thank you foreign good morning pickleball fans welcome to the Hyundai Masters presented by invited we are at Mission Hills.

Country Club in Rancho Mirage California and as you can see those are clouds but there's not rain coming out of them like yesterday so why are we on at eight in the morning in California that's because we weren't able to get through all of the men's and women's doubles yesterday so bonus pickleball this morning before we get to the gold medal matches later.

Today I'm Dave Fleming joined by Kyle McKenzie so Kyle we had the weather yesterday yep we only got through a couple of rounds we're gonna start with a men's quarter-final match between the three and the sixth seed this match did not even start so we'll be starting right from the gate what is it like to have yourself all wound up ready to be.

Your best and then have mother nature take over yeah no it's certainly not easy you know it's another obstacle for these athletes um but mental toughness is a real part of it um it's not any of their first rodeos out here so they've dealt with conditions before we'll see who's ready to come out and you know show their best.

This morning yeah so we've got loong and Dawson and and this is a team that throughout the 2022 season just kept making it in there their third their fourth another bronze they were real consistent last year yeah they had so many bronze medals and you know obviously you're you're playing for the gold but from my perspective I had a lot.

Of respect for what they were able to do tournament after tournament beating so many quality teams in those backdraw matches where really anything can happen um and then on the other side you've got uh DJ young and Jay davilier a brand new partnership very contrast of styles between these teams I would say uh Jay davilia and DJ young are really shot.

Makers they've got a lot of flash they can do a little bit of everything where Tyler loong and Callan Dawson are extremely disciplined they're kind of your classic counter punching team they're gonna play the percentages they're gonna wait for you to try to do something that's not there so it's really going to see who's going to.

Implement their style and come out on top with this one and apparently Colin Dawson has gotten a memo to do some jumping jacks over there as he was doing them on the left whatever it takes to get warmed up here in the desert you know he's not afraid to go old school you know nothing wrong with little jumping jacks get the body ready.

Get out that nervous energy early on here yeah and that's the thing like what is your energy level going to be early in the day here so whatever it takes and then obviously the court conditions so uh right before we came on every device available was being used there's still a little mist and uh little wetness from.

Before as you can see it's 54 degrees and cloudy just a little bit of a wind but the sun is not out to sort of bake that court and then all of the moisture will be up so the key here is Safety First by far so the players feel good about it the lines are always what's the slickest yeah I think both teams are going to kind of feel their way into.

This match for the first little bit you know that that may favor Tyler Logan Callan Dawson who are more used to playing more of an ABC fundamental style so we'll see how Jade evilier and DJ young balance that tempo of aggression with patients so just a little stat to throw out for all of you tuning in today and we.

Appreciate it we're going to be on the stream here we'll be on Tennis Channel later today we'll have a mixed doubles the gold medal match will be on Fox Sports 1 tonight at 8 Eastern so thrilled to have that going on when Tyler loong has played against Jay davilier he has won seven times and lost 10 times.

So that isn't mean with this partnership just when he was on the other side of the court that since June of 2020 so that's a lot of matches against uh the Frenchman and Tyler loong the Lefty from Utah yeah they're going to be extremely familiar with each other's games um you know I think a lot of people in the Pro world would put them as a very.

Even match up a lot of different variables with that head-to-head given that it's a double stat and the partners change but again we talked about a little bit of a contrast of Styles um uh both Elite athletes but I would say Jay davilier is a little bit more up and down but he can be a little more creative at times with his offense too.

Yeah back in October at the DC open it was Callan Dawson and Tyler loon playing Jocelyn devilier and Tyson McGuffin 16-14 loong and Dawson and that's sort of what we talked about they just kept knocking people out and really making uh things happen that's a very good win for them so take out the most electrifying person in.

Sports Mr McGuffin plug-in a very electrifying player and DJ young who you will see a lot of just shot Wizardry from him yeah he's got a lot of ability a lot of creativity and with that that ability can sometimes come some Peaks and valleys right just because you're capable of doing so much one thing to look for is uh DJ young had.

A lot of success last year but he predominantly played the left side and now I know that uh Jay davilier also prefers that left side so we'll see who's going to play that right side who's going to be comfortable maybe playing a little bit more of that setup role where they're both kind of used to being the alpha player on the court.

Yeah I think Jay will definitely want to start there we'll see you know if if there's a coin toss if he's from France and that's why he gets to be it for some some role he he makes up over there uh just to let everybody know we are going to play when it's safe the quarterfinals and the semifinals and then get into the championship Sunday matches so.

Everything this morning same as yesterday two out of three and we'll see who can get themselves there so for those of the players and we know which two I'm going to name here Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns who have already clinched a spot in both singles and mix this could be a lot of matches today if they're.

Able to win this morning as well in their gender doubles yeah it seems like their Fitness really has to be on another level it's it's a good problem to another level it's a good problem to have right Dave that they tend to make a lot of Championship Sundays but they're used to doing uh the Triple Crown thing and they have an opportunity to.

Potentially do that again today there you see Steve Dawson the father of Callan Dawson in a terrific teacher of the sport runs the Bobby Riggs Racket and paddle Club down in Encinitas and uh great Senior Pro Player I got to give love to my fellow seniors absolutely absolutely the whole family plays from what I understand uh his wife Jennifer.

Dawson a dominant senior female player as well so they're they're a talented family Dave very talented family they are a talented family and clubs you know that's never a bad time to do a little yard work so get that blower out and uh I'm sure my man Jeff Dixon didn't know he was going to be on the stream today with uh with the blower but uh what was.

Interesting I went out to check the conditions this morning and while it was wet it was also Sandy so that's what's happening right now yes we're trying to get the the dampness off but wind rain this is a sunken in court so we're trying to make it safe so you're not sliding you think usually you'd be sliding on the wetness it's.

Actually some of the some of the sand I mean we're in the desert yeah I was just gonna say we're in the desert you gotta be ready to handle all different types of variables and like you mentioned it's a sunken down Court which is great for viewing but some of that debris and stormy weather is going to be more of a factor here.

So while we're awaiting play what we also can tell you is this is the first stop on the carvana PPA tour here the Hyundai Masters presented by invited how great is this Mission Hills Country Club set up to start out the year Kyle well we've been you know treated on the PPA tour with uh you know really high caliber of a variety of different venues.

