I mean this is your first Venture right this is your first app Venture yeah yeah so I'm sure I'm sure it was a learning process from day one yeah I don't even know where to start honestly but I know we had this great idea we knew it was a great idea but we had to then you know convince others that it was a great idea right and uh I I know we started out by.

Reaching out to kind of some big names and pickleball at the time and still are but we got a lot of no's or you're crazy or this will never work and uh you know then we had to decide man we think we have an idea here we think this is a good idea but a lot of people think we're crazy and it's never going to work foreign.

This episode is sponsored by Beamer therapy if you guys uh want to check out Beamer a great medical device I've been using it for a long time now I sleep on it I use it morning and night you can go to my website Tyson mcguffin.com and see what Beamer's all about what's going on my name is Tyson McGuffin welcome to the McGuffin show I.

Got my girl Here Blake who I've known for what I mean three or four years now I think so I was trying to think back on that yeah at least three and a half or so everybody needs a Blake in their life I'll tell you what she is the biggest sweetheart she's uh she's educated she's a great mom and truly enjoy being a partner of pickle play uh Blake how are.

You today yeah doing good thank you Tyson um it's been quite the journey as you know every day something new and pickleball so I think all of our heads are sports moving quick like what no yeah totally it's it's evolving at such a fast rate and uh uh pickle Play.

App is is growing day by day for all the uh viewers and listeners and guests out there uh pickleplay is an app where you can find level specific play in your area uh you can contact people on the app you can you can text on the app um you can communicate about finding courts uh level specific stuff um but like what else what else does.

Pickle play offer girl yeah oh my gosh so much so we're really excited we constantly are coming out with new features and we really have a lot of great features for free on the pickle Play app for Android and iOS so we have everything from if you picked up a paddle at Walmart and you literally have just heard of pickleball and you.

Want to find a court you can find courts if you're a more advanced player or a traveling player you can find other players even like Tyson was saying and they're in your skill level to connect with you can find clubs or groups in specific areas you can see upcoming tournaments and Clinics even like all of the Tyson McGuffin camps are on our map.

Screen um we also have awesome resources for clubs and groups now so you can manage your play schedule we have a group chat feed you can collect membership dues uh we have a ton of resources on now the web and the app so from when we first started it was mainly just finding courts to to now we offer quite a bit.

For all of our users love it I think I think one of the one of the key features that you mentioned was uh you know level specific players on the road that want you know that that don't want to show up to rec play they don't want to show up to an unorganized you know Rec play Park scene and have to jump around court to court playing with people that they.

Probably they probably don't want to play with you can really create your own group and find people as you're on the road or in your area and really just set up your own private times and I think that's where the sport is probably going to head yes Rec play is great and it's growing the sport and and that's kind of been like the staple of pickleballs that.

You can show up to a park you know Court one 3035 courts two is 4045. you Court three maybe it's like a 5-0 core and you can you can you know put your paddles there wait for an opening on that cord or simply a much uh you know simpler method and I think for all the tournament or more like competitive players out there are going to start.

Using uh using an app like pickleplate where simply yeah you just you find people uh that are of your skill set uh you can build your own programs build your own leagues uh set up your own groups and uh there's there's nothing better than showing up to a court knowing that the level is going to be right and um and you have people in your.

Skill set yeah yeah we're pumped we just launched a looking to play feature the last couple of months where you can say I'm going to be traveling to a specific area I'm in a specific skill level and this is what I'm looking for and it actually sends out a notification to people in that area in that radius in that skill.

Level so that's cool yeah we're just rolling away and doing our best to have a great resource for for all of our players anything you want's on there sign up for tournaments find courts find players uh Blake also too there is a video library of of uh players giving tips as well correct you guys have some content in there yeah we're popping in.

Some new content we got some new uh some of our pro upgrade features we have a little tip monthly tip from uh Tyson here coming in the app so yeah we have a free app we have an optional upgrade and we're constantly adding more resources for those Pro users and so that we're excited to get Tyson's videos up soon we even have a.

How to play Pickleball video up right now on our main screen news articles yeah you gotta check it out to understand and see the full picture but pickle play is uh really you know you don't need an app you don't need an app for courts and an app for scheduling and an app for group communication an app for this like.

Get on pickle play one all-inclusive app called pickle play and Blake how can they sign up for that app yeah they can just search on the App Store pickle play all one word um visit our website pickleplay.com we also have additional resources on our website you can even find courts on our website now we have our club or group section that.

