Pickleball lovers super slow motion of the drop surf don't forget to have a good day now is the time for Innovation here at the pickleball Pirates super slow motion of the drop sir with the super slow motion series here at the pickleball Pirates we're going to.

Get your drop served where it needs to be in three minutes the mechanics are fairly simple so many people make common mistakes they really do so let's get started right now take note you can't throw that ball at the ground no downward pressure can be applied to hold it as high as you can like I said before and drop it this is a.

Good example of me holding the ball as high as I can above my head but am I applying downward pressure a little could it get caught in a tournament maybe maybe it could I hold the ball as high as I can above my head because I want the optimal bounce because I want it to bounce as high as possible you just need one foot behind that line when.

You surf if the other foot is in the air that's okay however if the other foot steps on the court like in this example it's a bad surf you lose a point it's a fault my right foot is behind the line that's fine but my left foot hit the cord before I hit the ball so it's a fault I think it's fairly simple now with the traditional surf contact has to.

Be made in an upward motion the wrist has to be below the navel that's not the exact terminology however with the drop surf you don't need to do that you can hit from high to low you can hit a crazy easy Western stance forehand if you're a tennis player and I would advise that I would advise that very much in this example I'm hitting the forehand slice.

Which you could not do with the traditional surf I'm starting that paddle High I'm coming down on it it's a downward motion is this serve legal let's see if we can determine if this serve is legal together no downward pressure was applied on that ball legal so far two feet on the ground one foot on the.

Ground still okay that's fine and we're legal right that foot is moving in the court we're fine because we hit the ball already we're getting somewhere now no one thought I could coach but I can is this serve illegal the only way this serve would be illegal if my left foot was touching that line which it may be otherwise it's fine to.

Have that paddle going in downward motion we're good it's a drop serve and that's a spin shot ball machine this segment is brought to you by spinshot I use it all the time check the description for pickleball discounts that way I can keep doing this and you can save money is this serve legal no my left foot is on the court before.

Impact one more thing about the drop surf you have a lot of coaches teaching start out with the right leg right foot pointed sideways that way you can clear your hips more right so you just drop it and then swing and that way you don't have as many moving parts so something to think about see how I'm stepping with.

That right foot you could start your motion right there with that right foot facing the fence sideways that way it gives you a chance to clear your hips that's why people do it the right foot is facing the fence and your rotation is always perfect however my left foot was on the court at impact so it's illegal it's illegal is this illegal or legal.

Ask me I definitely dropped that ball no downward pressure was applied I jump I almost jump both my feet are almost off the ground so it's a real judgment call it really is because both feet are off the ground it's illegal I really think I kept one foot on I have been called for that in tournaments though and is this legal a one-handed backhand attack off.

The serve that's what you can do with it drop serve it's so exciting and is this legal that was by the way the first thing I see no downward pressure was applied I'm coming in a downward movement I'm not allowed to do that with the traditional surf but I'm allowed to do it with the drop serve the drop serve is effective it's worth learning you'll.

Get more easy points you can hit down on it you got your coach and Joey that's me and I'm Gonna Keep the segments coming trust in pickleball I trust in you and I remember to have pickleball lovers what did you think of this video may I suggest this video it's so good it's really good and you'll learn a lot and don't forget to have a.

Good day
PPR Cert Coach Joey Gmuer Breaks down the mechanics of the drop serve in pickleball. Watch today pickleball TIP in our Instructional series. Stay tuned for more pickleball lessons!

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