But one of the things that I like about this one in particular is specifically the location of Center Court it's not really segregated from the rest of the action it's right in the middle of the action so you've got amateurs players you know Spectators all like being able to check in on those matches and bring in a little bit of extra energy which I.

Think permeates through the rest of the tournament as well yeah it certainly does and you know they got folks playing Grass Court and Tennis back there they got dudes all dressed in white I mean they're lining up croquet shots like it's Pebble Beach 18th hole to win it I mean there's some serious croquet which.

I did I did keep an eye on over there those those I might have to try that over that I look like fun you know I've always done the uh the backyard Croaker yeah but I'm up for some serious Pro Care at least you check it out yeah I mean some well manicured lawn out there uh so again you can see Court two up on your screen now as well.

We aren't playing until all four players on the court are comfortable and that's non-negotiable I mean you have to be able to move the way that you want to move and not question or be concerned about your footing it's you know there's too much on the line there's too much on the line these players have put in so much hard work to not just be able to be.

At this level but win at this level you know and so every little inch matters um and everybody wants it to be fair win or lose you want the conditions to be just right so they're going to take their time here and make sure that you know everything's uh ready for action so let me walk you through where we're at in the men's draw we are sitting there.

Ready to play quarterfinals so the top seed Ben and Colin Johns are through to the quarters they will play the eighth seed Pat Smith and Steve Deacon so it's great to have Steve Deacon back I talked to him for a while yesterday was really fighting a wrist injury took him off the tour for close to nine months and he's.

Back and it's coming you know all anytime you're coming back from an injury mentally and physically you got to see where you're at yeah and Steve deakin is an elite player but I really feel like men's doubles is specifically his best event and so look for him to have a very consistent year I don't know if him and uh Pat Smith are planning to.

Play the whole year but uh on paper they're a very very good team he's going to be playing with Travis ruttenmeyer as well some too who isn't at this particular tournament but a little fire and a little Canadian Ice there for those two so that's uh that's going to be something else you see the drop on your screen.

The four and five matchup is going to be absolute fire you've got J.W Johnson and Dylan Frazier the two youngsters is against McGuffin and we talked about all the new Partnerships we alluded to the stats him and James ignatowich had a barn burner yesterday against Stax root man they played an unbelievable match did.

Pablo Tellez and Federica staxford yeah no absolutely I you know I personally wasn't sure how that one would go but it was an absolute nail biter and credit to Stack Street and and tell us who have had better results so far in their career in singles but showing that they can definitely get it done in doubles as well they played a very good balance of.

Working the point enough but picking their moments and really swinging away and using some of that Elite ball striking from Singles we've talked about the match that we will get going once the court conditions are okay and then look at this little uh combination here Zane navratil who played very little PPA maybe one one.

Tournament last year so great to have him back and we've got them all here so you got to earn your keep and then Thomas Wilson I want to update everybody if you were watching from from the mixed doubles the other day we were very worried about Thomas Wilson his heart was racing his play was fantastic and then all of a.

Sudden we see him taking his pulse over there on the sideline his wife Brittany's wondering you know helping him out what's going on I talked to him for a while yesterday he this is something that has come up uh before and he's trying to get a read on his own body and he's gonna definitely be speaking with some other medical.

Professionals to try and figure that out because you don't want that hiding in the back of your head I mean that guy played outrageous pickleball on Friday yeah it was such a pleasure watching him and Vivi and David compete not just because how much fun they were having out there but the quality of pickleball was extremely extremely high and I think.

They were up again and 9-3 in the second everything looked to be rolling then all of a sudden he's got these health concerns out of nowhere like you mentioned we're very very concerned so I'm excited I have not seen him in Zane navratil uh share the same side of the net together I don't know if this is their first one but certainly a new one.

And uh both extremely capable players they can do a lot of things well and they're going to be going up against the very accomplished map Wright and Riley Newman who were very stingy and greedy last year with who they suffered losses to yeah they just pretty much said we'll see the John's Boys on Sunday and it happened a lot uh.

And we'll talk about that later so I'll chalk there despite the incredible draw one through eight made it to the quarters in the ladies side we still have uh some results to get into the top quarter final as we didn't even get all the way through the round to 16. so we'll we'll fill that in as we go.

Gretch Kina and parento so Catherine parento had uh some partner changing going on especially on the women's side and there's definitely a trickle-down effect of the Lee Waters injury and uh so Lee Waters unable to play this year we hate that for her she's going to be around obviously she's.

Been here all week supporting her daughter Anna Lee water she's been coaching Christian all Sean as well who's all fire up an up-and-comer yeah and uh I think what that does is Annalee Waters is obviously going to want to see who's the best for her she is going to play some with Anna bright she played some with parento.

Um we'll see how all that works out so there's opportunity and pressure because you know if you're Anna bright or Catherine parento this is a tryout it is there's no other word to say right Kyle you know I think it's been pretty clear that uh Annalee Waters is the the best female player in the world right by some margins it seems certainly seems that.

Way right and results would speak to that so I think there's been that debate well who's second who's the next best and there's been an argument for a lot of people Catherine parento has been in that conversation she had success playing with Annalee Waters when uh lee waters went down but Annalee Waters is gonna try Anna Brett here who's looked.

Extremely capable um got a lot of Firepower and we'll see how their natural chemistry is on the court but you know I expect them to have a lot of success in that partnership yeah so you hear us talking about Annalee Waters the best team well why is there two next to her name here well it's all about points so the Anna bright.

Did not play as many matches what's missing and they will and ants in there Lucy kovalev and Cali Smith had a very Gru like outrageously good start to the women's doubles year right accumulate a lot of points and a lot of wins weren't quite as there at the end you know didn't didn't have the results they wanted but if you.

Put the whole year together pretty much anyone would would have signed up for it and they are the top seed so they'll be in the quarters as well yeah no they're very deserving of that top seed but they haven't been trending as great lately to to be that dominant number one seed so other teams are certainly looking to take that uh you know away from them.

With the points throughout this year so Waters in bright will play Michelle Esquivel good to see her name there's a talented player you want to watch two-handed backhand roll fast watch her and whoever is on the other side uh Waters and bright and then Lindsey Newman is just such a fantastic player I mean has offense more than you.

