And one thing that I I think that's so exciting and why I loved reaching out to you and really learning from you I think you're one of the greatest ambassadors the sport have you truly show that anybody can play you truly show that there's a competitive side to it but you truly motivate people to want to go out there and play because you show the.

Activity is Fun the activity has style the activity has a little soul and you know not a lot of athletes are good at doing that this episode is sponsored by Beamer therapy if you guys uh want to check out Beamer a great medical device I've been using it for a long time now I sleep on it I use it morning and night you can go.

To my website Tyson and see what Beamer's all about foreign what's going on my name is Tyson McGuffin welcome to the McGuffin show got a special guest on today got to meet this man in Orange County about a month ago guy is one of the biggest Hustlers I.

Know he owns a jewelry and clothing business called Jackson I've been rocking some of that ice I've been I've been rocking some of that gear you guys have maybe may have seen me in a uh green sexy sweater that says Jackson all over it on the Pod my man bear how are you bro what's going on bro it's a pleasure to.

Be on here I I appreciate you I know I don't know if you got to say but I actually got to meet you and then watch you smash in Orange County yeah it was pretty exciting my man and and uh you know Santa dropped off a couple of uh Selkirk power errors at his business and I believe now all of his employees are playing with that brand new uh.

Good-looking white power air you've been you've been liking that paddle unprecedented power I've never felt something like that I feel like I have Thor's hammer in my head when I go on the courts with that thing it's just unbelievable what my what my left and my right can do now that now that I have that actually just so just so we're.

Clear I actually never leave the house without this thing I keep that thing that's too funny so hey so before meeting me did you did you play any pickle yeah I played a little bit of pickleball I was trashed um but I did play a little bit of pickleball I mean I'm trash at ping pong.

Too so anything with a paddle I'm kind of trash with but yeah I did play a little bit it was fun after meeting you I actually was like all right I gotta get good love it love it and bro honestly I should I should do like an employee uh camp for everybody at Jackson there honestly take take care of you guys we should go out to Nobu after.

Make it a weekend oh we need that 100 we need that so if you don't mind uh tell my viewers your story The Hustle kind of how you got to where you're at now um I just want to let all my viewers know I mean the time that we spend together I've never met anybody so so driven motivated and literally it's just.

Built on hustle bro so I gotta I got a lot of respect for you I appreciate those words coming from a guy who does like three hours of warm-ups before finals I don't think there's anybody who has more drives than you but uh yeah I mean to kind of break it down you know I grew up in the uh paintball Airsoft business with my family with my dad uh.

We have a couple of the largest paintball and airsoft Parts in the world Hollywood Sports SC Village uh a new facility in Dallas called giant party Sports um and growing up in the paintball and airsoft business you know these are like mini amusement parks do over 500 000 customers a year and I grew up actually.

Playing Pro Paintball but also being on the business side right so working with my dad working with my family kind of learning the graph with the marketing this was like free social media yeah and kind of just kind of getting a Vibe for what business can do and business can do a lot for people so I kind of grew up playing Pro Paintball learning the.

Business at the same time uh traveling the world you know I played Pro in Australia and Europe and Asia this was at a time 2007-6-8 when uh you know paintball had an Xbox video game and we were sponsored by Brands like LA Times and milk and we were I was a Monster Energy athlete and things were just going crazy for the industry and.

Basically what ended up happening is during the downturn the sport kind of turned into a more like competitive sport worldwide but then it became more like an amusement a hobby where paintball became this thing where it was like the best thing to do if you turn 10 the best thing to do if you were you know a little kid and you wanted to go.

Have fun with your friends and the business actually boomed so that's when I kind of took a step back from playing Pro Paintball and got more into the business side operating the facilities building out the facilities and then that's when I started my uh my honey group my my marketing and it's kind of an intro interesting story from there.

You know yeah oh yeah oh yeah for sure and and uh if you don't mind telling my viewers so how how did that whole thing work with Jake Paul and Anderson Silver I know you kind of told me that was like your First Merch product or Like Your First Merch launch correct yeah so like Anderson Silva when I was about 20 years old so I would say 2000.

