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Of the Santa Rosa mountains the beautiful Mission Hills Country Club home to the Hyundai Masters event on the carvana PPA tour a beautiful setting for the first event in 2023 on the PPA tour thanks so much for joining us here on Championship Court joining me now is professional Senior Pro Player we've got Dave Fleming we're going to walk you.

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Point two two one all right referee air replay two two one point so if you're just joining us here from.

Mission Hills Country Club Cameron Irwin alongside Dave Fleming this is men's quarterfinal action it's the number one seed Ben Johns and his brother Colin Johns versus Steve deakin the Canadian and Pat Smith you got him the Winter Soldier I gotta know the uh origin of that nickname Dave all right.

Second is a quick arm of Pat Smith closing out yeah and a nice patient point there the Giants boys have all of the fire but they also like to grind it out so if you can win points like that that's big for Deacon and Smith Point finding the right hip right now of Steve deacon.

Two points plenty of depth on that serve from Ben John's notorious aim he has yeah and he was firing away in singles and he is not letting up on the serve you see a lot of people at a much safer serve and doubles he's not doing that foreign.

Johns rarely misses that yeah you can't believe it when Colin's mouth is wide open like that it's just shock rolling into his body that ball hits the Baseline second serve fine in the middle is Ben Johns and you have to pay play So Clean to.

Keep it close against them every third's got a bounce correction side out that ball just looked like a skid away from him sure dead and Deacon has one of the best backhand dinks so you're not gonna see that mist very often primarily working with that slice.

Absolutely yeah John's are getting his arm a little bit looser here yeah shake it out over there you know we can play some Taylor Swift in the background if he needs that in inspiration Championship Sunday for the men's quarterfinal they love it.

Point that's the second dink we've now seen from six two two so at six two Smith and Deacon decide to take a timeout but I feel like we have to give a little bit of an update to all of our viewers that have been tuning in yesterday a massive rain delay it's put us in a little bit of a situation but if you're the optimist he needs more.

Pickleball on Sunday absolutely if you tuned in yesterday you got to hear me talk about the weather a lot in the afternoon and uh you know we don't like to do that so we're going to get everything in and the it looks clear this morning just too much Dew in the area and then as as we went out on Center Court there's sand and debris.

From the wind and everything so that slip slick is well on court so you're going to get quarter and semifinals from the men and the women's doubles and then we'll see who is holding up trophies later today cold enough up of course that Hyundai Masters trophy prestigious in the world of pickleball.

Especially it being the first event of the year two-handed backhand flick finds the top of the net for Colin Johns yeah that's one he'd usually hit with one hand to get the extra reach and I think it cost him there second sir at least third yeah deacons fundamentals.

Have got to be there to pull the upset there so he's usually money on his thirds all right oh beautifully done calling John's dropping his hips find the Scorpion you know he has studied all of his opponents better than anybody he knows what's coming.

Half switch sides sir yeah that's a smart approach if you see someone struggling or you don't like it don't lose the same way the whole match Cameron find a different way yes no one's locking you down to one side or the other you know it's interesting there's been so much conversation in the men's game.

That maybe there won't be as many switches maybe it's going to become that much more patternized with play calls pretty much set up but you're kind of a proponent of still switching at times well if you're down don't just lose the same way and then wonder what happened when you walked off the court it's a great point.

And that time it goes the direction of Steve Deacon you got to feel good about yourself you're winning dink rally against Ben John's number one player absolutely and you know that's what he's gonna just sit there and hit that everything about Steve Deacon's very calm and in control he's just got to make them all.

Second serve and that's what's so good about Colin John's there we saw him we'll get low and get down on the forehand side on this one he slides over to the sideline and finishes with the backhand point that Ball's gone into the stands a nice little drive there shankopotamus from that John's there.

Okay Dave Fleming with the shankopotamus call there you go it's a baseline defense now for Pat Smith and just too much on that yeah and sometimes when you put extra spin on it it actually will roll and stay down and that's what happened there and Pat Smith didn't get the ball to.

