All right what's up guys we are back with another podcast episode and this week was way more drama than the world needed did I don't know how much I mean I know you and I have talked about it on and off this week will but just my goodness the drama was just I wasn't ready for it you know I I honestly wasn't ready for.

It I I just I turned off my phone and disconnected and then I turned it back on and I got like 10 texts from you will did you hear this did you hear this what happened I'm like what what's going on and it was it was a lot to intake to be quite honest I was I thought you were potentially writing a script for a soap opera or some sort of show you know.

Traumatization for a new show on Netflix about pickleball dude that's what it felt like because I the newsletter I wrote I spent like an entire day day and a half writing that thing and every time I added something I was like oh there's another piece of drama that's nice yeah I just oh my gosh so anyways we'll get to all of that guys.

But there was a ton of paddle drama in the industry this week we're gonna talk a lot about that that'll be our main talking point uh but before we get into all of that we did want to read a comment from the last podcast episode and this comes from Z again because he left an absolutely hilarious comment so if you guys want to get on here just.

Leave me a funny comment or a great question but somehow Z got on here twice he said does anyone know where Zayn keeps his ego because it's definitely not stored in his arms I just feel like you could say anything about Zayn and it would be it would just be funny did I whoever this guy is is hilarious.

That is fantastic I'm in fact I'm gonna screenshot that and send it to Zayn after this was it this tournament uh where uh he completely missed the ball like with that overhead and it hit his head thank you for bringing that up because I didn't even write that down but that was so funny I had to watch that like four.

Times because I thought he hit the tomahawk I thought it hit the net and went over yeah and I was like what happened and then I saw he got hit in the head somebody put the the Bonk noise effect on it and it was like perfect honestly that's so funny I didn't even think about it she made he made top 10 not.

Sports Center yeah not top ten not not top 10 not top Ted and there was a part of me that was thinking oh my gosh did he do this on purpose just so he could make it on Not Top 10 or just to be memed I don't know I wouldn't put it past Zane I think at this point he's past trying to uh look nice on the pro streams he's just trying to make it on.

Memes of pickleball and that was a sheer sign of desperation a sheer sign of desperation or was it genius yo Zayn's smarter than all of us I am let's calm down well he called himself an idiot on his the first episode of his own podcast hey you know that's what I'm saying he's thinking way far ahead you know hey.

Myspace playing 3D chess and we're playing checkers so anyways that was the comment for this week if you guys uh want to be featured on that leave a comment down below we love seeing the discussion make sure to leave us a rating on Spotify apple and uh yeah that's the only places you can do that so I don't got any other places.

For you to say that anyways we'll go on to some quick news and updates we'll just talk about the PPA to be honest there wasn't anything that exciting this week for the most part did you get to watch much will no I didn't get to watch that much I was busy with uh my dog and then I was also just playing pickleball because the weather.

Was kind of nice here and I felt like I haven't really played that much so I was like okay watch or play and I decided to play yeah yeah play is definitely wise I would not disagree with you there well we'll just uh run through some stuff real quick first one was they put Rafa against Zayn in the first round which I thought was hilarious do you think that.

Was on purpose there's no way if someone tells me that was random I just have such a hard time believing that there's no way so Rafa did not play with an Adidas paddle he played with a YOLO paddle I did see that in one of the highlights I was like oh my gosh he switched to be honest when I saw the Highlight I thought this was.

From a previous tournament or a tournament of old but apparently it wasn't because yeah he switched back and I was like oh my gosh this is Austin PVA so how did he do how did he do uh he ended up beating Zayn he beat him 11 4 11 8 with the Yola so that just goes to show you put a regular paddle back in his hands.

That isn't a piece of garbage and he's a sweet player yet again Sweet Revenge from Rafa wait didn't he win he won on the clip that Zayn got bonked in the head by the ball right yeah because that wouldn't count okay first name yeah yeah yeah so but was that the match point was that the like the game point uh you know I I I don't.

Think so to be honest I thought Zayden was calling a timeout but I actually I don't know if that was game point that's even funnier that would be legendary so congrats to Rafa hopefully he doesn't have to keep using the Adidas in singles he did use it in doubles so I wonder if he just made an exception for singles I think he.

Did okay it didn't seem that he went uh super deep in the draw but I feel like he uh it didn't go terrible but to be honest I didn't follow it very closely okay all right good job Rafa hopefully Adidas gets you a better battle so you won't have to keep on doing this flip a flappy yes I agree with that uh next thing up.

Is the first rounds don't seem to be so easy anymore we had Martinez Vic and Tamaki go 7-11 and 811 against the Johns Bros and I had never heard of either of these guys I heard of uh Vic at Singles day on Thursday because he played Ben and did uh decent in the first game at least but 7-Eleven 8 11 for two people I've never heard of maybe other people.

Have and it's just my first time but that's pretty good that's pretty good yeah yeah that's pretty good I haven't heard of them either but I mean this is this is going to be happening more so right as we move forward as more people come into the game and we kind of all knew this but to yeah to see them kind of uh get a run right there especially.

Get the John Bros that's you know props to them hopefully we'll see them uh I guess come back and I don't know I feel like this is a theme where you kind of come in you're new you're fresh and then you get some pretty decent results right or you get close but then I feel like once the pros once the the veterans kind of see you play they kind of pick you.

Apart the next time you know and yep we'll see if that happens next time so yeah oh uh one other thing that I didn't write down but I just remembered Colin Schick played Christian all Sean first round completely forgot to write down the results I'm pretty sure it went to three and looking at the Clips online it looked like I saw that one that was one.

Of the stuff I saw too right it was pretty bad oh yeah the bad line call yeah Facebook because that was match point oh that was Match Point as well yep yep it was over after that call so I don't know it it from the video it looks like the ball was in Christian called it out we weren't there camera angles are always tricky don't really.

Know but yeah I was bummed to see Colin go out but hey uh Christian and Colin playing first round that is a fun matchup if I was at that tournament I would definitely have been watching that round for sure right so yeah I didn't I didn't follow the rest of his draw I should have checked that um but we did have a really fun match I.

Loved watching this one it was Riley and Matt versus Dylan Frazier and J.W Johnson they uh lost or they won the first one 11-4 and then proceeded to lose 9 11 9 11. those games were tense I assume you didn't see that one no did not see it I only saw one clip from it and it was a shot done by JW and then I just saw Riley just completely yeah fall.

Or missed the ball like it spun in a weird angle or Direction and next thing I I knew I saw Riley like on the ground and I was like oh what happened and it was kind of a tough angle from the clip that I saw to see what exactly JW did so I don't think JW did much it looked like Matt hit in overhead and you know he was just trying to block the ball and I.

