Foreign guys the common tendency that we're going to be talking about here is for the individual that loves their forehand but doesn't get enough space as they're running around their backhand too to find a forehand um a couple things it kind of hits home.

Uh when I think about this because I because I know myself and I know that well Khan and I love using our forehand uh and I've I've made my you know a little bit of money in pickleball uh finding a forehand and using my forehand so uh kind of things that I think about you know in in these parameters are um you know look to cheat over as your.

As you're serving with your court position so always line yourself up to to Really open up space for your forehand so obviously if you're serving on the right you're going to serve more towards the middle if you're serving on the left you're going to slide all the way out um so also too I think if you want to.

Find a forehand you have to be authoritative and you and you have to be very fine-tuned with your footwork with getting around it something I do very well is any time that I that I um you know anytime that I serve anytime that I'm looking to find a forehand I'm very quick with my first step with getting around it also too as far as finding.

Space I make sure to go back first I think I think a lot of people try to find Space by moving laterally I think moving back and knowing that it's easier to move forward than it is move backwards puts you in a position where you actually have more time and you're not getting jammed um another another key variable that I.

Think about when when somebody's uh you know getting jammed on on the forehand side is just not just simply not seeing the ball soon enough I mean at the end of the day if you want to live and die by your forehand you have to be authoritative with your footwork yeah I think the key takeaway is you know if you're the type of person who falls in.

This category is that your intent is correct you know if you're trying to find your forehand it's probably your stronger side probably the side where if your feet were set you're going to make a higher percentage of your shots but just like Tyson talked about we want to plan for it in advance with our court positioning you can plan for playing.

More forehands with where you serve from with where you return from so that's the first step and then the next thing is just really with that First Step trying to be as as explosive as you're able to be to really push off aggressively even before you know how far you get you push off aggressively with your first step you can always dial back that intensity.

On every step following but really push off aggressively first that way you're prepared if that ball really does get in and jam you to create some spacing keep in mind though that it's easier to move forward than it is to move backwards so as you're trying to find your forehand and you're moving around your backhand side don't be afraid to give yourself.

More cushion off the Baseline with that wool will give you more time and then you can laterally uh Move Yourself around it okay guys first progression here um we're gonna be Shadow swinging six balls we're gonna Shadow swing four balls from the Baseline uh laterally and then we're gonna move up and hit two.

Short balls uh one on the forehand side and then one on the backhand side obviously on the backhand side we are trying to run around it and use our strength here so just kind of give you an idea um as we're doing these shadow swings we're focused on kind of um exaggerating our footwork exaggerating the.

Preparation really just trying to be fine-tuned and be really organized uh with our preparation here so first ball um I'm gonna say unit turn and then set Shadow swing slide over unit turn set unit turns set you're gonna turn set and then I'm gonna Shadow swing a short ball as I'm Shadow swinging the short ball the main focus here is with my weight.

Going forward I'm not gonna have a lot of lag back here and I'm not going to have all this added range of motion if there's a ball tucked in the armpit I'm now going to condense this or fight a rubber band tied around my body and my arm same idea but I'm going to shout swing this move through it back pedal back pedal get my feet around it get.

Some space short ball same thing move through it and then Shadow swim unit turn and set nice unit turn and set unit turn and set beautiful unit turn and set short ball short ball unit turn and set nice and condensed back back short ball unit turn and set beautiful that is one set let's get let's get two of these sets if you.

Want to be ambitious you can get four or five same thing here unit turn and set beautiful unit turning set take a look at Kyle's unit turn so he's got his unit turned the the hips are still pretty open but he's getting the paddle off to the side that's the first piece of the equation the second piece of the equation is getting to set position set.

Position simply is closing the stance beautiful now he's got his load on his back foot he's using his front foot as a stabilizer he's going to Shadow swing get the weight going forward lovely okay unit turning set beautiful unit turning set up up up up up up up very nice okay uh second progression here now coach Kyle uh it's.

Gonna be seeing a ball I will not be saying unit turn and set it should be automatic now ready here bud okay okay first ball here good getting his feet around it feed around it feed Around It Good Feet around it okay short short short short nice and condensed very good back at the Baseline.

