Foreign we're going to talk about the serve most important thing with the serve is obviously getting it in if you hit it long you hit it wide you hit it into the net you're just giving your opponents the advantage so as long as you get the serve in you're halfway there second part of the serve is you want to make.

Sure that you can get that serve more than 50 percent of the way back in the Box the deeper the serve the harder it is to return the more valuable it is to you because you have the whole Court to work with once you serve deep and they return to you you're going to hit that third shot drop if you hit that serve deep it's.

Much harder for them to hit that ball back if they had hit a short ball then you can go ahead and drop it a little bit easier you already have your momentum working your way up to the net the other thing with serving once you feel good about getting the ball in and getting it deep you can move anywhere along that box and that line.

Drawing an imaginary line in the center and then on on the sideline as long as you're within that line and serving it's okay so you can move yourself to different positions in that box to kind of vary where you're serving too that way they're not standing on your serve and waiting for it to be in one place you're going to serve deep they're going.

To try to return deep try to keep you back so that they can move up the better way to do it is to serve deep keep them deep keep them back they'll return it you hit it if they're back you keep them back it's a good way to hold them to the back of the court and move up so we'll just work on serving past the the little yellow stripes past mid-court the.

Easiest way to do it is to start at the Baseline and hit it out you want to see how far it goes until you hit it until you've actually hit it out how much strength it is so are you coming back a quarter a half three quarters of the way back and hitting it where is that where is that place once you get to that place if you start.

To be if you start hitting short you know that you can come back a little more if you're hitting it long you know that your happy zone is right in here so at least it gives you a good idea of where to come back to okay foreign maybe we can work I guess what we can work.

Now we'll have to switch for return all right we'll do start first so also in the serve um you can start anywhere in this box and anywhere within this imaginary line that extends out so you can actually be all the way to the side here or all the way to the middle.

I'll bury it up I won't change my serve I'll serve the exact same way but I'll move it around so I'll move here so that I can serve more to their backhand you know I'll stand here and serve it either Cross Court or straight away in the middle I have It Wide Open so once you once you get the feeling of how far it is and you feel comfortable with.

Hitting it in you can move up and down and back on this to kind of vary where you're going to put it so the key to this drill is just hitting it past that mid Court start by serving it out just to get a feeling for how far it is yep so you want to serve it one or two feet out.

Yep that was a good sign see how far it is till you hit it out keep going all the way to me nice good all the way all the way to this Baseline good keep going.

See if you can get it all the way to this fence switch paddles sure it doesn't have it doesn't jump do you wanna do you want to use one of these do you have a different one okay but yeah it could be both I mean you could have more confidence with another paddle than you do that one.

Like a dead spot because I didn't feel like that early interesting I don't know we'll see yep even further even further right to my feet yep I mean.

Really crush it get it all the way to me full swing get it all the way to me oh is it okay okay well now you kind of know that you pretty much can hit it as hard as you want and you won't hit it out right.

You can pretty much take a full swing if you want to and not hit it out so you have that confidence of knowing that you're probably not going to hit it long um let me see one more time you start back and then you walk up don't you yep yeah okay.

No you're fine I just want to see how you generate your power yep so when you go to hit it we'll see if we can try this when you're shifting your weight forward to back turn your belly button towards your opponent just a little bit on the hit.

So that you're turning yourself and it's pulling your arm through it'll feel a little weird at first there you go then you're using your arm but you're also using your body and your trunk yep oh do one more nice good serve now it's up to you as to.

Where you feel most comfortable but you can kind of incorporate that into a little bit just to get a little more distance so you'll get a point for every time that you hit it past three quarters a minus one if you hit it in front of it and a minus two if you hit it out.

Trying to get to 10. one two that was a really good serve minus two you're at zero minus two nice there's a one minus one nice you get zero minus one but I like that serve that would have been a hard one to return.

Nice Point here two what's that nice three you have one I was just thinking ahead great serve two three four five.

So that swing thought right there that motion as far back as you went that whole delivery of your weight transfer that's exactly those last two or three are exactly what it should feel like every time four or five I think yeah yep.

Nice a little short but that's a good serve a little out that's it when you serve them out you come across your body a little bit instead of finishing straight away okay you can do that just keep your arms straight you can pull your trunk around.

But keep the paddle straight a couple more that's it that's it right that's perfect nice good serve that's it one more yep you got it you got it so what you're not we're good so what you're doing right there and where you're aiming in that paddle swing and that weight transfer that's exactly what.

You want every time and like I said you can move back and forth on that line create a little bit more of an angle so that they're not just standing there waiting for it but that's the right distance the right height the right strength if you feel like you're starting to hit them short you know that you can bring it back a.