Think just the way he kind of flicked his wrist at the last second he wasn't really trying to do anything with he was just trying to get it back over but I think it you know just caught occasionally you know like when you block a ball and it lands and it just has a ton of backspin I think a similar thing happened here and as Riley was.

About to strike it because it just looked like a dead dink it just spun out of his Strike Zone and he just couldn't catch it and then fell over that was crazy to see yeah it was crazy see honestly that's uh what you kind of look like all the time when you're playing against me just on the ground I am on the ground a lot when I play you.

But hopefully not in the future and hopefully not when we play together I'm not on the ground okay no definitely not but I will tell you to die for a ball if you know it's match point or whatnot maybe not even match my Chris go go go why me why not you because I have to block the ball back you know because if.

They get it back I'm probably a better you know skilled player to get that next ball back over you know what I'm saying debate well you know what leave a comment down below everyone who do you think should be the one to dive and who should be the one to block me or will please let us know because I'd love to know what the audience thinks okay well.

Look you've seen you've seen Chris's uh matches especially with the denim team you see him sliding around and everything on the ground and the man already knows how to do it so why not you know let him do what he does best you know I'll take notes from the master I'll uh get a lesson with Elise Jones.

I'll be good all right I'm gonna cruise through these really fast here results for the tournament men's doubles obviously got the Johns Bros in first second Matt Wright and Riley Newman third place Dylan Fraser J.W Johnson men's singles Ben Johns Federico Federico stackstrued congrats to him he's been doing well lately yeah he's.

Crushing him yeah he's definitely crushing it Christian Alshon third so I I don't know if that's his first PPA Podium I think it is so congrats to him on that that's uh good stuff then we have uh Annalee Waters and Ben for gold in mixed Anna bright and James ignatowicz in second really happy for them to make a championship Sunday and.

Go against them I believe they played to four games so that's great I'm excited to see the rest of their partnership they looked very happy on court playing together did you see those I saw yeah I know I just saw some clips and I just saw the photos of James just like jumping around taking everything and yeah no it was a it was some good.

Highlights from them honestly yeah they hyped they were pumped like yeah they were definitely pumped I'm I'm glad to say that just I don't know good people uh third place Georgia Johnson JW Johnson that's great for them women's doubles Annalee Waters and Anna bright first second place was Megan DeJean and Vivian David that's a fun little mix up.

Yeah third place was Catherine parento and Georgia Johnson was that their first time playing together as far as I'm aware I haven't seen them play together so that might have been yeah that's good stuff uh women's singles Annalee Waters then Catherine and then Elise Jones got third I didn't even know she played singles did you no.

I didn't but to be honest I'm kind of it's a part of me that's not surprised I guess you know just the way that she moves she Dives I feel like she'd be a highlight reel like for singles for sure I would love to see some of those games I'm gonna see if I can find anything uh of her like any highlights because she also beat.

Catherine 11 9 11 9 and then in the bronze match she beat Salome 11 9 11 2. wait wait how did she beat Catherine if Catherine came in second place sorry sorry sorry sorry she played Catherine 2 9 11 9 11. I see I see so Catherine one but at least one yeah they were really tight so I just I went from never hearing anything about.

Her playing singles suddenly she's almost beating Catherine and then she beats Salome as well that's crazy no uh drama for the line calls or anything with Salome I I didn't hear anything though she had a hilarious comment I wish I had a screenshot of this wait I might I might put it in the video version uh on.

Facebook someone was talking on some post I don't remember where basically Salome commented and someone said something to the effect of dude how on Earth did you get your driver's license with how blind you are and then and then Salome responded and goes oh I just bribed the DMV she was like maybe if you bribe the.

People of this Facebook group they would stop Banning you so much loved that that she took something that was directed as you know pretty mean and basically just made a joke out of it heck yeah she also saw me for that one yeah that just I thought that was fantastic so that's shout out to Salome.

That's really funny but anyways guys we have got the big drama of the week it is the paddle gate so I had written one of my I think it was my first uh newsletters I wrote thermal forming is here to stay I might be wrong about that one because there is a whole lot of drama surrounding thermoforming so if you.

Haven't already seen it I published a newsletter I spent a ton of time on that newsletter like I said I would I dropped all my work for Friday and part of Saturday just to and sorry Thursday dropped all my work and then part of Friday to work on this so I'm just gonna read you guys a bunch of it because there's a whole ton of misinformation on.

The internet about thermoforming so I tried to get as much of it correct as I could so I'm going to pull that up yeah on my notes because I'm gonna have to read all this because it's a lot yes are you gonna give provide some context to the audience too of I mean kind of what started it all and well I mean yeah things I'll I'll try.

And provide as much of uh context as I can so basically you guys have heard me talk about the the delamination uh on this podcast and in other areas basically what delaminating is is where the core separates from the face the glue breaks and then they become two separate pieces and at least in the case of thermoformed paddles.

They hit much harder after this it's kind of like a trampoline but that doesn't happen to every single paddle the diadem Warrior had this issue when it launched and the the paddle face was dead the ball wouldn't go anywhere so it doesn't happen to everything for whatever reason with the thermoformed ones it does that there's a whole lot of.

Theories why no one has conclusively locked in the reason but it's happening at a rate that's high enough that Pros who are playing against them are getting very upset so we're going to kind of dive into all of that but to start will I assume you followed it when the.

Like carbon quote-unquote ban was released yes that was from the clip from DJ where yes he put out just a thing on the the pickle pod with Zayn and Thomas and from the Dink and that just kind of blew up and I just felt like things escalated rather quickly led to some tweets from some pros and it just kept on piling on why don't you go ahead and.

Explain the rest of I guess the news yeah for sure so we'll talk about that clip just a little bit basically DJ was on picklepod and he said hey I'm not allowed to use my carbon X Series at the PPA Austin and then he made some other statements about how they tested new and old carbon X Series and they all failed a deflection test and he was told you.

Can't use these you're gonna have to use something else then a player email was sent to the pros that said Pro players the carbon power Carbon 2 models were found to exceed legal paddle requirements following testing done in a lab earlier this month while USA pickleball's official ruling process for carbon paddles is still ongoing the PPA.

Tour is preemptively implementing additional testing measures for the carbon power effective immediately all carbon power models used for professional play must be on-site tested sticker marked before being used in a match and at the conclusion of the tournament carbon power models will be sent to a USA pickleball lab site for.

Additional testing if a paddle comes back over any of the legal specifications all points and at-risk prize money amassed at the event where the paddle was used will forfeit for the purposes of consistency the PPA tour is also immediately implemented implementing additional testing measures for all paddles across the board all.

