foreign we have reached Championship Sunday and Sun splashed Southern California the tennis club and pickleball Club at Newport Beach the site for the PPA take a showcase five Golds to be handed out on this Championship Sunday and it.

Should be a fantastic finish to what has been a spectacular week and hello everybody Dave Bandz alongside Dave Fleming we are excited to bring you this Championship Sunday and Dave should be a whole lot of fun a lot of big names are going to be buying for some of these titles today we'll begin with the mixed doubles Coop and Kohler against kovalova.

And right and then Matt Wright a short turnarounds he'll play in the men's doubles then all of the women's doubles then the men's singles should be great the one in two seeds Ben Johns and Tyson McGuffin will finish it up later this afternoon with Catherine parento and Salome Davide uh this is a a list of the who's who right now in pickleball minus.

The one big name Anna Lee Waters but we're not going to dwell on that we're going to dwell on who is here and this should be great absolutely and a bunch of players on that list have a chance to take two gold medals today Dave so as you mentioned Matt Wright just gets to dominate the uh TV screens for a while as he will play with Lucy kovalova here.

And this matchup as you see them warming up on the court is interesting because Matt and Lucy have played together forever okay this is a partnership on and off the court They Know Each Other's game so very well AJ Kohler on the PPA side has played all year with Cali Smith until this tournament jumps in with the lawyer from Michigan Andrea Coop who is.

Playing lights out this weekend she is another one of those that has a chance at two medals and they as the eighth seed and we talked about it during mixed doubles day on Friday that is one crazy dangerous eight seed and guess what here they are in championship Sunday yeah anyway you know we talked about it yesterday Andrea Coop she came here.

Hoping to win but not necessarily expecting to win so much so that she had booked an early flight to leave today she had to move her flight because she's playing for not only one but for two gold medals so congratulations to her she's already a winner just by being on the court on Championship Sunday but you get this far you want to leave with the.

Gold medal and she's got a great chance to do it she certainly does and is the UCLA Tennis champion from back in the day when she played college tennis so she'd love to keep pushing those flights back Dave we will have our first match of the day underway on the other side of this break stay with us from beautiful Newport Beach California.

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Sweet you got it go let's go foreign look at all the other courts 39 courts in all at the tennis and pickleball Club at Newport Beach it's been just a fantastic week here in Southern California but Center Court is where the.

Focus is going to be as Coop and Kohler try to see if they can pull the upset and defeat Lucy kovalova and Matt Wright and take home the gold now granted this division was opened up a little bit by the fact that Anna Lee Waters didn't play so no team of waters and Johns to contend with this week Ben Johns did play he was upset very early uh in this.

Bracket as he and Catherine parento lost to the 16th seed early in this play yeah they got run over by Mary brasha and Julian Arnold just 11 4 11 4 and that was being kind at saying that was close so those two didn't even hit the metal stand so so you see a wide open Draw but when we say wide open wide open but still incredibly talented players here.

So the interesting thing about this match is going to be which of the guys can dictate the the ladies will be playing on the right side of the Court most of the time if not all the time with the way they'd prefer to play can Kohler get all those tricky little lobs going and all that little crab walk along that kitchen line and put pressure.

On Lucy kovalova who will be in front of him and we've seen Coop as we mentioned she's going for two goals today so her her ability to take defense to offense rip that two-handed backhand she's got beautiful rolled dinks which of the ladies can win that battle and help set up their partner could be the key to Victory here today now Coop you.

Mentioned her ties to Southern California she played four years at UCLA part of a national championship team in 2008 when she was a freshman so she's very comfortable being here in sunny Southern California but back in Grand Rapids Michigan is where no doubt she's got the biggest fan base and they I'm sure are tuned in today and rooting her.

On to see if she can represent the state of Michigan win a couple of goals by the date is interesting though right because you you talk about Michigan being well represented because that's where Matt Wright did his undergrad study was at the University of Michigan he was a tennis star for the Wolverines and he is also an attorney like Andrea Coop so you.

Got a couple of his attorneys sharing the court here against each other and we are underway as kovalova gets it started so you got right in kovalova in the near Court Kohler and coop in the far Court and right down the Boulevard by Kohler it's forced to side out it is Championship Sunday by the way which means these matches at least the first.

Three are all going to be best three out of five not the traditional two out of three like they played the rest of the tournament and the singles matches today will however be two out of three foreign Coupe going back and forth and Lucy hits it long so the first point of the match belongs to Cooper Kohler.

Yeah you've seen kovaleva trying to keep AJ Kohler in front of him Honest by going behind him she'll keep doing that seconds into the net we'll bring up the second server your refs for this match onisha Smith is the lead Laura smart the second rep tracking ref is Howard Simon and Carol manifold is the video ref so if we have a replay challenge Carol will.

Be the one that is weighing in on that let's get her off the net there Kohler will happily take it side up side out we'll get it back over to kovalova and right Matt Lucy did not meddle at Nationals in Indian Wells last week.

right tries to go for the back can and unable to get it over the tape so that's the pattern Cross Court and then the ladies are going to try and find a place to keep those guys in front of him out of the middle by going behind them all right again leaves it short a couple of men on this Championship.

Sunday that are not afraid to lob it Kohler may be a little bit more than right but right will also throw one up now and again they also throw one down now and again yeah I'd much rather hit that than one of his uh patented lobs but uh we'll definitely see those we definitely know that the sun is a factor earlier in the.

Day too it'll be in the there it is yeah all right with a couple of finishes that were impressive to get the side out nice job by kovalev I've handled that a lot too that she's staring right into the sun right injects himself into the action and then finishes It Off.

So this this little I'm gonna get there before you AJ in these Cross Court pick-offs right gets there first and wins that one polar kind of handcuffed right a little bit yeah sometimes just jammed up you can't get the paddle to protect your body and the side out back over to Coop and.

Kohler yeah coval oven right not a high third percentage you make so far so that's going to be harder to just get into the flow of their offensive game Mr Kohler saying well I can miss one too caller will take over the serve Kohler the only one of these four players without a Collegiate tennis background.

He he abandoned tennis in high school focused on hockey but he always felt like there was some unfinished business on a racket type Sport and he has proven that he certainly is capable on a pickleball court football yeah and he's used to vulcanized rubber.

So he is not scared at the kitchen line and has some of the best hands in the game two two one two two one after the side out I want the quick hands of Matt Wright you know he and Lucy on opposite sides soup finally hits it into the net so you saw the map right just like a.

Wallenda brother on the tightrope but the circus going across there and then the minute Andrea Coop saw Lucy in front of her she fired away just didn't finish flying with lenders well-placed return there move it to 3-2-2 it's all about picking the right spot to.

Speed it up that was not a good choice in the last point that one was all speed up yeah so we know once it gets settled down it's going to be cross-court dinking from the ladies but if we never get to that bring the heat right is certainly bringing the heat.

Kohler puts it right at the feet of kovalova yeah so Matt hasn't seen a forehand he can't drive and that was unlucky for kovaleva because that is in her wheelhouse for that nasty two-handed backhand just in two four millimeter too low off the tape AJ says thank you very much indeed Matt hits it wide and that shows you how.

Specific and precise your dinks need to be that was up just a little bit and that enables AJ Kohler to get in foreign Coupe was trying to get up to the kitchen and Matt made her stay back and kept turned the opportunity Zone yeah the third did not bounce so that's gonna.

Put you on defense from the get-go the ATP on a coop as a player those are your favorite because when they come off the tape they keep sliding wide and that gives you a better angle and she's smart to hit it like a racquetball shot you just want to flick that about an inch above the court surface perfectly executed by two.

So an early time out here in game one of this Championship Sunday match in the mixed Pro doubles another look at that ATP by coop well they're challenging is what the timeout was called let's take a look what Matt's challenging to I don't think there's any question that got in yeah I'm not sure what this challenge is I.

Was very confused there this is not a place to call time out I was worried maybe something happened to one of them just from a health standpoint but this ATP seems to be well in and we are not on site we are about an hour away from Newport Beach up the road in Santa Monica either I don't see I mean that's in the blue Dave yeah I mean sometimes.

Sometimes when you're defending your eye placement because on a ATP you're having to slide and you're looking through the green and when it's hit that low and I talked about coop the choice she made which was perfect sometimes you get confused as to where because it's so low where it skipped in on you exactly you think maybe it might skip and come in so.

This is not going to be a challenge they win for sure I I would be shocked again your video referee is Carol manifold Anisha Smith is your lead ref erence Howard Simon standing alongside her foreign.

Destin uh going on right now for a call that seems pretty obvious I'm telling you it's in Dave the body language is making me wonder though I believe in the referees here foreign.

was challenging his own call okay uh that's interesting so he's he's checking on himself there so he's won his challenge no you don't win a challenge when when you challenge a call like I don't.

Understand why he did that but I'm I'm definitely I'm definitely a little bit uh bewildered by that anyway let's play on it's 4-4 and now it's 5'4 yeah the tall is right is what I'm most worried about here and that's what we got you know the jury did not decide in the favor of the attorney that time the attorney that hit the ATP however.

Yeah yes she she was victorious in her closing argument 642 there's that Wicked tune in at backhand before I mentioned just missed it by hitting the tape so although I wonder if Kohler might have been well advised to try to get out of the way of that one.

That one looked like it might have been going out a lot of a lot of pace from kovaleva foreign hits it with into a spot Kohler can't return it so that's where you've got to keep him honest because if you keep hitting your Force Cross Court he's going to jump in.

There I bet you'll see coopco behind him at some point here and the firefight finally won by Kohler he's got this unique grip that he can hit down like that with topspin and it is very difficult it's so Compact and we saw him yesterday at one point Dave he actually slid to his right to set up that backhand when most players would.

Have gotten to their left and hit the forehand absolutely do what makes you special not what the rest of the people would do and Kohler certainly has a lot of unique tricks in his bag six five one foreign ER catches up to it oh you hear AJ say get in and it obliges.

So the dur is listening to uh Mr Kohler here that was a nice try by kovalova to keep him honest and Kohler was fending for his life the whole point and ends up winning it 7-5 coupon Kohler with this modest lead right able to dispense of that move to the second serve here at seven five two.

Right now getting a little bit fired up the side out gets it back to them first match of five will have coming for you today from Newport Beach Dave is there any advantage or disadvantage to being the first match of the day on Championship Court from a nerves perspective I would love I'd like to just get going so I'd like.