Think yep but it's the defense and the consistency and that's what gets her through and you look up every time there she is in the quarters with a new partner it's just always happening yeah it always takes a tremendous effort to beat her almost no matter who her partner is she's an unbelievable competitor she puts a ton of balls in.

Play and like you mentioned I don't know if she gets enough credit for the offense that she does have seems like she's very selective when she uses it but when she does decide to to do a little more it's generally very effective yes she is one where matching these youngsters that are up and coming with the pace is what is.

Going to be can she hang in there with it we'll see how that match goes and then the final quarterfinal for the ladies Jesse Irvin and Arena tarashenko dialing back 2021 they played a lot together then and had some good results and then I really want to watch this match so I don't know if it's going to be on Center.

But Lacey schneeman this lady has a real job like she's really smart she works in like Aerospace I mean this is a smart lady with a massive forehand really athletic up and coming player and then at a right is on the rise she can do everything she's got the one-handed flick backhand that a lot of the ladies don't have she hasn't played a ton.

Against the best players that is a scary sentence for all these people who already know how good she is yeah I believe she just recently uh came off a very impressive PPA final yes the end of last year and you know in a word to describe her just smooth yeah she's just very smooth she just doesn't look like uh she's needing to put too much effort.

Out there and she's played against the very best and seemed to match up very well already so she's certainly as you mentioned a kind of a rising star on the PPA tour and excited for her to have what I think is going to be a big breakout year for her this year yeah she was a second round pick in the Major League pickleball draft so uh to sort of.

Set you up about well we got this event then what's what's coming up Kyle well what's coming up is a whole lot of Arizona so Major League pickleball is next for these players so some of these are playing with some are playing against Ben and Colin Johns not on the same team Major League pickleball so it'll be fun to see that and and many of.

Those battles that's coming up in two weeks that's in Arizona then the Desert Ridge event the second official PPA tour stop is there then there's this little football game called the Super Bowl in Arizona and then another PPA stop this one out in Mesa at the Bell Bank Park uh which uh has over 40 individually fenced courts like it's.

If if you're an amateur player and you can live in that area boy that's nice no just it's the perfect condition to play yeah you have to check out that facility if you've never been there it's absolutely massive and great for pickleball but they you know have other sports there as well it's it's quite the athletic complex oh yeah you're gonna.

Get your kids volleyball on there's going to be a lot of sparkies running around playing soccer so get there early if you're doing that there's uh a lot going on out at that facility if you're wondering well uh why are all these people dressed in white here Kyle well that's what the Masters is that's uh that's the ask of the players I think.

It's looked great one color Court just just a classy start to the year yeah it's made the event just a little bit more unique and I think it's a great choice for this to be the first event uh for 23 here so we we do have referees uh chatting with the players on Center you can see there's a good look at Lindsey Newman.

Walking across uh Court two back there so I think we're getting closer to play and you know we talked about what's coming up well uh here's a uh here's a little see and say for you you heard us tell you now you can look at it so February 3rd JW Marriott Desert Ridge is just a you know talk about another great place.

To have a beautiful Resort there north side of Phoenix uh just barely away from Scottsdale that's going to be a lot of fun I've had some great events there as I mentioned going out to uh the Arizona Grand Slam carvana is the sponsor of that they're the sponsor of the tour really dug into pickleball we love all these sponsors that are coming and being.

A part of it I'd love to see that and then we'll uh I hear y'all you East Coasters I know where we are right now well we're coming we're coming March 9th Florida open Holly Hill that's pictona which is a great uh facility a lot of Courts a lot of play there just on a day-to-day basis it's uh tremendous sight and then all right Texas hang in.

There and then we're gonna get there the following week another invited uh facility down in Austin so we're gonna be everywhere so what do I recommend you do go to the find either a little vacation choice for yourself find one that's that's nearby but guess.

What you can play right next door to where the pros play man yeah you can't beat that and I would say Dave you know there's a lot of you know big pickleball fans out there that love you know tuning in for the live stream they love watching on Tennis Channel or whatever network is is in your broadcasting but there's something to be said for.

Watching the best in the world live and in person I've had a lot of friends that had had you know enjoyed pickleball to some degree um you know on TV but when they saw it in person it really was a special treat for them so I'd recommend get to a tournament get to a tournament says Kyle I couldn't agree more and uh.

It's it's like any sport you know you you see you see these athletes in Jay devilier is a big athletic dude okay and then when you see him in person with a lot of the little people I'm 5'8 short area quickness that how is it that's what separates these guys so when you come and see see the pace of play see the angle see.

Everything so uh come on out if you can yeah absolutely I think you know to your point you know the spin I would say is one of the things that doesn't seem to translate fully you know on TV the same way that it does in person which is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the game yeah and so has paddle technology you.

Know we have seen even in this tournament several players pulling out you know I I stay in touch with these guys and all of a sudden they're like yeah I got a little something and then a little something shows up here and uh the little something has been in Matt Wright's hand with a carbon faced uh Onyx paddle that he and Lucy kovalova.

Were using Ben Johns is dropping project Perseus in our lap from Yola a different shape we'll see when uh when that's all perfected and and out on the market you can see Colin Dawson there with that Ace of Spades uh in his left hand he is not left-handed folks but uh that thing has more Pace than any paddle anybody seen yeah I think at least half of these Pros.

Uh you know what they asked Santa for for Christmas right they're they're not hating you know a new paddle in their hands always looking for that one or two percent Edge at this level of competition because that's what it's gonna take now the interesting thing as we looked especially at this at this men's draw.

Was the fact that there were a lot of people in this draw I mean we had a plan okay you have to play your way just to get in at seven in the morning yesterday and yet despite all of the players being here top eight got through so now all those folks are going back saying all right now I've seen it yep yep what do I got to do to get that three five seven.

Percent so that my name is on that quarterfinal bracket yeah like we mentioned it's one thing to you know Scout and watch these top players you know on TV it's another thing to be on the other side of the court and really get a sense for what in your own game needs to be improved in order to hang with the best in the world.

Um I expect a lot of players a lot of new names to be able to push these guys but these guys are at the top of the game for a reason they do a lot of things very very well and I expect uh most of these guys to have that longevity yeah and what you don't see obviously is the amount of work it takes off the court to be able to play this.