And two you know I'm 31 32 so around that time you know he had just come from Brazil and uh he was training in LA and I was introduced to him by another another person they're like yo this guy's killing it you know big UFC star soon to be star and I was like dude I gotta figure out a way how to help this guy grow he loves paintball he was.

Coming to my Hollywood Sports Park showing me so much love and I was like there's got to be a way to kind of help them figure out the the gap between merch and product and and kind of bringing his brand to life because this was pre-instagram you know like you had Facebook you had Twitter and things like that and it was just kind of like a.

Unique time for athletes it was not a lot of uh you know assets or avenues for them to go down to make money so I actually did some really cool merch like fully sublimated products uh we launched those in store and online through like Big Cartel and those Shopify style sites back then it popped off we ended up doing guys like Rampage and you know I.

Did a bunch of other UFC guys at that time and it was it was due you know for briefly over Doom he had just won the heavyweight title and it was going crazy and then that kind of spawned into me working with a famous YouTuber named Jake Paul he was in the middle of kind of like blossoming from this like YouTube star into this guy that was like.

Gonna go on a world tour and drop all these amazing hits so he takes me on tour with him a three-day tour in Philly 15 000 people sold out crowd Hershey Park um and we basically like go on stage he's doing songs that I'm screwing around just having fun he let me go on for the for the ride we.

Get back and I'm like dude we got to do your own event we got to do like your own tour your own concert where it's just about you so we rented out this facility in Riverside we threw a crazy Halloween party the guy sold like five thousand ten thousand tickets within like 24 hours we threw a massive concert it was a huge success he had T10 and all.

These amazing things going on at the time and I was like you know I started to get the idea I started to have this like intuition of like okay well social media and like events and business is all starting to kind of flow together and this Upstream way of like capitalizing on content content creators influencers bringing Brands to life and.

Authentic way I was like there's no one doing it there's no one Bridging the Gap between authentic Brands and people and the merch they create and I was like okay I need I need to do something and that's when honey group started dope dope love that love that man a man built on hustle and then and then so uh after that whole.

Project uh then then came Jackson mm-hmm yeah so in the process of me building a honey Group which was which was really like a uh social media meets creative agency we were working with Brands like UFC gyms and Walmart and Sam's Club and Carl's Jr and you know butter finger and Sprite and seven up all these crazy Brands and what I was doing is kind of a.

More brand strategy like these are people that can help spread your message these are people that can create good content for you these are people that can be good assets to the brand this is what I think the brand should do on social and how it should activate in terms of like the language and dialogue it was having because I feel like a lot.

Of Brands were losing that tone like you know a lot of Brands missed the step like they they believe they're speaking to their consumers One Way their consumers look at their content and their and their copy and think and hear a completely different tone yeah and this is one of the biggest misconceptions between bringing your.

Brand from a brand point to social media so I was really kind of trying to really get Niche and and perfect a certain Asset Marketing for Brands and then that's when that started happening so I started investing in the companies I started thinking outside of the paintball space at the same time I was still building paintball Brands but I.

Started working with energy drink companies and I started doing clothing stuff I started doing a candy company that was in 7-Eleven I started really kind of diving deep into well you know Practice What You Preach if you really believe you're as good as you say you are and if you really believe that you know marketing has a.

Unique Pace to it then you know dive deep into it and believe in yourself so I started doing that and then through the process of that through that stream Jackson happened to be one of those Brands my partner had started it uh in 2019 I had watched them started he actually reached out to me on Instagram before he started it he said yo I'm.

About to start this brand any advice I go I can't wait to watch you you know succeed and Crush when you get to a certain level reach back out to me and I'll come in and help you kind of scale and get to that next level 2020 hit he reaches out to me I go okay it's time I can come in and can really like kind of wrap this thing up he already built an.

Amazing Foundation I said I now I can kind of like come in and take this to the next level so Jackson was is an amazing my kind of like case study of all the different forms of marketing right because you have branding you have content you have you know true classic style jewelry you have authentic pieces that really make guys Elevate their.

Style and then at before front of that you have the most insane quality now you wrap that in with guys like John Peterson and Cody Bellinger and Ryan checkler you know Tyson McGuffin you wrap that in with some of the biggest celebrities in the game and it really brings the message together which is every guy should have a chain on every.

