Played Sports my entire life played soccer at Duke had a bunch of surgeries on my knee on my ankle unfortunately my career had to end went to work on Wall Street in New York City and for the past say seven years prior to me getting introduced to pick a ball back in March of 2021 I was just working and didn't have a sport that I was really.

Passionate about I hiked I surfed but nothing that you know when I played it I just couldn't stop found pickleball in March of 2021 and I said this is going to be something I got addicted I fell in love well welcome back to the future of pickleball this is the show where we.

Talk to the movers and shakers the folks that are making this sport rocket I've got a lot of fun questions for our guests today Miss Caitlin Kerr welcome to the future of pickleball thank you so much for having me couldn't be more excited well you'll get more excited we're going to move this thing along pretty good so I've got a jillion cool.

Questions for you I've seen you you're very deeply involved in pickleball I know you're very involved in the social media scene why don't you give our viewers a little bit of an idea how you got into it what your background's been that brought you here awesome yeah so played Sports my entire life uh played soccer I do con a bunch of surgeries on.

My knee on my ankle unfortunately my career had to end went to work on Wall Street in New York City and for the past say seven years prior to me getting introduced to pickleball back in March of 2021 I was just working and didn't have a sport that I was really passionate about I hiked served but nothing that you know when I played it I.

Just couldn't stop I found pickleball in March of 2021 and I said this is going to be something I got addicted I fell in love I wanted to play more I love the community aspect of it so one full year later in March of 2022 I decided to create pickleball check I had the idea previously like I don't.

Know let's say eight months prior to it but I didn't have the juice or the Gusto to actually you know do it because I want to interrupt you for just a second you need to tell people this is pickleball chick where do they find you at pickleball.chick on Instagram and at pickleball.chick on Tick Tock very nice.

That's what that we want that message out there yes thank you um so I finally got the courage to create pickleball chick and I didn't want to do it because I have a serious job I guess and I didn't want people to think of me in a certain way but I never care what people thinking about think about me.

In person but for online it was just a weird territory and I just started posting more often and I met Steve Kuhn in I guess it was around May of 2022 at the New York City open whenever that was and I thanked him for everything he was doing for this sport because I was researching and reading so much about pickleball I just went into a rabbit.

Hole and after I met him just kept getting involved playing more pickleball and then I put our team together in Major League pickleball so and talk about your team a little bit if you would specifically because yeah I'm not exactly sure who all the moving parts are and so I think that would be a good.

Starting point yeah I would love to so we are the Las Vegas night owls um I'm a part owner along with my best friend Callie Simpkins Tom Brady Kim klysters who's a really good friend um Tom Wagner Matt Alvarez uh they're part of nighthead capital which is a hedge fund so we have an amazing group of owners I'm also the GM for the team.

Which is really exciting and so we put this team together um we really want to professionalize the sport and specifically our team and Major League pickleball so we've done a lot of stuff in terms of team bonding exercises you know we flew out our players make sure they all interacted before this event.

Um and got to know each other a little better and we made our own uniforms which I'm rocking right now the best uniforms in pickleball I love the logo Love The Branding that we did um so it's been a lot of work but very rewarding um Major League pickleball I was introduced to it through Steve Kuhn like.

I said but in Columbus Ohio I was also the MC and host and I love that I love having the microphone I love interacting with the fans I love bringing myself really well thank you it's um so it was tough you know I only did it one time during this tournament because I had to be on the sidelines with my team.

Um as a GM but I love hosting so I want to definitely do more of that in the future very cool now now where you guys have landed this kind of Unique city in America for your hometown for the team that's got to be epic yes we wanted Vegas we said this is an amazing Market this has amazing potential the professional sports in Vegas are.

Phenomenal they're going they're amazing um it's just for many reasons a great opportunity for us strategically so we couldn't be more excited to have Vegas and there's also this rumor that's floating around the sport of pickleball that maybe gambling might be coming part of it that wouldn't be a bad place to be if that happened totally I mean that's.

That's a huge driver um we believe in it we believe that there's a lot more things to get accomplished in terms of the sport before that's going to happen you know um for example anti-doping getting paddles more strict you know there's a lot of people that might not have legal paddles making sure.