Well on the court because if you don't do it you're gonna stick out like a sore thumb and your name will never show up when a couple of commentators are talking about the bracket yeah yeah the skill set that you're going to see in a moment is not just god-given skill sure these guys have you know have some natural ability but there have been a.

Lot of hours a lot of study a lot of tinkering a lot of changes that they've had to make in their Natural Instincts to be able to perform at this level yeah the fitness the time in the gym it is all required to be with the best so looks like we're getting very close I mean if Callen Dawson's taking the sweatshirt off that's a that's an.

Indicator so Cowboy all right so okay okay I think we're gonna play some pickleball here folks so you've got DJ young in the lower right corner with the ball next to Jocelyn davilier let's play Pickleball and a cross-court attack right out the gate from the Frenchman and he is indeed gonna play the left and they are going.

To stack it yeah he was able to just get that one just enough in the body to bother the counter punch of uh Callan Dawson there foreign young are winning points like that that is going to be a long day for loom and Dawson because that's the way they want to play absolutely.

Shout out good attack from loon so they get the ball back uh third seed Dawson and Loom s the Lefty from Utah foreign ER he had the ability to hit that ball harder knew that if he took just a little bit of speed off that ball would be lower and a more difficult ball for.

Calendars big swing from Loom uh his Vulcan paddle didn't get punched there it will later if it continues to miss drives and of the two of them I think he's more likely to throw that third shot Drive in than his partner all right and devillier takes a ball way behind.

Him but is able to square up the paddle that's impressive puddle manipulation from the Frenchman foreign Dawson they will stay there all day yeah you're going to see that pattern a lot in that cross-court backhand dinking.

It's a little interesting notice how uh devillier is trying to push his dinks a little more to the feet of Callan Dawson where Callan Dawson is lifting it trying to have it a little bit more shallow and more difficult to attack so kind of each play in their own game within the game here one three one.

Second serve again both Dawson and davilia like to lean in as you mentioned there that time devilier catches loon devilier is the taller player so he does have a little bit of that reach advantage over Callum Dawson in that pattern that's what happens off of a big serve which is not something loon usually does.

Of all players he just lays it in like here we go it's normally a point starter yes yes not a replay of a point to two uh rallies ago there it's really doing a nice job with that backhand reaching in and you can check and back your own ball.

You know when you have his kind of closing ability there are many options at your disposal all right that I can tell did you see that so before the ATP was hit the ball was called wide looked like it skidded off the tape wide from uh our Vantage Point that's what was called.

Oh no slip there everybody's all right and Talon Dawson swats it yeah and I don't think that's a bad attack uh you know by DJ young I think Callan Dawson he's known for having more of that choked up grip where it really enhances his counter punching he tends to cover that chicken wing Dead Space.

Area better than most might want to try a different location for that attack going forward if you are a DJ Young loon tries a Fall Away backhand lob which davilia is like well thank you not my birthday but thank you yeah I don't think I'd really minded that shot selection too much from his opponents drive from Dawson.

And he's flying in and takes over a point well I think they've switched identities here for a second Dave we've got the lob from loon and the drive from Dawson so for those that know their games it's usually the opposite little uh metamorphosis before our eyes again civilian leaning in and pushing it at Flume and I got to give DJ young.

Credit playing very solid not getting a lot of balls right now but when he does he's not trying to do too much all right yeah something to be said for starting a match and not not getting too creative feel your way into it let your offense kind of build organically and for the most part that seems to be What DJ young.

Is doing still very tight here in game one point both paddles went into the middle there Kyle that's never good and that's the advantage of occasionally throwing a middle dink in there sometimes you're more vulnerable from an attack from your opponent but if you don't do it too.

Often you can add some surprise and Loom being Loom right there known for his superpower being that Ernie and devilia is going to have to be very careful dinking up the line to Tyler Loom there he's capable of jumping that at any time first time you've seen him do it and you can see like a batter stepping into the batter's box with their bat knocking the.

Dirt out of there that's that sand that they're trying to get out of those shoes big quick hands from Colin Dawson with a little extra pop from the Ace of Spades and it is a four five one quarterfinal action here and another shaken back this time the drive from Loom we're tied at five again even though they're known as a.

Counter punching team they each have just enough offensive Variety in different areas to be able to do more than that which often gets them over the hump in these tight matches five five two so a little problem unwinding the stack there you even saw davilier point with his finger as to where he wanted the.

Return to go and that just didn't work out and that's a new partnership issue there for sure and uh there's definitely some footing questions there from Colin Dawson yeah they're seeming to want to go to that towel between every point and that was an uncharacteristic Miss from Loom.

There you wonder how much um just a lack of confidence in their footing is is you know affecting the shot so much so we saw I definitely saw devillier slide a little loon went for a ball near the near the net and I see Colin Dawson putting the sweatshirt on so we're going to uh.

Wait here until the players movement is okay here and I'm certain that's what that conversation you see right there with all four players is all about yeah they seem to be a little a little frustrated seem to be uh just yeah struggling with their footing you know they they want it to be right it's obviously very tight right now but uh.

We'll just have to kind of wait and see what uh what the call is yeah and as I look over at Port number two uh we mentioned Annalee Waters and Anna bright uh they are unable to play over theirs again it is not raining here but it's just this you know we showed the shot of the mountain that heavy mist and and fog so as the players wait for.

The court to be playable we'll take a quick break this is the Hyundai Masters why is Aaron happy well just days ago his old Wheels gave out but he knew carvana had his back that's because carvana had tens of thousands of cars under twenty thousand dollars so Aaron's folks could help him out with.

A sweet ride no way yes way with the most cars under 20 000 and our car vending machines will drive you happy at carvana match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margaritaville foreign.

you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville he's the most electrifying man in sports the epitome of hard work and the face of Tyson McGuffin became an icon the same way self exported with the team dedicated professionals with a passion.

For Innovation and unrivaled commitment to the game of pickleball Selkirk sport we are pickleball well there's a good look at the palm trees that are all around the beautiful Mission Hills Country Club area I'm Dave Fleming joined by Pro Player and great instructor of this great game folks if Kyle's coming to.

Your area you need to run not walk to sign up for for his his clinics this dude will make you a better player so what are we dealing with here you look at that as I said right before the break it is not raining but it is thick and it is just not allowing the sun because in the desert here the sun if it came out at.