Come up and couldn't continue to try you know it's hard to put an overhead away in pickleball point that fell well long of the Court yeah that's that's a ball you just can't miss that ball on offense maybe when you're serving you don't have a scoreboard problem just an opportunity loss got to make that one.

I like that a scoreboard problem that's a new way of saying it when you're in a deficit and uh you have an ATP problem there from uh Ben Johnson they are rolling sliding actually the opposite direction for Steve Deacon to the left yeah I like uh I like that he read that off Ben John's paddle and that's tough to do.

Because he can take that to so many places there's the crossbody to Pat Smith and that's exactly the kind of trouble it can get you in yeah they're so deceptive let's serve Colin smirking this game point.

Oh and he read it beautifully just the execution wasn't there so 3 2 11 is game number one the number one seed taking the first game in the quarterfinals on the men's double side and looking very good doing it you know we saw some errors when they read the ball it's the pressure they put on you could you have to be so precise.

When you're playing against the guns questions once again when the referees go back to their spots and my music goes down what.

Are you all gonna do on the planet this is pro pickleball We're The Best of the Best this is the PPA tour.

The first championship Sunday in 2023 on the carvana PPA tour is right here at the Foothills at this of the Santa Rosa mountains at Mission Hills Country Club Cameron Irwin alongside professional pickleball players Senior Pro none other than Dave Fleming we're joining in right in the middle of this match the number one team in the world Ben Johns and.

Colin Johns and quarter final action versus Pat Smith and Steve Deacon game one went to the Johns Brothers okay and it starts with a fantastic rally a switch in the middle of the plank we had a unicorn sighting in the middle of that because Ben Johns is never on the right side but because of that chord track.

Down Colin Johnson is able to get it and then they switched midpoint at the kitchen line you won't see that the rest of the day welcome to Tennis Channel viewers and Colin just not able to get back in he kind of was sitting and hesitating before coming back to the court yeah he took a backhand over him when little.

Brother's forehand smash was sitting there ready to kill it if you're just joining us we've had four days of coverage for this Hyundai Masters event again the first in 2023 and we've had a little bit of a rain delay as of Saturday so Sunday you're going to see more pickleball than ever on a championship Sunday this of course.

Being the quarterfinals yeah it's a smorgasbord here and uh the uh the top eight teams got into the quarter final so we didn't have any upsets despite the intensity of the draw so many three game matches but it's the cream did end up Rising here's a look at the number one player in the world that's Ben Johns 23 years.

Old Colin is his older brother former professional tennis player I'm going to have two forehands in tennis and I'm just wondering Four Hands and pickleball doesn't want to switch that paddle back and forth I don't play them take a little too much time.

Point there's a look at Steve Deacon just a Miss there on the backhand dink and uh that's again these two as the top seed are not needing to be flashy unless it's required they'll happily grind it out with you because they will not pull the trigger on the wrong ball foreign to just work into that Cross Court tail.

To speed up the counter just wide yeah and Colin will look for an opportunity you think of him as oh the best right side player meeting more defensive but he's got plenty of offense in there to compliment back.

There's the famous flick of Ben Johns to set up a beautiful combo to finish with this two-handed backhand yeah and it's like there was a ghost hiding in the closet here Steve deakin's like whoa there's something on my right side there and it's too late on the next ball so that's why he's the best player in the world right there.

a LOFT at third a solid fifth foreign ATP and they're a ridiculous angle I was wondering I'm going is Colin gonna steal it from him again nope Ben John's with the bird take a look it was even defended I'm not even sure what that title angle was from Steve.

Deacon but that's one heck of an angle right there from Colin John that's unbelievable Big Brother's got to push little brother out of the way that's my ATV man what are you doing six to zero at this point but a side out for Smith and deacon that's quite a bit of a reach right.