That the prize money is high enough so people don't throw games there's a lot of things to work out before before that happens but a lot of people are pushing for it and I think it would get a lot more eyes on the sport when it does happen yeah no I don't think there's any question about that you know something that we talk about on this show and we.

We really try and set the stage in getting people like you on here is to sort of get the vision of where this is going we all know um you know some of us have been around the game considerably longer and have seen this meteoric growth you know we talk in terms of pickleball is dog years you know and and so given the fact that.

You've been in about two years now what would you kind of anticipate and being an owner in a pro team what do you kind of see in the two-year four-year Vision any thoughts I mean I think it's going to continue to grow a lot of people say is this a fad is it like crypto is it you know like nfts essentially and I think the the.

Numbers show that that's not the case and when you see how passionate people are about pickleball you know that they're invested long term you understand that players when they play they feel this this grip to the sport that is it's intangible so in terms of where Major League pickleball I mean I see Major League pickleball continuing.

To just absolutely Thrive we have an amazing group of owners across the board I think you're going to see certain things professionalized more for example wine calls we still have players calling lines I don't love that um I think you're gonna see uh you know some other rules just get a little bit tightened up.

Um in terms of Major League pickleball again a lot of teams are doing different things you know what are the owners paying for when they go out to these tournaments some are paying for Airbnb and not flights and not and not food so we're paying for cars and flights but not Airbnb so I think you know professionalizing what that looks like.

Um is going to be something in the future and then just across the board I think there should be rules that that are a part of all of the tours or leagues you know one tour shouldn't have one set of rules and the other one shouldn't have the other um and paddle testing for me is huge um you know USA pickleball is a.

Phenomenal uh non-profit and National governing body of the sport but you know in terms of paddles I I think each event has to have paddle tests that players must go through prior to the games each player must get tested for anti-doping um and things of that nature but more players coming into the sport from high level tennis backgrounds as the money.

Gets bigger Stakes are higher players have to want to win more that's one thing that that I've seen you know some of the players that are involved have complaints about how it's you know growing up sort of and uh I think it needs to become a lot more professional very cool you know when we those of us.

That have been around the game ready for I've been with it for a long time I'll give you an interesting statistic that a lot of people don't know in 2012 USA at that time it was usapa the original governing body proudly announced that pickleball had 150 000 players in 2012. and here we're somewhere in the six to eight million today and we've all seen.

There's been a statistic I'm sure that you've seen on 36 million uh younger adults in one calendar year have touched pickleball in one way or another that's pretty remarkable it's unbelievable um Steve Kuhn who in my eyes is like the god of pickleball or the daddy of pickleball whatever you want to call on the Visionary yes.

Um you know he stated when I first met him there's going to be 40 people by 20 40 million pickleball players by 2030 and I think we probably will hit that this year um it is it's truly the best sport in the world um I love the community aspect and I think that it will trickle down to.

Younger generations and what I'm doing with pickleball chick is I want to make pickleball cool I you know my friends when I told them I played pickleball in the beginning they all thought I was super weird my parents thought I was weird they drive by the courts they'd see me playing with an 80 year old woman they're like what are you doing out.

There like you know this isn't a real sport you could whoop on them I'm like you have no idea the skill yeah it's easy to learn difficult to master but it's the most fun and um I think you're going to see a lot younger Generations I think you're going to start to see you know what I like to bring is a little bit of Swag or style to the core.

Absolutely that hasn't been developed really yet at all that's an untouched Market um I love what cell Kirk's doing with the Ava League year I think the women's just activewear is lacking in the sport and able is doing a great job their materials have been fantastic so I think there's going to be a lot more.

Investment into the sport going forward yeah I've noticed from time to time some of the ladies that I see they I don't know whether they went to plan on going in the garden or whether they were going to the pickleball court and so I I'm with you I I kind of hope I'd like to see the men pay a little bit of attention occasionally to what old.