Back of the Baseline nice and condensed up up good good very good we'll do two sets same thing here ready and go good look at the take back you know he's obviously it's nice and fluid it's not too tight he's still got some range of motion this is when it gets a little bit more condensed okay again.

Beautiful okay guys second drill here um coach Kyle is going to be at the Baseline um and I'm going to feed him a forehand on his dominant side and then a forehand on his non-dominant side um I obviously can speed up the feed I can slow it down so I control the pace of the drill based.

On my feet essentially also too we could we could use the same exact drill with me on this side of the net and simply Kyle has to hit back to me on one side whether he's driving or dropping uh maybe he uh you know drives or drops based off a time if he has less time he's gonna drop if he has more time he's gonna drive and then simply I would just.

Be moving him side to side and he's only looking to find forehands okay here we go so let's go uh let's go 12 ball drill okay we're gonna we're gonna burn him out 12 ball drill okay only hitting four hands feet around it feet around it beautiful make sure you're good good space get space and get back get back there we go good good good.

Uh Kyle if you don't mind show us what not to do watch this jams himself yeah yeah so I I I'm gonna have you try that again so as he's at the Baseline here the last thing he wants to do is almost like run through the ball try to tackle it and then get right on it he wants to make yep yep make this Big C gain space make contact when the ball is uh at the.

Apex okay ready here it's good okay and what's kind of fun about this drill is that I can control the feed I can go a little quicker up up up up up up up oh yeah oh yeah get those feet working up up up up up nice good good come on come on come on come on come on.

Okay last two last two last one short short short nice very good very good okay guys third progression here um back to our cone coach Kyle's back here I'm acting as a teacher I'm going to be hand feeding uh making him feel good about his about his Drive um so something we're gonna do here that.

We're gonna add a little variation in and we're gonna alternate a drive and a drop and that last and that last segment um I had Kyle Drive the whole time so in this third segment we're gonna have Kyle um let's just kind of demo real quick nice and easy so I'm gonna feed he's gonna run around Drive get his feet around the cone gain.

Space and then also too not only is he gaining space but he's making that Big C beautiful next ball is going to be a drop okay so main focus here is getting your feet in the correct position getting comfortable with that c understanding that it's easier to move forward than it is to move backwards and then also too.

Just adding variation in with the drop in the drive I like it okay ready here let's go 12 ball same thing good feet feet feet feet feet good oh yeah baby I like it I like it feet nice nice good I'm very good at this this is your bread and butter is it good yes feet feet feet feet feet good good look look at the preparation with.

The hands hands are getting prepared nice and early he's nice and organized good know that this this uh preparation idea is like a math equation things have to be correct from start to finish so get those hands up and get those hands organized last one here drop lovely okay guys the next uh drill that we're.

Going to do working on the concept of of trying to find spacing I'm just going to play one half Tyson's gonna be back there at the Baseline uh covering the whole court so I'm going to be feeding him balls from side to side he's gonna be trying to use his legs and find the forehand as often as he can really focused on directional hitting to me.

Back in this half at some point at my discretion because I'm the teacher here I'm going to call switch and he's gonna I'm gonna slide over and he's gonna start hitting his balls to this half it's going to go continuously I'm going to try to uh to volley back to him we're going to try to keep it going definitely more of a cardio uh physical drill so.

Let's see uh let's see Mr singles in action here here we go oh Mr singles all right here we go find that forehand find that forehand here we go nice good call good call okay switch it good okay see if I can get it moving a little bit there it is plays the drop because.

He doesn't have his legs on him here we go can't switch that's pretty good that's pretty good look at him well done well done let's do it one more time here one more time here we go find that forehand huh all right here we go no worries keep it going keep it going to drop here.

I thought switch switch good choice up to it up to it good tough one tough one way to get around it there let's call it there well done so notice in that guys when did Tyson decide to go away from the drive and drop if you'll notice it's when he was off balance or when he wasn't able to.