There for Smith trying to cover just to clarify what we mean by Bert Ernie is when you jump the kitchen line on your side because we all love Sesame Street a bird is going in front of your partner rarely do you see an ATP like that side out talk about sliding that off your paddle I believe that's the Perseus a new a new paddle from Yola that Ben.

Johns is in the midst of engineering himself yes and Perseus is a Greek god who slayed Medusa so uh he's slaying everybody here that was a good read by pat on the first but again too much Pace at this level you're not going to see the speed UPS necessarily being the winners it's.

Always the second or third gotta have that paddle up Cameron there that's what you gotta team in the world we saw the high defense defense engaged in the fight in 2023 he wrecked everybody in singles and mixed doubles.

And it's happening again here look out around 35 medals last year sorry that was gold medals last year alone on the PPA tour nament the Deacon have to go all right.

Let's keep the ball for a minute here let's get a couple see if we can put a little Scoreboard on them oh there you go Dave said it perfectly so the one to nine pat Smith was a vision one college tennis player at the University of Missouri Kansas City Germany.

And the crowd wants more pickleball so they're they're going to cheer missed return from CJ there well we've got a whole day of it exactly just hang out folks we're good second sir that is a gorgeous shot for Ben Johns right there cuffing that ball on the backhand side yeah the people that hit 200 backhand hit that off the.

Top of the paddle he hits it at the bottom of the paddle it's so hard to read then it slides too it's got a different spin to it the full washing machine for Pat Smith there as they find one defense but again the pressure just continues to mount for the Johnson Brothers and then right into the topiary.

Paul and John's laying off that getting them back to neutral out with the two-handed backhand come on one of the inventors of the game as he finds match point right there so the John's of Brothers take the quarterfinals 11-3 and 11 to two quick work for the number one seed.

But he closed it out with a two-handed backhand that thing is a beauty coming into 2023. yeah so great he's got the one-handed roll the one-handed dink that I don't know where it's going and now he's ripping to he's at me oh dear look out everybody yeah Ben Johns is putting everybody on notice he's got a few new shots to go but perfectly time thanks to.

Our Tennis Channel folks this the men's draw now comes up you can see who's moved on to the semi-finals John's of course as well as devillier and young you got a chance to call the quarterfinal this morning against Dawson and what did you see in that matchup I saw DJ young who is a player who can have very high peaks and very high and.

Very low valleys play fantastic so those two are two big scary players with a lot in the tank they're going to be a problem for whoever wins that other match well they are a new partnership in 2023 so hopefully we'll get a chance to see more of them through this season we'll be back with more from Championship Court.

thank you these are the most electrifying man in sports the epitome of hard work and the face of the game Tyson McGuffin became an icon the same way selker exported it with the team dedicated professionals with a passion.

For Innovation and unrivaled commitment to the game of pickleball selker export we are pickleball thank you relaxing foreign.

I guess I'm sort of unique in how I was introduced to the sport because I was sort of watching from the sidelines for years as my brother was ascending me the top of the sport pickleball was kind of funny and then it crept up on me in terms of what it was to me so I started playing in early 2016 and in that time.

There were a couple professional tournaments so I didn't have any plans with it I just thought it was fun I played the US Open for the heck of it Ben and I are both competitive we like to win all the time and of course in the gold medal match there's more on the line so you want to win those then John's having a moment it was all John's.

Brothers ain't control from the start they had their foot on the gas pedal and did not let up if you're the Target that means you're in a good position when it's where other people want to be so I definitely don't underestimate or undervalue that I really it's about trying to trying to stay on top you know.

I mean people say you don't have upwards to go and that's that's never exactly true it's a constant fight still and that's really what it's more about is the the grinding the fight my number one reason and why I continue to play Pickleball is is the fact that I get to spend time on court with my little brother it's just really cool that we.

