Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to lose to a banger or someone that tries to hit everything really hard they're not even playing the strategy right so how could they possibly be winning well if you don't know the right way to play them then they can actually be pretty tough to win but I guarantee you by the end of this video you become.

Literally every Banger's nightmare to play there could be one tip throughout this video that could change the game for you so make sure to analyze everything and see if you need to implement any of this into your game to start I'm gonna go over some general tips that apply to any situation on the court these are things that you need to.

Be thinking about whenever you're playing a banger later in the video we'll go over specific situations depending where you are on the court so the first tip is that when you're playing a banger you need to be extra conscious that a lot of their hard drives might be sailing long and going out think if Drew's hitting his drives.

Really hard if it's not within a foot of the net there's a very high chance that the ball is going to go out so as a rule of thumb when we're up here we need to be very cognizant of How High the ball is all right if I'm hitting the ball and it's at my shoulder height and it's really hard it's probably going to go way long Okay so let's go through a few.

Shots here that one was in right so it wasn't super hard landed in so I'm gonna hit that one that one though that was about seven feet out right so you need to be very conscious of this when you're playing a banger and the same concept applies at the kitchen too when you're playing a.

Banger at the kitchen and they go for a speed up if there's speed ups at the height of your shoulder or higher there's a very high chance that it's going to go long so here you'll see I'm going to be rolling with Drew and he's gonna go for a speed up now I'm gonna let it fly that landed about seven feet long but be careful.

Though because if Drew goes for a speed up and it's not very hard even if it's at the height of my shoulder there's a good chance that it'll still drop in you'll see here he'll go for a speed up from the height of my shoulder that ball is going in so you have to be a little careful about when you let the ball go thinking about this though give.

You an immediate boost your game so always keep this in mind when you're playing a banger remember if the drive is high Let it Fly say it with me the drive is High Let It Fly the second thing that I want to go through is that bangers are streaky which means they have the ability to string together multiple points in a row the caveat to.

The strategy though is that they also have the ability to lose multiple points in a row it's your job though as a smart player to weather the storm and play the numbers an easy way to stop a Banger's hot streak is to just play their partner if they're on a cold streak you can play them and you'll get some free points As you move forward you'll see that a.

Common theme throughout the video is that you don't want to play into the Banger strategy you've probably experienced this before but when someone's hitting really hard it can seem tricky to use your soft game don't worry though I'm gonna go over how to counter everything a banger will throw at you in the next two sections this all.

Starts though with a strong ready position when you're playing someone that hits hard you need to be ready for whatever they throw at you this means you have a wide base with bent knees your paddle tip is between your eyes and it's leaning slightly to the left this makes it a lot easier to cover your body with your backhand you never want to get.

Caught with your paddle down like this against a banger this is a recipe for getting hit in the face moving on though now we're going to cover exactly how to foil a bang your strategy when they're back and you're up this is arguably the most important part of being a banger so our main goal when a banger is back is to keep them back the way that we do.

This is by hitting super deep volleys right at their feet so that looks just like this you want to hit as deep as you possibly can at the Baseline the catch to this is as a banger starts to move forward your target stays right at their feet so if Drew comes in here come to the transition zone I'm going to be aiming right at his feet if I was to go.

Deep I'm actually giving him a pretty easy volley see so you want to go right at his feet and regardless of where they're standing bonus points if you can get it to their sides okay if I'm hitting it right to him it's going to be a lot easier for him to react but if I'm getting it to his sides he's gonna have to move and that can get him off balance.

For instance if my opponent's back then my target should be here as he starts to move in though my goal is to get it right at his feet around here where he can't take the ball out of the air these targets will move him as he gets closer to the net the key thing though is that when you're aiming for these targets you don't float.

Up the ball so that he can pounce on it like this foreign as you probably know though it can be hard hit low penetrating volleys off of hard shots to make this happen there's two main technical things that you need to focus on and I never see anyone talking about this first one for one to.

Hit a hard volley off of a hard shot you need to have a firm wrist if you have a loosed wrist here there's a very high chance that you'll feel like you're Miss hitting the ball so on these harder shots it's actually a lot more difficult for me to get the ball right in the center of the paddle so that's where the firmness comes in and gives me the extra.

Stability to hit these shots clean so I'm a lot more tight here on these volleys than I would be on my normal volleys this is an area where some lead tape around the edge of your paddle can help you too by expanding your sweet spot keep in mind though you only want to have a firm wrist when you're going hard.

Off a Banger's hard shot it can be super beneficial to have a loose wrist against a banger too which I'll go over in the next section the other technical thing to keep in mind when they're hitting hard shots at you from the back is that you don't want to take too big of a backswing remember it's already super hard to hit the ball in the center of.

