Welcome to the Takeya Showcase presented by Best Day Brewing. Today’s match-ups will feature the top-ranked mixed doubles pickleball teams in the world, including Ben Johns/Catherine Parenteau, Matt Wright/Lucy Kovalova, and Jay Devilliers/Jessie Irvine.

Location: The Tennis and Pickleball Club at Newport Beach (Newport Beach, CA)

Draw (Top 10):

1 Ben Johns/Catherine Parenteau
2 Matt Wright/Lucy Kovalova
3 Jay Devilliers/Jessie Irvine
4 Riley Newman/Lindsey Newman
5 Tyson McGuffin/Parris Todd
6 Spencer Smith/Callie Smith
7 Thomas Wilson/Lea Jansen
8 AJ Koller/Andrea Koop
9 Tyler Loong/Allyce Jones
10 Hayden Patriquin/Yana Grechkina

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