Paddles used for professional play from the quarter quarterfinals onward must be tested and sticker marked on site USA pickleballs Carl Schmidt will be conducting the testing the PPA tour stands by its commitment to unify and strengthen pickleball's equipment compliance standards with support from USA pickleball and Major League.

Pickleball okay when this came out everyone was like oh the paddles are banned or they thought they were banned and everyone was going around and freaking out like oh carbon's getting struck again first of all these paddles are not banned you had the option to use them and yes you were heavily incentivized to not use the.

Paddle because you know if it went back to the lab maybe it delaminated while you used it and then get sent back and now it fails and you lose all your results so of course no one was probably going to use it I think the only Pro that did was Alex Newman but DJ young Thomas Wilson and Vivian all ended up using the regular carbon from what I saw.

So people were definitely yeah they were definitely scared out of it and you know I can understand why the paddles do delaminate at some point and I wouldn't want to risk uh you know my results especially because Vivian made it to the gold medal match for women's so I would I'd be worried too I mean what was your kind of whole take on the.

Thing when that news popped like did you have any thoughts yeah uh first of all I I was just kind of amazed at how one clip from from DJ just just blew everything up and everybody just was on social media just blown it up even more out of proportion and also I I guess why why was there such loss in Translation why was there such.

Miscommunication you know why not send that official letter or what not beforehand Why didn't DJ I guess consult you know Carbon first I mean did the companies also get this information ahead of time like you'd think that if usap and PPA got this information right they would tell the paddle manufacturers.

And owners first and then they could figure out how to deal with it and then let their players know like why would usap contact DJ directly as a player right it doesn't I don't know that doesn't as far as I know it was the PPA that contacted DJ okay so but same thing yeah yeah same thing like there needs to be you know some uh procedures like some.

Correct procedures to go about this or then everybody just freaks out and then it just causes Mayhem and then we're just talking about this and I don't know also it kind of also affects uh I think to some degree Rec players as well too because once the word gets out or whatnot and you're using one of these.

Paddles that are quote unquote band right there's the stigma involved right yep and for sure it's not cool to them it's not cool to the companies I don't know it could have all just been handled way better and granted you know they're still trying to figure things out you know but I I don't know I felt like this.

Shouldn't have happened to be honest no I I completely agree the company should be notified that I from what I understand talking to a number of the companies the transparency between PPA usap to the companies is might as well be non-existent from my understanding it doesn't seem like they get updated on what a lot of the new.

Testing uh standards are or it's hard to get a hold of them and I think DJ releasing the statement you know was definitely I mean kind of crazy the as far as I understand carbon that when that clip went out that was the first time they had even heard about this news which is crazy to me they should not be hearing that news from a social media.

Clip right exactly like could you imagine the pr that they have to work around and just the scrambling that you'd have to do for the players and the companies it's not fair to them to be sprung up like this you know so I thought I felt sorry for them to be quite honest you know it felt um yeah I don't know that's that's just.

Kind of my thoughts on it no I completely agree and carbon did release a statement which I'll read really quick just because I I do think that had some good information in it dear carbon family I wanted to reach out to you and address the developing situation involving the PPA and our power series paddle and our sponsored.

Athletes you may have already read or heard public statements made by athletes and an email sent by the PPA and or the various posts making the rounds of the internet today there is an incredible amount of misinformation and confusion so I wanted to provide a thorough and transparent explanation of the situation as it stands today March 15th we have.

Been in close communication with the usap and PPA over the last few days and I will do my best to clear things up first and foremost and importantly none of the carbon power series paddles are illegal or banned by usap or PPA all models and versions of the power series remain on usap's list of approved paddles nothing has changed usap.

Recently ran a compliance test on a single used carbon 2x 16 millimeter with approximately 35 hours of use the source of this thing single paddle was chosen by usip and I personally don't know who owned it or in what condition it was in regardless the paddle exceeded deflection specifications rumors were circulating that there were new paddles.

That failed this is simply not the case this was a used paddle additionally usap made it very clear this was an issue with the specific paddle they tested and not the entire line meaning that specific paddle would be ineligible for play but it doesn't affect carbon paddles as a whole they also let us know that this issue was not isolated to our.

Brand I'm not aware of which other brands they were referencing or if those paddles have been tested in the same manner but I felt it warranted mentioning while we can't control how people treat their paddles and what they do with them post purchase we will continue to strive to manufacture paddles that play consistently and last.

As long as possible we are working with usap engineers and our manufacturers to continue to improve additionally our third-party quality assurance firm will increase the number of paddles inspected during each step of production in this specific case where our used where our used carbon 2x was out of compliance usap simply provided.

The data to the PPA and it's up to them as owners of the tour to to determine how to proceed on the data provided by usap and their own internal discussions PPA proactively decided on the following policy for the weekend's PBA tour stop and then they read the email that I read you just a minute ago then they have they said I've spoken to each of our.

Sponsored pros and made sure they are aware of the above also I made it clear we will support them no matter which paddle they choose to play with in Austin given the extremely short notice at this point what I outlined above is all I definitely know I'm confident that we'll be able to work everything out with the usap and the PPA the lines of.

Communication are open and we're doing what we can as a paddle brand to help them continue to improve the sport we all love so much the sport of pickleball is booming but there are still growing pains and a lot of a lot is still being asked of usap and PPA during this phase of extreme growth they're trying to juggle so many complex challenges at.

Once and for the most part I think they are moving in the right direction and then I'm just going to skim this real quick because I don't think the rest of this is super relevant it's uh yeah the rest doesn't matter too much that was way longer to read than I thought yeah is there a place on the PPA or usap website where they put up these.

Official kind of notices and newsworthy things uh two players in the community this is that's what they need because shortly I felt like shortly after that clip from DJ or during the weekend right you know there was also the tweet from Ben Johns you know he's there's just a lot of assumption he said add the diamond.

Um I believe he's referring to the 6-0 add the diamond to the list of paddles with a surface that delaminates along with carbon vatic and Legacy Pro and I I don't know why would you I don't know single them out because all paddles can delaminate and is it that big of an issue and if it wasn't because this and got a hand you know there was no.

Official statement and then Ben could have easily misinterpreted this and jumped the gun and put out that tweet and then this just causes you know a Cascade of you know other issues and problems right and then to continuously says companies will continue to have no respect for the rules until they're actually penalized I blame no players.

Playing with what they're given only the companies but the thing is that these companies are almost just as much in the dark as the players are and and yeah you know they're they're doing their best with what they have and I think the problem still persists with the transparent lack of transparency with the PPA and the usap granted they are.