Syncs completely with the mobile app you can log in the same login on the web or the mobile app but yeah our website or download um in your app store um and then uh also too tell me um some of the brand ambassadors for for pickle play who do you guys have as brand ambassadors.

Oh man we have a lot going on so we have our normal local um pickleball ambassadors so we have people that are Community leaders in their group and they love pickle play and we help support some of their local tournaments and then we have more influencers and players so obviously we work with yourself which is amazing and.

We're pumped and have been since day one so that's been that's been a great partnership and then we're also working we have a new player cam luring he you know okay you know what you know what Cam's name is his nickname is called beefcakes because anytime I swear anytime I see that he he told me he's trying to lose weight anytime I see that.

Man it looks like he's choking down about 6 000 calories a day and his muscles are just only growing and growing more veins the guy is just a massive man nicest kid you'll ever meet I don't know I've cam told you but we had a little gathering as we usually do at our Placer in Palm Springs some players came over and cam.

Came over and cam probably ate 40 of the family dinner the nicest kid you'll ever meet but I do not believe he's trying to shed weight it looks like he's just trying to pack on oh yeah yeah uh Cam and cam came and stayed for a week you know great kid yeah he's just getting going in the Pro world and he's a friend of ours and I'm.

Excited to partner with him just on as he's getting going in his career and um we work with a lot of players we have Louis laville over in the UK we have um we work with Manish in India we have a representation of players over in India we have Scott golden helps us out and I get on his um uh live streams and things to kind of.

Educate some of the new features we have Corinne Carr who's expecting so that's exciting and uh you know Adam yeah yeah yeah bro yeah we have parents you know they're gonna they're gonna be awesome at parents that's for sure yeah Tyson Apostle we work with him too he's awesome so we have a lot of great people.

Um I don't want to miss anyone in my brain as we're talking so for all my viewers and guests out there if you guys have been to a camp I guarantee you guys have seen the pickle play promo uh that has been displayed on the demo table um you know and uh if there's anybody that follows my newsletter same thing there's a lot of information in my.

Newsletter about pickle play but like you guys you guys have a newsletter as well correct yeah so we have a weekly email we send out and just try to educate our users what's new I mean we're developing at such a quick rate that we need people to stay in tune with what we're doing with Pickle Place so yeah we have a weekly.

Email we often offer discounts shout outs what's coming up upcoming camps they can find um tournaments and like how do how do people sign up for your newsletter yeah so they can do that on our website pickleplay.com or uh if you sign up for our app and create a profile you're going to be automatically added in so.

Love it awesome are you guys traveling to any uh tournaments coming up I know you guys came to a handful of PPA events last year always good seeing the kids and seeing it seeing that uh competitive man of yours if you know what I mean and you know he's Mr social so he's like flying around tournament he is and I'm like stuck at the booth you know the.

Whole time which is great but um I'm like hey why don't we switch here right let's all go yeah let Mama have some fun right yeah no but he it was fun our last one I mean our baby was like three weeks old that was wild out in California um but yeah no we love traveling we love taking the kiddos we have four kids just bring them along experience life uh.

Check out new places um I don't know where we're headed next we kind of took a took a little pause because um we have well four kids and a baby and um yeah they're in competitive soccer and competitive basketball so you know that eats up 90 of our weekends so um yeah.

We'll be coming to some more this spring summer just trying to look at our calendar and and pick some awesome well look look forward to seeing you guys Hey so uh let's let's tell the viewers and guests here so our first time meeting well I guess first it was yeah first it was at the chicken and pickle Camp correct.

In person yeah the the first time ever talking to you I remember Alex was like we're traveling to like a family holiday or something and we have three little little kids and Alex is like hey I'm gonna talk to like the best pickleball player in the world I need you guys to be silent in like an hour car drive with three little kids I'm like good luck.

Okay this is not possible because everyone quiet this is really important and so he's talking to you the whole time and I'm just like giving the kids snacks and trying to keep them quiet and yeah that was funny but um obviously had a great impression of you and been pumped to be working from the beginning but yeah our first meeting in person I.

Think was that chicken and pickle was that chicken and pickle yeah and talking about how competitive Alex was you know there was I think there was ten courts going we had 40 people you know and Alex is always trying to bump up a court you know he's gonna it's gonna do whatever it takes to bump up a court.