To play first if it was me like it's my day it's my Championship Sunday I don't want to watch everybody else so I think I think these guys love getting out there and getting to go plus you you're the only match that knows your definitive start time 100 you wake up your preparation from literally when you walked off the court yesterday till now.

Is a known commodity seven two chance to draw even here for kovalovan right and it won't happen on that exchange here you see Coop on this next ball goes down the line to catch Matt Wright who's been staring in the middle the whole time so nice adjustment there for coop nice job getting out of the way for.

Kohler to take that too and you know that they're not looking like a team that is playing their first tournament ever together and the way that they've played this week in Newport Beach oh the Ernie and the back can't finish so if you're falling away and you have your head down and then you watch.

What the paddle does so the paddle opens up Kohler sees it and he goes instead of having the grip that would take it cross-court great read by Kohler there oh works the angle on that one nothing Matt Wright could do and a little finger wag at the end there okay AJ here it comes no no yeah foreign.

ER just continues to grow and has taken them all the way to game point yeah and you heard uh go from kovaleva on that one and there's indecision so game point well we've seen Matt Staying Alive but it's going to move to the second server here so 1062 this will be game.

Point number two 10 a little miscommunication and a miss hit there just after we praise their communication and on court togetherness AJ's look man he wanted to finish that with one of those slide across the kitchen but couldn't get there and Coop couldn't get ready to hit it so that's too lost.

Foreign deficit is certainly not insurmountable for kovalova right make it a 3.7 sit great job by kovalova in the transition area or that mid Court of defending the attack straight at her from Kohler Seven Ten one.

Foreign ER finally puts it at the feet of kovalova ball right there that makes mix because if you stay on the left side there Coop's having to defend that backing away with the backhand but if you crowd your partner your forehand is there and that's great mixed teams come together.

And you are very close together but that forehand to a backhand from Coop there was a huge difference great play by Kohler foreign right stuck on the Baseline I only do get up there to the kitchen.

And kovalova hits it long so that's gonna be a side out in the game point number three opportunity now for Andrea coop again Kohler trying to do just a little too much on the game point so he did it on the second one there you know he's been able to pick his spots and he's.

Been patient because Coop has been solid on those cross-court tanks they force another side out so four game point opportunities have been staved off start counting those in your head and you start getting nervous so let's see if they can get the ball back here move it to Second server it's seven ten.

Two yeah Coop's also been taking balls where she could attack and bring in a hard cross court and kovalova that's been effective nice dig there by Coop and then it's hit out of bounds but that was all set up because Andrea Coop got a very tough one to return and did so beautifully yeah.

Because Matt's got to make that at that point can't believe he missed it so game point number five game one will go to Kohler and coop 11-7 but it takes three games to win gold here on Sunday so Dave Fleming we are just getting started we are and I really like the way that.

Coop and Kohler are playing in there you saw he snuck in but not out of control on balance reach and put it behind Matt Wright so it is Kohler that has picked his spots and Coop who's been playing flawlessly all weekend hasn't changed on Sunday either Dave she'll take a high hydration break we'll step aside for a moment back.

To Newport Beach after this time out foreign foreign guys look at that forehand she's clearly.

A 3.0 guys come on I'm Melissa foro ratings don't have to be hard duper optimized for accuracy optimized for fun download the app and claim your free profile today foreign beautiful Newport Beach California to.

Ben's Dave Fleming we are thrilled to have you on board for this Championship Sunday and Andrea Coop really impressive all week long continues to show just great Synergy with AJ Kohler and listen it's not like they haven't had an occasional hiccup here there but for the most part it has been a a very smooth ship it looks great and the patterns are.

Obvious and the ability to execute it is the key and Coop and caller have been terrific you saw Matt Wright game two press the pace a few times he's gonna need to do that more and be a Difference Maker here in game number two they change sides of the court and we are underway in game two all right lets that go it turns out to.

Be the wrong decision yeah when you're sitting forehand and Coop can disguise what that looks like that's in his head early that's a great ball from Coop by the way we saw that challenge when it was 4-3 in game one and Don Stanley who just does such a fantastic job as the the head referee for the PPA tour reached out to me.

During the time on texted me to clarify I said a player does have a right to challenge their own call as a way to remove doubt if the call stands though they lose the timeout awesome as we talked about that's one of those low balls maybe it's skidded through the green he called it good and challenged.

Himself so still lost the time out and we still got the call right it did seem like a weird place to to try and call that though you're early in the match it's 4-3 it's you know but and it's a foot inside and it wasn't even close to the line but he wanted to check maybe he wanted to a quick breather as well.

And right with the backhand at the feet of Kohler foreign again feet aren't moving he's just so solid everything out in front of him if he does move it's that crab walk.

Along the kitchen line that he likes the best put the ketchup to that one now that's a beautiful shot by Kohler and you know again if you hit everything Cross Court you can anticipate that and he did brilliantly there great start for the eighth seed.

Misfires yeah and you'd love to be able to blame the Sun but it's in his opponent's eyes right now so a couple of uh sitters that were just begging to be crushed have been missed by right here one in game one and that one right there so four nothing Coop and Kohler forced the side out give couple over and.

Right a chance here to try to get something going great job by kovaleva went behind Kohler twice in a row yeah and Kohler puts it into the net so kovalovan right on the board Lucy kovalova originally from Slovenia came to the U.S to play tennis collegiately.

She's got her side now uh two-point deficit see if she can keep it rolling here a little Force the second server with Matt Wright Coop's like hey I've got a wicked two-handed backhand too if you want to bring it into that no go zone I'm ready how about the power on that one from.

Kovalova it's one of it's a long limbed she reaches uses her full extension to whip that forehand it is heavy and well struck there there's another one of those you alluded to what we saw yesterday this is a ball coming up here that a lot of people would have hit with a forehand right.

There as well but it's so devastating with that extra topspin on it he can still hit tremendous pace so great choice by Kohler Kohler just seems so in control of his game right now didn't start playing pickleball until 2018 played his first tournament as a.

Pro in 2019. I remember seeing AJ at the Las Vegas pickleball open either 18 or 19 when he was first starting had just moved to Vegas for work and took it up at that time and there's his presence again in the middle and then you think oh he's out of position I need to go behind him but the.

Pace of the ball and the threat of that movement forces an error by right and the lead grows to 7-3 yeah so Coop chooses to speed it up right at Matt right there and that was the right call another Point here we might see a timeout Dave yeah it's getting dangerous that's gonna make it 8-3 and that right.

Is walking very slowly over to the player area here a little dejection in that walk he'll take a break try to get it together we'll take a quick breather as well back to sunny Southern California in just a moment.

thank you foreign people look at the orchard security guy and go what a joke he's got electrolytes on his chest he's got electrolytes in his squirt gun do I look like I'm a joke.

It's not funny to me hold on here is your Coop and AJ Kohler in control right now at the tennis and pickleball Club at Newport Beach yeah it's time for Matt Wright to get himself more involved in that and that's.

Going to require some more precise placement of the ball from his partner Lucy kovaleva let's see if they can do that on the Timeout on the other side Kohler taking everything right now and gets it to a 9-3 Advantage yeah quality of the third shots are making.

Them have to defend as the receiving team that's a problem take us to game point wonderful save by Kohler in the middle of that right just have not looked in sync you're gonna stop there though but unfortunately for them that's only taking us to the second serve so we got.

Game point number two did you get the side out it's a little more aggressiveness from kovalova maybe required here as well and I mean Matt Wright does not like the ball throw Sparks on it found a little crack in it we're seeing stress marks in it there all right we're good I hate to take a ball out of play that yeah.

Maybe this is the thing that's coming but when you go back to serve you feel it in the hole you'll be like oh maybe there's something a little bit there and I'm sure that's what he felt and you're like you don't want to continue with that so reluctantly has to take that one out 310 it's a big hill to climb gotta get.

It one step at a time here and right able to put that one away Coupe couldn't get her paddle up in time yeah Kohler chooses to attack Cross Court right into the forehand wheelhouse of Matt Wright put your partner in trouble if you attack Cross Court your partner's getting the next ball second second it's usually not a good one.

foreign and another point for kovalova and right what Matt is going to have to do today and just threads it into the open side not an easy shot it was open but you got to keep it inside the sideline well done uh Kohler returns favor he Paints the.

Sideline and it's this thing coming up from kovalova that's too high so too high too far A little slow and crab walk man is there not far from the beach no not far at all game point number three second turn they needed five game points in game one this will be game point number four great shot by Coop to catch up with that.

And the point stays alive and Lucy catches up to one off the net Kohler finally ends The Exchange exchange a lot of Roars like we're at a fireworks show and the ball is flipping off the tape there the first one that Coop got was a really difficult ball because you have to hit it over the lowest part of the net to get there so.

That means hard cross court that was a well thought out shot by Coop just to maintain this and then the net says I'll help you guys out as well coming up here towards the end and it's cooler that gets to finish there it is right there I guess if you met Lucy the one good thing is you did.

At least show some signs of Life late in the game is that going to be enough to turn around their Fortunes in game three you don't get the moments everyone talks about the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the.

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Here's a look at the Full Slate we've got coming your way from Newport Beach today following the conclusion of this one the Men's Pro double so Matt Wright's short turnaround time he'll be right back out on Center Court alongside Riley Newman they'll take on the Johns Brothers and then the women's Pro doubles followed by the men's and.

Women's singles throughout the day here from sunny Southern California and we are underway in game number three kovalova and rights are hanging on by a thread here as they try to see if they can turn things around and they will get this third game off on a positive start with the early.

One-nothing lead yeah Coop sent a message at the beginning of game two hit a clean winner down the line on the backhand side of Matt Wright that time he was ready coop well keeping their male counterparts out of the exchange right now Kohler though how about the Finesse on that backhand.

So I love the play there and Matt thinks oh he's gonna come middle oh no he's not caught with his hand in the cookie jar I hope it was a snickerdoodle Right Down the Line flicking the wrist yeah okay so you want to sneak over in the middle I got you right back so touche from Matt right there foreign.

As Kohler was kind of caught in no man's land a little bit and kovalova exploited it yeah it wasn't set great fall right at his feet really tough place to defend and now right as the point on to make it a two-point Advantage great read by Matt Wright of the attack from Kohler and didn't try to do too.