All these courts would be playable in seconds that's not what we have here so uh we saw a couple of what I would say uncomfortable footing that there in the first game and I especially from Carolyn Dawson Kyle Dawson played college baseball this is a guy that uh his footing and his movement is second.

To none and if he's not moving the way he would like I mean he's close to the ground and and if he's taking a bad step the minute he did that he walked as I said walked right over and put the sweatshirt on said we're not doing this anymore and I don't blame him yeah hitting the ball is always secondary to getting your body in that perfect spot.

And at the pro level these guys are perfectionists about being balanced and being in that exact position to be able to make you know nine out of 10 plus in a lot of the shots that they're that they're playing here so the moment that they're feeling a little bit dicey about their footing that's going to be mentally very challenging for them to.

Handle yes indeed it will so uh every uh every effort is being made to uh combat Mother Nature here and what we have going on here is 1146 people played in this tournament that's unbelievable to start the year just uh great to see the amateurs coming out and.

Playing here their courts are getting out as you mentioned not too far though from the nestled in Center Court so you know when you when you think about pickleball we love watching these uh top athletes but we love seeing everything that goes on with a 3-5 player getting that medal and having that big smile on their face no and I don't know about you.

Dave but I I thoroughly enjoy watching pickleball at every level because there's different challenges at each level of competition and you know there's something to be said for the the sheer just joy and appreciation that amateurs bring to competition especially if it's somebody's you know first or second tournament there's different.

Dynamics in that tournament Dynamic here uh as opposed to you know Rec player just playing with your your same group at home so a lot of smiles a lot of energy and a lot of great pickleball here for sure like you see uh Steve Dawson going over and talking to his son Carolyn Dawson and Tyler Long there so uh.

Maybe some uh coaching a little uh Steve doesn't even hit a two-handed backhand but there there he was he was at least making the movement to one there he can do it in the shadow swings pretty well right absolutely all right so uh we're uh working on getting it ready the cell Kirk net is ready but uh the surface itself we're getting there we've got uh.

People swinging towels as fast as they can Matt Mayfield out there doing his best feels like the sun's trying to break through that's all we need looks he's trying to put out a fire there with the with the wet towel court is not on fire everybody just so you know it is not all right we will uh take a quick break.

And uh hopefully have some pickleball for you here shortly this is stop one on the carvana PPA tour this is the Hyundai Masters presented by invited the future of pickleball is here welcome to top 40. for my top tip when it comes to hitting serves you want your serves to land back.

Here in this area you want to keep that paddle towards your body and it's more of a push with my shoulder thank you to pickle roll um it's it can be installed anywhere.

Temporarily or permanently on any flat area so I have a feeling pickle roll is going to be a big part of our future what a way to end it Family Matters in Orlando pickleball to me is a lot of things I mean I've been so up and down with my.

Emotions through pickleball through my whole career Annalee is sometimes my coach I'm sometimes Anna Lee's coach but we always have that common goal of winning I feel like pickleball is helping people with mental health because it's a way for them to like not think about anything and just go out and have fun you know helping each other.

Emotionally and we're a true team we don't argue we don't fight and I think that's why we've been so successful singles and doubles Champion Annalee Waters her mother Lee Waters brilliant brilliant pickleball from the mother-daughter combo.

Congratulations that is as good as it gets I'm so happy I was here to uh I guess I'm sort of unique in how I was introduced to the sport because I was sort of watching from the sidelines for years as my brother was ascending the top of the sport pickleball was kind of.

Funny and then it crept up on me in terms of what it was to me so I started playing in early 2016 and in that time there were a couple professional tournaments so I didn't have any plans with it I just thought it was fun I played Us open for the heck of it Ben and I are both competitive we like to win all the time and of course in the.

Gold medal match there's more on the line so you want to win those Ben John's having a moment it was all John's Brothers ain't control from the start they had their foot on the gas pedal and did not let up if you're the Target that means you're in a good position when it's where other people want to be so I.

Definitely don't underestimate or undervalue that I really it's about trying to trying to stay on top you know I mean people say you don't have upwards to go and that's that's never exactly true it's a constant fight still and that's really what it's more about is the the grinding the fight my number one reason and why I continue to play Tech.

Ball is is the fact that I get to spend time on my little brother it's just really cool that we found a sport that we can compete in and play together let alone actually be at the top of the sport so pickleball really did in many ways come out of nowhere it's very sociable so when you go to play you might have a.

Billionaire and gender and and just your average housewife on the same court and wanting to win wanting to play well and enjoying themselves out of nowhere might be the title right now but years from now it's going to be something very different foreign getting our duper tattoos.

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400 on board spending credit yeah okay welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here with Kyle McKenzie we've got every implement we can out on the court there are brooms now uh folks uh looks like they've recruited a youngster out there for extra set of hands.

Trying to get it off the uh the lines there on the other side just off camera from what you're looking at there and again we saw literally all four players go this is this is we're not we're not good here yet so uh we're trying to get to good and again it's not just the the water I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't gone out.

There and seen it but the sand that was making it uh slick for these for these players so uh Jay davilier uh supervising the sweeping there and uh uh certain to give I'm sure some great sweeping where are the curlers in the world we need some of those curlers to come out there uh you know where's Steve deakin and all.

The Canadians who I'm sure he's got an Entourage here of people that are great at curling you know they're sweeping that rock as it goes down yeah I think Deacon needs to be the the head of the sweeper sir give these guys some tips out here nothing against their hard work we appreciate their help here of course just you know any any skill.

Set that we can transfer in here let's let's do it we want to play I think the good news is I'm seeing Shadow so uh that is uh created by uh the sun obviously so that's good news uh you know I'm gonna judge this by when Callan Dawson's sweatshirt comes off and it is currently not off right that's gonna let us know.

When we're close we're probably not uh not super close if we're uh we're seeing that sweatshirt on so we talked about the challenge of not completing yesterday now we get halfway through game one and we're stalled out again and I find this much more of a challenge you know and.

It's a delay of the day but you're still starting on a clean slate I think most of the players aren't going to be too bothered by that but when you're halfway through we talked about kind of feeling your way into a match well it's tougher to do if the match is already halfway into it so um you know they're probably you know.