Um but yes over those two days I got a very good glimpse of how uh competitive that that man you know truly is yeah I I was like I don't think you should wear pickle play shirts when you're actually playing pickleball don't stay calm oh too funny so so tell me give me uh uh give me some of the growing pains that you guys have kind of.

Gone through with uh and I mean this is your first Venture right this is your first app venture yeah yeah so I'm sure I'm sure it was a learning process from day one yeah I don't even know where to start honestly but um you know we had this great idea we knew it was a great idea but we had to.

Then you know convince others that it was a great idea right and uh I I know we started out by reaching out to kind of some big names in pickleball at the time and still are but um we got a lot of no's or you're crazy or this will never work and uh you know then we had to decide man we think we.

Have an idea here we think this is a good idea but a lot of people think we're crazy and it's never going to work right and not to not to cut you off uh um what other competition was out there as far as apps that was comparable or somewhat like pickle play when you guys first started yeah I mean there's always been places to play that's been around.

For quite a while and so they do have a mobile app um for at least iOS I can't I'm not sure on Android but that's focused on quartz right and nothing wrong with that but we wanted to have um Courts Plus all these other things that people that players need in the sport so that was kind of our vision was.

Nothing wrong with what's out there but the there was like two apps and they were only courts and um we just knew that there was a need for not just courts but players and events and and really helping grow the entire Sport and wanting to learn I mean we have live links to watch pickleball now and really trying to interact the player.

From just playing once in a while and needing a court to really falling in love with the sport awesome awesome love that um and and I guess uh what's what's the biggest difference from pickle play compared to I know you just kind of mentioned it but just just highlight how pickle play is different from other some.

From some of these other apps that are that are comparable to a certain degree with pickle plane yeah so we just offer so much more uh honestly and uh we have a free app as well um but we're finding cords finding players finding links to events pickleball news um how to play Pickleball interacting.

With each other players all create a profile on pickle play so you can actually without giving away your Facebook page or your phone number or your email you can communicate with other players you know in a safe private way to set up play and um yeah we just have a lot more resources and now we even have our web platform so.

We have a website that syncs with our apps so I would just say just more resources nothing wrong with what's out there but we just do offer a lot more than just finding courts love that yeah and I've been a pickle play for about three or four years now um we've been passing out all the information at camps we've been talking.

About it during podcasts so for all the viewers and listeners out there check out pickle play today uh and and uh on your eye or on your socials is it just pick a play app is it labeled or yeah okay just pick a player pick a play app you'll see our logo yep um or you can check out the website go to pick a play uh pickleplayapp.com uh.

There's also a newsletter and tell me what what day of the week does your newsletter get get blasted well that's a great question Tyson but um instead of doing a set day honestly we just commit to four um per month okay that way it kind of gives our team where since we're just a small company.

Um we just try to have a little flexibility on the actual date that we put it out so guaranteed four per month um and it's a surprise when it's gonna come on in your inbox there love that and how's those beautiful children of yours yeah they're doing great yeah our oldest um just turned 11 and then we have a six.

Month old so we have you guys are busy we're busy we have all the things and the baby is just she's so sweet and she just rides along to all the games and all the practices and and everything so my your kids are great Travelers I mean they just they learn to do it right yeah they learn to do it even though you know they're getting a little tougher on on.

Flights um most people that fly Delta that have flown with us probably uh do not enjoy our kids we always say Hey you know uh uh put your headphones in you know simple as that right yeah yeah it is what it is it's gonna it's kind of on our on our last podcast we're talking about traveling with the.

Kids and and my wife and I were saying that we just need like a totem we need like a totem on like top of the stroller or like like a sign on the back of of Matt that just says hey you know I'm I'm kind of a handful on flight so just so just wear your headphones yeah yeah it's fine it's uh yeah we had one that just screamed on flights and I I there's just.

Nothing you can do so no for sure it is what it is um and you know it's going good and and obviously Alex has a has a full-time job um you guys have four kids uh three are in school three are in school and then we had our little ad on baby so we have almost a seven year Gap so we just started over.

We had gotten rid of everything but oh really shoot he's awesome so we just started over have all the got our Duna stroller and are good get that donut girl that don't is necessary a donut is the most handiest thing out there for anybody who doesn't know what a what a what a Duna is it's a stroller that you can flip up into a car seat very.

