The rules of pickleball are designed to give the receiving team an advantage right away in the point unfortunately a lot of us are giving up that Advantage because of how we're approaching the return of serve having a highly effective return to serve is one of the easiest and most beneficial fixes that you can make to your pickleball game in.

This video I'm going to give you the three keys to a great return to serve and show you how you can start implementing them right away in your own game let's get into it foreign serve are really pretty simple we're looking for basically three things.

Number one would be consistency in our return number two would be if possible add some depth to that return and then number three would be get yourself all the way up to the kitchen line by the time your opponent is hitting their third shot first of all let's talk about the two most common mistakes that.

I see in the return of serve okay number one by far is standing too close to the Baseline so I see every single level of pickleball people make this mistake they start right up there close to the Baseline now if my opponent hits a good serve that lands Deep In The Box my first step is going to have to be backwards.

And I make that I may make that return but chances are it's going to land short and also there's almost no chance that I'm going to end up getting to the kitchen line in time I'm usually about six feet behind the Baseline so that way when that serve comes even if it's really deep in the Box my movement is always forward there's no.

Serve that can push me back as a first movement the second most common mistake that I see is treating our return of serve like a ground stroke or taking more of a ground stroke swing to hit it so a really common mistake I might see is we get in our return position the ball comes we move we take our swing.

A big swing which can do two things number one it can hurt our consistency but number two when you're taking a bigger swing it's harder to move through the ball right so we take our big swing We Gather our balance and then we start running forward as a separate movement so now let's talk about the correct way to do this there's going to be a couple.

Keys like I said first of all we're gonna get pretty far behind that line we're gonna get five to six feet behind the Baseline when the serve comes we're gonna start some forward momentum into the ball and we're going to keep our backswing really short so serves coming you're gonna line that paddle up you're gonna start moving forward and then.

Mainly you're going to use the momentum of your body and the follow through of your swing as your source of power so it would look something like this just as a shadow swing ball is coming short back swing finish and move through or a backhand start moving forward short back swing finish and run through so for this.

Specific drill I'm going to use my spinshot ball machine if you do also have a spin shot I'm putting the settings and the placement of the machine on the screen for you if you don't have a machine you could just do this drill with a practice partner however if you are in the market for a ball machine you gotta check out the.

Spin shot I've got a link in the description below that will get you free shipping and a free cover if you decide you want to get one so you can see first I'm demonstrating here the correct way to do it I'm starting quite a bit behind that Baseline getting some good forward.

Momentum keeping a short backswing moving through and then I'm able to get to that second shot in time and take that ball out of the air next I'm going to show you what the incorrect way looks like so on this one I'm starting too close to the Baseline when that ball comes my first step is going to have to go backwards.

And then you can see because of that momentum I'm only about halfway up to the kitchen line by the time the next ball gets fed keep in mind this is on the exact same settings as it was earlier when I was able to hit that return and get in and get that ball out of the air next we're going to look at the other.

Common mistake which is taking too big of a swing you can see here I'm started far enough back but instead of taking a small swing and moving through I take a full ground stroke swing and then run after I end up with the same problem which is not getting all the way to the kitchen line by the time that next ball is.

Coming I wouldn't want to leave you watching me do it wrong so let's finish up watching some good ones again moving through that ball getting all the way up to the kitchen line and getting that first ball out of the air which If This Were a real match we'd be putting good pressure on our opponents.

I hope this tip helps you out on the court please like And subscribe if you like the content if you feel like it's helping you out and I will see you on the next one thanks foreign
In This Video I go over the most common mistakes I see in the serve return. Its an easy fix, but still something that a lot of us are doing wrong.

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