When the match does get started they're probably just gonna really you know aim for big targets try to give as little away as possible I expect J to villier and DJ young to maybe not use as much of that creativity right out of the gate because we're already getting close to crunch time you know getting towards the end of this first game.

Yeah and I think the interesting thing for me love your perspective is it was devillier and Dawson with the cross court danking and DJ Youngs hit like eight balls in this match so far literally other than his servant return just it has been all Cross Court yeah I think you know there's an element of you know for lack of a better word.

And sometimes those pickleball players can be kind of stubborn right you don't want to get out of that cross-court pattern if you feel as though you have the advantage in that pattern I think both Callan Dawson and Jay devilier both feel like they're gonna get the better of the other one the longer that pattern continues so expect them to be selective.

With about changing direction of that shot yeah and obviously if devillier changes that he runs into the Ernie we saw that happen once with Tyler loon I think it's interesting that uh Dawson and loon have not said all right you know Tyler let's see if DJ's gonna be patient so far again in limited Supply he has been very patient yeah you.

Know I think two you know how we adjust to different patterns depends on our skill set uh Callan Dawson is known for the win he changes in that cross-court pattern often going to that lob that offensive lob a little bit more often than most other players the height of Jada villier and DJ young and their athleticism may affect that shot.

Selection a little bit so I think that he could uh maybe do that shallow dick to get uh DJ young involved if he feels as though that pattern with him and demilier is not to his team's benefit but being able to lob to change that pattern I expect him to try it once or twice but he may be a little more selective given the the skill set of his.

Opponents yeah the fact that you have the center and the power forward of a basketball team on the other side does not make his lob Dr Wizardry uh quite as easy now he's thrown it over all of the top players so all right we uh think we're gonna get together and get this going in the next three to five minutes so we're gonna take another quick break.

And hopefully when we come back this court will be ready to go and we can resume what was a very tight match we'll be right back what are you guys doing we're getting our duper tattoos you know it changes every match right oh duper keeping tattoo removers in.

Business by updating after every match download the app and claim your free profile today can you change that six to an eight I sure can try podiums are reserved for winners no one ever said getting there would be easy so we work we drill we train and while.

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Baller to buy like one with a power bid approval from Guaranteed Rate you can go head to head with cash offers and win call a guaranteed rate loan officer today foreign welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here with Kyle McKenzie.

Same mountains same fog same palm trees but sun is now coming through Kyle so uh we're close uh we're just getting the court ready I can confirm #sweatshirt watch that uh the sweatshirt is off of Colin Dawson yeah we gave you the pro tip earlier to know when we're about to start sweatshirt is off it's getting very close players are just uh.

You know getting getting re-warmed up here uh getting some touches in expect them to start any minute now yeah and that's the thing like we talk about it the ball plays at a certain speed as it warms up it'll play a little slower right there are fast 40s official ball of a PPA tour.

Now all of those thirds and drives that I had dialed in is it the exact same swing and I know that sounds like wait can it really be different yeah the sun is coming out it can be different yeah I think um you know these guys are so experienced they know pretty typical generally temperatures are colder in the morning it gets a little warmer as the.

Day starts so you know they know how to play maybe a little faster maybe enhance their offense early on but as the day continues as the match continues expect them to work the fundamentals uh slow the ball down a little bit more as it becomes easier to do so yeah and you just want to go okay I I knew where I wanted to hit the ball and.

How 25 minutes ago now I've been sitting is it the exact same swing or is it changed just a little bit has the relatively small amount of wind changed at all maybe so that's why you got to go through another full warm-up here we're gonna see uh some serves taken uh Colin Dawson and devillier are hitting some serves and it.

Is as the scoreboard shows us it's the hunt for gold it is Championship Sunday but it's Championship Sunday and some quarterfinals and semifinals because we had rain this year yeah we're happy to give you the the bonus coverage and I know the players weren't sure what was going to happen they're thrilled to be able to finish you know finish their.

Bracket still have an opportunity to to make a final and compete in the finals here later in the day on Championship Sunday so they're happy to be playing pickleball and um you know they're being nice out there not not target practice for those volunteers so Jake making sure to add a little more shape on the serve I'm not.

Trying to hurt any of these excellent volunteers out here and expect us to get going here in just a just a minute or two yeah and even you know some of the smaller things like what ball were we like every ball is just a little bit different like which one was in play you know uh they're gonna pick one they like.

But again restarting has a lot of little small elements around it yeah I really think to be completely honest with you the team that's gonna have the advantage here because I think they're each kind of wanting to feel it out right I really think the team right from the get-go that just decides we're.

Gonna bring an extra level of energy something we can can control May really have a mental and psychological edge with all the back and forth that's gone on this morning Tyler loong is now like maybe he needs to move to Canada that is an impressive sweeping I'd want him on my curling team looks like he knows his way around.

Around a chimney this guy yes if you have a clogged chimney call 1-800 Tyler Lou and he will take care of you making sure it's done up to his standards I was wondering if he'd only do the right side of the court because there's a lefty he's never going to go to the other side yeah he's taking care.

Of his buddy Colin Dawson he's looking out so all right so the maintenance crew is now including one of the players and uh now we're gonna get that netcam cord and wire set so that uh there's no interference of of that whatsoever it provides such a unique Glimpse at our sport because you're just.

Seven feet away in that netcam right there showing what it takes from the hand speed we got some great faces from that as well because we're so tight to the players yeah I think uh you know still experimenting with the best way to Showcase this great sport so anything that can give any of those um close-up looks at the kitchen you can.

Appreciate the the shape of the shot the movement the location um so we'd love to have that there I know there was a little bit of controversy you know in singles uh Julian Arnold hit a serve that you know he felt as though it uh catapulted off that camera I'm I'm not sure if that's just an example of a player wanting to.

Release some frustration or you know how much that matters but we'll uh we'll see if that comes up again yeah I think uh I think netcam was not what caused the ball to hit the tank so yeah Jay davilier looks ready to go right here I mean he's got uh standing there I think we're once we get these wires set we're we're.

Gonna be good to go out the villier uh make a guarantee there's a smile on that face from whatever he just hit there making sure Colin Dawson's paying attention over there again if you just tuned in what we've got going on is a rain delayed from.