Guy should care about their style and every guy should want to always Elevate their style because it really does bring this level of confidence so when we started doing that and really kind of like just really diving deep into it it just exploded you know it's so easy to feel it's so easy to see it's so authentic it's so real so it was like a.

Home run yeah love that man content is King though it's for sure I mean I probably have anywhere from you know 10 to 12 Grand endorsements and probably 80 of my endorsements all follow me through my content through the podcast through the Vlogs the educational videos and I think I've kind of set myself apart you know in that in that aspect.

Um and and you know love what you said about every man should wear a chain you know every man should uh should look good because it brings confidence and you know someone for like myself if I'm confident I'm playing well and you know everything else kind of falls into place you know yeah I mean even a guy like you like.

What I loved about you and I reached out to you like two years ago I think I went back and looked and like what I always loved about you is your brand is so authentic you speak who you are you are who you are you don't change who you are you don't change up based off the people around you you didn't know me you didn't know my guys you didn't know my staff.

You didn't know the people at Nobu we had a great dinner but you stayed the same guy you are who you are and that true authentic person that true authentic self is what speaks volumes about people and character and then that that obviously translates into your content into your game into your style the people you work with.

But yeah a lot of people miss that you know everybody obviously has to learn and try to feel and grow in their own unique way but right I feel a lot of athletes celebrities and Brands miss that piece it's like can't just keep changing based off the current climate of where the world is you got to be who you are and dive deep on that because.

It's truly a platform to stand on to really support you as a brand or a person absolutely I'm 100 say less for sure um so I guess tell me do you have any new Ventures taking place um you just kind of on cruise control with like the amusement parks in Jackson.

Um are you looking to dive in anything else does does pickleball excite you oh yeah I mean if you're talking pickleball pickleball I think um Can You Hear Me by the way yeah yeah of course yep yep got you okay cool yeah so I'll pick a ball by the way and one thing that I I think that's so exciting and why I loved reaching out to you and.

Really learning from you I think you're one of the greatest ambassadors the sport have you truly show that anybody can play you truly show that there's a competitive side to it but you truly motivate people to want to go out there and play because you show the activity is Fun the activity has style the activity has a little soul and you know.

Not a lot of athletes are good at doing that yeah but one thing I love about pickleball is the inclusiveness of it like if I'm getting out of the car I'm gonna go in the crib oh good um but the include the inclusiveness of what you got going on is just unreal like I love the fact from a sports level that you guys can go out there with your.

Mom your aunt your grandma your son your kid and all kind of be competitive and have a great time like not too many sports or Hobbies a loud spot on and that's one thing that just shows that that's one thing that just shows the amazing growth but it also shows the amazing characteristics of the sport like there's Limitless potential for.

Brand and I think there's Limitless potential for players transitioning from a pickleball celebrity to a mainstream Sports celebrity right right now spot on man so that that's obviously like super exciting from a brand perspective getting behind people like that yeah yeah and you know now we're starting to see bigger Brands uh you know partner up.

With with PPA Hertz uh um you know some other brands like that and I think that you know the Sport's only heading in the right direction uh there's a there's a gentleman that owns Major League pickleball his name's Steve Kuhn his whole goal is is to raise the population from I believe it's 4 million now to 30 million or sorry 40 million.

Come 20 30. his whole thing is 40 by 30. and uh I mean I don't know what that does is the sport what that you know what that does my social media following what that does to my YouTube channel and just what that does to like the whole in general I mean it's wild I mean to to think about those numbers and to think about how many racket sport athletes are.

Starting to make their way over and I mean just like what you had mentioned like it's so inclusive you know like anybody can play uh it caters to everybody and uh no it's just a fun time to be in the sport you know yeah I mean like you know from a sports perspective like when you're looking at business right like a lot of investors.

And big dogs are coming into pickleball because obviously it's not what they're seeing today it's what they're seeing in the future it's growth just like stocks just like business just like e-commerce companies when I look at a d2c company or a company I want to invest into I'm looking at what's the potential growth like where can it go five years from now.