Working on things I mean obviously them kind of coming together is a step I guess somewhat in the right direction right yep but this I don't know this just made it worse right for sure it was one of those things where once the information went out everyone started speculating on what it could be who it could be what was involved and it just.

Kind of blew way out of proportion and you know I know this I think it's just normal human tendency to want to speculate so much but this is why you just have to wait for more information sometimes I understand in that DJ young clip and I agree when I saw it I thought holy cow this is crazy like clearly you can't use these These are probably going.

To be banned he said new ones and used ones were failing at least that's what he was told but this is also probably a game of telephone on right the paddle was tested by usip I'm assuming was given that information to PPA someone at the PPA communicated that to DJ and then DJ communicated that to everyone else so clearly there was a lot of information.

Lost in Translation if it was only one used carbon 2x paddle that failed and then that was given to PPA and then somehow they told DJ that new and used ones failed like sometimes it's just Why You Gotta Wait For more information because a giant storm was caused over something that I don't think needed to be right exactly.

It didn't need to be that big or as big as it was to be quite honest with you it was yeah it was silly that's kind of a mess that definitely needs to be to be cleaned up but yeah that that is what kind of started this whole mess and what prompted me to start writing all this and so I basically in my newsletter I wrote a bunch of different facts so Fact.

One was carbon paddles are not banned the second fact was delamination does not happen to every paddle or company what is starting to happen is a lot of people believe fatic Pro 6-0 Legacy carbon because those are the ones that kind of started all this Ruckus they're assuming oh every single one of them delaminates and I personally have seen.

One from every single one of those companies delaminate but just because it has happened doesn't mean it happens every time I know people with a legacy that had been using it for months it's not delaminated same thing with a carbon same thing with a vatic but there's also another group of people like myself who have had these paddles delaminate like.

You've had a couple now right well yeah I've had a few delaminated as well and also I just want to make it clear that I think a lot of the heat is going to these thermal form paddles but non-thermal form paddles also delaminate as well yes you know so they they break the glue comes undone it sounds different it might not have the effect.

Of causing excessive power you know while playing but it does happen and you know it's it's just kind of unfortunate that I guess like you know some of these companies and some of the thermal forms are just I feel like being targeted when you know others have also delaminated in the past you know and and and now it's only more prevalent because people are.

Looking for it but I bet you if you looked at previous tournaments or past tournaments like it's it's happened before and it's caused you know some uh inconsistencies with paddles and pro players using different paddles but because people weren't looking for it it didn't make that big of a deal but now it is yeah I think it's a really tricky.

One because you have the thermoformed ones get noticeably hit harder the the vatic that recently delaminated on me I was like holy crap this thing hits like an absolute rocket and same thing with my brother's Legacy he's been using it's insane the amount of power these things have I can't express to people until you hit one of these that's this delaminated.

How hard it hits when a ball goes up for an overhead I just turn around because I know there's absolutely no way I'm getting that ball back it's a night and day difference between a regular one and a and a delaminated one but what I'd love to know is paddles as they get used more I'm willing to bet that even if they don't.

Necessarily delaminate we're going to take thermoformed out of the equation here I bet you that they some of them probably would fail the deflection test later on but they just don't happen to have the same effect essentially what you said where they're not hitting as hard but they may be failing the test so.

I feel that should be looked at the only reason we're not is because people haven't complained about it Pros were complaining about some of the carbon Pros that were you know hitting way harder I remember hearing about it pretty early on and I was just like oh yeah these hit harder and then it started getting way out of hand.

Obviously with the delamination I mean it's gonna happen you know there's gonna be more instances of it and I'll be curious to see how PPA and usap handle it how the players handle it how the companies handle it and the only way that I think you can move forward in the right direction is if the testing that is being done.

Whether off-site on site during the tournament or whatnot is transparent right and those notices need to be up somewhere for everybody to see so everybody has the same consistent information so we don't go through this debacle like again it sucks also I don't think it's fair you know usap or PPA I don't you can say to.

Whoever maybe it's more so the PPA than uh the usap but you caused okay they didn't necessarily cause it DJ kind of caused the pr nightmare for carbon more so but okay It's Tricky the email that they sent out did kind of re-clarify like okay hey these aren't banned you can still use them but this whole nightmare was created for a company.

Which has had you know in the past they had their issue but you create a whole PR nightmare form and you don't put out essentially anything public to clear this up and maybe calm people down a little bit and take some heat off the company it just feels weird to cause the mess and then not fix it yeah exactly yeah take you know own your yeah.

Essentially like own up your mistakes like for real yep exactly so just know that not all of them delaminate I'm using a 6-0 double black diamond right now it's one of my favorite paddles I've used it heavily no delamination I also heavily used a carbon 1X 14 millimeter before the PPA no delamination yet I'm eyeing this like.

A hawk guys because obviously I don't want to promote a paddle that breaks so I'm testing these as thoroughly as possible I have other people hitting them to go through this faster trust me besides the companies no one's probably keeping a closer eye on this than me yeah so you will have updates yes it.

Will definitely no it will definitely not um fact number three was companies are working on a fix or essentially it has been worked on for March and April when those paddles are coming in and you know there actually a lot of them are already in I know for legacy vatic uh 6-0 is more like April I think they've all.

Basically added more glue that's what they're hoping is the fix right now we don't really know if that's going to be a fix we're gonna need to see a whole lot more paddles in the wild I have I'm going to be getting new ones from every single company and we'll see I have had some interesting early results I had one.

Brand new vatic Pro delaminate on me and the guy who delaminated it I gave him a second brand new one and I'm gonna see if he can do it again I haven't heard anything yet and it's been a few days he managed to do the other one in four days which is not a long time so how heavy was he playing those days like how many hours was he.

Playing those days uh he's he's a play twice a day twice a day kind of guy and probably for two hours each okay is he a heavy hit playing singles doubles very heavy hitter guy hits he hits hard okay yeah so he he's I've actually joked he is a perfect durability tester because of how often he plays and how hard he hits if a.

Paddle lasts for him it will last for almost anyone else short of a pro or other five O's who take the game very seriously so yeah just know that glue is their solution they all want to fix just as bad as everyone else obviously they don't want to deal with returns they don't want this heat on them anymore.

There's a spotlight on these four three brand new companies carbon's been around for a while but the others are you know pretty new so it just doesn't make any sense right why if you are a company right why would you try and make something that goes at a spec or Breaks the Rules it's not good.

For you and your company in the long run right and these business owners and these companies have to know that so I don't think any company intentionally does that right and well I personally I do think there probably are companies that are bending the rules a little bit how heavily I don't know I think that if you ask me that personally I do think.