Much block it beautifully right couldn't catch up to that one you see kovalev is trying to block that back Cross Court and get it out of Kohler's reach unable to do that there that's the Precision they're gonna have to have Coop goes right at Matt Wright and then the return was way too high so Kohler.

Easily dispenses of it yeah that third from Lucy's way too high and sets off a string of very unfortunate events for them foreign ER able to finish things off yeah that's a tremendous defense on that ball right there because at the rec level just getting it backs one thing he's getting.

It back in a safe place where we got to play on it a neutral position great communication there as he calls Coop off of it you know that's what people who are good players ask me what's the difference with the pros and shots like that and the pros Don't Panic right they're looking at it and saying what can I do.

With this sir well placed shot there yeah you got me thinking whenever you write your pickleball book that I'm sure is coming you need to call it string of Unfortunate Events.

And that was an unfortunate event on cue right there Dave is uh Kohler Kohler can't believe he didn't even try to do anything with that just sort of floated it in there maybe trying to catch a backhand return that's right he's very comfortable with so Lucero there from Kohler yeah.

Yeah that's one of those where Coop left a dink up but you see how far back kovalova was she didn't hold her position on the kitchen line opportunity lost there for right in kovalova catch up to that one right kovalova able to Surge back in front here.

Sometimes when you're a little late you get an angle you didn't expect and it is perfection and it certainly was there kovaleva with the one-handed block three two two foreign keep doing that you know you're gonna get beat behind you but that's in the.

Budget because you want to be that menacing presence in the middle I think Lucy hit one there that Matt wanted her to lay off of yeah definitely heard him yell now definitely heard him yell no and then they were in good position in two different neck chords messed up their pattern there two four one.

How about the long outstretched arm there of Kohler and again the fourth balls have put kovalovan right in trouble that ball is way too high on the fourth and then you are behind and the point is the receiving team you don't want to get there that fast and here comes some more Shenanigans.

But back to that previous one I mean even if Kohler doesn't take it it's right there in the backhand wheelhouse for coop for sure that's why you got to put that ball on the ground and make it bounce oh yeah right soberheads well defended.

Nice defense by Cooper Kohler that time to ultimately prevail not only the defense but then Kohler comes flying in and says I'm coming with offense here and Matt Wright goes for a little too much sometimes in one of those frenetic points you're like I'm going to finish this with a ridiculous angle unable to connect.

4-4 here in game three Lucy can't get it up over the net so Coop and Kohler go back in front that has not been their friend in these last couple right side and not much Coop could do about that one yeah much better Matt took the fourth ball and hit a very.

Solid volley that kept them ahead in the point I need to do more of that foreign ER and then puts it away and another ball skids off the net here and that creates that problem all right and now momentum back two.

On the side of Cooper Kohler but only a one point deficit for kovalovan right yeah we haven't seen Coop sort of run around the backhand and then try and hit a backhand Cross Court she sort of set that up beautifully for kovalova she'll take more of those inside out kovalovan right now give up to serve only able to get one back.

Yeah they got to make them work harder on those thirds get those to bounce and then they can get the magic going in the kitchen Kohler's got quick cash but they weren't quick enough that time no and there's an odd formation there in the middle of that where I don't even know if kovalova saw the ball as Matt Wright passed in.

Front of her and she had a tremendous ball across Court so sign out back to kovalovan right and a must-win game a much more forceful fourth ball from kovaleva Andrea coop able to.

Put it in a tough spot for kovalova so move to Second server here at five five two five five one and back in front for kovalova or excuse me Cooper Kohler five points away second serve well they're making Kohler.

Play some defense yeah set up by a very nice ball from kovaleva behind Kohler and then attacked him when he wasn't quite set six five two caller had a thought for an Ernie nope and he misses he tries to paint it on the in the corner with the uh I really call that a law but it was he.

Just tried to he tried to just loop on a little backhand flick from uh below his knees just missed it wide nice backhand by Lucy and we're tied again six six one that's backhand by Kohler will set it up.

To the second serve now and send it to uh another Court uh or a uh Shrubbery nearby may have even landed on the 14th Fairway back there Dave so if somebody can try and knock that in for birdie yeah that one went for a ride no question again that's uh some nice etiquette when the new ball is put in play you just.

Want to see how similar is it from aware perspective to the one that was just being used oh Lucy tried to get out of the way and couldn't seems to be okay she's tough the crowd recognizing that Coop and Kohler now back with the serve.

At 661 and now it'll go to 662. sometimes your folks like man that didn't mean to hit her like that and you just gotta get back in it here nice job by Coop to keep the point alive and a better job by Matt Wright to exploit the opportunity with them both back such a smart shot and he disguised it.

That was the big part of it he had the big takeaway like he was going to blast it again that is beautiful pickleball from Matt Wright and defended his partner's honor there too got the ball back without any more points a little misdirection by Coop or right catches up.

right at kovalova 662 foreign back in front yeah our first little fist pump mini fist pump from right and just like you know a mid-level stare down.

There he's got many more levels of that to come puts that one away and Matt's starting to feel it a little bit it's a great read you saw before that ball left Coop's paddle he was sliding towards kovalova well Cooper Kohler have decided you know.

What uh we're not feeling the momentum on our side anymore so let's take a time out we'll step aside briefly as well back to Newport Beach in a moment foreign the most important part about Tuesday.

Night pickleball at the orchard is the net every Tuesday 4 30 a.m you're sleeping I'm not I'm measuring the height I'm measuring the length I'm measuring their circumference and I'm measuring the tension who does tension we do well a little bit of tension here in.

Game three as AJ Kohler and Andrea Coop are hoping to win a gold but Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova they've been here just a couple of times yeah I'm pretty sure Ernie Banks didn't say let's play five but that is exactly what right and kovaleva want but they got to get to four before we even think about that.

A well-placed shot by coup will get the serve back over to Coop and Kohler regardless of how this finishes up this will be the highest metal that Andrea Coop has ever won in a PPA tournament she does have one bronze to her PPA career this tournament last year was the first time when.

Matt and Lucy B Penn and Simone it's a defending champs are trying to scrap their way back to force a game four side's been incredibly patient right now Coop finally speeds it up and the flip up by Kohler I believe Matt called it out so they're.

Asking did it hit Matt uh that is I think I think the ball clearly went deep but they're saying they think it hit him they could challenge they have a timeout left so they could Challenge and we are at a pivotal Point here so tough to see anything definitive from that angle I don't really see the Flight of the ball change at all.

And I I mean just at first glance I don't know that you would see enough to overturn a call they are asking if they want to burn that second time out if they're wrong it looks like they are going to challenge it see if we see anything from this angle I went like between his arm and his body.

It did but if you watch the Flight of the ball it doesn't really seem like it changes at all so they choose not to challenge and now the side out so Matt knows there's a little something in their head and you heard his decibel level come up there like let's go all right let's see if they can get.

To the finish line Lucy missed fires will move it to 872 not just that little bit of the tape of the spin pushed it wide eight seven two yeah right a little bit too quick for Kohler that time and you see Matt the decibel levels are really coming up now.

There's some intensity and now a point away from finishing off this third game yep we're nearing jet engine audible decibel level here great read There by Matt Wright because the kovalova third was high and he knew it was likely to be hit hard cross-court so he said you hit this soft.

Down the line I'm beat I accept it but he read it perfectly that is too high but he's like I'm going and the key to all that is that split step before Dave because you've got to be on balance to then push off on your outside leg in this case the left leg of right to be able to go so he committed had the right read and they've got.

A game point here a game point and perhaps a momentum changer and that's what comes with experience you're not going to be phased when you're struggling early and you you lose the first two games now there's no question Matt Wright woke up this morning and said you know what.

I'd really like to win gold in my first match and I'd really like to do it in three games but you know what he'll take a gold in any manner that he can get it he doesn't care if it's five games yeah if they woke up and changed the role and set its best of 11 the day then all right then let's let's go this this is a team that would really like to get back.

To the top of the podium and mixed thank you doesn't get over the tape so the side out keeps Cooper Kohler's hopes of being able to win this in three games alive and there's that decision not to take the challenge which they would have lost they had a timeout and they they got a Miss on a game point.

We'll see if that's really a factor here well they get a point here to make it a 10. foreign nice work out of Kohler and Coop back on that Baseline not the friend of Andrea Coop that time so Matt Wright lost the overhead then.

The next ball his eye still had the sun in it he thought he missed that ball for sure and he said I lost it but the ball hit the line and we played on wow yeah Kohler comes in with the bat can to change things up.

And just like that it's back to a one point game yeah Matt was expecting that ball to keep going back Cross Court kovalova was off the kitchen line and went to Kohler that created a problem but the side out will get us to game point number two crowd wants him to get there are you kidding me with the left hand.

That came Point down watch this Insanity clean down the middle winner from Coop come on makes it game point number three at 1092. and there it is kovalova and right say not so fast and Matt Wright loves to play to the.

Crowd and after an insane left-handed overhead by Andrea coop it is the right-handed overhead or smash there after the overhead from Kohler that betrays that team and Kohler I think was trying to play that angle with right back but he didn't execute it and we're going to four in Newport Beach.

there's only one window there's only one foreign.

the world will get back on its feet we'll help you stay on yours he's so secret it's the expert help I got in good Solutions make an appointment at foreign Steve Fleming along with you on.

Championship Sunday from the Tennyson pickleball Club at Newport Beach and just a fantastic location right on the west coast of the country I mean the beach literally is is right there yeah you got the marina and then the beach it's uh gorgeous setting you can.

See all of the amateurs out still competing about a thousand of those playing all weekend long and you saw what experience looked like there no Panic in the game of kovalovan right they got a little more precise they got kept the ball down they made it bounce.

Matt Wright took advantage of those opportunities he got and we're gonna play a fourth game it is best three out of five so Advantage still in favor here of coop and Kohler but you feel like momentum for kovalova and Wright is something that might be able to be continued here.

Lucy tries to get out of the way that one does get out of the way of that one and it ends up being the wrong decision yeah she kind of let that go and sometimes when you don't hit it clean it's even better Kohler gets the first point of game four that ball did look like it just died there.

Trooper Kohler get it back they had a two-nothing lead here now and that one stays in and look at Kohler is smiling that's another ball that he did not hit clean but it doesn't matter it's in and just like that it's three nothing inside out.

