Okay guys uh we're gonna have two variations for our 40 plus uh game um so first variation we're gonna we're gonna play points out rally scoring game to seven uh same same sort of spill here if you let a speed up go long you get two um but the uh different variations the first variation we can only speed up out.

Of the air and so and it's gonna be open he uh coach Jim can speed up or I can speed up and then second variation of the game is going to be you can only speed up off the bounce okay so we're gonna have some fun here um you know keep in mind that when you're speeding up you know get get ready to clean up if you speed up when.

You speed up think about starting and staying for example if I speed up backhand I'm going to stay backhand five five speed up forehead I'm going to stay forehand um uh you know think about winning the dink in exchange first and then looking to speed up think about not speeding up uh by hitting a one shot Wonder make.

Sure it's calculated or if it's not calculated you can only hit that high Pace speed up knowing it's going out if you know that your opponent tends to take a lot of elbows okay ready so here we go so game to seven play some points out you can only speed up out of the air either one of us can speed up correct oh yeah let's do it zeros.

You will notice how much more shallow the the dinking gets in this exercise oh no it's a good gym to get uh zero one I like it that's all right that's a very good speed up okay once oh that's very generous of you okay two to one.

No make it to like it like it Jim cheers got that punch going today buddy got that punch going okay three two yeah or you can get the hell out of the way the ball that ball is going out no to get together threes oh shoot okay I'm taking it four three.

Baby here we go okay here we go foreign buddy come on okay okay so now same game but we're gonna play it off the bounce same game here playing it off the bounce ready you ready I'm ready.

So obviously in that last game we're we're looking to take more balls out of the air why it would make sense that if we're going to speed up out of the year that we have to build it up uh kind of with with the foundation of taking some dinks out of the air adding that disguise Factor adding that surprise Factor.

Now that we're speeding up off the balance I'd love to see more uh step backs buying yourself some time to hit more lift or push dinks all in all if we're going to be speeding up more off the bounce it would make sense you want to give yourself some room off the kitchen line and not be such a leech okay so give yourself a little spacing.

Back here with spacing that'll give you uh give yourself some more time to get organized and then just give yourself some more time to get prepared on that speed up come on Jimmy let's do it buddy zeros bring it sucker ah that's a good point like it come on Matt bring him buddy oh man oh is that that.

One is that one I think it was just one there's one there we go ah oh you're reading the next one you're on it two see that there started forehand stayed forehand nine times out of ten when you start it comes right back to where you started from stay there stay there believe that.

Counter will come right back there three okay bring It come on come on all right I'll take that four no yeah you know you're fine that was that was a very good lean in though okay uh uh uh I'm gonna I'm gonna give him one just because that was a very nice.

Well disguised speed up but yes it's got to be off the bounce Yeah Boy nice four two no I missed it wide four three here we go it's got to be downline four three okay five three here we go nice eye okay six three.

Just okay six four here we go yeah that's why that's why I I like speeding up line just because it's so tough for you to get it on my left shoulder usually when I go here it comes right back you know yeah for sure.

Yeah so one of one of the big reasons why I like speeding up line I speed up line yes it is kind of taking risk I'm you know I'm flirting with the high part of the net low percentage toughest play in the book but um it's tough for this individual to like get get around the backhand volley to actually get it cross-core so usually.

This ball when I speed up there that counter comes right back and then now I'm sitting and sliding so I speed up sit and slide now I have space and I can really clean that next one up if you find yourself speeding up and you and you recognize that your opponent's counter attack came screaming back in a hurry you should ask yourself do I have.

A stamp on my forehead did I did I give my speed up away uh did I speed up on the wrong ball is my opponent's hands just simply better than mine I think those are some of the questions that we're asking yourself if we're unsuccessful with our speed up you know because sometimes um you know you could you could uh speed.

Up uh based on their technique you know like if I if I see that my opponent had the big old swing on their forehand volley but they're much more compact on their on their backhand and I've been speeding up towards their backhand side and that and and their counter punch has been screaming if it's been coming screaming back in a hurry.

Um I should ask myself am I speeding up towards the wrong side usually technique paints a picture right um and I and I think as players we should be we should be teachers at heart and and and really recognize that if there's any sort of technical issues going on with our opponent's game let's look to take full advantage so if I see.

That my opponent has a big old swing on their forehand what's the chance of them timing it well as I as I speed up towards their forehand and then timing a a big swing to meet the ball clean so there's something to be said with speeding up towards a side or speeding up uh towards the forehand or backhand based off bad.

Technique so I think really look to exploit and utilize um uh speeding up to a particular size based on their technique foreign
The pspeedup is one of the most important shots in pickleball. Improving your speedup and knowing how to counter speedups will help you improve all other aspects of your pickleball game. In this pickleball lesson video from pickleball pro Tyson McGuffin, you will learn all of the best pickleball drills, pickleball strategies, and pickleball tips from the best pickleball players in the world. Pickeball coaching and pickleball lessons are the best way that you can improve and become a better overall pickleball player.

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