hey guys welcome to another pedal review video on Cliff pickleball tonight we are going to review the volumes ellipse 16 mil paddle what an awesome pedal so I can't wait to tell you all about this pedal all right guys so I've been playing with this pedal for a couple of weeks and.

What really stands out to me is how easy this battle is to play with so right out of the box no lid tape uh first game this was just so easy to play with a tremendous Sweet Spot it's got an edgeless design and uh it's got a 360 carbon wrap so it looks looks uh really neat something different and I gotta tell you the sweet.

Spot on this thing is huge at the kitchen there is this is probably one of the top pedals uh I would say that I've ever played with right so um waiting at about 8.1 ounces no lead needed pound for pound this paddle is as powerful as anything out there so once I get to the kitchen I can speed up with.

This pedal it's got a tremendous amount of pop but what really interested me is uh this pedal has insane control so the fact that it has so much control and yet I can deliver so much pop with it it's just it's just astounding I would say you know one of the drawbacks of this paddle probably is the top end spin so you know if you do Drive the ball.

It's not going to spin as much as some of the other pedals that I'm playing with but on the bottom instant at the kitchen it spins as much as or not and even sometimes more so I'm not sure how they do that um but if you're a singles player I would probably go with a power model which is.

A 13 mil add some lead to the top I've done that I've played with the paddle and uh you know it has a tremendous power and spin as well so that takes care of it um but all in all this paddle whether you're a 2-5 or a 5-0 this pedal is going to be able to is going to be very playable.

Um just love the the Aesthetics um you know it's a it's a premium paddle it comes at a premium price as well it's a you know it's over 200 bucks but uh we uh the company was nice enough to give us a nice little uh discount code for you so you can see it up there or there I don't know where it is but um yeah use it look at the uh the.

Description just check out their website in the description use the code and pick up one of these paddles we are also going to give away four of these paddles so all the different models there's four models I believe so stay tuned keep on watching the videos and we are going to uh we're going to send a lucky subscriber uh one.

Of these videos over uh the next couple of weeks like I said insane at the kitchen once you get to the kitchen resets dinking speed UPS counters this pedal is is up there with anything else that I've played so go check out their website and read all about it they've got a you know quite a process of manufacturing these paddles.

And um yeah all in all I just love this battle great job values new company and bringing out a great paddle to start with guys thank you for watching um click subscribe but yeah leave us a comment and if you uh yeah if you're interested in one of these battles just um keep on watching or go to the uh the.

Website on in the description and uh get in contact I think they do have like a demo program where you can you can find some some of their reps to demo these paddles this is something new it plays definitely different and I have to say I really like it thanks for watching and we'll see you next time foreign.

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The revolutionary Veloz Ellipse™ 16mm is the new pickleball paddle with a seamless 360° carbon fiber wrap. This innovative edge-less design creates Dynamic Tension™ when the ball is hit, producing an extra large sweet spot and providing a whole new level of control, drive, and touch. Plus, it’s forged under pressure and heat, curing for over 3 hours —for a consistent surface with maximum friction. At a 16mm thickness, this Veloz paddle will bring excellent stability and touch in the short game. This elongated silhouette has a tighter sweet spot and provides maximized reach when you need it most. It will also absorb more impact, taking pace off the ball. Many players prefer this paddle type because it allows them to cover more of the court.

4-ply 360°carbon fiber wrap for Dynamic Tension™ and extra-large sweet spot
8mm professional-grade honeycomb core for lightweight durability
Forged under pressure and heat for a continuous surface treatment with maximum friction
Handcrafted 1-piece construction means no energy transfer to elbow or shoulder
Edge guard protects the paddle against abrasions
USA Pickleball listed and approved