Okay that was a really difficult angle AJ after uh just smiling like the teacher said the homework wasn't due today AJ gets out of the way move to zero three two I'm still thinking about that teacher saying the homework wasn't due today lion that's a good one I might.

Have to borrow that one I'll just copyright Kohler and Cooper staring into the Sun so these are more difficult overheads but they're handling them well and they get to serve back nice crowd on hand on this Sunday morning Now Matt right up in the decibel level.

It's a good job by kovaleva there and there's what the threat of movement looks like there because kovalova thought okay I got a safe place to put that ball and then the hockey players come into Jam her into the boards in the corner and she changed what she wanted to do so good job by Kohler being a menace.

Foreign shot there by Lucy you saw Coop tapping her leg with her paddles again that's the Precision if it's up just a little bit you give so many choices and kovaleva didn't try to do too much just placed it beautifully behind Kohler that return is deep.

And that wasn't an out call that was a nope from that with a purpose and that's a yes from Matt nope and one yes we'll see what else he's got for us AJ catches the line yeah Matt Wright was looking at Lucy like can this possibly please be wide but no right inside the.

Line that's a great overhead great angle two or two that's going to be long so we have a note but yes and that's out and again with a little a little message Matt playing the head game he's one of the Masters yeah into the net a bad read by Matt right.

There is once you see your opponent gonna let that lob bounce you gotta go Lucy went Matt did not and that gives up the advantage he got from throwing up the perfect LOB ster another emphatic call by Matt Wright and a nice job by kovalova staying on the.

Line taking those dunks across Court out of the air she was putting the pressure on Coop there and she was hitting him where it was hard for H I really wanted to get in there but she kept them out for the most part not that time though no and that's where the.

Fourth ball meaning the reply from your serving opponent has to be in a safer place than that way oh it was probably gonna go out but Matt couldn't get out of the way I think he moved into the flight path here foreign ER good finish there by kovalova.

As she saw AJ in the Middle with the moment I'm taking him even further to the right cobal over and right they got to make some noise here but it's just on the side that was like a reverse yes that's what do you call that one Ah that's he's running across that that's a big bird right there.

Coming coming from the opposite of the early side that's I'm putting that in play that's the big bird right there come on AJ serve back over to Coop and Kohler I do like the big bird although I'm wondering if the Grouch might work as well because you know maybe Matt's face after he did it because that's going to make you.

Ornery for sure oh no and now you saw the hands up in the air Matt looking back at Lucy here yeah that's not good so the chemistry we have a chemistry problem just for a minute over there and suddenly yeah suddenly eight three yeah they need a time out here right in kovalova.

Hanging On by a couple of threads three points away are colder and Coop from eight gold the most important part about Tuesday night pickleball at the orchard are these cameras this is the Canon 6r44-2b we got a red light situation here.

ah there we go green light all right that one's done 35 more to go well you got a credit Coop and Kohler because uh you know the way coval over and right won game three you figured maybe the team with the more experience is gonna have a chance to ride that momentum in game four but.

Call her a coop they have responded in a big way and suddenly in control of game four and it's still on the first server by the way so it's eight three one make it nine three one and again this ball travels a little too far and it gives coops options tagging Matt Wright is her option right.

Now she's got two of those second sir we keep it on nine at least for now so we'll move to Second server at 932. with Lucy and that did not take place the recovery from Andrea Coop on the ball she had to hit right there inside out and safe just ridiculous takes us to.

Championship Point as Andrea Coop hoping to get her first career PPA gold medal and we'll have to wait blood pressure going up a little bit you had that chance now you got to play some defense now it's ten four four ten more appropriately 410 won.

Make it five tens per minute Rising because this ball that coup pit was going to absolutely hit the fence we're ways from a game five but I don't think there's any doubt if it gets to game five it's gonna be Matt Lucy who are going to be feeling a lot better about it nice.

ATP but followed by an HTP and an even better defense Spike because Matt Wright did the right thing when you slide to fill the hole where your partner hit it and AJ Kohler brings it all the way back we're right vacated that's really well done by Kohler.

Oh totally not well done by Cole no he was he was trying to keep Lucy back and maybe glanced away from the ball for just a second so will they have to take a timeout which they really don't want to do because then you're implying yeah we're.

Nervous so they choose not to here four straight points here for kovalova and right make it five straight and they're gonna have to call time out here yep and indeed they will kovalova and right now a roaring back and this one has gotten tight in game four in Southern California.

foreign part about Tuesday night pickleball at the orchard this door this is the door where the pros come in it's my responsibility a lot of people will do a simple lock unlock test I do a 34 point inspection top to bottom left to right.

No door no Pros no Pros no pickleball well how about this kovalova and right they Stave off one elimination point and now they've rolled off five of their own to get it to an 8-10 count here in game four.

put the side out out of the timeout and kovalovan a good look at that first two-handed backhand and Kohler was able to defend it then got the miss Championship Point number two will not bear fruit it's gonna go to Championship Point number three two.

Way too high from Kohler on the third so Matt Wright went for it on the second opportunity hit a beautiful ball and then that was an Easy Pickins will play on that 11th Point always the most elusive and Matt Wright knew it to Second AJ hit it yeah not a place where he needs to jump.

In Coop's just fine in that Exchange 9 10 trying to draw even oh so bright it was a trigger and missiles wow 9-2 9 10 2 kovalova it does not land in.

So Championship Point number four there it is Andrea Coop and AJ Kohler first ever tournament together I suspect it may not be their last congratulations to both one more look at Championship Point here watch the reaction out of coop.

Stoic all day let the boys yell and then she gets the last of the screams and it's a scream of pure Jubilation as we said at the beginning of this match she's played great all day long she's got the chance of two Matt Wright's got to get his immense doubles although you know what Dave you never forget your first she's won golds in plenty of.

Tournaments she's won a bronze on the PPA tour this is the first time she's won a gold on the PPA tour congrats to her and that's just the first of five matches coming your way today from Championship Sunday up next it'll be the Men's Pro doubles Matt Wright not a lot of time to refocus after that loss but he and Riley Newman will take Center.

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Shady foreign times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation to be ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow survived the morning after to make our own tequila wasn't meant to leave our house since we made this for friends we.

Thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass Amigo our tequila your tequila our casa is your Castle uh look at it well welcome to Championship Court Andrea Coop AJ Kohler have just locked up their title guys congratulations to take down a team of that calibers so.

Handily is just insane talk about how you're feeling how you did this I don't know how it had happened but man it got ugly in the end but uh you know Angela's stud a lot of these girls get a lot of Praise but uh man let me tell you koopy's got some game we certainly saw that today Andrea Coop along with Matt Wright there were two.

Lawyers on the court here today but today it's all about pickleball how do you feel gaining your first PPA title uh first PPA Title First mixed title of the year so I've been in a lot of finals it feels good to get one uh this it feels like home here I've got some friends from UCLA they came to cheer me on and then another local friend from Michigan.

Happens to be here now so I I feel really fortunate to win in front of my friends well AJ during some of Matt Wright's Antics on court he was changing out the ball challenging some things you said it's not gonna help where's this Macho energy coming from I don't know we just we just came in.

Confident I don't know I knew it was our day I just I woke up this morning and it felt right so uh changing the ball I kind of laughed at it and uh you know whatever you want to do it wasn't going to happen so yeah well strong words from our Champions here guys we're gonna be able to bring one more thing yeah just to say I want to um say hi to uh the.

Hosh family at home we lost uh one of my closest Family Friends uh last week and I had missed the service for Nationals um so um it was a shock it's our family's best friend noticed since I was two years old and uh pickleball really brought her and I closer together she loved watching me and Thomas play.

Um and uh so shout out to uh Greg Ben Sarah Kelly at home that's watching um this one's for Jenny and we thought we're gonna bring Ken Tran from takea on court now to present those trophies to you guys and keeping with the decaya tournament your water bottles are your trophies Ken congratulations.

Thank you well first off I just want to congratulate Matt and Lucy they played an incredible match Andrea and AJ Kohler you guys did as well you took out one of my favorite team the Newman's this week but you guys play incredible I just want to thank the PPA for sponsoring this tournament I mean this is our third year now it's incredible the transformation.

That they've made uh to the pickleball world at this point so uh to all the Newport fans thank you to all the referees and everyone that was involved thank you so much for hosting this tournament on behalf of decaya thank you guys for coming out all right with that we're going to take a quick break but we'll be back with the.

Rest of the finals here today thank you.

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Well how about the emotion out of AJ Kohler at the end of that match in the interview with Hannah Johns and uh I know that uh that really struck a a chord with a lot of people out there I know that uh this title in light of what AJ has gone through means a lot so congratulations to him and to Andrea coop for winning her first ever PPA gold.

Medal and you know you and I talked to briefly during the time out that that game the way that kovalev and right came roaring back they win game four I think you and I both think we would have seen somebody else getting the gold in game five yeah so good job by them of finally being able to close it out and you know we certainly uh.

Send our condolences to AJ and his family that uh that is one of the more emotional uh post-match Victory celebration that you typically have and you know he took the time to you know be able to talk to somebody in the family that uh is dealing with an unexpected loss so uh for him to play so well and with all that you know that's that's you.

Know you talk about what what makes a pro player and there's there's obviously the physical there's the off the court and then there's all the mental and you know life's still happening okay and yes we think pickleball is a great thing there's a lot of other things going on in these players heads and be able to just put that aside for a minute and.

Then you could just see the flood of emotion that he'd probably been blocking out just came pouring out in that so uh great guy happy for him and Andrea for winning today and man they have to they got pushed at the end but we're able to get to the Finish Line well you mentioned that's a pro player and now we get a.

Chance to see the pro player Ben Johns and his brother Colin uh they were the number one seed they are the immovable object and Unstoppable force a lot of times but I'll tell you what Riley Newman and Matt Wright that they're not going to be an easy out here this afternoon and and Matt is no doubt going to be even more focused after following.

Him short in that match that just concluded and you know Riley is always going to bring his A-game yeah so this is a rivalry that has been budding here on the PPA tour this year one of the best matches I've ever called happened to Tournament of Champions where Newman and righteous decided we.

Are playing full force high octane pickleball and we're firing everything that they could at the Johns Brothers they won that one in the last three in Vegas right in Newman won then the last two in DC it was the Johns Brothers in their Hometown they desperately wanted that one and they got.