Yesterday quarterfinals in the men's doubles supposed to be done through to the teams that made it to the finals we didn't get there Mother Nature said no we're gonna have to do a lot more on Sunday so we are in the middle of this quarterfinal the three seed Dawson and loon the six seed devillier and Young.

Just about halfway through game number one here so uh again having to ramp it up again and I think you're exactly right Kyle you can see you know we saw jumping jacks from Talon Dawson uh Jay davilier doing all sorts of uh foot movements here off camera and there's just there's not the perfect.

Court drying going on we have too much cloud cover and as you can see in the palm trees not swaying a lot now that's good news from a playability standpoint once we get going well Dave you're an excellent Senior Pro Player uh yourself what would you be telling your partner in the Huddle here with all the conditions just to try to give your.

Guyses the you know an advantage or to play your best in a kind of a different kind of morning I'd go back to whatever we've decided we wanted to do as who are we hitting thirds back to who are we targeting the kitchen line with the dicks like we when all this other stuff's going on you might just forget the three four whatever number of basic.

Things we're gonna do is and then it is I want this first point I want this rally to be ours to say hey we're going to deal with all these changes better than anybody let's let's go and and then finally let's have full energy don't let this okay so what it's the same for everybody let's go play and show them this doesn't bother us at all all right.

Let's play Pickleball here we go more the same to start this point good hands from Loom to get the Lefty scorpion up there but uh the reply even more impressive yeah great deception by devilier there and way to be ready after that pretty good first counter and the Ernie from devillier is stopped.

By the Ernie King himself alone he's seen as Ernie from that side before knew how to defend it all right yeah we saw that earlier when when in the returner is just maybe a step late getting in and you could play a good drive sometimes you can poach off your own drive jwa one of the best closing in and checking the size of the.

Court another dink that travels just a little too far from Dawson and this is exactly what we talked about you have the ball restart and they've won three points to take a two-point lead here in game one and a beautiful job by Callen Dawson of.

Taking an Ernie opportunity and taking that corner for a third shot drop away six eight on a one game one second sir yeah that is the risk with the location of that drive from loon well by him going across Court the natural volley wants to go up the line and that's often what your partner is leaving open to try.

To poach in the middle all right excellent job by Logan Dawson I'm not just making that dink but actually pushing devilier backwards wasn't able to get the contact point on his own dick where he wanted it to be side out and Dawson comes flying in nice little off-speed roll from uh.

Jay davilier Dawson looking for something different so uh it's like a batter looking for the fastball and the change up for strike three Oh What a Beautiful ATP from DJ young he looks so calm there waiting for that ball to get low enough for the angle to open up really great shot all right.

Now he's had the ATP speeds up beforehand and this is the danger of that player when he is under control he is a menace better location on that attack um as well all right that time to speed up at Dawson is stopped so first chance to close out.

Game one does not go their way they have a second chance right here yeah Dawson does such a good job of covering all the attacks in his body but you can get him extended outside the body because of that choked up grip he can be a little bit more vulnerable and then a big SWAT so they are able to fend off a couple game points down just.

Three here Loom ready again man that is a really difficult body manipulation there yeah devilia choosing to speed that up because he felt he had the positional Advantage but great timing by Loom to get on top of that counter attack and Get Down On It point and a missed dig from davilier and.

We are at nine ten one and that's what Logan Dawson do they just keep chipping away feels like you have a lead and it's just nothing safe with these guys and it is Dawson again who's able to hit down and finish and after saving two game points they rattle off a few of their own and we are tied at 10 and timeout is called from devillier and.

Young so we've got going young and devilier we're rolling and then here we are 10 10 it's going to take more than 11 to take game one our new Eevee rental Fleet is the absolute goat nice speaking of goats is that Tom Brady yeah he comes in to recharge gets offer updates you know foreign.

Let's go it's a guest card you can always use gas always thank you hey do we need gas nope how about now still no hey remember Daddy's birthdays tomorrow a gas card.

I could use this evolve your journey beyond the pump in the first ever Tucson plug-in hybrid all right we are back 10 10 game number one that's what we wanted now that we're going now that we've got the court playable who is going to rise young devillier had two chances weren't able to finish see.

If loon and Dawson can get a game point time in all right here we go 10 times 10 seconds lung unable to convert on that drive and you see Dawson was sprinting forward looking for that poaching opportunity really want to make your opponents have.

To at least volley in that situation but he's aiming for a relatively small Target too foreign and Dawson can't quite get that to drop so they get to 10 but no farther so young and devilia with the opportunity and that gets absolutely Munch second try 10 10-2.

10 10 2. it's just that threat of movement there Kyle yeah I talked about this yesterday and it's not how often you even touch the ball when you go for that Ernie but just showing that you have it can get in the head of your opponent and change their shots the third game point right here.

What what go go tremendous get from Jay davilier and that forces an error from Callan Dawson that's an unbelievable get to be able to get to the ball and keep it safe Kyle and I love the communication you've heard Jay saying watch watch a couple of.

Times when he was trying that drop felt like it wasn't gonna get down letting his partner know let's come in on the red ball so they were thwarted on two but then we're able to finish so it is the six seed DJ young and Jay davilier taking game number one foreign stay play and dine in Margaritaville.

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Wearing white and what a treat finally we got pickleball going and we got 12 10 in game number one Kyle there's plenty of build up we stopped we went we stopped and we went but ultimately some great pickleball in game one and it easily could have gone either way devilier and young had that lead that Gap got closed.

They had that timely time out and uh really came up with clutch points to close out game one yeah still uh some of that sand from the from the surface uh just everybody making sure they're they're comfortable with their footing uh it's uh you can't play without it obviously I mean down to what shoe you're feeling I.

Mean everything matters here yeah no these these players just want to be able to move freely to play their their normal style that they've done and training and practicing for and hopefully we get the courts uh up to standards here uh here shortly yeah you thought civilian young are gonna be like wait we had it gave gave.

Something away on the other side all of a sudden and uh but no they were able to close it out and uh you know we put the schedule up there uh for everybody where we're headed hey Minnesota Indoor national championships are happening at the end of February as well so uh looked for.

That it was a great tournament last year a lot of people came out to to see the the best players and uh that's going to be fun to be up there in Minnesota in February again touching all Corners uh California Florida Texas Minnesota key word to me there would be indoor yeah probably our only option in February Minnesota but uh that's definitely going.

