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Subscribe to the channel like this video and leave us a comment okay are you ready let's go to our thing now the forehand wall when you're at the net this can be a very powerful tools a very powerful weapon you can use.

Against your opponent okay so i'm gonna teach you how to do it first let's start with the mechanic the mechanic is almost the same as the back and wall i put a link in the description of that video so you can check it out if you have your paddle like this of course that ball is gonna go down all.

Right the same thing if you have your paddle like this you see your face your paddle is facing the ceiling so that ball is gonna go up you need an angle that allows the ball to go over the net and go down with spin okay to achieve that this is how you're gonna hold your paddle this is the same thing so now let's say this is 90 degrees when you.

Turn it like that it's gonna be 45 but i want you to see something i'm not turning my body nothing everything is locked the only thing i'm moving right now is gonna be my wrist okay as soon as i get that 45 angle i lock it okay it's not gonna be moving like this no as soon as i get that 45 it's gonna.

Be locked because this is the perfect spot as you can see my paddle is not facing completely down but is facing like this that means when i hit the ball with crosstalk the ball gonna do that curve is going to go over the net so how do i do that curve how do i hit the ball so that ball can make the curve i have to put spin on the ball okay so now to.

Put spin my wrist is not moving like this anymore as soon as i get it like that is my wrist is locked okay so to put spin on it i'm gonna move it down and up you see that so this is the only movement i'm gonna do right now down and up so with the paddle in my head okay i got the angle and now it go down.

And up you see that down down and up down and up when i go down and up i put spin on it okay so as you can see it's very like a short movement which make me very fast when i'm doing it because it's just gonna be like this okay so i go like this.

Down and up down and up down and up as you can see i'm not open my wrist close it nothing as soon as i get my 45 i lock it so the only movement i'm gonna do right now down and up and nothing in my body is gonna move the only thing that's gonna move is my legs okay i'm gonna chase the ball you see that i'm gonna be like this nothing.

Is moving okay because less movement you have more consistency you're gonna be so to practice this to show you how effective that shot is john gonna be defending and i'm gonna be the one attacking remember i got my initial position i move my legs okay down and up.

Down and up down and up it doesn't matter how low the ball is down and up okay down and up down and up it doesn't matter how low the ball is you can still get it and sooner or later you're gonna have the point because you.

Can be very consistent with that shot so the other thing i want you to understand you use it when you're reaching for the ball okay as soon as the ball is high you can just smash it because this is what you're looking for okay the thing about it you don't have to hit the ball hard okay the spin gonna do the job for you so.

If you try to reach the ball forward you do it but if the ball is coming high like this you just do like a normal overhead i'll show you okay boom you see i'm reaching for it shot ball low you see i'm patient i can place it now i kill it.

When to use it remember when you're at the net then you're reaching for the ball okay so if you're in the middle of the card no you have to reset okay if you are at the baseline you're gonna do your normal drive okay sometime i use it like to do some very deep.

Third shot job okay but usually i do it at the net okay because i'm trying to be consistent because i know when i do it at the baseline it's just 50 50 and i'm not looking for 50 50. i prefer doing my third drop shot i know 90 95 percent of the time i'm gonna get that ball over the net okay so remember.

If you have the best line you cannot do it in the middle please reset and if you are the net and they giving you like short ball and you can go over and attack them until they're popping up so you can attack it all right guys i hope you like the video if you do please don't forget to subscribe and i'll see you next time.

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