Is there a room for it to grow is it already hitting that Plateau or ceiling is there extensions of it that can blossom into other things and one thing when you look at pickleball it's like okay tennis whether you have you know let's say 20 million active users a year and and player base and then you have pickleball which is like four or five.

Million but the growth rate to get to that four or five million was obviously a lot more accelerated than it took tennis which is a worldwide sport right to get to 20. you know and so if you look at it in terms of that then you look at in terms of the ability for someone to pick up the sport and get right into it and that's the exciting.

Part like in paintball or Airsoft the activities and hobbies I'm involved in they're amazing right you go on the weekend you play with your family it's the greatest parties right but it's great for a party it's great for an outing the thing about pickleball is I could grab a racket play with my guys for a workout I could also go as a team.

Bonding event but I can also go to play an actual sport that makes me feel competitive so you get to really apply to all those bases of a person whether they want to be competitive play with their friends go to group outing and that's the thing that I think will set pickleball way way far advanced than what anybody else thinks it can do.

Because that gives you so much room for growth so many legs for people to stand on Brands to support players to jump in on it's it's awesome it's awesome what you got going on and like I said you dude are like one of the only reasons why I started watching pickleball because you're screaming and yelling you're my style I'm Italian I like to.

Get a little wow you know baby but like but but but like you're out there doing your thing you're not scared to do it and the crowd is so receptive of that and is like you know reactive off every move you make and people are going nuts and it's like bro you can't get that at golf you can't get that at tennis it's like I would hate to even compare them.

To those Sports at this point because it's such an immersive experience you're you're high-fiving and dabbing people up on the side it's like bro it's such an amazing thing the PPA you everything you guys got going on it's like there's no reason uh why someone can't understand why it's growing so fast it's like it's evident if you go to one of these events.

Appreciate you homie um hey if you don't mind telling my viewers here just how was your PPA experience uh how did you felt like the tournament was run how did you feel like Championship Court was um yeah if you don't mind just kind of giving some of your Insight on your PPA experience.

Yeah so I brought uh my partner at Jackson his name's Josh I brought my guys from honey group Loco and Vinnie I brought a an agent from the Scott Boris uh agency which is a big baseball agency Danny Heaven I brought like a a bunch of my guys and I was like yo we're all gonna go support Tyson we gotta go check this thing out PPA Newport Beach it's in.

Our home home court and just the experience like let's just start from one through ten you know what I mean like right from the beginning to the end it's like you pull in the staff knows what's going on they're happy they're friendly they're signage everywhere so from an event perspective like they're nailing the ability to drive in people.

And understand what's going on it's set up in a way where you can interact with people that are playing it's set up in a way where you really can understand who's up next what match is going on there's vendors there's people the excitement's there um even from a from a director standpoint like the team they have there.

At the PPA understanding like yo move these people here get these people going there let's build excitement for this game this game's about to start I mean from an event perspective they couldn't have done better there now the game itself like the match itself which is obviously why people are drawn to a sport is exciting because of the players.

Obviously you were out there you know you're smashing panels you're doing your thing winning like yeah yeah even it's just like it's next level yeah it's like it's next level from and and listen a lot of people would be like oh my God you're over hyping it you're on this podcast but I'm not because if you really think about it it's pickleball so.

You're taking a game that people don't even know and you're already branding it as such a game where it's exciting there's excitement and there's people that are there and everybody watching actually plays you can play then it just makes the event more friendly it makes the event better because everybody that's there is like oh I just played I.

Just did this and damn he's so good with that it's like you can't beat it it was fantastic I would advise anybody who's in the pickleball or plays on the weekend even friendly to go check out a PPA event their staff everything about it was Class Act good loved how all the boys came in black wearing chains looking sharp fresh fresh Jackson gear.

It came deep for you come on dude unfortunately for all my viewers out there who who saw that that Massacre uh bear here is way too humble but uh uh I I did not play well kind of got beat up but uh appreciate you boys coming man you guys you guys showed up and showed out and brought me lots of support so um so hey tell me this.

Um yeah why uh what motivates you with all the Hustle Man I mean it seems like you go from the time you wake up from from the time that you go to bed uh everybody that uh I guess I've met through you uh only talks about your household only talks about your motivation and I guess you know where does all that come from.