Found a sport that we can compete in and play together let alone actually be at the top of this work so pickleball really did in many ways come out of nowhere it's very sociable so when you go to play you might have a billionaire and gender and and just your average housewife on the same court and wanting to win wanting to play well and.

Enjoying themselves out of nowhere might be the title right now but years from now it's going to be something very different for now it's gonna be something different and it's already different from 2022 the game is ever evolving the Technology's ever evolving the paddles.

Being one of those things to help with the evolution yeah no doubt you know the the challenge for these other players are not only are they working on a paddle Ben's a mechanical engineer no one practices smarter or harder or studies the game more you saw those two I can't wait to see when they raise their level everyone else has to too to.

Be able to compete with them great feature behind the scenes of those Brothers yeah and it's got to be tough too when you're the number one team and you're still you know there there is a team that definitely is barking up the same tree Matt Wright as well as Riley Newman has taken them down several times in 2022 so that rivalry you have to.

Imagine has ignited that much more emphasis for the Johns Brothers in terms of innovating and pushing their game forward it's almost a blessing yeah they don't like when you and I are saying it's been two and two in the last four the Johns don't like to hear they don't like 50 of anything but and every tournament on the carvana PPA.

Tour will have so much more to come from Championship Court foreign for my top tip when it comes to hitting serves you want your serves to land back here in this area you want to keep that paddle towards your body and it's more of a push with.

My shoulder thank you foreign it can be installed anywhere temporarily or permanently on any flat area so I.

Have a feeling pickerel is going to be a big part of our future match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going oh we're going to Margaritaville you can go to Margaritaville too visit.

Margaritaville resorts.com foreign man in sports the epitome of hard work and the face of the game Tyson McGuffin became an icon the same way self explore did with the team dedicated professionals with a passion.

For Innovation and unrivaled commitment to the game of pickleball Selkirk sport we are pickleball thank you welcome it to the grandstand we're bringing you bonus coverage here on Tennis Channel this is some women's doubles action just one match have been played for Etta Wright and Lacey.

Schneeman before this morning so they're thrilled to get out onto the court after the rain delay yesterday Cameron Irwin alongside Dave Fleming and the other Duo that's actually out there is Jesse Irvin and Irina tarashenko so this is the three versus six seeds and happy to see things starting on the grandstand now that things have tied up a bit yes and.

Uh Irvin and tarashenko are dialing back to 2021 they played a lot of tournaments together so they are not a new partnership schneeman who's in the white hat here and Etta Wright is in the visor schneeman okay huge forehand but guess what she has a masters in aerospace engineering this lady knows how to study aerodynamics.

Folks oh that she does she actually worked for Boeing and she still may but I keep asking him like when are you gonna go full-time pickle and she's like well you know until I kind of like forced into that uh right now she's been going up higher and higher through the ranks as as at a right somebody that there's been so much conversation about.

Yeah her game is so smooth just like butter I mean everything she does she has a one-handed flick that is so lethal and she's only going to get better and better she is both these ladies are on the rise see at a plank on the left quick flick leave that ball is long though.

Absolutely the right shot just wrong execution the Seas had parted there but uh pushed it a little deep and uh we have a referee conversation here yeah so a lot of change up on the ladies side with some of the Partnerships so Jesse Irvin played with a bunch of people Anna bright the injury to Anna Lee Waters mom Lee Waters sort of.

They're right known to also you mentioned the backhand flick that's almost a little bit of a rarity right now in the women's game she's got a dangerous one that has made some people nervous if you're on the other side speaking of the one-hand flick there's the roll from Jesse Irvin Lacey has a deadly deadly wrist very.

Deceptive when you're on this other side of the net from her she sure does and you know I think while you're seeing Irvin on the left is they don't want to get caught in a switch when they're returning so we're gonna play it straight up and then you'll see and that is exactly where Jesse's walking now okay no risk no pressure on that return.

We're comfortable playing both ways so we'll get to our preferred positioning here miscommunication there and I think that was a little bit of an off-speed speed up I think Lacy might have been early on that one yeah and I like that Schemin bailed out on the ball where there was miscommunication that's.

