Pickleball anyone luke burbank serves upa story about our fastest growing sport it all started more or less out of necessitythe inaugural game was this very ball oh wow this is the cosom fun ball you can see hissafety play is the little label on there and so the bat was around here wherever but thethe ball is what they grabbed bill bell and joe david mccallum remembers back in 1965 when acouple of neighborhood dads here on bainbridge island washington bill bell and joel pritchardwere looking for something anything to keep their bored kids entertained they had some piecesof wood a plastic ball and a badminton court so they made up a game on the spot and named itpickleball the pickles version of the naming is that pickles would run around here in these bushesand grab the ball so they named it after pickle.

The dog but there's also some speculation thatpickles was born after the game was invented which would make it impossible it would while the originof the sports name might be complicated the game itself was actually pretty simple they came up andfound the badminton court which had a raised net they had a ping-pong paddle and a wiffle ball andstarted trying to hit the ball and they lowered the net and figured the game of pickleball outscott stover and his wife carol own the house and the court where the sport was invented theygrew up spending their summers just down the road and watched like david mccallum as pickleballtook off within their tiny island community and it started growing you know very small butthey needed paddles not everybody has a band saw in their basement so they would call barneyto get paddles barney was david mccallum's.

Dad credited as the sport's third founder by dayhe ran an envelope company by night he started making with his son's help pickleball paddles fora growing fan base first on the island and then for the wider world which is where doug smith camein the best thing we could do is be able to have a demonstration court and then get the teachersout there doug's task was to try to convince p.e. teachers to add pickleball to their curriculumwhich meant going to teaching conferences and letting them try it for themselves the teacherswould be playing all during the conference the plan took time but worked taking pickleballfrom a game with a funny name invented in someone's backyard pickleball's most unique stageto what is currently the fastest growing sport in america by some estimates nearly 5 millionpeople in the u.s. have taken up pickleball.

And that's having a profound cultural effectfrom the repurposing of many tennis courts to how retirement communities arebeing built to the themed restaurants and of course the hyper competitive pro leagues jenn lucore is a pickleball hall of famer whoalong with her doubles partner alex hamner has won five national championships i have exactly zeropickleball championships in fact the last time i played was 30 years ago during racket sportsclass at nathan hale high school in seattle so i figured i'd get a refresher from jennand then you're staying online and now you are a master dinker look at you go fans ofthe game say the secret sauce of pickleball is that anyone can learn the game and starthaving fun in 30 minutes so sunday morning.

Producer john goodwin and i decided to test thattheory we had a few victories and a lot of defeats and also a lot of fun not bad for a gameinvented by a couple of desperate dads that's now taking the nation bystorm hi guys that's it thank you
In the summer of 1965, seeking to keep their bored kids entertained, some dads on Bainbridge Island, Washington, invented a game using a plastic ball, some wood, and a badminton court. “Pickleball” was born. It has since become the fastest-growing sport in America, with nearly five million people now playing the game. Correspondent Luke Burbank looks at Pickleball lore, and takes a whack at playing against Pickleball Hall of Famer Jennifer Lucore.

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