Yeah I mean just like with anything if you uh if you love what you do I mean you're not gonna really be sleeping on the job I think like obviously like you have to always start from the basics right like I grew up in a great family my mom my dad always always pumping me they're my biggest support group and they're always like you know go get what.

You want go go get what you want build a list of things that you want when you accomplish that list make a new list don't wait for that list to be done already start on your your new list of ideas but when it comes to like Brands and Investments and marketing like you know I I truly love what I do obviously you know when you're branding an event.

Or you're branding a brand or you're building a brand or you're marketing a brand whatever term people are fixated on nowadays you know there Comes This sense of like that's an extension of you and when something's an extension of you just like a wife or a kid you want the best for that person well I want the best for everything I'm a part of and so.

If you go to sleep with this idea that like hey tomorrow I'm gonna wake up and I'm gonna do everything in my power for every brand and everything I'm involved with to be as good and as quality as it can I mean bro the motivation's there on its own I mean for me right now I would say the motivation for Jackson is to create this brand that every guy knows.

Is an extension of themselves right and I use that word Loosely but really like we're trying to create something here that hasn't really been done which is you know not a Tiffany's or a Cartier which are well beyond most people's ability to afford but something that is quality Timeless classic and there's so many differentiations of styles and.

Materials that you could put it on at any moment so every single day you know whether that be working with Austin Eckler on the Chargers working with Cheeto Vera UFC you know creating a campaign with Ryan Sheckler legendary skateboarder we're always trying to figure out new ways new Styles new campaigns new sets new ways to shoot it.

You know we don't even sell clothing and I designed a full cut and so collection that we sent out to about 500 athletes and influencers and content creators so you have guys like DK Metcalf even zubik you know your Chandler Jones on the Raiders he just had that insane catch and you know return it for a touchdown like you have so many unique people that.

Wear the brand and support the brand just from an idea knowing that hey this brand stands for Quality this brand stands for something and every day there's something going on with this brand I mean our first collaboration was with the wind Hotel in Las Vegas and it was like diplo's DJing and it was like the full experience we had 200 people.

There everybody would love and support and really just flying in with this idea of like Hey we're all here to support each other because we all wear Jackson most brands don't have that sense of family or or that sense of unity and Community because they really are just focused on the dollars you know this this will bring me one Rolex this will.

Bring me five dollars this week could sell for 50 margin we look at it as you know we're building a platform to last the ages so whether that be events whether that be working with guys like you whether that be working with influencers or content creators whether that be working with the NBA or NFL it's about creating a platform that allows.

Everybody to be a part of so you can imagine that you know you would want to wake up every day and be really excited and really motivated to go accomplish everything you can and and love the fact that you don't you don't drink you don't smoke I mean I'm a full-body athlete I'm a full body athlete come on guy does it right does everything to the best of his.

Ability that's awesome man I mean bro I have no problem if people drink I have no problem people smoke or do whatever they do right obviously everybody will always use the word moderation you do everything with moderation I personally never needed a drink I'm already crazy as it is I never felt the need to smoke or do anything of that nature because.

You know I always want to be focused I always want to be sharp if you have a tool if you have an ax if you have a sword you know whatever it is your tool is that helps you perform your craft you would always want it the sharpest right and so for me it's like I always want to be the sharpest I can be I'm trying to constantly Elevate myself as should.

Anybody now that's not just monetarily or financially or you know in terms of status but even in terms of your your mind your education you should always want to be better so if I can wake up every day go to the gym get some cardio in b220 maybe put down a little bit of the pizza and a little bit more of the chicken lean up a little bit then yeah.

You know I want to do that but I don't want to wake up all sluggish yeah yeah right I want to have any Head Start I can you know I gotta compete against guys like lbmh and Cartier so I need I need as much juice as I can get in the morning yeah love that man it's funny I was talking to your content guy I don't know what his name was what's his name.

By the way Loco Berry local yeah I'm like bro like why doesn't you know bear drink or smoke and he's like dude he's got he's got no time like he does he doesn't have time to be hungover for a couple hours in the morning like he's got no time uh hey if you don't mind telling me tell my tell my viewers here just what's a what's a.

