Going up against a banger in pickleball can be extremely frustrating their game seems to lack any form of strategy and they constantly keep you on your heels with every shot yet somehow they win in this video will help you develop a strategy to beat hard-hitting bangers and make them wish they'd chosen a different option to mash against that.

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Press the Bell icon so you don't miss any of our recent videos in today's video we're going to talk about the best pickleball strategies to beat hard-hitting bangers and pickleball make sure to stick around to the end of this video where we will now let's get right into the video let their drives go out of bounds one of.

The first things you should know about playing against people who like to smash the ball on the drive is that many of their Drive shots may go completely off the court not a bounce think about how it could keep going if we hit the ball hard enough and it's not within a foot of the top of the net you have to learn to tell which of these shots to hit and.

Which to let go out of bounds another general rule is that if it's a drive shot and it's at shoulder height it's probably a shot you should let go and not return this can be hard to do when you're up at the net and reflexes kick in but think of how frustrated your opponent will be when you start letting these balls go and keep losing points.

Remember if the drive is High Let It Fly bangers can be streaky when you play Bangers one thing you might notice is how uneven they can be it's not unusual for a banger to score or lose a bunch of points in a row if you're playing doubles and you see that the Banger is on a roll try to hit the ball as much as possible to the other player hit them if.

They're as cold as ice you shouldn't use your opponent's strengths against them but you should use their weaknesses against them now before we move ahead to talk about more game-changing pickleball tips please take a second to like this video And subscribe to our channel so that we can keep bringing more informative.

Pickleball content to you your little contribution means a lot for us keep your body square and your paddle up having your paddle below your waist while you wait for your opponent to take their next shot might be the worst thing you can do when you're at the net a good position is to have your feet wide apart your shoulders facing the net and your.

Paddle up by your chest or eyes this position will help you be ready for any shot that gives you a good chance of blocking any hard shots that come straight at you keep them back aim at their feet another great way to play a banger is to keep your opponent as close as the Baseline as possible for as long as possible when.

They move up aim your shots at their feet for a banger to make a hard shot the ball needs to be above their hip to avoid this you should give your shots as much depth as you can to add depth you have to aim for the feet of the player if you aim at their feet they won't have room to let the ball bounce and the ball won't be as high enough for them to slam.

Away on either side is another good place to aim outside of either foot is the best place to hit every shot your opponent won't know what to do if you can hit the spot most of the time keep a firm wrist when blocking one thing that's really talked about is keeping a firm wrist when you're at the net this is especially important when.

You're facing hard drive shots many players keep your wrists loose on purpose but if you're playing a banger and you know you'll be blocking a lot of shots at the kitchen line you need to tighten your wrist with a strong wrist if you won't drop the ball right into the net but instead we'll be able to get it over it so often it's hard to find.

The Sweet Spot on these hard drives but having a tighter grip on the paddle will help you when the ball hits other parts of it be aware of the outball if you can't hit back you might need to find an out of bounds this is a great way to get the service to come back to you pickleball it's easier to hit the ball out of the Court especially if you're a.

Backer who hits the ball very hard and roughly know where you are in the court and let the ball go if you think it will go out use the following in your Split Second decision making to help you find the out balls where is the Banger when you hit the shot on the pickleball court a typical Banger will drive the third shot then the fifth shot so on after a.

Few drives a banger will usually hit the pickleball out of bounds this is because the Banger is slowly moving towards the pickleball net which gives the Banger less room to hit the pickleball so the closer The Banger gets to the pickleball net the more likely it is that his or her shot will go past the Baseline and out of bounds how far back does the.

Banger swing most of the time a big backswing means more speed or power The Banger has a big backswing you can expect more speed The Banger takes a big backswing and is close to a pickleball net the ball may be going out of bounds when the Banger hits the ball how high is it the pickleball is low to the basketball court and below the.

Pickleball net The Banger will have to hit up on the pickleball to get his or her shot back over the pickleball net when the Banger hits a pickleball hard the ball is more likely to fly high and out of the Court watch where the Banger hits the pickleball because this could be a sign of an ounce ball is the pickleball hit with topspin by.

The Banger The Banger can hit the pickleball with Top Spin which is forward spin that does from six o'clock to 12 o'clock The Pickle bar is more likely to stay in the court The Banger will also be able to take a shot that is low on the corn below the pickleball net and still keep the ball in play because of this the Smasher with topspin is more.

Dangerous and more likely to hit the target but Banger doesn't have Top Spin it's more likely that his or her shots will go out of course is the Banger hitting with or Against the Wind on the pickleball court wind can be a big deal The Banger is hitting with the wind at his or her back then the pickleball is more likely to travel out of bounds as.

The wind will push the pickleball farther however if the Banger is hitting into the win then the pickleball is more likely to stay in as the wind will act as a resisting Force to the Banger's shot watch out for the wind and how it affects a Banger's shots how far above your body is the pickleball most of the time you should look for a pickleball.

That goes out of bounds when it gets to chest or shoulder height or higher shoulder or chest High Let It Fly the exact height will depend on your height and how low you are when the ball is coming at you practice blocking yes you need to stand tall like a wall you shouldn't encourage the Banger by hitting back with the same Force instead.

You should take a step back and ignore the drive blocking well is a great way to stop a banger and turn the game in your favor for a good block you should try to be relaxed and hold the paddle Loosely try to place a shot that doesn't need a back shot return this makes it less likely that they will make a driving shot and make some less powerful.

In the game keep the Banger in the back although we've discussed this briefly in the beginning this deserves a separate paragraph make sure the Banger is standing close to the Baseline if you let the Banger come forward and around the no volley Zone you are setting yourself up to fail The Banger.

Has more power and freedom of movement in the front which lets them move back and forth and hit the pickleball as hard as they can at their opponents if they're in the way of the net try a lot shot over them and get them out of the way engage in a soft game pickleball is a very interactive game sometimes the.

Players engage in a soft game while other times it's a complete opposite so if you're good at dinking it if you are good with other pickleball strategies Implement them to confuse your opponent this can be a lot to keep the Banger under control practice practice is the best way to get better at something bangers are usually professionals who.

Have been playing pickleball for a long time and are good at it so if you want to beat them or make sure they don't win you have to get on their level learn the basic strategies and use them in the right way and practicing is the best way to get better at something so what is your go-to strategy to deal with hard-hitting bangers tell us in the.

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Going up against a banger in pickleball can be extremely frustrating. Their game seems to lack any form of strategy, and they constantly keep you on your heels with every shot. Yet, somehow they win.

In this video, we’ll help you develop a strategy to beat hard-hitting bangers and make them wish they’d chosen a different opponent to mash against that match.
Let’s get started.

Hello and welcome to Pro Pickleball media- Your Number 1 Spot for All Pickleball Content!Our channel is dedicated to the fastest growing sport in the United States and we cover all fun and exciting things related to pickleball. So, if you love pickleball and want to learn more about it just take a second to subscribe and press the bell icon so you don’t miss any of our recent videos.
In today’s video, we are going to talk about the best pickleball strategies to beat hard hitting bangers in pickleball.

Make sure to stick around till the end of this video where we will … Now let’s get right into the video!


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