Little bit more you're not going to hit it out right so at least you have the at least unless you eat Wheaties for breakfast but at least you know that it takes a lot of power to hit that thing out it's a lot of strength to hit that out so you don't have to be afraid of that but just hit it within that back 50 percent of.

The Court sound good cool we'll do some returns so on the return um I'll have you down here I'll served this way on the return and I'll bring you down here so that I can show you the visual same thing on the return you want to return deep.

You want to try to get it within that box that rectangle okay that's a great place to shoot for for a couple reasons one it's not all the way back so you're not going to hit it out but the other thing that it does it's far enough back that it it's kind of puts them in no man's land it puts them in a bad position but the other thing that it.

Does is it brings them together you're hitting that shot this person has to retrieve it they're coming over naturally this person's going to come over too once you get it in there they're going to hit it back to you they're going to start to come up that's when you can see where they are and hit that third shot drop.

If they hit it and they stay there you can either hit your third shot drop over there or you can hit it into the empty court where they're not kind of force them to move out a little bit same thing with the return here if if you go ahead and you return it in the middle and you're coming up they're going to try to drop it yep I have to reverse this.

Um there's sir you're serving they're serving to you you're returning back to that middle return back to that middle you're going to start your transition up because they're going to either try to drop it or drive it if you can get it in there and get a little bit of an arc on it and give yourself time to get up now all of.

A sudden you're up at the net your partner is up at the net they're in the middle in no man's land and probably closer together so you can use those alleys so what you're shooting for is to hit it to return it back into that square so deep but in the middle it's going to give you time to come up.

Oh okay there's quite a few in this one zero zero nice and then come up perfect all the way if it fits deep enough for me and you can make it all the way up before I hit it you're in great position.

If you hit it really hard back to me and I go to pound it back to you wherever I'm about to hit it from freeze right there zeros good come up nice you could have probably come all the way up on that.

And freeze at that non-volley zone zeros we'll do it again in that square nice little long I like I like that you're coming up like that zeros right in that square nice now come up so I'm dropping it now you're in now you're in charge right because I've hit.

That you were you were returned it back I'm back here you're in charge up there if I'm back you have the whole Court to work with so right in this square if you can zeros not bad out just a little bad nice and you can put a little bit of arc on.

Your return also that gives you time to come up uh sorry nice return perfect not only to go in the Box you're in position I would have had to reach for that and you would have put it away nice come up it's good now you're in position.

And it had enough height on it to give you time to come up zeros nice come up dink so right there is that reset right because if you hit it hard at me and then I put it away reset it move your way up zeros.

Not bad do you run around your backhand do you run around your backhand that's it out I like the idea though zeros we'll move that one out of the way zeros I'm bad so I think what's happening on your return.

Is your weight is still back and you're hitting the ball in the middle of your body instead of out in front so shift your weight back to front hit the ball out in front of you with more of a flat paddle not bad that's it good return.

We'll just work on the return for now instead and then we'll work the transition in zeros good zeros in that box that's it that's it much better you hit it out in front of you and you have that good weight transfer from Back to Front that's it.

Is out but that's that's the perfect that's perfect easier yeah it is yeah great return that's it not bad I still think it's back here a little bit and your hands turn just this way I think that's why it's going up so in front of you and then just a.

Little more flat that's it that's it around it nice I like that shot yeah great return I'm bad think about hitting it off of your front foot boom yeah.

So not only are you hitting it in front of your body but you're hitting it off of your front foot I think even in the ones forward I think you're still hitting it off your back foot and even though your paddle's in front I think your body weight is still back you see I think you're still hitting it off the back.

Uh sorry bad serve that's it that's it up a little bit that's it can you feel a difference a little bit right drive through it there you go.

Drive right through it yes nice you have more time than you think I think that's the toughest thing is slowing the game down just quieting everything I mean making everything kind of more quiet okay take that one away that's right.

Does that make sense yeah yeah you got it we'll do a few from the other side okay exactly that works try to use your forehand because if you run around it you're leaving a hole right in the middle if I see that if you return I'm not dropping it I'm gonna hit.

A power shot right down the middle oh sorry a little short good get good that was a good dad in the kitchen nice even a little softer and more body is when you're coming up your momentum is coming forward it's hard to stop.

Everything and hit it easy see if you can break down and then just lightly on that fourth shot so when I hit the drop if I don't come up obviously you're going to hit it back I might be back here and keep it deep both of us come up your shot there is a dick.

How all four of us are in nice
Lesson taught by Jeff Wahl; PPR Certified Instructor, snappy dresser, and a good dancer. . Filmed at LITCHFIELD RACQUET AND PADDLE

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