Hey guys i'm connor hands and welcome to enhanced pickleball today i'm taking you through what i consider to be the top five fastest ways to improve your pickleball game these are tips that don't take long to implement but can have immediate benefits don't get me wrong there are other aspects to your game that will take longer to improve.

That you need to continue working on but these are the five things that will give you the quickest possible results make sure to watch to the end because we hit a surprise giveaway at some point in this video grab your paddle and let's go so at number five our first tip of the day is to stop taking such a big swing on your return i see so many players.

Below the 4-5 level that hit their returns the same way that they hit their drives but these two shots are completely different with completely different goals on the return the main goal is to hit the ball deep hitting it deep will give you extra time to move forward and it will prevent your opponent from hitting a good third shot.

If you use a big swing you may be able to get away with it sometimes but you'll also make a lot of unnecessary mistakes if your opponents are hitting hard and deep serves at you you should use a compact stroke as you move through the ball with your legs to do this shorten your backswing and start a little bit behind the baseline so you have space to.

Move forward before you hit the ball with your shortened take back it'll be easier to make clean contact in the center of your paddle so even though your goal is to hit a deeper turn that doesn't mean that you have to add more power adding some height to your return can be more effective in helping you get the ball deeper and it will also give.

You more time to make your way to the kitchen line by using forward momentum to hit the ball you're giving yourself extra stability and a head start to make it to the kitchen overall a more compact swing will help you hit consistently deeper returns it's pretty easy to get the hang of this technique which is why it's one of the fastest ways that you.

Can improve okay so tip number four is to stop attacking balls when you're in a poor position i see so many players that get impatient and are too aggressive at the wrong times every pickleball match is like a game of chess if you immediately go for the king on your first move you're probably going.

To lose that piece you have to work the point so that you can set yourself up with the right ball to be aggressive on if your strategy is just to go big on every shot then you'll consistently make errors and give your opponents opportunities to take control of the point as a rule of thumb if you're ever off balance or hitting the ball below.

Your knees you should always go for a safer shot that will keep you from being put on defense what you want to stay away from is blasting the ball in these situations where you'll usually either miss or you'll give your opponent an opportunity to take advantage of your poor positioning depending on your level and where you are on the court different.

Shots will make sense for you in these situations if you're someone that's mastered dropping the ball into the kitchen then this is usually the most effective play when you're at a position regardless of where you are on the court if you don't feel super confident in your drops yet the farther away you are from the net it may make sense to go for.

A lower slower ball that neutralizes the point this will give you enough time to recover and it will prevent your opponent from being able to kill the next shot just make sure that you don't hit this ball high as you approach the kitchen it should be easier for you to get the right amount of power to where you can drop or dink the ball generally.

Just know that if you're at a position or hitting the ball below your knees you should go for safer shots if you can force yourself to start making better decisions in these situations you will quickly improve your game tip number three is to stop hiding your weaknesses i see so many players who are uncomfortable with certain parts of.

Their games so they start avoiding these shots the issue with this is that if you don't force yourself to hit these balls and points then they will never improve think about your pickleball game like a basketball team if you give the ball to the same player every time then the other team will catch on however if you let the weaker.

Players on the team have the ball this will add variety and it will make it harder for the opposing players to predict what you're going to do also if you let the weaker players have the ball over time they'll gain confidence and their level will increase the moral of the story is that you should continue to use your strengths.

But you should also force yourself to use your weaknesses so that they improve over time the main shots that i see players do this on are their backhands and their volleys looking at the backhand i see so many players that try to use their forehand on every shot when they're at the back of the court they do whatever they can to prevent themselves.

From hitting backhands even if it means leaving the entire court open or running into the side fence if the ball ever comes directly at you i agree that you should try to use your foreign when you can at a certain point though you're going to have to hit your backhand so whenever a ball comes to the left side of your body you should force yourself.

