Hi welcome to brionna's pickleball my name is jordan briones and if you want to learn how to put your overheads away and hit that overhead smash then this is the video for you now let's get right to it all right so just to let you know this is part three of our wall drills series.

In the first two we went through dinks volleys resets and ground strokes i'll actually leave a couple of links below so that you can see that but now let's get into how you can correctly and efficiently hit that overhead smash all right for the last drill we're going to work on overheads overheads are a very important skill especially when you.

Get high balls right we want to be able to put those balls away now the first thing that we're going to go over is the footwork okay there's two options here we either want to step back here with our dominant legs or right leg here or actually step forward so that i can get.

In this position and i have a little you know little gives me a little bounce back like that so that's what it's going to look like so as that ball is coming up remember you're going to want to get in this position with my shoulder facing the camera right here okay and i would like to see your paddle up here.

And your hand up here so this this helps balance you know keep in good balance because you could just go up here but you know you'll see a lot of players do this and then the benefit of being in this position right the ball's way over our heads we could just now turn and run it down.

Right if you're backing up hitting overheads like this you know if it goes over your head then you have to turn all the way around it's really really tough and it's dangerous if you're backing up like this so what we're gonna do is we're gonna feed the ball high off the wall okay i'm gonna feed it like this in an open.

Stance and then i'm going to work on that footwork and get into this position okay you can see from this camera here i want to be in this position okay so i have my paddle here and i have my hand here and what we're going to do is we're just going to catch the ball so that we can work on positioning our feet and getting in the right spot and i'm going.

To catch it right here where i want to hit the ball so i want to hit the ball right around here okay so if we had a clock in front of me this would be 12 o'clock okay and then we got 11 and 1 o'clock from my point of view so i want to actually hit this ball around 11. okay i don't want to hit it right.

Here right above my head i want to hit a little bit out in front around 11 o'clock so what we're going to do is we're going to feed it off the wall high i'm going to probably stand eight to ten feet from the wall i'm gonna feed it up high then i'm gonna drop in this position this closed stance.

And i'm gonna catch the ball okay so it's gonna look like this here we go boom catch so notice i'm getting in this position right away as soon as i see that ball go up boom and look at where i'm catching right here at that 11 o'clock position my paddle is up here and this is really.

Key because it works on your footwork and then it also works on where you're gonna hit the ball and put you in best position to hit an overhead which i'm gonna be hitting like that okay so you can make it challenging on yourself you can actually move it to the left or to the right let's say i gotta come here for it.

Okay right or let's say i got to go over here okay okay okay let's do it again super high ones okay here we go maybe make it really tough so i got to go really far back you can do that.

Different okay but it's really really key that first step you know you either drop back with your dominant leg or you can come forward with your left leg and then drop back like that okay so here we go a couple more.

Okay great position so hit over here boom okay one more time feed it boom great position okay go again okay now we're going to jump into actually hitting the overhead and the reason why this catching drill is really really important where you.

Catch it is around where you want to hit it here's where i want to hit the ball probably want to contact it right around here and once you have this you know left hand has that lob is coming i'm adjusting my feet here and i'm pointing to the ball and and this is going to help me balance right i have my paddle here and then i'm gonna.

Smash it so now this is the whole drill with the smash so it's gonna look like this here we go okay all right here we go again all right we go again.

All right let's do a tougher one here really far back here we go again that was a tough one okay a couple more here all right last two okay one and tough one here okay two.

All right so like you saw there you can really make it as difficult as you want you can move yourself around make it more challenging by hitting it harder off the wall or to the left or to the right so that you can work on your footwork like this remember you don't want to be going around like this you know getting set up to hit overhead.

We want to be in this closed stance my left shoulder here pointing towards that camera so that i can adjust here like this or here like this and then i'm going to hit it right around like i was showing you where i was catching the ball this is where i want to hit it thanks again for watching this.

Video this is a total video of what you can do and practice all your skills on the wall we went over dinking we went over volleys resets your ground strokes and lastly your overhead you know if you have access to a wall it could be any wall at the park it could be against your garage you can definitely work on your game no matter.

Where you are alright so i hope you really enjoyed this video thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next one thanks so much for watching for a free pickleball workout routine that is guaranteed to level up your game head on to brionypickleball.com forward slash workout before you head on.

Over there make sure you're subscribed to this youtube channel and hit that little bell icon so that you can be notified every time we release a new video again thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next one you never know when it is
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The overhead smash is the most offensive shot in the game. If you have a weak smash, it’s going to be very difficult to put balls away when you need to! In this training video, we show you how to hit a powerful overhead smash!

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