That happens but where I flip the switch a little bit is you have I'm going to use the three companies we'll take carbon out of the equation for now because they have some pros let's talk about vatic Pro 6-0 and Legacy they really don't have any pros until very recently so let's see they launched in the fall of last year most of them so.

They've been around for a little bit they've essentially had no Pros until recently some of them like the the uh Hunter Johnson and Yates Johnson they have started using the 6-0 Spencer Smith is using a vatic pro like they're they're making their rounds now but until recently they didn't have Pros most of them don't have money for pros.

So why would they make a paddle that they know is gonna break get better and then hope they don't get caught if you're a small company you're the easiest one to kill if you're a big one it's a lot harder yeah I agree with that so I don't know I just think the assumption that these companies all did it to.

And thought they were going to get away with it or that it's intentional I don't know it's really weird to me especially when I don't know who and I'm not going to point fingers I can tell you right now not all four of those companies independently came up with thermoforming as an idea and implemented it like.

Someone copied someone so I just think it would be really weird to come out with this and then copy someone else and be like Oh yeah this breaks I want all this attention on my company I don't know I think I don't think that happened if you ask me yeah okay all right fact four just because a.

Paddle isn't powerful does not mean it fails a deflection test after this everyone started going up in arms and they were like oh well the power air it's too powerful zero zero two black Ace like I bet I bet those are delaminated or I bet those failed deflection tests no way oh my gosh guys does somebody actually say that who's.

Saying that all over the Internet is ridiculous serious dude I this is and this is one of my guys why do we have to say these things on social media before I don't know it's just crazy to me I mean who knows maybe we could find out but I just think it's silly now that we're going oh a paddle hits X hard they should just be banned.

Or that has to be illegal that's just silly yeah these people are stupid these people out here making those posts are idiots I'm not gonna lie I did think some of those posts were pretty stupid so oh my gosh I'm gonna give you guys some examples really quick so the usap test that they do essentially has this kind.

Of what looks like a hydraulic drill or press and it presses into the center of a paddle This is their deflection test it applies about six pounds of pressure to the center of the paddle and it pushes into it and it's not allowed to deflect or bend inwards past a certain amount we're going to come back to that in a minute okay but I wanted people to.

Know what that is so I wrote you can achieve power in many ways and that doesn't have to include a high deflection number so the more the paddle deflects in theory the more it can sink in the harder it rebounds off or at least that's what people are correlating lately so the example I gave is let's use a pillow as an example if.

You had someone hold a pillow and you threw a ball at it do you think the ball would rebound very far and I said no it would sink in and drop because it's a pillow now if you were to press into the center of that pillow with your hand you could make the center bend very heavily because it's a pillow and it's squishy so this means it has high deflection you.

Can go push very far into it but it has low amounts of power and then I said interesting well what if you had a big concrete wall and threw a ball at it the ball is going to come flying off the wall when you throw it throw it at it and the harder you throw the harder the ball comes back and this is an example of low deflection and high power so just.

Be because the paddle deflects more doesn't guarantee it's going to have more power I see did you have any thoughts on that it just I mean no that's a great analogy I think uh I mean just thinking of it through my head so it basically just means that it's all comes down to energy return and energy return is.

Achieved in different ways deflection is not the whole story um okay I just don't know I guess I don't know enough about paddles and materials to know what causes one paddle to be more powerful than the other or what combination of traits or attributes causes one battle to be more powerful than the other and if it fails.

Deflection right is there possibly a way for a paddle to have like no deflection in absurd amount of power right like what's the best combination I mean best combination is is probably very subjective but I think you could have a lot of things that are very stiff and would you know be super low on a deflection test but hit very hard let's.

Say I mean let's take my brother's concrete paddle that would pass a deflection test no problem and it can achieve power because it's super solid and very heavy the problem is you as a person can't swing it very hard if you could swing it as hard as a regular paddle you'd have a ton of power the thing is stiff as a.

Rock and it has so much mass behind it that is just going to clobber the ball so you know more mass in the head you know we obviously know that you get more plow through on the ball and then different materials you know might let it sink in and act like a trampoline I think someone also gave this as a great example uh think of like a drum right.

Like it hits and then you know deflects or whatever like if you were hitting bounces off yeah that would act a lot like a trampoline so there's just a lot of ways you can achieve it we won't go into into all of them here but just know that just because deflection's not everything that's the Hot Topic we're all focusing.

On right now and there's been a lot of Pros uh media and social posts that are I believe giving the wrong impression of it is not the only part of the formula and I think paddle's like the proteinx black Ace are a great example that thing's stiff as a rock will yeah like it is it's a board I I'm willing to bet that has no problem passing a deflection.

Test and that's part of why it's so powerful it's just really stiff and the ball just rebounds off it very quick so I wanted to to just mention that example and then I went on to say so the usap will reference back to what I said the usap test presses into the center of paddle with a six pound weight it's not allowed to deflect more than.

0.005 of an inch and I wrote do you know how small that is well I Googled it for you it's about this it no it's about the same thickness of a dollar bill what so so that's how much with six pounds of pressure this thing is testing for essentially the equivalent of the dollar bill so these they're not sinking that far into the paddle I mean you can't you.

Can hardly see that with a human eye and maybe I'll pop this image up on screen if you're watching on YouTube but someone with a digital caliper sent me an image of like how much space that is and you essentially can't even see it with your eye like you can see the Gap in this picture but it's absurdly small so it just we're not.

Talking about it like going in to an inch of the paddle and then you know launching off so it's just a I just thought people should be aware of that today I thought it was how I just can't imagine uh PPA usap testing for this consistently right it almost feels like you need some sort of heavy duty or very.

Sophisticated piece of equipment to be able to do this yes the if you see the image in my newsletter it's definitely an expensive large machine like how large are we talking is like the size of a room a car or table uh it's not not the size of a car it's probably I you can't see the whole device in here but if I had to guess oh.

God I can't even let's just say you could not travel with it and you would need probably a trailer to put this thing in so then how is USA p and PBA going to test for this or where did they test for this like like with DJ's paddle right obviously they said they build a deflection test where did they test that yep that was probably in the lab I'm.

Guessing I don't know that but I assume that paddle went to a lab I see so that was sent over to a lab okay yes yeah and so I think they are working on ways of having an on-site deflection test I don't think that you this that machine is the only way to do it I think there are other probably more portable ways to do.

It but that's how they're currently doing it okay okay well here's another question for you then DJ sent this paddle to a lab I don't know where their lab is and let's say it passed right and oh things are good and DJ wanted to play with that paddle wood the lab have to send it back to him it just seems inefficient and a bit cumbersome to just.