It and then in the Texas open two weeks ago and I'm talking PPA events here they were able to get that so we talked a little bit yesterday and uh in watching the match Newman and Wright slowed it down yesterday because of Kohler and Thomas Wilson in their semi-final that worked well for them to ease back that is usually not a strategy.

In this particular matchup that bodes well for Wright Newman we will see how this plays out but it's gonna be a lot of fun these four players no strangers to each other that you mentioned they played each other in the in the current uh setting that we're seeing we've also seen Riley Newman with Tyson McGuffin play against Penn and Collin we've seen.

Ben play with Matt Wright I mean so these players know each other very well and know every intricacy of the game and should be a whole lot of fun and we are underway this best three out of five for the Men's Pro doubles gold title in Newport Beach and nice return there by Matt Wright off the overhead from Ben Johnson.

Finally though the John Brothers do break through nice that was an insane Dave you got to be kidding me that everyone in the place thought the points over and the ball comes back yeah I guess I take it for granted because I see Matt Wright do things that most people can do a lot of times but they're unreal.

Couldn't finish it off though or it would have been on the permanent highlight reel zero zero two to serve on the side out well send the serp back over to Newman and right zero zero one then John's told me earlier this week that.

He was intent on winning a Triple Crown this week in Newport Beach but that motivation was thwarted in the in the mixed doubles very early when he and Catherine parento were upset so there's a shot Ben has been adding more and more two into backhand went off the bounce at the kitchen line took that one down the line so it's just you're.

Adding things that the other team has to identify and defend Colin hits that one long and right now they're gonna do everything they can to get the crowd on their side to chat with them they'll they'll be playing all of those tricks throughout this match and keeping it in the middle.

Yeah I mentioned that quite a bit uh when they played Kohler and Wilson yesterday in their semi right and Newman are not likely to pull the trigger on dinks in the middle of the Court what so that's sort of a safe haven if you're in trouble throw it there and then the point will move on gets out of the way of that one and now.

A 2-0 lead make it 3-0 -2 been doing everything right now right from the get-go in this match just and Colin finally hits it into the net some style points from uh Riley Newman right there goes left-handed didn't need.

To do it it wasn't a desperation shot but that's the beauty of his game Corners we pointed out yesterday I mean he's got both hands on the paddle the majority of the time so a little bit easier for him to get it to that left hand yours.

John's finally puts it away yeah this is a team that has in some instances started very slowly not today and now the serve will go back over to team John's been in college and the story has been told so many times the two of children all homeschooled they are the only two boys in the family.

Five Sisters including Hannah who does just a fantastic job not only as the sideline reporter for the PPA tour but as with a creative content directors for the tour it's a family affair Dave so on the one before that they both went for it on that one they both left it that's a bad formula they need to get.

That squared away all the drives down the center will continue there it is suddenly six one and Matt and Riley you think they might be getting close to a time out here and they got to get a simple concept figured out who's taking the drive down the middle yeah this is not this is the opposite of.

A slow start this is Matt and Riley Under Siege here as Ben Johns is bringing it and it is a side change that happened right there so quickly it is Newman and Wright going okay well this isn't very pretty Let's uh let's let's put Matt on the left where he's been playing all morning give him a different.

Look then with the ATP Riley keeps it alive the Ernie and calling into the net so credit Newman are right they Stave off both an ATP and Ernie out of John's and it was a great Slide by Colin Johns he got the exact ball he wanted just didn't make it.

Riley lets it go out ends up being a good decision yeah so if they are in this position the safe place to bounce the dinks in the middle if they switch for Matt Wright to be on the left and it's on the outside Colin went scorpion but didn't get low enough what an angle on that shot by Ben but it.

Stays alive and then Riley puts it away yeah so these two have been attacking the backhand left shoulder have been quite a bit and that has gotten them victories quite frankly three straight points for Newman and right make it four straight points.

And it's funny how that one Helter Skelter point the Ernie block the ATP block Colin had a chance to finish didn't and now it started a run on the other side second turn move to the second serve seven two Ben just makes it look so effortless.

Riley misses deep he had the hole you saw Colin is sliding right to set up a backhand that was there just too much on it from Newman the unforced airplane Newman he'll make it eight five yep so if they stay like this when returning you'll see the Johns Brothers keep the ball on the outside of.

The Court on the Dinks secretary never made it to the kitchen eight five two off the wrist have been there so Newman and right it was looking like they were they were going to get run off the court here in game one but they have steady the ship now and a chance to inch.

A Little Closer to Riley on the left so interesting no second circuit Colin very definitive and yelling no there yeah and this was the decision these two had to make two outfits that like to play the left they sort of got it figured out here but they do have that versatility.

So Colin very much air traffic controlling the last two points don't you dare baby brother hit that ball so side out makes it eight five one second sir and now eight five two as Ben Johns takes over the serve sir back over now to Newman and right and the main thing that Wright and.

Newman have stopped with this is if they try and switch when receiving they gotta run and cover the other side so when serving you don't have that threat we saw all those balls smashed down the middle on third shot drives smart by those two it was 7-1 five of the last six points have been.

Scored by Newman and Wright secret sir nice communication there between Colin and Ben Yeah because sometimes that's going to be an overhead a tough one and Colin just immediately said you so there was no miscommunication the ball just bounces.

Behind you sorry and quick reflexes to get out of the way and now the serve back over to team John's so since they're on an even score now they'll keep Riley over there because you don't have to switch sides of where they'd like to be and a timeout is going to be taken here we'll step away for a moment back to.

Newport Beach after this quick break a lot of people come up to me on Tuesday night pickleball at the orchard and ask me where's the bathroom now is that my job but I am here to protect.

Answer it's 55 steps once and Thrice because that's what we do so the time out there was actually taken by team johns or more specifically Colin Johns because Ben Johns would never call a timeout Head to Head the Johns.

Brothers against Matt Wright and Riley Newman they lead 8-3 now not all of those matches have been for gold but the foregold is what they're playing for right now and John's trying to get these final three points to take a one game to none lead foreign rivalry though Dave indeed.

That's the spot that Ben knows they're coming for so nice adjustment by him of being able to get on top of that that's a tough ball that he just made yeah they show the full arsenal right now he's got every tool in the box at his disposal that won't get over the net so that's going to take us to game point and I.

Like that they called Timeout on offense just relax what are we gonna do where do we want to go what pattern do we want here we are at a game point College speeds it up and Colin ends the game hey big brother I got you I'll finish this I'm gonna call a timeout we're gonna talk about it we're gonna rattle.

Off three points we're gonna go sit down with a one game one lead really nice by Colin Jones Colin was really the first John's brother to have success on a court had a pro tennis career and shows off why he has had success and the Chance win game on 11-6 but it.

Takes three to win a gold on Championship Sunday game number two coming up after this timeout love 15 30 40. any point one means you win because when you bet just one dollar on any tennis match you could win a hundred if any point is one plus if you're not in a Sportsbook State you can.

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Our new EV rental Fleet is the absolute goat nice speaking of goats is that Tom Brady yeah it comes in to recharge gets software updates you know next week you got it let's go let's go foreign thank you.

Back in Newport Beach California Colin Johns if there was no Ben Johns Colin Johns would get a lot more love as being the Fantastic Pro that he is Dave Fleming for sure and one of the best teachers of the game as well foreign there.

And an early one-nothing lead for the Johns here in game two one zero two by the way you uh confirmed during the during the break the the 8-3 those were all gold medal matches I didn't know if there had been a fluke he draw at some point along the way I didn't want to assume they were all gold.

And now we're getting conflicting reports maybe one was not a goal in any case the Johns Brothers have had success more times than not they're eight and three one one and that just misses wow Riley snuck in there and then at the last second said I can't quite get there and Matt's like well I really wish I had.

Yeah you handed me a hand grenade yeah thanks for that you do the dishes that was one of those like I owe you brother I ran in front of you a minute ago and I'm gonna go get this one good job by Riley there two one two and an early lead now here for Newman.

And Wright been able to track that down and then get back to the kitchen wow foreign absolutely ridiculous defense if you want to see what defense needs to look.

Like on a pickleball court watch what the Giants did here insane and then finally the defense set him up to play some offense and now it's tied at two I dropped one Ben John snugging on you last night at dinner that you did not know by the way and I figured you knew everything about Ben Johns.

I did not know a tiller earlier this week either but Ben Johnson is a big classic rock aficionado and his favorite band Fleetwood Mac would not have expected that out of someone in Ben John's generation got some eclectic taste no I'm not calling it a collector no that is I like it.

Like sushi like Formula One was a competitive Magic the Gathering player so this this guy's got lots of different things in his uh interests and of course he just got that engineering degree in May from the University of Maryland that he's put into work for Eula in designing.

Paddles yeah the yellow people love having him be a part of that and who would have thought going back a few points that the first chest bump of this match would be between the Johns Brothers and not Newman and Wright gambling coming you would have gotten a big number for that that's gonna go wide.

Newman and right get the serve back here at 2-3 two three one intact Matt you tried to get out of the way yeah he shows you the Cobra and it's ready to strike he hits that inside out sometimes that time he went right at great shot Riley screams out it does go out and we.

Are tied he and Lindsay are tied for the gold medal at the best screamers at your partner to let the ball go of course he and Lindsay were part of the best pickleball point of the tournament maybe that I've ever seen as part of the mixed doubles here on Friday.

when it goes over 70 balls and we're not talking dinks that is epic if you haven't seen it you can just I'm sure you can it'll come up if you Google it I'm pretty sure at this point if you Google best pickleball Point ever that's probably what's going to be one of the choices for sure.

Just there's not a Target there folks but it feels like it and then they smooth them around Riley tried to paint that corner but he just misses for a little until they can get a ball to pull them wide because they know they're not going to get in trouble there.

Quick Hands by pain but it goes deep four four two Riley puts it away by tagging Ben Riley was ready for that return from Colin too and that was really nice if icon to get it back in the first place.

Yeah Riley able to catch the line okay hold on I'm not sure what the call was here well they did call it out and it looks like the right call the way Riley reacted I thought that he got the call sometimes you're trying to say yeah just get a call out of your opponent.

There and Colin was not buying anything that was for sale wow tried to go down with the Scorpion again which means you pull the paddle up in front of your face and five four two just couldn't get low enough the ball coming at him power and quickness of Ben Johns prevails there yeah no reload paddle out.