Cutoffs they picked out of the out of the drawer so that would be uh let's make that a mission for you and I I love it I love it so it is now you're in that middle group I never I never know what what what to say about those groups but the fact that you're really in the now the the real bursting.

Group age-wise in the sport you've got to see people around you when you talk about younger people are you talking about down through kids or are you talking about the 19s and 20s I'm talking about the 19s 20s you know early 20s kind of kind of range um you know the Gen Z whatever you want to call that.

Um you know my age group the millennial age group I think is is in and I think that the younger groups like in Austin for example there's a ton of young pickleball players that are playing I'm in New Jersey and it's it's not as much the case um so it's a colder State obviously can't play year round outside you have.

To rent courts out which has been difficult in in PA area New Jersey area there's not really there's one dedicated pickleball facility um so my friends and I have have gone down the rabbit hole of potentially looking at facilities but it's a lot of work you have to be there and I don't.

Really want to be stationed to uh specific location so I'll tell you I did an interview recently with uh with George I don't recall George's last input from the Pickler in Salt Lake they have got a model he said he's getting uh he's doing six online interviews per week with with franchise investors and they've got a model that they've got.

Seven of those I I didn't mean to get on a commercial for him I'm going to connect you because he's doing some things that they're talking 40 locations in two years and they've got a model that makes absolute sense I actually heard about them because uh a guy on our team coyote it's is potentially looking to do something with them I believe and.

Um there's so many different you know one thing to think about is do you want it to be like an entertainment concept like a Topgolf of pickleball or do you want it to be like a dedicated training facility one thing that I think could be awesome for a really competitive pickleball players is a place to go place to train a place to.

Watch video a place to have great coaches right um the other thing that I want to mention you know where do I see pickleball Pro players don't have coaches it's shocking to me right um a lot of pro players just start to get Trainers for the first time these are things that are going to change now.

That they have some more money to invest getting paid the most they've ever gotten paid this year thing that's going to continue to rise I think the disparity between pay will also rise you know as as time goes on some of the best players have unbelievable contracts and then what's the 10th best player might not even have.

An agent or a contract you know they might have one or two so I think that'll start to you know more people will invest more people will get agents the process will be run smoother and it will take off more you know one of the things and I want to ask you a question because you're so deeply involved with this it is it I love the pro game the way it is.

Today from the standpoint that I can rub shoulders I can bump into the finest players in the world I can say hey Ben hey Caitlin yes great day today and do you think we're going to lose that in the in the future of the pro game I had this thought today um I was speaking to actually just a random fan of mine while my team was.

Running warming up and you know Deco walked by and the fan kind of got like star struck a little bit and um it's something that's very interesting because I've been to a lot of pro surfing contests and it has that same Vibe and that has never changed and you know surfing's amazing it's in the Olympics and that's where I see the.

Trajectory of pickleball going and you know I hope it doesn't but there's something to be said about giving players some space and I think fans do respect them overall but I think that is the best part about pickleball the community aspect um but as venues get bigger in these Pro tournaments they will have more.

Dedicated space in my opinion like sure this this uh Players Lounge owners Lounge was way bigger than Columbus this facility was great for it um so I think just treating the players better overall from all the tours will help some of that they'll have bigger spaces dedicated spaces but I do still think that the.

Best part about pickleball is the community this this facility has how many courts that you know owners are playing with pros and and they're friends on these other courts while matches are going on like that's one thing I love about applicable well and of course this facility we're at at Legacy in in Mesa Arizona a 40.

Court facility with a Center Court that we just don't have that many of those Nationwide in that and uh something that I would strongly encourage you to do if you want to realize the full pickleball experience you come hang out when a tournament isn't on in in Phoenix Arizona and you will see the epicenter um there are a lot of us particularly.

Snowbirds that moved here for the pickleball that we have and it's everywhere and it's deep and it's every age group and Florida and Arizona kind of have the absolute lead but I I keep hoping that this show particularly we maybe have people in New Jersey or in Vermont or in in Wisconsin going God what do we got to do to get.

Caught up and hopefully some of these ideas that come out of my guests are are valid yeah no you're right I I hope that more facilities are built I think they will be there's you know it's very underdeveloped throughout the country and I think that as more more money is more sponsors more activity happens in the sport there will be more play.

