You want to hear the truth about mixed doubles you can't handle the truth pickleball lovers let's learn together please leave your comments Please Subscribe and don't forget to have I want to give a special shout out to Kim Bakr she's gotten a lot better I've given her a lot of trouble for other years and she almost beat me she may.

Have this is a quick tip before we get started because I know you're gonna leave in the first 30 seconds so I want to teach you one thing to keep the better player at Bay return to them deep it's counterintuitive but in this point they return to Kim in the pink shirt the better player got to the kitchen and made them pay so think about it in a.

Tournament this is what happens I play a lot of 5-0 mix doubles tournaments they return deep to me and I can't get to the kitchen as quick and I have to rush that's exactly what Mike Forster top right hand corner is doing the cliff pickleball when I'm watching a 3-5 or 4-0 tournament I always see them returning to the weaker player and.

That's not always the case keep them more or offensive player back with that said let's get this lesson started and let's not forget to have a good take your notebook and highlighter out because this is extremely important and highlight this italicize it and make it publish click on your Facebook profile because everyone should know usually a.

Mixed doubles they target the girl not always the case but it's a general truth two less thinking more speeding up it's a lot faster than women or men's doubles it really is three the energy from momentum shifts it makes doubles is a lot more severe games can be over a lot quicker maybe it's men and women being together in the same room and having all.

Those pheromones I still remember when my mom sat me down and told me the truth about the birds and the bees and that is the truth of mixed doubles to write that but this does happen driving to the woman so the man is trying to take the forehand middle that's what Cliff's doing he's an alpha map Mike Forrester knows exactly what Cliff's doing then.

Goes behind him going behind them Works going behind your opponents when they know that covering the female works so this is another strategy you can use Cliff is so quick and recovers and hits a beautiful backhand role but again Cliff is almost Pro here's another point where danaya and Mike Forrester use it against cliff and Kim right there goes.

Behind once mic goes behind again Cliff is so quick but he can't recover from that Joey would you like to add anything with that said if you're the girl are they going at you more in mixed doubles yes yes they are so what are we gonna do we know the ball's still gonna come to us we're gonna make it tougher we're gonna make them hit better spots because.

We're going to cover less of the Court we're going to have other partner pinch metal hopefully it's Cliff pickle on me I really like myself and this might blow your mind but by making your side of the Court smaller you're actually making where that hidden a lot smaller because they're trying to hit on your side of the Court think about that understanding.

This concept is understanding why the man is not being selfish in this scenario look at this in slow motion right danaya is in the top left hand corner when she's dropping she has to really worry about clear Cliff can be offensive making dinner pay Mike Forster is trying to make Kim pay look how small of a landing area denea has for that.

Drop it's extremely small and she's gonna miss some right and where is she trying to drop at Kim's backhand right but that's right by Cliff's forehand so think about it and here's one more landing area is so small she's trying to go out to Kim's forehand now and misses so this is causing your opponents to make mistakes he made our side of the.

Court smaller right it's working that's still going at us we don't have the reaction times at a crazy male may have so what am I doing when they are attacking I'm guessing forehand if I'm playing that backhand middle side you're probably stacking my other partner is making a wall he's really pinching middle right so with gas and forehand we.

Don't have to guess all these crazy things because my mixed doubles partner will come in this brings me to my next point take a look at Cliff pickleball right here Cliff does this so well he almost does this better than I do so Kim is a four five she's playing against Mike Forster who played Zayn really tough so is she in trouble and that's my.

Point she is and Cliff jumps in right and if you take a look at the spacing Kim is about two or three inches behind that kitchen line that way Cliff can jump in with that forehand take a look at it look at her scoot back take a look right she kind of steps back so Cliff can jump in Joey you see anything else so Kim is kind of stepping back and.

Letting the alpha male take that forehand but she's ready in case he misses right it's almost like the forehand middle rule if you can get your forehand forward and hit it out in front take it if you can't let Back Him it'll block that back this last example Cliff looks like a ball Hawk right and my point is he is kind of being a ball hog.

In this situation right however Kim should be looking for that forehand on the sideline she shouldn't be looking for a backhand at all because Cliff is that quick pickleball lovers before we leave take a look at this video of a super slow motion flick and roll because I think you need to get better I think we all do here at the pickleball Pirates.

And let's not forget to have a good day
PPR certified Pro Joey Gmuer breaks down mixed doubles strategy in a new and innovative way.
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