In front the whole time that stays in yeah Ben got tagged he went off the pattern left the ball up to the right four five two it's gonna be five four one five four one left foot you're gonna call his foot fault.

So when you gotta hit an overhead you rotate your body and step forward you can see that Ben clearly hit the line with his left foot call by Howard Simon Bennett turns for it there six four two.

Hernia looked like it was going to go out but Matt hit it anyway yeah lost all its momentum because it hit the tape and then I think it was going to just die in the court yeah yeah that angle you're right it definitely was gonna die so yeah I believe that's Alan Rome in the.

Referee there apologies Allen four seven one let's go second third band into the net to move to the second server it is Alan Roman James neighbor the second half putting that one away another desperation save from Matt Wright that.

Came back so just prolonged the agony good God back to two-point game here at 5-7 how about that that has changed the fire fight won by one Mr Riley Newman more please quick point there to make it eight five second serve and just reaching in and taking that out.

Of the air just takes a little bit of time away from that right he's not able to get the reply in the court but still one that he knows he should have absolutely off the tape Colin couldn't catch back up to it because he had set himself up for yet another Scorpion and then your feet are nine five two cemented in the.

Ground couldn't get back to the tape what's up that'll sail long so serve back over to the Johns Brothers at five nine five nine one go Matt Wright.

Five nine two yeah that reset from Colin John's usually so precise way too high there and now the serve again back over to Newman and right chance to get it to a point away from taking the game sitting at nine five panel keep them at nine from that right this is the sixth game.

He's played on this court since 10 A.M been throwing everything at Riley and Riley keeping everything alive and that's gonna be long yeah Ben all over the court but for those of you watching and trying to learn things he's never in her heart he's always under control.

We are we are near UCLA right and John Wooden was the one who made it famous be quick but don't hurry exactly perfectly sad Canyon to the Nets it stays at five nine not a friendly spot for that ball to come to an end as far as Colin was concerned.

Not at all uh he mentioned Matt's time on the court about an hour and a half in his first match so uh shouldn't be a problem for a player of his caliber I hit one that was going to be out and they play on that one it does land out and that'll take us to game point and you see.

They're back and forth with where their positioning needs to be and it's mapped right on the left so right is left and this is game point and they almost because of all that had the incorrect server which would have been a just terrible mistake yeah don't want to have that happen so the referee.

Helps them out been playing every angle and it's still going Colin sneaks in and it's a good decision by the big brother yeah hey little bro keep going with your angles now let me finish this right here trust me.

1052 so game point on the second serve well we're gonna keep it alive here and we've seen right in Newman they played each of the game points on the different side didn't work out but yet Colin and Pence stay stuck on.

Fire yeah and when they're on an odd number they do not want to run across the court so they're going to stay like this how about that so game point number three kind of calendar not making it easy for them game point number four.

Ten five two and there it is we got a match we definitely have a match and we had a record-setting shortness of a paddle tap there as Wright and Newman come look at this they're just we're on our way somewhere later so what was the best of five has become.

The best of three for gold in Newport Beach love it foreign foreign.

guys look at that forehand she's clearly a 3.0 foreign guys come on I'm at least the 40. ratings don't have to be hard duper optimized for accuracy optimized for fun download the app and claim your free.

Profile today foreign Beach California Dave fence Dave Plumbing along with you glad you could be along for this Championship Sunday Ben Johns and Colin Johns they looked like they were going to run away with things in game one but Riley Newman and Matt Wright the answer back in game two.

And game three will start with new minute right with the serve foreign early lead here one nothing yeah the ball's on the outside in this formation you give Riley all sorts of options with the two-hander Colin goes up and skies Yeah you mentioned this tennis.

Background that is really comes in handy on a ball like that because that is one of the most difficult shots to hit that backhand overhead Matt right right back at you ball bounces on the outside they're gonna fire I mean he loves to fire with the forehand Newman likes to fire with the backhand.

and right finally misses wide what one one a lot of talking going on right there again I like what they've done here they say all right we're on an odd number and we're returning We're not gonna get in the trouble and Matt Wright can play on the left side brilliantly.

Foreign but when we get to choose we're gonna have this formation one one two in this pivotal third game so and that John's backhand up a little bit at that shoulder is the object of their desires and now Riley's even firing with.

A forehand and how about Riley putting it down the boulevard from back near the Baseline that's a ball but Collins used to been taking the same thing happened but in Reverse in game one is right and Newman having a problem Newman are right they've found something.

Now hi pickleballs what they've found and it's working this match so far Dave has been the opposite of what I've been accustomed to seeing I've been accustomed to seeing to John's Brothers come out a little bit slow and then finally afterburners and.

They came out fast and and have faded it has a lot to do with the play of the opponent here and what a great read by Newman there he just pushed off and was there just didn't have the paddle out the right angle and that's the ball that was beating them earlier and now because you're not switching easy put away.

152 and that's gonna get Colin and Ben their second point strategy switch there Ben can't catch up to it five two one and make it 6-2 that was weird it must have taken a.

Weird hop or something on Colin cause not a ton on that serve kind of ate them up a little Ben ready to feed him Matt he heard the Riley Newman warning sign heads up because he knew his third was up in the air that's gonna be long make it 7-2.

So Dave think about this the John's brother started game one seven to one yeah it's 23 to 11 in favor of Newman and rights since that point and hello pancake syrup butter and everything else on that one from Riley Newman and that little Sunday buffet is requiring a timeout from the Johns and this is not a happy one yeah not.

Much to like right now I'd have been in Kellen they'll try and regroup we'll take a quick breather one two three the most important part about Tuesday night pick the ball at the orchard.

Is the sound check we got 36 microphones in here and I'm checking the crowd audience microphone the ambient microphone making sure we get all the audio from these matches check check one two check check hello hello hello somebody get me down.

Well Ben and Colin used the time out during the Onslaught by Riley Newman and Matt Wright and I don't know any other way to describe it I mean it's been an onslaught here in game number three really started back in game number two so they get the stop coming out of the.

Coming out of the timeout oh and okay Matt Wright is shaking his head like a reverse bobble head up there at the kitchen line get that out of here Ben 282 and the serve going right back over to Newman and Wright eight two one.

Oh Colin Connor just waited and then finally nonchalantly puts it away well a lot of people panic on good patience from Colin and then finishes cleanly Ben and Cullen finally able to end the exchange yeah and talk about the threat of movement for your opponents that time it was the threat of movement for Matt.

Wright thinking Riley's gonna finish off in front of him shut down put Matt in a horrible spot Matt gets tagged off that shot by Ben so John's inch and back I need to keep it going and going that was really impressive yeah two-hander and then watch the little.

Look back right here yeah there it is okay foreign here foreign T had an opportunity but he fails to exploit it yeah the opportunity was there after the Ernie goes off the tape and then there.

Was no discussion about whether there was going to be a timeout the gamma paddle of Mr Newman hit the ground and he made a March to the bench we'll take a quick breather as well back to Newport Beach in a moment thank you.

Foreign Brothers showing some signs of life here we didn't expect them to go quietly we just didn't expect them to be in a position where they were quiet at all the Roar of the team on the other side that had that happen but uh of course.

The timeout timeout serves its purpose and it'll move to the second server five eight two Ben gets kind of handcuffed a little bit there served back over to Newman and right they get the side out out of the timeout.

barely made the net nine five second serve move to Second serve nine five two all right stuck his paddle in there and that's what Riley's saying like I was engaged and that was gonna be absolutely.

Mashed foreign wow the quickness and display right there and Matt right and a couple Lions staring each other down but it is.

That lion that finishes and is happy to Roar so the entire Serengeti can hear it five nine two and now the serve going back over to Newman and right that was a weird Peg not a lot on that Ben looking for the ball on the other side of his mouth I think he just got hit in the ankle second sir.

592 952 excuse me 9-5-2 oh Ben with the Ernie Ernie and see if that can be the spark that gets the Johns Brothers going five nights tape helped the angle a little Point make it six nine I wouldn't put it past Ben to actually.

Be here there's this guy all right two straight now for team Johns so you know if you put it in the middle there to Riley he's gonna come after college up to the challenge second serve wow Riley thought he might have missed it but instigated The.

Willpower mechanism and got it 792 keeping those tanks in the middle for the most part foreign nice dig in the middle of that by.

Five and misses what another missed return that's two in this critical end of game number three and game point fish and there it is game goes to Newman and right beautiful job by Matt Wright is sliding.

There's nowhere to hit that ball at him because he's got his paddle right out in front of him Ben John still went there beautiful display watch him slide here as he's just not going to let you hit something where there's going to be a problem well there is a problem for the Johns Brothers right now because they're.

Trailing two games to one against the Newman and right team that has all the momentum can they close it out in game four or are we gonna go to Five we'll get the answer on the other side of this break you don't get the moments everyone talks about the moments no one sees.

Early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again how do you.

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you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville back in Newport Beach California they've been Steve Fleming and we got a good one going right now Riley Newman and Matt Wright they've only won three out of 11 matches this.

Season on the PPA tour against John's Brothers but they are in the advantageous position right now of leading this best three out of five two games to one so can they close game four time in zero zero two wait Matt Wright into the net this is the eighth game now that he has played.

At Center Court since that first match started and the pro mixed doubles at 10 A.M but he looks like he's only gotten better as the time has gone on excited and benjons into the net so it took Riley running around his forehand in the middle of the court to find that.

Backhand and speed it up on that middle dink second third awkward looking finish there as Ben kind of hit that defensive shot zero one two Matt decides to hit it that was such a good speed up to set that up because he went right hip instead of down the line.

there's gonna be something that's going to get Ben going a little bit one zero one second sir just firing away that is the formula especially on a.

Third that bounces up so if you hit the Top Spin third it bounces up high and you gotta let that get attacked there's another high one John's finally get up to the line paying the flick of the wrist and he paints that back Baseline yeah so the key is you're gonna hit thirds it's what you do with the fifth.

And the seventh to not panic play some defense and Riley playing the angle perfectly yeah and he's like all right I know you know where this is going but zero two one nonchalant finish talked about Matt Wright sliding to the right and favor in that backhand Colin.

