Hey pickleball Nation this is rocket coming to you this is my home courts in Brookville Indiana got a beautiful day here a beautiful fall day and uh over here enjoying a little bit of the fresh air before the cold weather sets in but I wanted to reach out to you today and I just wanted to uh maybe squelch some of the information that's going around.

Social media right now because as everybody has probably already heard if they haven't passed it yet they're probably going to pass it that after the first of the year you will not be able to spin a ball when you serve it anymore okay and Oliver already people around social media are going and getting into a panic because they say well how am I.

Going to be able to tell if my opponent is spinning the ball okay well you will be able to tell and the reason why and the reason for that is that what they're eliminating is a person who is purposely trying to put enough spin on that ball to cause it to jump when it hits the cord on the other side so what you're going to be looking.

For is you're going to be looking for are they twisting their their wrist to cause that ball to spin are they going to be twisting it this way and causing that ball to spin are they going to be releasing it forward and snapping their wrist trying to get that ball to spin that is going to be illegal okay I'm pretty sure that that's going into.

Place here January 1st but what they're not trying to eliminate is the fact that when you release a ball in a legal in a legal serve you can release it anywhere you want but when you release it it's almost impossible to keep it from spinning out of your hand but that little little bit of spin that you get out of your hand when you're.

Just putting the ball into play that's not causing the ball to give you any type of Advantage when you strike it and cause it to hit the cord on the other side all the spin that you see when that ball hits the cord on the other side is going to be caused from a person that knows how to spin a ball when they hit it with a pickleball paddle okay whether.

It's Top Spin or sidespin anything like that that's that's going to be fine but the spin will be created by striking the ball not by releasing it out of your hand with that type of stuff going on okay if you're doing that and that's going to be really easy to spot because literally you can watch a person's wrist and you.

Can tell if they're trying to put excessive spin on that if they're not trying to put excessive spin on the ball it's not going to be illegal a referee is not going to call that okay so yeah don't don't worry about that ball spinning a little bit when you release it that's that's going to be perfectly okay so.

Anyhow no Panic out there but just want to let people know that it's not going to be that strict that that ball cannot spin at all when it's released from your hand that was the important point to get across here today so now I hope you're playing pickleball out there Wherever You Are because as everybody already knows.

Pickleball rocks have a great day everybody