Be sending paddles back and yeah too like if he was just if he just wanted to check for his own pleasure no well like if the lab took it right to test it to make sure it passed or whatever like do they keep it or did they send it back to him so maybe he wants to use it for the next tournament I don't know I don't know well because the the thing.

With all of this is we don't really know we have no idea who the source was of the the carbon 2x that got sent in my my guess is this is how it went in a rough timeline I don't know any of this for fact I'm gonna make that clear so no one can misquote it uh I think there were complaints about carbon paddles from other Pros on the tour it started.

Finally getting investigated somehow usap whoever they trust sourced a paddle that was used tested it it failed they probably gave it back to whoever that original Source was didn't sound like they had DJ's personal paddle and I don't know why they would take it but I'm guessing let's say Alex Newman if his paddles were sent in after this.

Tournament I'd imagine they'd send the paddles back I would think it would be kind of dumb to keep it if it passed but you're right and now it's just kind of a waste of time yeah so yeah I don't know but that's that's how that test works and that's uh that's that for now we'll see what they end up doing.

Um on site yeah me too me too so fact five was no paddles are being banned right now emphasis on the right now and uh basically I just wrote and repeated it very clearly Legacy is not illegal carbon is not illegal 6-0 is not illegal vatic Pro is not illegal in their stock form I have seen the deflection numbers.

For most of those companies or at least 50 percent of them I can't actually remember maybe I've seen it for three out of the four they've all passed brand new and I know some of them have even been having it tested before they've been shipped back it's like they're trying to ensure.

That these pass I think people are assuming now that they're illegal when they get out of the box if you ask me has there's no problem out of the box they're noticeably softer out of the box everyone knows that they still hit hard but they hit if you haven't experienced a delaminated pedal it's just.

Insane how much harder it hits I don't have a way to describe it to you so that's what everyone's complaining about it's just the delamination I don't really think we're arguing about them being illegal when they're new or if we are that's news to me it's there you just had to had to had to.

Eat it up there huh soak it in yeah it's it's a lot you still have more facts because that was fact five yes and now we've definitely for sure got more facts okay let's go all right fact number six was how to look for delamination because a lot of people have been curious about this so the first test and most reliable way if you.

Ask me is you take both of your thumbs and press into the center of your paddle as hard as you can and if you start hearing a bunch of cracking noises your paddle's probably delaminated every single one that I have had and checked it cracks when it's delaminated my brothers cracks an absurd amount the vatic I have.

Cracks a lot another Legacy air uh owner in my area his cracks a lot I haven't had a uh I did have someone's carbon the other day his is in the very early stages of delaminating it would crack a very very small amount where you could kind of hear it but it wasn't like these other ones where it just sounds like you're.

Shattering something essentially it sounds very broken on the inside right I think when you hit it uh there's this also a weird ting feeling yes or sound as well when you when you hit the ball and sometimes it's not perceptible because you know if you're playing or whatnot you're kind of focused on the game and then the ball is.

Loud itself so it's kind of hard to tell but you might feel if you're looking for it you might feel it and you might uh know and then I think that's a good time for you to do the Press with your thumbs test yes the sound of the paddle definitely gives it away like the 6-0 you're using of mine in Arizona that made a horrible noise I that was the.

First one where I noticed the noise but my brother's Legacy it makes a slightly weird noise but if you weren't looking for it you probably wouldn't know the vatic I'm using also makes a different noise but still kind of hard to tell I think it just depends on how it delaminates probably depends on the paddle a little bit so I would say the.

Order goes thumb test first sound the sound might give it away and then you do the thumb test and then lastly uh oh actually well the order for me is that the paddle also hits really hard okay that will be a dead giveaway too because wait wait wait you're not you're not saying that I've just you know up to my level by at least.

Like 0.5 or something now it can just hit super hard without training I bet that's what some of these people think they're gonna be really sad when they find out it's the paddle it's it's crazy it makes someone weak like me I I feel like I'm just a top tier Pro when I hit an overhead I'm like that Ball's gone you are not touching.

That thing honestly I should take one of them out with my radar gun and clock some shots like a stock one and a broken one because it's oh gosh it's got to be so fast I I don't know I feel like it's not more than like an extra five miles per hour I think it is.

To me when I'm hitting it it feels 30 to 50 faster wow okay I'd be curious maybe see the results of that here's what I would be curious to know let let's say you hit it uh 60 miles an hour we probably aren't talking about hitting this Wiffle ball in all reality at 90 miles an hour all of a sudden but whatever the speed.

Increase is it's enough to where you don't experience that speed in normal pickleball play okay it's yeah it's just oh man I don't know I'm gonna I'm gonna try and do that uh what you said all right I'm just gonna read some statements really quick here because this is also what kind of sent the world up in drama you already kind.

Of talked about this but I'm just gonna read it again so everyone has some contacts yep Ben Johns tweeted on Twitter add the diamond to the list of paddles with the surface that delaminates along with the carbon vatic Pro and Legacy companies will continue to have no respect for the rules until they're actually penalized I.

Blame no players playing with what they're given only the companies and no before anyone asks I haven't lost a single match to one of these types of paddles I feel strongly about respecting the rules and I feel bad for any pro playing fair that has lost and feels like they competed on an uneven playing field so of course the dink uh repost.

That and then the companies started getting involved yeah and this is where things got kind of Juicy vatic Pro responds the statements made by Ben Johns on Twitter are baseless and unfounded and we feel that it is important to correct the record first and foremost vatic pro has held the utmost respect for usap with only.

Approved paddles ever being used in tournaments meaning they complied with all regulations our company has always is operated with the utmost integrity and transparency and we take great pride and in our high standards and in all business dealings furthermore the allegations made against vatic Pro are without Merit who has been to say the.

Companies have no respect when he has never taken the time to discuss these issues with anyone from the other parties delamination is an unforeseen side effect of the manufacturing process and it has been rapidly addressed in our redesigned paddles to say that we are purposefully creating illegal paddles is completely false it's clear that these.

Accusations damage our reputations and undermine our business we take these allegations very seriously right do you have any thoughts on that I mean vatic you had to call him out on that to be quite honest and I don't know I agree with vatic on that like I mean why would you go out and say that when you don't have.

You know all the information or you're not you know uh giving all the information if you have information that we as the public don't have right yep and not talking to them I mean I don't know those are all valid points from vatic I felt like you know yeah I I think definitely jump the gun a.

