Hi welcome to brionne's pickleball my name is jordan breonis and in today's video we're going to talk about how to improve your serve now let's jump right in all right so today i'm here at the pickleball kingdom in chandler arizona and like i said in the intro we're going to be talking about five tips today that.

Are really going to improve your serve these tips will improve your overall consistency give you more power and overall just give you a better pickleball serve all right so now let's jump into the first tip all right so this first tip is really really important i see a lot of players going out to serve.

And when they serve they are only using their arm muscles to serve so it kind of looks like this all they're doing is this okay there's no other muscles engaging or helping them generate any power or some of them just do this all right so i know some people serve.

Like that and you can get pretty consistent by just using your arm but over the long run we want to develop some good mechanics on our serves so that we can add spin and serve harder and with more pace and more spin so for good technique what we want to do is engage a lot of our other muscles and rotate as we serve.

Okay so i'm gonna just kind of start in this position and you'll see my weight starts kind of in my back leg and then as i swing and follow through my weight transfers to my front leg so it's going to look like this and another thing that you're going to notice is.

When i swing through you're going to see my hips rotate they're going to turn so my chest opens up towards my target and then that initiates those core muscles and then as i swing through you'll see my shoulders also rotate right so i'm starting here in the legs i have a good base and then as i swing you're gonna see.

Everything rotate towards my target so when i start you're gonna see my chest facing the camera and as i swing my chest is going to be face towards my target okay so it's going to look something like this okay here we go again okay.

So you see i'll load my weight in the back leg here and then as i swing through all my weight and momentum goes forward okay so that's really really going to help and this rotation and starting with your weight in your back leg transferring it to the front and also rotating those.

Hips and shoulders this is one of what's going to generate that power all right so that's the first tip now let's jump into the second one all right so before we jump into the second tip if you're not subscribed to this channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button and also hit that little bell icon so that you can be notified every time we release a.

New video so this second tip kind of piggybacks on the first but i see a lot of players serving in a open stance now before we get into this there are players that serve this way and have really really good mechanics but i wouldn't recommend this if you're just starting out okay what i would recommend is.

More of a closed stance so you can see this or i'm kind of a semi open stance so what this is going to help with it's going to help you get that rotation and help you use all those muscles and as you swing in a low to high motion this stance is really going to help that out okay so it's going to look like this here we go.

All right okay okay now again you definitely can serve in an open stance and some some players do but to get the full rotation when we're you know swinging low to high we have our hips coming through you know our hips rotating our shoulders coming.

Through it is definitely a lot harder if you're serving in an open stance to do that okay so this is a much more natural swing just like if you were playing baseball or golf you know you're not batting like this right you're batting like this or you're you're hitting a golf swing like this right you're not hitting an open stance.

It's the same idea if you play any of those sports okay but we definitely want to be in a more closed stance here and then what we want to do is swing through and that's going to help with that rotation all right so now let's jump into the third tip and this is a big one i see a lot of players serving this way and what i see them.

Doing is really muscling the ball and they're serving hard they're generating a lot of power but they're doing it in the wrong way they're using really quick movement jerky movements like this and they're muscling the ball and they're trying to use their arm muscles bicep muscles only and and really just swinging as fast as they can.

To generate that power and they're really stiff and really tense in their arms so it kind of looks like this it's really whippy or really jerky sometimes i see this okay okay so it's you know it looks really really tense now the top players in the world they have.

Really great serves a lot of pace a lot of top spin and you know good depth on the ball and those are really the three things that make a serve really good another thing that they have is great mechanics and just to start one little fix that i would you know urge you to do and urge you to try.

Is really relaxing that grip okay so when we talk about grip pressure how tight your grip in the paddle um you know on a scale of 1 to 10 10 being a death grip and holding as tight as you can loosen this grip to around a three or four just like you're dinking a dinking grip right really really loose and what.

This does this relaxes your grip and this will you know this starts everything because if this is relaxed hopefully your arm and your shoulder everything is relaxed and what we want to do is swing through hit our entire swing relaxed all right this is not a tense motion okay the the way we develop.

Power and pace on this ball is it really comes down to the swing speed right you know faster balls comes down to having a faster swing speed so when you're practicing your technique and you know if you're working on your technique on your serve i really would encourage you to start slow start with a slow to medium swing.