Get his body or his legs behind him he reverted to the drop so we want to keep that in mind for when we're playing we only want to be driving when we have our body and our legs behind us and we have the preparation if we don't we should be dropping and giving ourselves time okay guys so drill recap there so we started with the uh the six ball drill.

Where we had four balls all on the Baseline two feeds more in the transition zone trying to work on that spacing really a lot of Little Steps in Balance uh the second drill uh Tyson had me going side to side where both were four hands he hit one uh he'd feed one hand feed it to my dominant side and then very quickly I'd have to get over.

And cover my non-dominant side and run around it and that we call that the 12 ball drill next one we set up a cone and we kind of circled the cone running around to our non-dominant side in order to create that spacing again I think we used about 12 balls is a pretty good number to get the cardio going and then the last one is where the teacher lines.

Up on one half of the Court student covers everything and they are responsible for calling the switch again meant to definitely get your steps in definitely help you work on using your legs to create spacing and also there's that IQ Factor where if you don't happen to be in the right position you don't have your body behind you revert to the.

Drop and try to to keep that going continuously okay guys we've got a fun little uh spacing game for you here I'm going to start at the kitchen line I'm going to be the feeder we're going to have uh two balls in hand the first feet is going to be pretty aggressive my goal is that I can go either direction I want to get.

Tyson moving one side or the other he's going to play this as a forehand regardless of which side of the court I go with his goal on the first one is to get around it get the spacing play it as a drop I'm gonna go the opposite direction for the next ball he's going to drive and we're gonna play it out so the second ball is the one that's going.

To be live he's going to play it as a drive we're going to play the point out so it's going to be pretty physical I recommend playing shorter games to five and then alternate okay so here we go I'm not going to tell Tyson which side I'm going first either here we go okay run around it for a drop good get moving and a drive play the point out.

Here we go okay score a gain of five game to five rally scoring so I'd have one there here we go and one last thing so the second ball noticing that the second ball was Cross Court so because he hit the second ball of the drive from Cross Court we played the rest of the point out cross court if.

I would have started with pushing him cross court early and had the second ball be up the line we'd play the point out up the line here we go one zero nice get moving get moving get the spacing pretty and we are live I finally saw that nobody saw that all right here we go one to one well done.

Well done here we go drops the first one okay get some facing drives and play it out here we go oh good one good one good stuff all right two one two one here we go okay somewhat aggressive on the first one he's using his legs getting over pretty look at that body control Cheers Cheers all right last one here.

Last one here here we go dropping the first one getting over driving as well okay guys so recapping the spacing game that we just did um I started out as the feeder at the kitchen line um the first feed so start with two.

Balls in hand the first feed is going to be semi-aggressive it can go One Direction or the other uh Tyson was making sure to play that as a forehand getting around it create the spacing playing the first one as a drop the second ball was live so whichever side I hit it to which on the second ball if it was Cross Court we'd play the point out.

Cross Court if it was up the line we'd play the point out up the line with the second ball being live he tried to create the spacing drove early and then we just played the point out from there obviously pretty physical drills first time I've heard Tyson breathe heavy in a while so uh so it's doing something right right so something I kind of think.

About uh when I think about shot selection in general with my forehand um just anytime that I'm looking to add a little offense turn the knob a little bit uh look to dictate and just put some more pressure on my opponent I'm always looking to find spacing and to find the forehand I used to do that in tennis and obviously I.

Still do it in pickleball and so anytime that I get jammed you know hitting a backhand usually it's never offensive so I just think like think about uh what your bread and butter is and then wrapping your whole game around what you do well um if you can only play offense off of one particular side Stay playing offense.

On that particular side there's there's no need and taking a look at like the highest level there's so many players that are a little one-dimensional on certain sides and it comes to show that if they can be top 10 in the world with being one dimensional with using offense on one side it comes to show that anybody can can play that exact same.

Game stuff yeah and Tyson's a great example here I mean obviously he can hit a backhand he can soften a backhand he's got very good hands but in his mind he's thinking why settle for only the defensive option if I can put a little bit more preparation a little bit more work early he has the option for offense which he uses a lot in his game is very.

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