Convenient very efficient um get yourself a donut I'll tell you what I mean we should have ads on we should yes and on Pickle Place I mean I'm pretty sure I could sell them that's too funny that's too funny but no it's I guess tell me how do you how do you guys balance you know just business having kids you know different schedules taking.

Kids to sporting events uh you guys you guys have helped you guys have your have your have your parents or have have in-laws or um so yeah our parents are like an hour hour and a half away way so they're helpful um they all they all work right now full time we're ready for.

It'd be nice if they retired shout out if they listen we need you no I'm just kidding but yeah I have um I have some college uh students that help me kind of some nannies that come in on Monday through Thursday and then Fridays she just our babies along for the ride on Friday so anyone I do a call with I'm like I was on a call today with the.

Tournament director and I kind of forgot to tell them that I was holding on to Camille our baby and she's like making noises and spit Bubbles and stuff and I'm like oh my goodness I better tell them that I'm holding a baby they're probably like what's what's going on over there Blake that's pretty funny yeah.

Um but no it's great we have help we have lots of a great Community here and um yeah we just take the kids along with life it's part of the Journey part of the fun of having kids so true and uh chairs yeah you know just do it together right no for sure but yeah balancing I mean I manage our developer and then our lead developer and then he manages his.

Team and that's uh so so how many how many people are on staff at pickle play yeah so I have a couple interns that help me with updating chords I mean as you know there's courts being built and added and oh my gosh it's so hard so we have people that are in charge of adding events and ports and updating that to our map.

Um a couple interns that work for me and then I have a lead developer and then we have two other developers so we have about three full-time developers working on pickle play every day um yeah that's something that you know a lot of the world doesn't understand app development rightfully so but it's a it's a lot more complex than building a.

Website so there's a lot that goes into it a lot of testing there's Android we ran into quite a bit of Android issues this fall got those results um but yeah iOS is different than Android and each device is different and if you have like Zoom or other settings on your phone that can make the app look different it sounds so far over my head.

Oh my I could almost imagine so much anxiety yeah it's not like we can just like go in something and just fix it it's like well you got to fix it then you gotta test it and then you got to submit it to the app store and then the app stores have to approve it and then it goes live so it's it's a lot more complicated than most people probably uh.

Think which is fine but just kind of educating our users on like hey our team is working we have three full-time developers here um we're chugging away and and constantly building new things so uh last question here from me Blake so what what feature do you feel like is utilized the most with pick a Play app.

You know just um what what drives the most traffic yeah that's a good question we were just looking at some analytics so people are searching our map screen every day which is awesome so keep searching our map screen you can even add your local courts by clicking the plus icon on our map screen.

Um but we're seeing a big increase in our looking to play feature so people right on our home screen you can send out a play request and awesome uh connect players connecting with other players individually on are looking to play and then we just launched our club version so we're really looking if you are a club leader or know of anyone that.

Wants to help organize their private group or Community Club we have some really awesome resources so now we're just trying to educate the world what we offer and get get more and more clubs using pickle play so for that look into play feature do you think that yeah I mean that could be uh competitive players but also I think it could be.

Like beginners who maybe just don't want to show up to a local park and show up direct play they'd rather you know feel a a bit more comfortable texting somebody through the app uh finding who they can play with and then showing up at a court is that is that accurate you think yeah yeah it just sends out an automated notification to everyone in.

That area and you can say what you're looking for and then people can message you back and and you know we can't guarantee that every message is going to get responded to but we're seeing more and more interaction with that and um yeah even people that are on like cruise ships and they get off on a port.

Or I just talked to someone the other day that he's like like yeah I was on a cruise and I used pickle play and got connected with players um when I was at my stop and I love it that's awesome every day it's kind of fun to hear new people and new stories of how they're using pickle play it's always so good seeing you you know that.

And uh look look forward to seeing you and your beautiful family here uh very very soon and let uh let your hubby know uh that I said uh I'm gonna kick his butt next time I see him I'm just kidding I will thank you Tyson tell your family hi and the kiddos and yeah our kids will love to see your kiddos at the next.

Tournament and your kids are always so generous with with mine so I appreciate that but I appreciate you Blake and thanks again for the for the partnership let's keep pushing it girl how many how many users are we at now oh man we're so close to 50 000 years let's get to 50. come on yeah we'll get we're gonna hit that very soon and who.

Knows and the next school is 100 right so let's keep it rolling thank you Tyson um love working with you also yeah thanks again for coming on Blake
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