes they have to assert their dominance if they want to take this game right so we've got an answer here we go at the video review the ball was in the.

Store is eight tension on the video review and now we go to 8 10 2 yes and they keep their time out as well which we'll see if they need it or not hey time too great truck sets her stuff up there and they are all the way back to within one.

Nine ten two times Irvin is so calm in those big moments not a huge swing but placed perfectly and that goes wide so Brian sneaks in there and seven in a row wasn't anything to finish so my goodness eight tries at game three and they're able to finish it on the eighth one.

What a game that was we'll be back I hope game four so the boat was leaking on the waters there for bright and urban but they finally on try number eight are able to finish so what is going to happen here Urban and bright will start if the.

Waters want to win it's going to take five what a day of pickleball years my goodness animal Waters again just coming a little too far on that ball I don't mind that or just like a little bit more Pace she didn't have enough pace and everything was just able to.

Place the ball perfectly behind her yeah it's an easy runner for Irving she'll take that all day I'm Gonna Keep Her honest just pulls it a tad wide you see the forehand that bright brings from her singles game here to the dubs sir a couple reps here early on in the game.

Zero one two yeah some Lee Waters that gets Irvin caught one one two point I like those drives early on in the game as we saw it get so much into this dink.

Battle of placing the ball so well that you want to make sure that you still have your drives ready to go if need be so I like that they're all fine trying those early on in the game and making sure hey if I need to pull the trigger my drive's on three one two.

Here we go the water's off to a hot start we'll see you know bright is not walking towards her chair so they're going to play on here there's no question that the waters have an idea of where they want their positioning to be to think hey there's a ball I need to throw over there so.

This is so great you want to talk about Chestnut Checkers that we've seen a lot both sides are trying to figure out just where they want to be positioned and that's the shot that got Lee in a little bit of trouble in game number two four one three seconds.

Right almost came with not a full forehand there I'd like her to pull that trigger a little bit harder see if she can't get a puppet to finish the ball versus it coming back over and you have Irvin with the miss ing there great return.

Paddle manipulation on that point Cameron and the placement was incredible on both of them they changed the pace of it I'm sorry Annalee Waters over there with a nice forehand on the on the wide side over there but man these ladies are playing incredible pickleball Grows by one more five two one.

the shake and the bake was ready and forgot to turn off the oven but the brownies in too long and Emily Waters nice setup is pushed just wide by her mother there's a nice rope there they go right back to it fine we hear so much these terms right a.

Third shot drop fifth shot Drive third shot drive this shot drop there's no right or wrong way anymore you saw annerley Waters do a third shot drive and a fifth shot drive so you you pattern that works best for you your partner I really like that you know they're sticking with what works best for them.

And it is heat and Anna bright is walking to her chair they're up seven too thank you attention players Keith and Susan Royal please report to grandstand a Keith and Susan just a little loose Inside Out error there from Irvin not what you want all.

The time at all foreign to pull the trigger and she was ready for it nine two two hours is the one that finishes that and how quickly it's 10-2 the other way now in game number three 10-2 became 10-9.

Game point though here for the waters you rip at it so I'll take more than one game point for them so 10-2 leads evaporated in game three for urban and bright they were able to finish on their eighth game point they got a big mountain to climb now.

just a little bit right now no need for a timeout but let's work the point a little bit longer let's get Annalee Waters to maybe suck in a little bit more go behind her just like they were doing that was working there's too much power and momentum coming from the water side they have to.

Slow that down oh and you want to go on the other side full stretch game point number two bye ten two two.

I felt that coming to was a crash hard right there was a serve and Annalee just coming in hard exactly that definition so three saved still the big mountain decision but Anna Lee is easily there she comes lurking and says that pattern is the magic it's what got.

Them roaring back in game number three and a big lead in game number four foreign to feed the ball where she wants it so four game points second serve tough to get to 11 here today Cameron.

Well when you have four incredible top Pro players here they're reading so well they can adjust on a dime they can change the strategy midpoint it's tough to finish out a game try number five Waters I think areas you can't you can't pick your strategy yet zero five you have to start right now right at this.