Day like in the life of bear yeah um well not too crazy but it's exciting it's fun works for me um so in the morning we wake up we have a a quick little recap meeting of the day before there's always one or two shoots going on so you know yesterday we just shot the Rotolo Brothers they're.

The famous uh 19 year old Grapplers no just 180cc they just won you know one Champion One champion traveler a year we just we just did a deal with them they're now you know Jackson athletes so we have a shoot with them then I had a face time with John Peterson he just signed that that year deal with the Giants so kind of working on a new.

Collection with him of pearls since he was so famous we're winning with the Braves with that come back then we work on content strategy we work on kind of the briefing of what we need to do to perform the best in terms of a brand so whether that be mailers tv ads digital ads you know new boxing new packaging you know whether that be working with.

The influencers and the celebrities themselves to figure out what they need to make their style and every day looks better and kind of taking that into consideration when we're designing the next campaign and then kind of always meeting with the staff I think one of the biggest things people forget to do you know besides you should always want.

To carry yourself with a little bit of humbleness and Grace is that your staff and your team and the people that are around you should always be on the same page right so if you don't have meetings if you don't have check-ins if you don't spend time with them go eat with them break some bread with them make sure everybody's always on the same page it's.

Hard to kind of keep that flow and that conduit always open of people's creativity and that juice going back and forth so besides that it's kind of like settling that out and then when the night falls it starts all over over again we have you know we gotta do a little Nobu little mastros Javier or something good let the TV let people.

Feel good and taken care of you know the gym and then most of the time at night time it's you know dropping packages off to people meeting people hanging out catching up with people it's a it's just a lot of meeting and networking and content creation because for the most part even if you're not doing photos and you're not doing videos but you're just.

Meeting with an influencer you're meeting with a celebrity meeting with a model it's kind of just getting a feel for where they're at with the brand what they need what they want to see and then that that constantly just keeps the wheels greased it's just like a call center right it's racing the wheels if you call 300 people a day a year from.

Now you're not gonna have to call anybody because you're gonna have 20 or 30 calls coming in every day right so for me it's the same concept if I can meet with 10 or 15 people a day really kind of help them out see how we could provide value and support to them you know that will just always kind of flow and then this this engine kind of moves.

On its own I might be doing that for a decade how many nights a week at uh Nobu tell me Well no I just thought I just thought no food just because it's across the street from the house and not everybody likes sushi but um I celebrate my birthdays there so they're always super nice.

There's like my two spots Javier's in Nova my only advice is I like to eat people won't be like this dude's so bougie you know Diamond chains guys so busy now I just like to eat I like sushi they got the best sushi I like Mexican food oh yeah Javier's got the best Mexican food boom boom um so tell me what do you guys play.

Pickle at you guys play at the Newport Club there you guys play play yeah at a park or yeah yeah we played the Bonita Park the Newport we play right over here in uh Costa Mesa um you know we're building a little pickleball uh little like a little challenge Arena at Jackson so then you'll be able to come into Jackson and.

Smash everybody but we're actually we're actually doing this which is exciting for anybody who likes playing pickleball it's good to support the community is we're building it so that way we can have like influencers and celebrities challenge each other when they come to the office because we're already making content easy and then use that as like.

Video content so people can watch like their favorite baseball players smash on some Tick Tock kit yeah and then that Tick Tock gets smash on some NFL players so it's a perfect sport for that little rivalry yeah yeah of course because anybody who comes in the office the first thing we do is we challenge to a game of ping pong okay and the boys in.

The office they're they're great at ping pong you saw them you were doing a little work you were doing a little work oh yeah but we want we want to take we want to take that to the next level this year so we feel like pickleball's the perfect the perfect battle Yeah it's yeah it's funny I had Cheeto on before you right and he was telling me uh that.

Uh that uh that uh rbca at their training Center that they have a court in the back and he was telling me every day for them to kind of like do like their Dynamic warm-up or just like their basic warm-up they actually play pickle for like five or ten minutes yeah yeah Pat Nori a good friend of mine he owns Ruka okay um it's right over.

Here in Costa Mesa it's one of the most like legendary you know surf and skate Brands streetwear style brands and they're definitely heavy in sport now but they put the pickleball like Court in there right by the gym where all the UFC trainers train it's like where B.J Penn won his world championship Carrillo the head coach.