Options available year round for all different areas but it's it's kind of still in that Discovery phase like I said I still think it's in Discovery phase for a lot of young young people um one shout out to DC pickleball team they actually got the first jersey sponsor for their team and it's Barstool Sports is oh really I didn't realize.

That barcel Sports coffee brands so that's that's an amazing opportunity to get younger people on pardon my take to listen about pickleball right then that hits that generation they start wanting to know more about the sport the team the other teams involved and these celebrity owners you know when they post on social media that also triggers.

Something Kim klysters when like I said she's an amazing athlete obviously but she's such a good person and she's been so active in her team and helping to bring her Knowledge from the tennis world into pickleball so she's been great in that aspect and posting on social media and helping helping it get out to more people yeah the event that.

We've got coming up at the Super Bowl as part of the Super Bowl experience will be very cool where where we're going to have a chance to right here interview many of those players how did you get into it what caused your interest how did you get excited about it and the people we've been talking to at the NFL are telling us they're on fire some of.

These guys with wanting they want to get competition between the pro leagues and the retired pro league can you imagine the fun of that it is the best sport for people in every respect in terms of ex-athletes and ex-pro athletes or even current pro athletes you know one of my good friends uh family friends he's a pro baseball player in the Colorado.

Rockies Nolan Jones he just came here to watch her team with his girlfriend Morgan and he's like me and the Colorado Rockies we love to play because it's a competitive outlet from their sport or if they're retired or if they were injured like myself it gives us a way to get our competitive juices out still with family and friends or husbands and.

Wives or kids or grandparents it's like this communal it's unbelievable best thing in the world best sport all right so as I wind this down one of the things that I always try and and get the feedback from my guests is in Caitlyn's perfect world what do you see three years down the road.

For Caitlin or pickleball well for Caitlyn's World in pickleball um well I'm really excited to be partnered with Selkirk it's a dream partnership for me I think that Selkirk is the most trusted brand in pickleball since I started and found this for it I always I've never heard a bad word about the company the products are good the.

People are the best which is one of the biggest reasons why I signed and so I'm also partnered with Knockaround sunglasses who I couldn't speak more highly of that company and the people involved there love the product and they have really cool sponsorships coming up with the MLB and US soccer which U.S soccer holds a deep place in my heart.

But um for me I want to continue to grow the sport make pickleball cool make it more accessible to every age group I'm excited to do a show with Selkirk called my pickleball court to sort of go around the country and see individuals in their backyard why they why did they actually build a pickleball court what have they been doing get their stories hear their.

Perspectives so I'm really excited for that I actually want to start a podcast but just get really deep in the sport continue to be the best GM I could possibly be for my team put the team first that's been a real big priority for me this year I want to do everything I can to let them succeed and have fun and and really just grow the game in any.

Way I can and be an ambassador for the sport very cool well I told you we were going to have fun today didn't I this is what we come here to the future of pickleball for Caitlin thank you very much I've enjoyed it greatly thank you so much Paul appreciate it thank you.

🏓🔥 In this episode of The Future of Pickleball Show, we sit down with Kaitlyn, also known as “pickleball.chick,” to discuss her background in the sport and her thoughts on its future. Kaitlyn shares how she got started in the pickleball community and the inspiration behind her popular social media channel, pickleball.chick! 🐥

We also dive into Kaitlyn’s ownership role with the Las Vegas Night Owls and her perspective on where the Major League Pickleball (MLP) will be in four years 🦉 We explore the rapid growth of the sport and whether there will be a potential disconnect between professional players and fans.

Furthermore, we discuss the impact of retired professional athletes entering the pickleball scene and Kaitlyn’s future plans in the sport. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation about the exciting future of pickleball!

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06:10 – Where will the MLP be at in 4 years?
11:10 – Pickleball’s rapid growth
14:05 – Will we eventually have a disconnect between the pro’s and fans?
18:05 – Impact of pickleball venturing into retired professional athletes
19:15 – Kaitlyn’s future endeavors

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