Little bit I understand here's the thing we know there have been delaminated paddles on the tour we have rumors that some pros were purposely delaminating their paddles uh through the use of a lacrosse ball or a mallet yeah so how does that work I don't know I haven't tried this yet maybe I should try it like a rubber.

Mallet and you just hit the center essentially you would be taking what the effect of doing it by playing was but you're speeding it up because it's a heavier rubber mallet and you can break it quicker I don't know that for fact but that has been alleged many many times so next 6-0 decided to comment and they said as the engineer behind the.

Simple idea to add a carbon seam around the edge of a paddle to improve quality and performance I find Ben John's comments disheartening unfounded and plain disrespectful 6-0 has the aim to develop quality and performance paddles any player or person can alter a paddle and delaminate the surface across any type of paddle or company we certainly.

Do not condone that behavior we cannot control the behavior but hope it is stamped out of the game by governing bodies on the same day the carbon crisis was announced our new 14 millimeter Double Black Diamond was approved by the USA pickleball to suggest best companies are intentionally designing paddles to break rules is simply wrong we do not.

Wish to deal with defects or warranties as a fan of Ben John's I am disappointed by his comments today he has disrespected not only 6-0 but also the player uh Martinez Vic Martinez who used a double black diamond paddle that was tested by the USA pickleball rep at the PPA immediately prior to the match in closing it seems some Pro players are.

Intentionally trying to influence the PPA and USA pickleball to shut down up and coming new brands that are investing in the sport of pickleball with the simple well-intended aim of improving the sport for the future I hope this intimidation will stop people can be nice and the sport of pickleball can move on as a happy family I'm happy to.

Talk to anybody on our company's integrity and paddle technology anytime including Mr Johns all the best and then uh there were follow-up images by Ben Johns where he actually did talk to 6-0 and I think he messaged back and forth with vatic as well but 6-0 is what I remember for sure they had some discussions and it seemed like Ben was a.

Little more uh that I don't want to say reasonable but yeah he was basically just like okay we have some more information and this is yet again another thing of like it's just difficult to go out and assume everyone has this ill intent without actually talking to these people yeah for Real uh I just think that's it's.

Very messy I've talked to all four of the companies very extensively and I always go in a skeptic I am sure that some of these companies have not liked me because I was talking about the delamination I know that has certainly not been something that these companies have loved me talking about and I've gotten to know them well enough to.

And get a good feel for them like you know I feel all these people out and you can kind of tell which ones are more fake or lying or you know trying to cheat the system and I personally don't get that vibe from any of them now I can't say that that is 100 the case but I personally do not believe that to be the case I think these people.

Just tried to launch a pickleball company with a good product and they did it cheaply or cheaper than the rest of the market and I personally think that's upsetting some of the other companies and obviously the delamination is upsetting Pros which gives a lot of incentive to try and shut these companies down.

Um dang that's a big conspiracy your town there Chris yeah that that is definitely uh and that's purely my opinion just so people know I'm not stating that as a fact but I don't know man if I was if I was some other companies I'd probably be pretty upset that my market share was being.

Stolen by a paddle that performs well and is cheaper so we will see but yeah that's pretty much all I had I had a couple other opinions in there I guess I'll just talk about this one really quickly people were saying why carbon why is it carbon that's being targeted you've still got the other three companies and if you ask.

Me carbon is probably just the easiest one to start with they have more Pros on the PPA tour that are relevant Thomas Wilson Vivian David DJ young Alex Newman they had the drama last year uh you know some of the pros that people were complaining about with delaminated paddles were on team carbon so I just think it was the easiest one to start.

With out of all the other ones Legacy wasn't in that many Pro's hands same with six zero and vatic so why are you going to go after them when you don't have that much information however I imagine they're being looked into because a lot of the pros are complaining about those other paddles obviously Ben did and other Pros were.

Complaining about that before I'd talk to many of them they hated playing against them too but I personally think that's why carbon was first do you have any thought on that uh I mean just the same thoughts that you had really and I'm just curious because if the theory proves correct of some of these Pros are just scared or they're because they're.

The incumbents or the companies right they're their incumbents and they're scared mm-hmm would you I guess no that's silly I mean of course you would right you'd be scared of them taking your market share you know eating your cake eating your lunch so you got to do something but to go about it this.

Way is kind of if it's true right it's kind of crappy kind of shady right I think there's enough for everybody to eat right pickleball is growing yeah right why do you got to do that you know what I'm saying or why do you have to do it in this way in this manner or the way that it kind of unfolded it could have you know the discourse could have been.

Played out much more professionally you know and politely and cordially right yeah like the fact that it had to go out this way and then for uh I guess you know the companies have to have a tweet conversation or whatever however they yeah they talked and posted up to cover their bases it's just kind of I don't know does it it just screams.

Immature to me yes and I don't know if you feel that way and that kind of annoys me right yeah yeah no I I completely agree I just think the sport is in such a young stage that there's a lot of things that are probably not being handled in the best way there's not a lot of media training and how to talk and you know people's emotions are.

Getting wrapped up you've got a lot of people who are just trying you know they haven't necessarily run a lot of businesses maybe some of them have they don't have background in how you should maybe handle allegations or stuff like this so people are responding with a lot of emotion right I'm sure that's what happened with Ben.

He just felt I'm upset playing against these other Pros are upset against it let me kind of talk about this and then of course the companies are sometimes single people maybe two people and they're gonna get you know wrapped up and like they're gonna be angry you're being called out for something that you don't feel is.

Correct which leads to a lot of drama yeah I'm over it ow yeah it's I would I would love if uh something new would come out or maybe we just had some some wholesome news in pickleball but I think at the end of the day we can all agree delamination needs to go if you've played against one I don't have to tell you why you understand it's.

Not fun to play against I think we all want that out of the sport I don't think that thermal forming is purely the reason paddles delaminate I think it's with this subset of paddles that's out right now they happen to do laminate I'll have more information uh in the future but there are other.

Paddles on the market that are thermal formed and people haven't known or I'm just gonna say they haven't known I don't think most people have known but before I actually name those I'm gonna do a little bit more research just to be like a hundred and ten percent sure I'm like.

99.9999999 sure but we're gonna wait we got to be absolutely sure we state facts on this podcast well oh do we okay yeah I do for sure is that you're three five at best ah all right let's go a bud see I don't know if that's I don't know if that's a fact anymore well I don't know if that's a fact uh but yeah I don't know I'm I'm.

Hoping these uh companies pull through I love the paddles I think you have too like I have loved every second of using them I think they are a noticeable noticeable Improvement and not even when they're delaminated I personally don't even like it when it's D laminate I like it when it's stock yep same but you know this might be an interesting point of.