Johns does the exact same thing when staring down Riley Newman and that goes long right shot wrong execution Matt Wright had been an absolute jail a little too much not quite enough role on the Top Spin.

right down the boulevard to make it three nothing and that Boulevard is actually not the middle of the court but if Matt is gonna slide you've got his half of the right box to hit so beautifully chosen by Ben there second serve Riley Newman.

Zero two Colin in the opportunity Zone there third try is the charm for Riley in that Exchange and a Newman right team gets it back at 0-3 thank you but the net Ben couldn't redirect quickly enough.

One three one been moving everywhere but Matt Wright doesn't care that's a tremendous defensive block into the Open Court 3-1 again gave ground had that backhand paddle position ready and now it's even at three if your opponent is resetting you keep.

Firing by Riley Newman second serve move to the second server here at 332. 332 Riley came in today try and poach it and he ends up hitting it long.

this is just second turn to the second serve three three two well whatever momentum that John's Brothers had to start this game off three nothing seems like it is dissipated.

Off the forehand by Matt Wright and now Newman and right looking to go back in front second serve better we'll move to the second serve three three two and now the side out it's the second of five championships on this Championship.

Sunday 3-3 with the women's doubles next and then the men's and women's singles from Newport Beach to try to mix it up yeah and the return situation is interesting here they do not reach it out of the position change when Riley's returning but they do hear when Matt is.

Returning and that works out so they like Riley's ability to protect that position when he is up but uh they clearly don't like it Matt is up there so they only change up one of the two times and it's working well both College Brothers hitting a lot of them into the net right now Riley and Matt have had a lot to do.

And they reeled off four straight points make it five straight points for new minute right and a very definitive map right Next Level call of that ball boy so from three nothing to six three call by Matt Ryan if you dig it to Riley's backhand down the line and you're Colin Johns he's.

Gonna fire and they are winning these fire fights and Colin Johnson calls for the timeouts we'll be back to Newport Beach in a moment thank you people look at the orchard security guy and go.

What a joke he's got electrolytes on his chest he's got electrolytes in his squirt gun do I look like I'm a joke funny to me packing Newport Beach California could we be on the precipice of seeing something that it might not be completely unusual but I think most.

Tournaments you expect Ben Johns is probably going to win multiple gold medals and uh if he does not come back to win this one it's the most he could come away with today would be one absolutely true and Mr McGuffin put a stop to Annie later today with a another winning performance.

Seven three one the timeout doesn't help 7-3 Newman and right second seller Colin Johns steps in to move it to the second server the crowd is cheering for their favorites but also a game five we saw a couple Miss returns from Ben at the end of game three that were costly.

And there's just eight three two simple dank into the net eight three two oh and there's there's what movement does Riley is absolutely beat back door but it's got to be in 932 oh.

The John's able to get the serve back and keep it on nine that's big crowd trying to urge on the brothers second turn move to the second serve body language not great right now especially after missing an easy transition ball foreign.

Gets one back four nine two sign up Riley lets it Go and now Newman and right will get to serve back two points away foreign takes advantage of that ball clipping off the tape.

Yes now nine four four two foreign make it 10-4 in Championship point and Matt Wright so smart speeds it up knows where the next ball is he's ready he finishes match point and there it is an impressive.

Four game victory for the team of Newman and right the number two seed over the number one seed and the crowd applauding its approval yeah Riley really wants this one because he's sponsored by Takaya it is the takea Showcase I'm sure we'll hear a lot about that when Hannah Johns has to interview.

The team that just beat her brothers here but they've dropped came one the Josh brothers are roaring out of the gate and then just too much power and really smart pickleball they figured out when do we want to switch sides and when don't we and when we get a ball to fire specific spots that Ben John's backhand we're gonna go after Colin on the cross.

Court and impressive win yeah Ben will get one more chance in the immense singles coming up but we've got the women's Pro doubles next but not before Hannah Johns interviews our victors.

there's only one window there's only one foreign.

The world will get back on its feet we'll help you stay on yours Secret help I got a Foot Solutions make an appointment at foreign welcome back to Championship Court Riley Newman Matt Wright have locked up the.

Rivalry is back on boys talk me through it you were able to win the final three games after losing game one what took you all the way through this match I think we got a little more aggressive again in games two through four that looked we know playing them they've got their script we have ours it usually comes down to execution they were able.

To slow it down in game one and we just said we've got to play our game if we lose we lose but let's go now swinging and our hands felt good today Riley was really crashing hard um and everything just came together for us well Riley you said in your interview with me yesterday against Kohler and Wilson we ding until we die and today.

Would be the opposite it was that how it played out yeah I think the Johns Brothers they liked his dinkus middle to play these slow points and Matt and I want to do the opposite and we want to play aggressive and just use our hand speed but truly this wouldn't be possible without the fans today so uh thank you so much everybody for cheering.

Newport beaches it's just it's unbelievable uh the the support I get from Newport Beach is unreal so thank you so much from the bottom of my heart thank you a previous final before this one you lost your mix final how do you reset after a match like that and go back out on the court to battle once more uh you.

Know if I'm in two finals I like playing back to back I feel like I'm in a Groove I'm warmed up body feels loose um so when the when the draw came out yesterday Riley said you good playing back to back I said I I you know I prefer that so let's do it I'll be ready I won't get tired I won't let you down you covered a lot of court and do your.

Thing and I'll try to just hold down my side and so it worked out for us you certainly did not let him down here today we're gonna bring Ken Tran from takea on court now to present those trophy bottles Ken congratulations thank you brother thank you brother Matt thank you congratulations thank you.

Very much uh just want to congratulate um first of all John and Ben I mean um they played such a great match uh unbelievable tournament but you guys it's like an incredible journey right so congratulations I love you guys congratulations thank you brother thank you thank you all right Dave take us away.

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Tequila our casa is your Castle back in Newport Beach California the PPA takea showcase Championship Sunday glad to have you along what a fun fun week this has been the tournament has been great and a lot of actions still going on on the other 38 Courts at this event yeah it's beautiful you know we talk about play where the pros play well.

There's exhibit 1-38 Dave of the opportunity to do just that and obviously we are now to the middle of five matches in the last of the doubles and the last of the three out of five too the singles will be best two out of three and as we talked about a lot yesterday for those of you that tuned in it is the seventh seed and the ninth.

Seed a rarity in the women's doubles pickleball to have seeds that high making it to Sunday but these are four ladies that played incredible tarashenko and Wright were unbelievable yesterday wrecked Lucy kovalova and Cali Smith the top seed and then had a tough first game against Todd and bright and then pickled him 11-0 they went to Sunday having won.

11 points in a row Dave yeah it was unexpected and it was brilliant all at the same time tarashinko I mean she was vintage Irena tarashenko 100 turned back the clock you know I had to write her partner referred to her as the OG and that is absolutely what she is so we do have a right on the court for the third consecutive match.

Matt Wright's done this is at a right who just signed with the PPA this week and said oh is this how it works I signed and I play on Sunday well yeah one out of one Adam and she was brilliant yesterday as a partner to Arena tarashenko and before today started we said hey there's a lot of people that can win two gold medals that.

Is down to one human being and that's Andrea Andrea Coop played so well in our first match of the day and in winning her first ever PPA tour gold medal and uh she would love to be able to go home with two and I I'm not gonna put it past her ability to do so because she really has been impressive she has played great and she is paired with Vivian David who.

Is so good at putting the ball in the right spot and then letting Andrea coop rage and the interesting thing when players transition from mixed to either men's or women's on a championship Sunday is your role is often different so Andrea Coop was in that set up role make this make her partner AJ Kohler go and then pick.

Her spots here she will be the aggressor with Vivian David looking to set her up well this should be a whole lot of fun I I don't know what to expect out of this one because everything that I've seen today so far has been the unexpected and that's the great thing about this and we talked a little bit about it yesterday Dave you know the parody I think it's.

It's becoming a little bit more prevalent on the PPA tour you you never know who's going to be able to win and we're seeing more and more new faces claim gold in some of these tournaments yeah we definitely have a lot of high-level men and women playing and obviously the highest level woman was not in this draw so that one opened it.

Up but still that's just one team this is the seven and nine seed getting here so Anna Lee Waters of course was not going to play in this tournament and then unfortunately Lee Waters was injured and we certainly hope she gets back on the court very soon so no Waters next to the beach here in Newport no Waters but there is going to be a.

Pretty fun final and uh you talk about Anna Wright she knows all about being in some high waters in terms of competition she played some D2 tennis in Hawaii and she's also coached and she's only played Pro pickleball or pickleball period for about a year so to be playing on Championship Sunday is really fantastic yeah and as we mentioned the teams that.

Shu was part of taking out with Irena tarashenko that's legit and you know when we talk to and when I talk off air with the rising stars of the game they all tell me hey some of these ladies have been playing three four five years so they may not have a lot more to add to their game these newcomers feel like I'm just getting this figured out they.

Need time on the court against the best players so the more they see the better they're gonna be that's a message sent to everybody by the way take a look at the crowd on hand and uh it's just been such a great week with the turnout for not only the players but also the spectators and it's not the biggest Center Court on tour but.

And that makes it that much even more special to be able to get a seat here on Championship Sunday to be able to watch this yeah no doubt and you know you talked about everything going on with pickleball the other thing over the past two weeks is all the unification messaging that's come out you've got Major League pickleball now merged in.

With PPA so you'll have the best PPA players playing that very fun team format that'll start next year both of us at Sam query in the booth he's coming he wants a piece of this a high level tennis players and then from a rating standpoint for the beginning player and the amateurs and those that love to play at their Hometown Parks all the way up.

To the highest level and the PPA have adopted the duper rating system so a lot more clarity and unification which is great for our sport Dave we can let you know our officials for this women's doubles final Don Stanley will be the lead ref Mark Thomas will be the second ref Lynn Gosling is our video.

Ref should there be a challenge and maybe you're going to fill in a blank for me here on our tracking rep because I only got a first name for Jim we're gonna go with Jim because I I can't see him so I can uh I can guess you know he just go he's like Prince he just goes by Jim it's just Jim and everybody knows Jim's tracking.

Everything so we we thank all the Reps who helped make these tournaments possible and why anybody would ever want to be a refund any sport is beyond me but I'm glad we've got them out there at a high level on the PPA tour can't do without them let's play Pickleball.

So here we go Vivian David and Andrea coop in the near court it's David that starts it off with the serve tarashenko and right in the far chord point and at a right unable to get out of the way there and so it's an early Point Vivian David out of Bonita Springs Florida one zero two you heard in her post-match interview.