To use your backhand and i guarantee it will improve over time looking at the ballers i have so many players tell me that they're uncomfortable at the net and they don't like to come in after a certain level in pickleball they're going to have to come in if you want to do any damage the only way to get comfortable at the net is to force.

Yourself to come in and learn to control the point from the kitchen my challenge for you is that if you're the type of player that likes to hide your weaknesses i'd like you to spend the next month forcing yourself to hit these shots as much as you can i can guarantee that if you do this you'll see results really quick and by the end of.

The month you'll have transformed your game okay we're on to number two tip number two is to refine your third shot strategy this is one of the most important aspects to becoming a better pickleball player i see so many players who use the same third shot in every situation regardless of who they're playing against and where they're.

Positioned if both of your opponents are standing up at the kitchen usually your best bet is to hit a drop and follow it in occasionally if they give you an easier ball a drive can be a good change up as you can take them off guard with your power at a lower level generally you see more players using drives on their third shots and at a higher level.

Players tend to use more drops however depending on who you're playing and where they're positioned your third shot strategy should change looking at who you're playing you're going to want to adjust your shot selection accordingly to figure out what you should do in the first few points of the game you should.

Always test out how your opponents respond to drops and drives they could be the type of player that can handle any drive that you hit to them in this case you'll probably want to focus more on hitting your drops on the other hand they may not be able to handle your power in this case you should throw in more.

Drives taking this into account each player on the opposing team will be different so they could have completely different skills so just because one player doesn't like drives doesn't mean that his partner will have any issue with it you have to make educated decisions player by player looking at their positioning if they're following.

The right strategy both players should be at the net by their third shot players above a 4.0 level should be doing this almost every single time however if you hit a deep serve or they're not following the proper strategy the player might not make it in by the time that you hit your third shot in this case you should generally try to.

Hit the ball with their feet and then follow it in if they're all the way back you can even use a drive this shot is harder than the drop but it still dips at their feet by focusing on our third shot selection we immediately open up a variety of new ways to score on our serves because of this it's one of the fastest.

Ways to improve your game so guys before we get into our number one tip i wanted to let you know that next week we're releasing a video on the top five hacks that every pickleball player should know if you want to be notified about when we post it make sure to subscribe all right the moment we've all been waiting for the number one tip of the day so the.

Number one tip of the day is to take better advantage of higher balls while you're at the net i see so many players who set up the point perfectly then they get a high shot at the net only to give it right back to their opponent at a medium pace if you have a ball above your shoulder and pickleball you need to make sure that you give it a good amount.

Of pace obviously don't go too crazy to where you lose control but try your best to make sure that the ball doesn't come back if your opponents are back your best bet is to go as deep as you can you can also try to angle the ball off the court if your opponents are in the transition zone or at the kitchen your best bet is to go hard at their feet if.

You try to hit through them then it will be easier for them to reflex the ball back in the event that you need to make contact with the ball below your shoulder you won't be able to go quite as hard usually when higher level players are at the kitchen and they have a shot that they're hitting between their shoulders.

And waist they go for a shot called the roll this is where you put a little bit of topspin on the ball and try to make it jump at your opponent's feet so it's harder for them to use their drops the main thing to think about here is that if the ball isn't above your shoulder height you shouldn't use the overhand.

Motion you should hit it more like your forehand and backhand volley just take a bigger swing so you can get that extra power so make sure that if you get higher balls at the net you do what you can to put them away by implementing this tip into your game you'll be able to capitalize on the points that you're supposed to win i really think that.

These are the fastest ways to make a big difference in order to make these work though we need to make sure that we're following the right strategy if you want to learn more about the proper fundamentals of pickleball strategy watch this
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In this video we go over the top 5 fastest ways to improve your pickleball game. We go over dink, volley, serve, return and point-play strategies that will immediately help you play better. Pros like Ben Johns, Tyson Mcguffin, Julian Arnold, Parris Todd, and Zane Navratil definitely use these 5 tips to win. This video is for you no matter what your level is (3.0, 4.0, 5.0, etc).

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