Speed until you get a good you know until you get good mechanics and then you start swinging faster but your mechanic should stay the same no matter if you're hitting it you know at 30 really slower if you're hitting at 90 percent really really fast okay so let's start with a really loose grip like a three or a four here and then throughout.

The whole swing from here starting kind of by my right knee over here and then we're going to swing here towards our left shoulder okay this whole entire swing it's very very relaxed just like that okay so here i'm going to take a couple here okay.

Here we go now i know those are you know pretty hard served so i'm gonna even slow it down for you you know when you're working on your technique again start slow so if you know if you feel really tight or you feel really tense when you're hitting your serve start slow and let's.

Just keep it really relaxed i kind of use this analogy it's not perfect but it will get you thinking i want your you know your arm and your whole swing to feel like a noodle right really really relaxed and coming through and as you swing through you're just letting your follow through go you're letting this paddle go start from here and going.

Like that okay so right here really slow here okay really really relaxed there all right now let's jump into the next tip all right so now let's jump into the fourth tip and this one has to do with your backswing okay sometimes i go out there and i see players trying to.

Generate a lot of power and they have a huge backswing they come up here and then they're trying to go down and then they go back up again now remember when you're trying to serve harder with more pace it's your swing speed right you don't need a extra large goliath backswing like this and then coming through okay and also.

That really is difficult when you're trying to time the ball and hit it cleanly right so what i would suggest is you start with a small to medium backswing okay right here by your your right hip okay or even your right knee when you're first starting out you're working on your technique just start here.

And then swing through like that okay so i could get a lot of i could get a lot of power just by starting here all right obviously my follow through is going to be up here near my left shoulder as you can see that but i'm just going to start here.

Swing through all right so now let's jump into the fifth tip and this has to do with your release or your toss okay so you know when we are hitting a traditional serve out of the air we need to release the ball and hit it out in front and we need to you know make sure we hit it in a good area right in right.

Out in front and my contact point is going to be somewhere around you know right on top of this line here if my my foot is right here close to the line it's going to be somewhere in this vicinity i make sure i want to really make sure that i'm not contacting the ball over here right and i don't want it way over here.

Okay a good contact for my serves is right in front right around this area here okay now for the toss or for the release one thing that i see some players do is hitting right out of their hand okay and the other side of it i see them tossing the ball up so with timing i think you know it's really.

Difficult when you're doing one or the other so if you're hitting right out of your hand it kind of looks like this right okay it's really really tough and you're trying to time that release and that's really really difficult or if you're doing this sometimes i see players actually tossing the ball up and that's.

Just honestly um just making it harder on yourself for the timing it's really not necessary i see some players doing this okay like even though i can do that right i don't need all that unnecessary movement okay what i want to do is i.

Want to start my release or my drop right around here and you can see that this is uh right around waist level okay and as you can see where i'm dropping the ball okay if i'm dropping it here it's dropping you know right in front of this line or right on the line okay so right around this area so as i release the ball here.

Okay i'm gonna come through and you know right around knee level is kind of where i like to hit my my serve here so i'm releasing it from waist level and it's dropping dropping dropping and i'm gonna hit it here around knee level and then i'm following through this is a really important tip because for a consistent serve we want a.

Consistent contact point that really really helps when we're talking about serve consistency so if your release your drop is in different areas if it's too close to your body or too far away you know it's really going to be tough for you to serve consistently okay so here we go okay that was a good one.

Okay good okay all right all right so the last thing i want to say is the serve is the one shot that you can work on by yourself all you need is a hopper or basket of balls and you just need a cork so you can just go out there any time and practice your serve and keep improving it so we'll put.

Those five tips again on the screen here and remember you know consistency is key so one last tip that i have for you is develop a routine before you serve this is really going to help so my routine looks kind of like this and yours could look completely different so when i get up to serve here i'll i'll grab the ball let's say they give bo the ball back to.

Me okay i'll balance it a few times here and then i put my paddling ball together then i start then i go back here and i start my backswing and then i drop and serve so that's how i do it i'll just take a couple for you to see here all right so hopefully these five tips.

Really help you out remember the whole goal of a good service to put pressure on our opponents and to create a shorter or weaker return so as you're working on your mechanics you're adding spin and more pace and more depth on your serve and in turn that's going to benefit you and your partner thanks so much for watching this video and we'll see you in.

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The serve is not like the old days. Any advantage that you can gain from the very first strike of the ball is vital to your success on the pickleball court. In this video, learn how to maximize your serve in 5 easy steps so that you can dominate the court!

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