Point we will switch sides at six and it is Waters who gets them started one zero two so good step back and just a millimeter over the tape I shouldn't let the ball drop once that ball drop you have to hit it right at its peak or it's going in the net.

Second sir bright red that just could not get that over the net the book had the cliff notes had the whole situation figured out read the glossary and ripped it into net foreign ERS is doing so well is hitting that nice speed up right down the middle low.

And that's creating that next shot to be the put away one zero one thank you just catches the line on the volley there's a different energy the waters came out with in this game and I can feel it.

Annalize looking to get really big and not look back and they're gonna have to slow this game down immediately two zero two and that's what you gotta do if she's gonna play that far over first two worked bright then red that.

Third one coming and adjusted I was able to counter zero two one thank you okay waters on the ball off the tape zero two two Urban approaches to the left side.

And does not inside out the Third two zero one second holy Waters why am I coming all the way out a dick especially that's got that much bite from Annalee or from excuse me Anna bright it's tough positioning you gotta get the heck on out of there get back to your side.

Yeah hideout missing the balls what she's trying to create there so yes she can take that ball she's not looking for it to be anything special except for the movement of her going back and forth laterally to create confusion on the other side he's from Irving there.

one two one foreign second time Waters played that absolutely perfect brought Urban and bright bolt over to the far right side all Emily had to do.

Was just put a nice backhand crossword oh okay hold on so over okay so here we go let's just set up what happened here the ball called out overruled by Denise Smith which is absolutely her right as the lead referee you can challenge that so we have overall challenge challenge by the water so back on Kathy postal way.

To make a call here Cameron and you know both teams can use this as a timeout just to reset obviously we're two apiece in game five we've been on the court for a while we haven't why not it's game five might as well take the time out of it but at least seemed very sure that that ball is out.

So I like the challenge here again regroup let's go back hey what's working what are we seeing now and game five I think right now they're seeing annely's really wanting to take a lot of court from her mom and she's creating it so perfectly it's because she's bathing them into that forehand winner so let's go ahead maybe let's put.

Something behind her a little bit more pace see if we can't keep her off her mom's side and then start working Lee again see if we can't build points that was working for us in the earlier games but I think both teams are playing great and switching up strategy very quickly and it's helping them get points on the board.

Yeah that ball is we see that really close you see the waters trying to find energy what a day for Annalee Waters she's next on too in the mix so uh all of her reserves will be called upon here today but this is a big call here if you lose a time out then you're kind of worried about that because if you call one then you can't challenge.

Something later on so big call for that big call obviously for the scoreboard as well the other thing we're going to see here is the way the water supply the last two and a half games they've made it a very small window to get the bodily Waters continues to force them to think there's an opening to the outside so we got the.

Referees cuddling we got Denise Smith Gathering to make sure we get the call exactly right Kathy postal weight has made her determination tell us what the decision is momentarily the Waters of course have been talking the entire time about every last set of the strategy.

I'm looking for any Waters to come out firing taking the majority of the balls driving middle hard time here we go with the decision video the ball was outside out come on guys so as you mentioned Cameron Lee was pretty.

Convicted that that ball was wide so the overturn was overturned somebody taught me some time alone got too negatives is a positive so we got there we just get the call right that's what we want dig by bright.

Isolating Urban and that's what created the massive hole on the side of bright Urban thank you hurry up get there got there but not much you can do when it's so close to the net out and now we get a shirt from Young and only right there so.

The Battle of rage is on this is something else two three one I like what they're doing here though slowing it back down this is what's been working for them they pick their moments when to speed up on their terms not on.

The water's terms that's not working for them so I like what they're doing here at the start of this game a couple of unexpected errors from Irvin there though so three two one Waters back want to play that fast pace drive drive all day long and it's working for them.

Yes oh no yes four two one to dig water set herself up nicely there Cameron.

Yeah just didn't roll that wrist down to get the ball down but again I think these people don't need to build on that there's nothing wrong with that point just on the Finish foreign.