The paddle so taking a big back swing is just going to make it even harder most of your power against a banger is actually going to come from having a firm wrist and using their own power against them so everything when you're hitting the ball should be in front of your body just maintain that firm wrist if I'm taking a big back swing here this.

Can be really hard for me to time the ball the number one skill though to be able to beat bangers is fast reaction time if you aren't able to react quickly enough to their shots then nothing else we're about to go through will even matter the only way to increase this and I'm serious about this the only way to increase your reaction time is with.

Intentional practice you can train your reaction time one-on-one with a partner like this where we're just going as fast as we can trying to get used to these faster balls or if you don't have a partner you can get on a wall or the dinkmaster like this just go as fast as you can side to side.

Get used to these harder shots if you're just starting out you might look something more like this but I guarantee you the more you do these kinds of drills the faster you will get remember when I first started playing pickleball I was not very fast but now it feels like my reactions are automatic well the goal is to keep.

Bangers back eventually they're gonna make it in so we need to know how to handle them when they're at the kitchen I see way too many players look shocked when a banger goes hard at them while they're up do not let this be you there should be important things that you have to know to be able to beat bangers at the kitchen so let's get into it the.

First thing we need to go through is that you need to focus on your soft game if you're going to beat a banger at the kitchen remember you're not going to beat them by being a better Banger you're going to beat them by being a smarter player so even if they're going really hard you need to focus on just using your soft game as you normally.

Would another thing to keep in mind is that when bangers are at the kitchen they'll play really erratic or trigger happy as some would call it what this means is that they might just go for Big Shots Out of Nowhere on shots that a normal player would just stink back so you have to be ready for this to counter this you need to be constantly Vigilant.

And ready for whatever the Banger is going to throw at you so this all starts with a strong ready position like I said before you don't want to have your hands down here and another thing to keep in mind here is you want to watch the bangers backswing okay bangers tend to take really big back swings when they speed up the ball so you see here Drew's.

Just everything's in front of his body he's dinking it back with me but when he speeds it up I see he has that big backswing but I'm ready for it because I see that he's behind his body so the second that you see the bangers back here with their paddle just make sure that you're even more ready to pounce now I want to talk about what.

Could arguably be the most important skill to beating a banger at the kitchen the reset okay so this is where I'm taking their fastball and dropping into the kitchen keep in mind if a banger speeds up the ball to you and you don't have a good shot you're always better off dropping into the kitchen and giving them a high ball that they can kill all.

Right so here I'll show you how that works so Drew's gonna speed the ball up at me I'm just going to drop it back in the kitchen which really takes away all of his opportunity strapping the ball in the kitchen so this is where you want to have that loose wrist that I talked about earlier whenever you're trying to absorb power.

And hit the ball slow you want to have a loose wrist so you have more feel for the ball also when you're trying to slow down a hard ball you should have very minimal swing so I'm really just going to be right in here the harder that he hits the ball the less I'm going to need to swing so as you'll see here Drew's playing the part of the Banger and I'm.

Just resetting everything into the kitchen using that loose wrist and minimal swing see how little I have to move my paddle to get the bottle in in the kitchen I'm really not even moving it at all right and I have that loose wrist which gives me the ability to absorb the power off the ball.

Sometimes though the Banger will speed up on you and give you a higher easier shot that you should accelerate on so it's important that you take advantage of these so as you see here Drew's gonna Excel around me I can take advantage of that shot right I'm hitting that from about here right and I think it was going to land in so.

It's important that when I have this High shot above the net I make him pay for it now I want to go over the two best drills to train yourself to beat bangers like I always say watching these videos is the best way to increase your knowledge for the game but it's a completely different story playing a banger in real life that's where.

Intentional practice comes in so in this drill we're both going to be at the kitchen one of us is going to be playing the part of the Banger and the other player will be defending Against The Banger so it's my job as a player defending Against The Banger to decide whether I should reset the ball or counter-attack with a bigger shot all.

Right so that'll look like this Drew's going big I'm going to reset that one and reset that one too there I had the opportunity to go big write a Drew's feet so the opportunity to counter attack is based off how high the ball is right so if Drew speeds it up on me and it's really low that's where I'm going to want to reset the ball into the.

Kitchen but if he goes higher that's where I have the opportunity to go hard right at his feet in this next row the person playing the part of the bangle will be back and I'm going to stay up and work on using my volleys to defend against these harder shots okay so this is where I want to have those nice firm volleys I'm going to have my wrist firm.

I want to use a compact motion and I'm trying to get everything really deep okay this can be really hard if you're just starting so it's totally fine if you don't look like this key is that you try your very best whenever you hit a good volley you try to emulate that on the next shot see how I'm very firm and compact if I'm.

Taking big swings like this it's going to make it a lot harder for me to be accurate and if you want to go deeper into how to master the reset which is probably the most important skill to beat bangers watch this thank you
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