Neato boxing so all these guys that come in there they're all lethal weapons and then you walk in there and it's like Cheeto and Luke Rockwell playing a game Pat Pat's kids like everybody's battling and like honestly it's pretty cool it's pretty exciting to see that like obviously once again pickleball bringing the community together bringing so many.

Different people different you know different minded people but with the same like-minded concept of hey let's have some fun but at the same time it starts building that competitive spirit so it's cool yeah very much so I'm a man last last question here um uh crazy uh party story or you know I.

Know you were telling me uh you guys take a PJ over to Vegas uh you know all the all the boys go uh I mean obviously you know keep it keep it PG-13 but what's what's something wild that you've been a part of yeah I mean that's kind of an open-ended question yeah I mean over the years but like you know to to originally build.

Honey group you know it was it was the course of five or six years of dealing with like you know some of the biggest celebrities and rappers and uh you know influencers you know from Jake Paul to Chief Keef um to all these unique people that are so awesome and you know I built like a really cool Rolodex well in the Rolodex.

Of that I kind of built this in a way where I was like okay cool I have a good understanding of how to work with different people and kind of understand what people need to deliver the best content and deliver the best form of themselves and in the process of that you know that's what came out of that was my agency and that's how I have such.

A unique Network in the process of building that agency I met this one person who just happened to be one of the most chaotic but kindest kindest person ever which you may not you know understand his name is Dan Bilzerian okay so this guy is like I don't even I can't even I can't even.

Explain it to people with the life this guy lived I mean you show up to his house there's 13 guys in front of his house with ARs and there's like full-time security there's 35 girls inside his house you know some somewhat closed yeah right not really you know there's a full pool party going on there's chefs there's you know coconut.

Water brought in from Fiji by hand like I don't even know what the hell is going on Maddie you know it's just the craziest thing and one time he goes hey bear I want to rent out the Paintball Park for the day as she Village the park in Chino I go yeah whatever you need Dan this guy's like the nicest guy right so a lot of people have misconceptions.

About them because it's very odd brutally honest but the nicest and he goes yo dude I got Uber this is like the first ever Uber helicopter I might even have a photo actually and it was like the first ever Uber helicopter and he's like I'm gonna fly in this helicopter I want to land it in the middle of the park and then I want to play paintball.

And I'm like I'm like damn yeah it's right here that's the Uber helicopter that's the first one ever and so and this is like in 2013 right so it's like Uber's first I don't know if you can even yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you got it so and and it's like and I'm like all right cool what are you gonna do he's like I'm gonna land this.

Thing I'm gonna go play paintball and then we're gonna go back to my house and have a full-blown party so the guy who lands the helicopter at my SC Village Paintball Park hops out there's like 15 rolls royces that roll into the park everybody's like ready to play paintball as if this is just a normal day you know and I'm like 21 22 I'm like yeah I don't.

Know if this is that normal maybe it is and so they all start hopping out so who's who at the time of NBA players and NFL players I don't want to say any name yeah and they're all battling playing paintball Dan takes off his shirt he's like two verse one whoever beats me you know you're gonna get something tonight I'm not gonna say what it is no one.

Could beat the guy the guy takes off his shirt and smokes everybody in a two versus one paintball battle and the dude's ripped I'm like oh he's shredded yeah bro the guy is shredded okay he's like he's like the he's like the real deal yeah and the guy knows how to fight he knows how to he's like crazy he's like a little bit of.

Everything he's the most interesting man in the world he's I'm like yo you beat everybody you have no shirt on can we still have the party at your house and he's like and I'm like 21 at the time so I'm like I want to go party in and see what's going on I still don't drink still don't smoke I just like to eat talk to girls and say hi to people and.

See what's going on yeah he's like yeah party's still going on we get to his house there's like a six by six Mercedes G-Wagon parked on his front door like kind of like about to drive in the car like in the house and I'm like what and I like go around the car and I walk in the house and I have never seen this many girls in my life in one house in.

The pool outside the pool walking around doing whatever they wanted to do this guy it's like Steve aoki's DJing or something this is like a Tuesday night Steve Aoki is DJing randomly there's like people like in the back plane poker low-key Tuesday night uh and we're in the Hollywood Hills at the top of the Hollywood Hills like blue.

