You're in the kitchen all right here we are the PPA sell Kirk Red Rock open Travis rettenmeier and Tyson McGuffin down goes Tyson on the very first point but he's gonna be okay as plantar fasciitis is gonna hold up shout out to Skechers laser down the line Tyson on fire laser Cross Court Tyson can't miss what else.

Can you do let's see I don't know laser inside out Tyson has everything going for him almost unfair redmayer says something here but I'm not sure what it is but I know who does know Travis Rhett Meyer there was obviously an issue today with this paddle Tyson and I play the same.

Paddle so I actually shouted out to him like Hey man that doesn't sound like an 002 um I'm a Selkirk sponsored player they've been great to me but it was obvious whatever he was playing with was a paddle that I had never seen had never played with but I know the sound of a delaminated paddle and it was very clear.

That that was the laminated I'm not sure how you forget to wear a shirt when you have a shirt sponsorship shout out Sunday Swagger some pretty pointed comments from Travis and you start to see Tyson get a little erratic here in game two after taking game one and sure enough after missing a couple in a row he goes.

To the sideline and swaps out his paddle does that mean that he knew I don't know but what I do know is that this match here with Leia Jansen and Salome davite was a lot more contentious than the prior match with Tyson and Travis if you don't know Salome has a reputation for not being the best online calls so some players request lines judges when they.

Play her now the line judges are here we can get on with the action Salome is now playing with a vatic pro and you hear Leia call out the paddle so some of these thermoform paddles have tended to delaminate much like the Travis situation we heard with Tyson but Salome is hitting absolute Rockets just like we saw Tyson hitting.

Is this just great ground strokes or something going on with the paddles because if you ask Leia I'm pretty sure she knows nice paddle she says so it's frustrating you could imagine and there's a close one she calls it out Leia looks up to the judge says why are you even here if you're not gonna help.

Me first time Legend I called you out here I need a little help sometimes but nope no help that time just more Rockets from Salome he says this paddle's a joke can't believe you're letting him do this a lot of frustration from Leia but she's still up it's 7-6 oh backhand missile from Salome now that one goes.

Wide she can't believe it she looks around she's like guys you are here on my request help help help but nothing game point 10-7 and Salome rips one backhand no paddle tap Leia takes a seat on the bench and has to contemplate what she's gonna do and there's no defending that another forehand missile right past Leia.

Why is she so good well we know why she's so good and Leia goes on to tweet about it she says Pros know when their paddle's delaminated it plays like a rocket ship and it sounds different both and now Salome requests a new ball because it's cracked hindley is it's not correct that was not a crack.

Morning ruining my momentum now that's rich because Solomon has won nine of the last 10 points Leia goes on to lose her serve he gets a forehand rip past the backhand side then Salome hits a forehand Cross Court and all of a sudden it's match point and she returns the ball along.

No paddle tap in fact she offers her paddle and Liz says yeah you know what thank you for the offer let's take that paddle let's have it tested they confiscate both of them I'm assuming that Salome must have said if you're gonna test mine why don't you test hers good news is that the PPA and USA pickleball will have this on-site.

Testing starting next week
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In this episode of The Reset, The Kitchen’s Jason Aspes breaks down the controversy that took place at the PPA’s Selkirk Red Rock Open. Paddlegate 3.0 is upon us as both Travis Rettenmaier and Lea Jansen went public with claims their opponents (Tyson McGuffin and Salome Devidze) were playing with delaminated paddles.

It is significant because USA Pickleball and the PPA have been finalizing their processes to monitor such issues and this was the last week before on site testing would be implemented. Things got pretty heated in the women’s semi-final match between Jansen and Devidze .
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