Conversation oh also I'm gonna say this real quick guys I think I'm gonna hold off on reviewing the thermoformed paddles until things cool off because I love these paddles guys I actually don't think I haven't liked any of them the Legacy was hard for me to use but I think it was still objectively a nice paddle I like all of.

Them but I don't want to review them and then if they get banned or there's more controversy I just don't want to encourage people to buy something that we don't have more information on I'm not saying you shouldn't go buy it I would love to get these reviews out you guys are asking me all the time but I feel uncomfortable promoting something.

That I don't know the certainty of so you're probably not going to see those for a little bit and I'm going to work on some other reviews just a heads up Fair Point fair enough fair enough yeah are you going to give the people what they want or what are you going to do well yeah I'm looking at people what they want I need to get these these.

Edits out so you might see those reviews for me I'm not taking Chris's route so yeah well just wants my affiliate sales he's after my money now too what what comes after that what else are you gonna take from me um I don't know there's nothing else I want.

To be honest oh that's good I'm glad you don't want my problem maybe maybe you're right I don't I don't want that price as much as you lose to me I can't believe I don't know I wouldn't want that sure that's not Pride that's shame yeah that that's there's definitely some shame in that hopefully the next time we play the score lines a little better okay you.

Know it probably will be actually the only other thing I might want is probably your your melon hats I think that's that's probably it though yeah dude okay we'll just talk and go off a little side tangent here Patrick is between you and me now he has six melon hats he bought another one he's a themed oh my gosh so I for the people I have.

Five melon hats the curse you will will bought me the first one and then I was like holy crap these hats are amazing I love this thing so then I was like well I want a couple extras so you know like if I play Pickleball and I get some sweat stains and I don't feel like cleaning it I have another one to put on and then I was like but I also kind of.

Want some that I don't play Pickleball in so it's always clean and I can go out of the house with it and so I ended up with five and then my brother went even more extreme than me and then will has seven yeah well it is what it is will the the picture of consumerism in America but I don't think you had to pay for all of those right no I paid for.

Four of them and then three of them melon sent to me oh melon gave you three okay yeah that's nice and just for some of you guys out there my code unfortunately no longer works with melons yeah so I apologize we're working on something yeah if we do get a new code or something or some other partnership.

Opens up you'll be the first to know yep yes will definitely be the first to know uh well I don't know uh do you have much else to say on the topic or anything else that just might be interesting about pickleball maybe something more light-hearted uh let's see anything more light-hearted not right now that I can think of I did.

See a post I forgot who it was by but I saw a post of uh some people playing in uh in Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi Kenya I don't even know where that is Nairobi Kenya I'm pretty sure let me make sure my geography is pretty poor guys I'm sorry yeah mine is definitely poor I was like yes.

Well that's cool no that was cool I forgot who posted it but I saw a photo of it and uh yeah they're playing out there and I was like oh this is cool like just seeing pickleball being played around the world and just being opened up also I had a new account I can't quite remember but it was pickleball played on the island of the Philippines.

It was like a new account they started following me I checked them out they had a few posts and it looks like you know pickleball is being played over there as well and you know love to see it yeah that's sweet and you love to see pickleball growing internationally gotta gotta spread the love of the sport man yeah for sure all right but I think.

That's it man that was uh you know an intense news heavy weekend of pickleball drama I I hope it cools off I just I mean now we have MLP next week so who knows and with I know there or I hear rumors I don't know for a fact that there's gonna be some uh possibly more testing there so we might have.

Even more drama next week okay drama real fun try to keep it alive yeah shoot try to keep it on the court though without like I mean when I say like the play the play on the court not necessarily the paddles because yeah I'm not gonna lie to you sick and tired of hearing about the paddle drama so would you just drama in general or.

Just paddle drama like do you want okay I'm not saying you want but would you prefer if it was like people drama I guess so but it has to be like Encore rivalries or you know sure not like bad no like stuff that is entertaining right exactly like competitive drama you know storyline that kind of thing that's what I want.

Hey we do want that we definitely we and I think it's starting to get better I mean the the Partnerships are just the level of play has really increased a lot or at the very least the score lines seem to be getting closer and closer which is definitely exciting yeah looking forward to MLP always looking for an MLP same can't wait to see that.

Uh we will definitely be keeping our eye on that for next week man that's pretty much all we got guys so if you wouldn't mind giving us a rating on Spotify or apple podcast or just leaving a comment down below and letting us know what you thought of the episode do that and if you guys want to stay up to date on anything that I'm doing I'm trying to do.

A Weekly Newsletter that comes out on Fridays mostly to do with paddles just because that's what I talk about and that's also where I released this newsletter so if you want to stay up to date with that I'll leave a link in the description where you can sign up for the newsletter or if you just go to the and scroll down.

There's a sign up right there pickleball will you can look him up on all the socials Instagram YouTube all the places he does some pretty good content occasionally though you know well I think you kind of dug yourself a grave because with all the 35 comments you make about me I think some people are lashing out and they're like will might.

Be a 5-0 but he's like a 3-5 content creator this is true which is hilarious because I'm sure people are being sarcastic but I'm like you can't even really make that joke it doesn't really work because you make good content yeah it's just not the volume just isn't there you know yeah hey but it's getting better you've you.

Started to crank out a lot more videos I am I'm trying and it's uh slowly but surely you know it's all good people be saying that I mean honestly I don't really care I'm here to enjoy the journey of making content and pickleball and uh I tell people all the time I'm exactly where I need to be and you know as long as I'm.

On an upward trajectory and having fun doing it you know it's a good time and honestly I I think I've mentioned this before but I just enjoy making content not necessarily for myself but like for other people like with you guys like I love doing stuff with you doing so with Shay Kyle I mean I think in Kyle's latest like how to play Pickleball video.

I'm in there and then Shay's like what one day to like a thousand days of pickleball I'm in there as well and you know helping those guys and helping you guys out that is a lot of fun and brings a lot of joy for me so I mean if that's how I make content that's how I make content and uh I mean haters be damned yeah so lay off my man stop being a jerk.

All right thanks for listening guys we'll catch you in the next episode Peace
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1:30 – Viewer comment
3:59 – PPA Austin recap
13:44 – Thermoformed paddle drama
16:00 – CRBN paddles are NOT banned
16:40 – PPA pro player email
21:48 – CRBN Official Statement
33:49 – The potential solution is glue
37:44 – Just because a paddle is powerful does not mean it fails a deflection test
46:48 – No paddles are being banned right now
48:12 – How to look for delamination
51:38 – The Ben Johns tweets
58:17 – Why CRBN?
1:02:49 – I will be holding my reviews for the time being


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