Jay Canyon area and I'm like is this real life like security guards with ARs everywhere and I'm like scared I'm like looking at these guys like is that a real gun or like an airsoft gun or what is that thing a toy gun no like those are real deal I'm like I'm not gonna talk to that guy there's like girls walking up to me like hey you're so cute.

You know how old are you I'm like I'm 21 22 they're like all right you're too young for me next I'm just like there's like waiters walking around with appetizers I'm like that guy in the movie yeah by the meatballs just like throwing down and I'm like yo this is the craziest experience of my life he walks over he's like yo you good I'm.

Like yeah I'm good I'm just trying to figure this all out I'm trying to soak it all in he's like nah that's right just do your thing and I'm just like staring there by myself and I'm like wow this is this is exciting and this and this was like the start of my like era of hanging out with this guy you know for years you know I've.

Some insane stories with this guy but yeah I mean it's always been like these stories are always exciting when you're there living at the moment you're young you're kind of like naive you don't really know what the world has to offer and then you walk into a house like this and it's like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory like the doors open and you're.

Like what in the world so it's cool it's always good to go from that and then like come back to the office and you're dealing with the reality in your life yeah exactly back to reality and it's kind of good offset balance and it's like that's obviously been one of the main things that I've always been able to have a little bit of like constraint.

Yeah and dedication on in terms of like yo you have a discipline like go party all night but you don't drink you don't smoke you have no excuse not to get up in the morning get right back in the office and grind and you got to go get what you want you know it's not going to be handed to you got it thanks for thanks for sharing that my man.

Um hey so tell me how how can my viewers uh find you on socials and how can they purchase some of that uh Icy Jewelry amazing yeah so if you uh go to Instagram it's just at veritage video and then uh has you know all the unique Styles all the chains all the bracelets new Pearl collection Iced Out chains Rings.

Um a little bit of everything we just dropped the whole collection of earrings we also have women's product dropping next year jewelry cases a bunch of unique things and and if you uh sign up for text and emails you'll get a little little something special there save a little dollar and there's new Styles every week dropping in 2023 so we're.

Excited with that also with the onboarding of some new athletes Cody Bellinger uh Joey Gallo Ryan checkler Cheeto Vera and then just the Rotolo Brothers as well and then we have some some Pro skaters that just came on board so it's been been an exciting kind of off season for us in 2022 and hopefully going in 2023 we can outdo what we did.

This year keep it moving keep it pushing nothing but high level when it when it comes to Bear nothing but high level always all right you want to you want to be the best you gotta strive to be the best you know and when you're dealing with these Brands like Nike who have Ronaldo and you know LeBron James and puma and you.

Know Adidas and all these Brands who have like the highest you know athletes in the world and celebrities in the world it sets the bar for where you want to go so obviously we want to work with the best when it comes to pickleball we only want to work with Tyson McGuffin you know what you know it my man all right well hey uh let's let's uh find a.

Date that works let's get all the employees together would love to come out there work with you guys go to know they would love to get some good seafood I would love that yeah yeah for sure they would love that you can't go easy on them though they all get big headed no don't don't worry I'll be I'll be bringing the gas uh well hey bro.

You know it got you I got you I got you I just got some new blackies by the way the Black Keys are hot uh the Sketcher joints you showed me were the hottest shoes in 2023 guaranteed uh I want to say thanks for coming on bro truly respect you uh can't wait to see you again and and um let's let's keep moving let's have a.

Good 23. you know it of course thank you for everything bro keeping the inspiration all right my man thank you
Episode 58 of The McGuffin Pickleball Show welcomes a very special guest in Jaxxon partner Bear Degidio. Bear D’Egidio is widely known for his unique, explosive marketing and brand management. He has been seasoned in marketing strategy & brand building for 15 years, getting his start through his managing partner position at the world’s #1 Paintball & Airsoft parks.

Tyson McGuffin and Bear discuss why pickleball is growing so fast, why pickleball may become the biggest sport in the world, why and how brands are successfully investing in pickleball, and the future of pickleball.

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