What Adam Wright's got to learn if you're gonna be the left side player be an animal and go take that ball I like that be an animal I'm gonna tell myself do it Cameron how knifed that ball is though from Irena tarashenko she's got a beautiful slice even though she misses that just.

Into the net point so it was one to four now three four four Irvin and tarashenko trailing by one and sliding to her left opening up the forehand is Lacey schneeman yeah that is heavy you talked about that wrist it's a very whippy forehand that has big heat.

On it it's hard to get on top of an urban attack that's impressive thank you that was pretty what she actually prefers the left but while you're playing with Anna who's the dangerous one-handed backhand flick times you got to let her sit there.

Don't have to unwind the stack right now though they play straight up and a good leave little Matrix action from Lacey schneeman yeah so what you're seeing from both teams here is when we're on an odd number we're not going to get in trouble and let the team fire away at an open court it's smart if the.

Players are comfortable on both sides that's not always the case at least it can be pretty deadly on that left side too to relax that inside out forehandy there's the drive from Lacey schneeman so the reverse of that though is that if Ervin and tarashenko prefer tarashenko on the left you might need to start.

Thinking about what you need to unwind because we're down yeah we want you to catch all the action here on the carvana PPA tour so we have moved out to the grandstand where you just watched the conclusion of game one here versus the six and three C's in women's professional doubles action at a right.

And her partner Lacey schneeman picking up game one over Irina tarashenko and Jesse Irvin Cameron Irwin alongside Dave Fleming ready to bring you in for game number two yeah perfect pattern poor execution Wright went with that middle Dink and got a pop-up that is not going to be missed.

Very often that's usually no-go Zone on that or right oh the right Reed and again to your point just a little off on the execution wow Etta Wright though showing her chops on the right and left side of her body yeah again gotta have the paddle up these players are so good there might take three or four swings that it wasn't.

Ready for the third one there and interesting I like that there were a couple balls sent middle and instead Jesse Irvin decided to step in and take out their backhand yeah I like it and then inside out the reason is it's the depth of the dink if you keep it shallow or closer to the net she can't reach in there and do damage that's how precise.

You have to be to win at this level Irina tereschenko's got some Wheels pressure continues finding the sideline is at a right what a play you love when the team that loses the point does a clap on the paddle as Jesse Irvin did there you know everybody loves a good point even if you lose it it's fun to be saying your partner.

Running a four or five forty across the back of the bass line there oh I mean I guess NFL is on today why not the proficiency of those things from at a right are you I mean this is what people are talking about her that's not easily done this is a woman that's 30 years old and has pretty much played.

Just about every pal
Welcome to the Hyundai Masters Powered by Invited. Today is Championship Sunday* where the top professional pickleball players across all divisions—Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s and Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles—compete for the biggest payouts in the sport.

*Due to rain delays, today’s broadcast will begin with the quarterfinal and semifinal matches from the men’s and women’s doubles draws.

Location: Mission Hills Country Club (Rancho Mirage, CA)

Rain Delay Schedule:

8:00am PT – Quarterfinals: Men’s and Women’s Doubles
9:00am PT – Semifinals: Men’s Doubles
10:00am PT – Semifinals: Women’s Doubles
11:00am PT – Championship Sunday Schedule

Championship Sunday Schedule:

Men’s Doubles: TBD (YouTube and Tennis Channel)
Women’s Doubles: TBD (YouTube and Tennis Channel)
Men’s Singles: #1 Ben Johns vs. #7 Federico Staksrud (YouTube and Tennis Channel)
Women’s Singles: #1 Anna Leigh Waters vs. #3 Lea Jansen (YouTube and Tennis Channel)
Mixed Doubles: #1 Ben Johns/Anna Leigh Waters vs. #2 Riley Newman/Jessie Irvine (5:00pm PT on FS1)

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