Got away with one in the middle of the Court there that Anna Lee wasn't able to pound on and don't care how you get the ball back you just get it this defense what a scramble by bright.

Foreign matters he 'll be the longer they make the point the more they come out on top over on bright and urban side sticking with that strategy staying patient.

Second third and Irvin gotta clean up the thirds here in game five I think sales a bit wide one here deal so if you see somebody maybe struggling with that or in their head and feed them the ball sounds not the nicest but this.

Is a tournament this is for the gold medal you do professional sports exactly right make them figure it out maintenance 432 for everything right there though so when you're trying to come up to that transition zone trying to make your way to the kitchen that is a perfectly.

Placed ball right at the feet it doesn't need to be hard yeah incredibly well okay so they switch position here put Urban on the left to be able to make that Jesse Irvin she read that because Annalee wasn't creeping over as much as she usually is.

That's because they've been keeping her honest a little bit on that straight up side with Irvin foreign hit the ground guess what that is that's easy ages five four one and we'll switch sides at six.

thank you sir degree of difficulty that staff that handling Waters did in the middle and at that point that's usually the cross-court player's ball my goodness and she kept it unattackable yes to playing the other way not that.

They're not capable obviously game five of gold medal match they got it figured out but okay four five four five one the switch for the lead even if it's just one that's a big mile marker son a little save from Anna bright on the ball before that where she had a chance.

To go what I like there when you watched Annalee water she was baiting a poach big time look for her to get bit big all over the court I like that because they saw she came out with so much energy looking to get fired up to get these this moment they put it right back in her place Irvin has pulled the trigger behind her.

A few times successfully oh I just wide so it is the waters that will have the lead at the switch so six five we're going to switch sides we're going.

To stay there until somebody wins by two what a day this battle Dave Fleming World Player Cameron Blackwood with me we're gonna switch sides we're gonna settle in waters have the narrowest of leads six five six five.

five foreign just a nice flick of the wrist laid it ever so slightly phase one change of pace put it right in the net yeah.

Crunch time and again the middle is the concern in this matchup Jesse has got to be aggressive she's gonna play the left there thank you great dig by bright side out.

ERS get it back no harm done six five one crash ers quickly and a bright immediately said this is going to be a timeout so okay we're gonna stay here two shaking banks in a row goes six to eight three points from.

A win what are you telling bright and urban here let's get back to what works for us let's not play bigger than we need to we're in this we're just fine we've already won two games we're in the fifth we know how to win against them what was working for us number one let's slow it down two we were suffocating Lee we were.

Creating a lot of pop-ups we were we were sucking in Annalee Waters creating something behind her they need to get back to what was working for them I don't think too much I think sometimes you get tight in these these spots you think we use y and z and it shots you haven't even hit the entire match.

You don't need that here you're great players you're very consistent you have a lot of power you can place the bar ball anywhere you need it to go but let's go back to the strategy play within ourselves start inching back let's get a nice side out let's get the ball back let's get some points on the board they're fine they.

Don't need to panic they're in this couldn't agree more there uh timeout it was a momentum stop right now that I can play your best ball crowd is loving this bright needs to do here's hitting much better return to not allow them to shake and bake here after that little visor tapped By the.

Waters I think they're looking for another one oh he's just coming folks that tackle the ball only though by bright scored attack works again effective for Lou Waters 951.

nerve D Island wow perfect setup I missed drive there so they can get to nine and no farther I think that was a fine Drive By by Lee Waters who's.

Working for him don't change what you're doing now we haven't seen a live all day we better not see one here at the end unless you're in Desperate Straits right now great placement family Waters right in the middle five nights I've been working all match long.

which is so good on the backhand volley and then finishes in the middle okay two points from Big title thank you we'll never know and guess what we do.

Now this is match point for the waters I might have held that one up and I thought that was gonna drop in second try second title of the day for animal Waters.

She's everywhere
Peachtree Classic Women’s Double Final Match. After loosing on the semifinal, The Waters face Bright and Irvine again but on the final of the Peachtree Classic. Let’s hear what who is your favorite team or player.

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