Thank you and that somehow stays in yes Irvin seems to be okay after taking that flick I don't think it got her in the eye she seems to be okay let's go okay so we're getting chatty here seven six two.

The first seat has come all the way back kovalev and right lead okay Julian Arnold fired up and a lot of staring down from Arnold seven a piece see if they returned to Jesse here just.

To settle that down they do indeed come on you heard Irvin say stay there and he still didn't move all the way out of the way but they got away with it Arnold has not been on the right much in this match at all so let's see how this works Irvin very comfortable thinking on that.

Side and here is all the fire and the fish shot tribes creates a winning so it is the four seed and the Andiamo cool of Jesse Irvin and.

Wright and gushing with uh Arnold and Irvin and there you see some of the discussion let's get ahead of ourselves but that's a good partnership right Spence is a very steady very you know Dixie's a real solid player it's exactly what Julie needs so he can kind of play his game oh.

Is that and the crowd crowd by Lucy that was awesome yeah I don't I don't know they don't want to get caught but it just the rhythm of this is a little different yeah I would agree with you I think I'd like to see him get back to their other spot and that's two in a row where the point.

Construction because Lucy is seeing Jesse attack her down the line hundreds of times and she's okay with that
This took place in 2022 at a PPA Tournament.

Jessie Irvine/Julian Arnold vs. Matt Wright/Lucy Kovalova

all video rights to PPA