Yesterday with Hannah Johns talking about how she spent a lot of time in Naples being around pickleball had never really imagined that she would be playing at this high of a level and how special it is for her great Scrappy point from tarashanko and.

Right there as they were under siege the whole time and apparently Etta Wright has that Newman willpower uh Gene as well she willed one of her resets over there's a good looking at her right second serve and what a transformation for Andrea Coop she's played all day on the right in the mixed match now she's going to play predominantly on the left.

Side and be the aggressor so just you got to be able to flick that switch from one event and if you want to win multiple gold here you go Coupe catches up to it off the net and that's showing the whole display the backhand the forehand side out.

Well now get her the serve one zero one it's a great time hear her talk about having some of her UCLA ties coming out to supporter in Newport Beach also one of her friends from Michigan in Italian thank you.

Second sir misfire's there yeah that's a nice job by Tara shenko somebody hits a loopy third step back perfect execution by tarashenko David down into the corner yeah right thought that had a tail on it was gonna go wide and the smileiest players pick the ball there Vivian David with a beautiful forehand.

Now suddenly we'll lead four nothing so she goes Drive Winter clean and then a beautiful roll now David right off the net and out of pounds just an absolutely unbelievable scorpion saved by Vivian David before that and five is enough for a timeout indeed it is they'll talk it over they're on the wrong side of what we saw.

In their decisive game yesterday back to Newport Beach in a moment thank you foreign the most important part about Tuesday night pickleball at the orchard is the net every Tuesday 4 30 a.m you're sleeping I'm not I'm measuring the height I'm measuring the length I'm.

Measuring their circumference and I'm measuring the tension who does tension we do not much tension in the strut of Vivian David right now she's all smiles she looks relaxed she looks she looks like she's exactly where she wants to be in her happy place right now.

Playing on Sunday with Andrea Coop who's on fire and you're up five nothing doesn't get better than that unless it's 11 nothing side change for tarashenko and Wright coming out of the timeout so we'll keep an eye on that they played all day without a right on the left side yesterday so now right that's right.

Stanley for clarification on the server point and finally on the board our chair shank going right one five one and there's Chase of the Irena we saw last night indeed just coming from a different side she was all over the.

Place from the right side of the court now she's flying left and that puts the forehand in the middle it's a nice job staying engaged and finishing second serves but I'm able to catch up to that one a big drive by Wright was in the correct spot just a little too point I don't know if that one might.

Have had enough to get out of bounds but we'll never know Dave we'll never know we just know now that it's 3-5 -2 Tara shank goes down and that was it don't you worry here she's smiling away there shout out and Vivian David wins that exchange with Irina.

So let's see if they stay or have to try and find the stack or switch sides here they will switch right there so you just have to hit a little better return and have a difference when Wright's gonna come flying across the court there.

Shut up side out we'll get it back to Tara shank going right three five one point four five and the reverse is true for these two so Coop's got to come running over there.

And uh four five in transition and leaning back on the Tui and left it in the net Vivian hits it long five in a row both ways five five one five one had her doing some work there at the kitchen line but they play on.

Point just so under control with her attacks though lots of margin lots of pace it's a flat ball really like what Etta Wright did there they're gonna get balls back foreign Irena got handcuffed moved to Second server saw Vivian David again do that slide and what we love to.

Call the Scorpion that uh tale of the Scorpion being your paddle above 6.2 defend well done Vivian before this is not like uh you've got to phone a friend Choice there is Andrea's asking the crowd what did you see so uh we will play on without an official.

Challenge you have the option to challenge but they decide not to and she almost went down to her knees in prayer here on Sunday and she can't believe that didn't go five seven one another one in the net from Tara makes it six five all right I mean six.

Seven excuse me David of keeping tarashenko honest oh my God oh Serena takes it right off the Noggin well that was chaotic from the get-go because right and tarashenko didn't have their decision of what they were doing on the.

Switch right and they almost got out of it and then unfortunately tarashenko looked like a glimp 771 still get hit in the face on the replay I think maybe it might have hit her lid of her cap David flexing some muscle and the ball before that Wright was surprised as it skidded.

Beautiful Cross Court finish from Vivian David now they're back in front Dave hey 7-1 and now they're two away from taking game one yeah it's got to decide because there's so much pressure on the movement of the switch on your return at a rights in a hurry to get over there.

Because they got fouled up on the point a couple of before that well see if the timeout can help straighten things out for Tara shank going right I want to remind you that the PPA take care of showcase is brought to you by takea also by Best Day Brewing by gamma pickleball by Baird Wealth Management.

Pie hurts by DraftKings and by Chase do you want me to time all together again like I did last night I enjoyed that last night Dave we and you know you win the money on DraftKings you invested with bear you drive it to the bank and.

Your Hertz rental car yeah while you're driving in your takea of course keep it cool yeah I mean you got it all and we thank all our sponsors you know that everything's on the rise here you see a bunch of them on the back of course we forgot gamma pickleball of course you're going to play Pickleball with that beautiful.

Pittsburgh paddle sir of course we'll celebrate with some casamigos mix that in with some jigsaw they're all set we'll be hydrated good decision to let that one go out so Tara schenko and right keep Coop and David at nine.

Seven on one who puts it away to move it to 7-9-2 very compact finishes Point that's long Titans up to eight nine hey not two right tarashenko finally do get up to the kitchen yeah at a right really drove a ball as a.

Reply to the two-hander and Coop was ready and was able to get that ball down too that was a well-handled ball from that lady right there not anyone oh that goes wide off the paddle of Coupe group to 982.

982 sorry not the least bit sorry on a ball like that at 9-8 now they're they're happy to get the surface any way it takes that's a great job by Coop of on the Move having that two in it back ready.

And she's sort of got a flinger there that's why tarashenko's smiling not clean but effective whole place called by David paterashenko caught up to it what and then Cooper to the net stabbed by tarashenko usually when you stab like that you pop it up and you're.

Dead on the next ball that ball stayed down right with the lob set out and I can't get it over so nine nine off to the side out not one foreign.

once you've hit one good shot keep coming Vivian David just had that backhand cocked and ready if needed not needed and here we go with game point wow Irena somehow keeping that alive no.

And it's wide second sir a heck of a point under the pressure of it being game point that's a great point of two apiece that was I thought today was certainly impressive and now a timeout is going to be taken with a 10-9-2.

Coop and David wanted to end this thing here without giving up a side out and what has been a highly highly competitive opening game yeah very entertaining we knew these teams would be evenly matched who's gonna figure it out and then the big difference here is that five nothing Marina tarashenko and at a right called time out and said this.

Pattern is not working for us let's try Arena on the left side and that has definitely even this up and I like the coop and David took a timeout beautiful Long Point took a lot out of them let's let's call it time out and play a our second game point at our absolute perfect Fitness level and see if we can close it.

Do not want to give up the serve here because this thing the slimmage to margins right now so ten nine two Andrea Coop already with the one goal today alongside AJ Kohler in our first match of the day.

trying to be the only person today to leave here with two gold medals three people started with a chance to do it today Ben Johnson Matt Wright have both been denied although Matt did give one Bing still has a chance to get one trying to get set out here on court.

Delays are one thing but a delay when it is game point you know the other thing here we are we have two stops left and we go to Orlando after the holidays and that's going to be a lot of fun and then close out the year playing inside Mandalay Bay on the PPA tour so.

Folks come play in that there's a whole amateur tournament you can get involved to sign up today pickleball tournaments all right here we go 10-9-2 and at a right with the backhand flick right down the middle and that's gonna keep it alive for Tara shank going right last time about that is the shot before.

It and then she slid with it to the middle and finished didn't let Vivian David off the hook that's great and now we're tied at 10 going into extra pickleball in game one now she takes that one-handed attack back across the body of coop so ten ten one really nice from.

How to write at crunch time boy so game point number three but game point number one for Tara shank on right 11 10-1 two eleven ten two oh right was trying to end it but instead puts it into the net they did.

Exactly what you should do on a weird ball like that that is gonna stay in they came forward got exactly what they wanted but didn't execute 10 11-1 10 11 1. these go to 11 and Beyond says Buzz Lightyear 11 a piece and I really like the pattern that uh 11 11-1 Andrew Coop she stepped.

Into that fired the two e and then was ready with the one-hander on the forehand to finish all right game point number three for Coop and David game point number five of this first game I'm glad that you are playing down our statistician here in our stenographer I'm here for you.

Brother tereshenko hits it watched in game one to David and Coop 13 11. you might want to go to find your fridge get yourself a cocktail or a beverage of some choice because I think we're going to be here a while this one has all the makings of going right down to the wire.

Yeah that's a heartbreaking sign for tarashenko and right because you came back got the lead had opportunities couldn't finish game two coming up after this time out what if you could have Shades like these for a fraction of Big Brand prices with Shady Rays you can we're an independent company so we do things.

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Shady we owe great times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation to the ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow survived the morning after to make our own tequila wasn't meant to leave our house since we made this for friends we.

Thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass Amigo our tequila your tequila our casa is your Castle foreign Beach California tarashenko and right they battled valiantly in that first game trailed five nothing at the jump and it took it into extra pickleball but.

Ultimately fall to Coop and David yeah another Wright's got to forget that sinner she has that was there on game point and just put that aside and try and win this in four and they get a Thanksgiving holiday gift right there right out the gate.

One zero two wow how about that Pat cannot Andrea coop and she makes it aside out zero one one David takes over the serve here one will not make its way over the tape and uh Vivian David does what every.

Player does stares a hole through her paddle how on Earth paddle could you miss that one two come on now it is always the paddles falling under eight percent just cut the edge yep that's the carb installed as well good pressure though from uh tarashenko and right uh one zero one Heap her.

Defending second serve that didn't take long to get to the second sir that did not one zero two Vivian David doing it all right now finally Andrea Coop who ends The Exchange but how about Vivian.

And look at that get from Etta right she was all over but uh Coop found angles on both sides of the Court just so smart with her ball playing zero one one yeah David into the corner there 'd take Fleming I'm sitting here thinking about how to write and her time.

At BYU Hawaii there's caught me wondering how much are we from an official PPA Tour event in Hawaii I'm ready to sign up right now Dave I think the players would find that very popular they would indeed and there&