To be an exciting one all right Tyler loon will start game number two here for us all right and it is Colin Dawson initiating the fight and that works out and they take the first point of game number two oh my that almost trickled over that would have been very tricky for them to.

Handle if that would have fallen on their side zero one one nope the villier showing some of his uh single skills there with the with the one-handed backhand Road you don't see that too often in doubles and just an absolute blistering forehand.

From DJ young so one E from J and then an absolutely beautiful forehand slap from DJ young and that ball had so much dip and movement on it great shot and it is Drive Fest here to start game number two for young and devilier now that one just kissed a millimeter of the tape and three one one perfect amount if you're driving it and.

It's gonna stay in oh my there's there's the ability of DJ young a little too much well and that's what we talked about you know um maybe that shot wasn't there darnier made the impossible look possible but sometimes ability can lead to those Peaks and valleys in your shot selection and execution.

I really like the way he's playing he's been very under control here in this match Billy in a hurry to get to the left side of the Court leaves his return wide so we're at 2-3 and another missed return so a couple of just absolute gifts after the drives got them the lead yeah those definitely hurt.

We'll see if they can settle in here second serve and there's the Vulcan getting punched from lung and uh you hate to miss that ball because you know two missed returns are in the head of your opponent three three missed returns Kyle this is what unwinding the stack can create yeah.

There's more pressure they're worried about their weight transfer because they know they're gonna have to run diagonally and race to that spot to hit a good first volley beautiful overhead from davilia you see the tennis prowess that he has he was uh very skilled tennis player was practice.

Partner for the best in the world at the U.S open in other major events this guy can play tennis and boy can he play Pickleball and uh I like the tag and then walk away sorry didn't even look at DJ young as Colin Dawson went back yeah he knows it's a bit of a formality you know it was not hurt by that shot just uh trying to be a good sport out there.

Wow flying Frenchman backhand domination yeah and you see kind of the difference between uh Dawson and Amelia in their Strokes you know Dawson's a shorter more compact a little bit more motion but he has the option when he times it well to hit with a little bit more power ful point and another big drive so uh these returns are gonna have to get.

Deeper or at least not have just the slow pace of sitting up just on a tee yeah we haven't seen a lot of dinking in game two here yet now the gift from the other side is Dawson misses with the return in a matter of seconds they're back in front 6'4 our devillier and Young great job again by Dawson we saw him do.

That once in game number one take that short angled drop away yeah both Luke and Dawson have that ability to jump the kitchen then uh division young may need to start dropping a little bit more middle to take that play away foreign just couldn't get a ball to bounce you thought they were going to get there.

They took a couple steps but uh too much pressure yeah davilia doing a great job of adding a little bit extra spin on his attacks to really get that ball dipping down forcing his opponents to continue to play defense side out a little unlucky there Dawson was looking for that poach and almost looked.

Like he shielded uh visually Loom and wasn't able to get a good read on his next draw and that attack from Dawson sails just deep nice Dodge from DJ young and it is seven very very impressive paddle control from DJ yeah the counter from uh Dawson came.

In a very awkward location and young handled that very nicely second serve it goes for a hero ball down the line there uh it doesn't make it but uh no harm done side out Billy I knew he left that up the second it uh left his paddle so work to be done.

For the three seed here second sir again just not precise in the third they can't make it to the kitchen yeah with the kind of power that young people possess if those thirds are getting popped up it's gonna take some really Elite defense to get back to neutral point so then why not drive your third.

And your fifth uh the villio's on it just uh that sell Kirk net got in the way can they mount a comeback like they did in game number one tremendous handle from DJ young again I mean you're seeing what he is capable of and it is very good here in this match.

No it is certainly one of the most talented players on tour expect for him to just keep getting better and better still very young and uh excellent player oh that's what it gets from Loom then goes for the Ernie but uh not enough on it and DJ young vanishes into the open court and they are two away from moving.

On to the semi-finals yeah he looks committed to go for it but uh Billy was able to get that ball just down enough where he couldn't really put that Ernie away again DJ young fills the Middle with the two-handed backhand and we are at match point ten five one.

Interesting no time out here save one second try to move to the semis and Callan Dawson is able to put that down as well so much like in game one they saved two game points got it even.

Weren't able to get all the way there can they mount this comeback to finish a match DJ young unbelievably impressive both in his control and then his ability to pull ridiculous things out of his bag of tricks he did it right there on Match Point yeah we talked about that team having a little bit of flash definitely an exclamation point to.

Finish that one so it's the sixth seed getting the first berth in the semi-finals why give pickleball a try without getting pickled in pickleball magazine is partnered with Selkirk to get you started go to to get free access to an in pickleball starter course plus get exclusive deals to.

Paddles at real pros like Tyson McGuffin use Crews with Holland America line and receive up to 30 off a free balcony upgrade 50 reduced deposit free kids fares and our signature beverage package booked by January 31st and receive up to 400 on board spending credit want to.

Give pickleball a try without getting pickles in pickleball magazine has partnered with Selkirk to get you started go to to get free access to an in pickleball starter course plus get exclusive deals to paddles at real pros like Tyson McGuffin use.

Thank you foreign getting our duper tattoos oh cool hey Cameron how's it going almost done perfect can't wait to see your number number duper because ratings shouldn't be a surprise download the app and claim your.

Free profile today I haven't even started yet oh we got our dog hi oh what you got there all right go get it yeah good boy when it comes to lasting relationships we're thinking of every mile the new.

Hyundai Tucson it's your journey oh will you pause it real quick just hold the credit card okay hit play please what when did you do that I just did it the other day all I had to do was enter the banner license plate
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*Due to rain delays, today’s broadcast will begin with the quarterfinal and semifinal matches from the men’s and women’s doubles draws.

Location: Mission Hills Country Club (Rancho Mirage, CA)

Rain Delay Schedule:

8:00am PT – Quarterfinals: Men’s and Women’s Doubles
9:00am PT – Semifinals: Men’s Doubles
10:00am PT – Semifinals: Women’s Doubles
11:00am PT – Championship Sunday Schedule

Championship Sunday Schedule:

Men’s Doubles: TBD (YouTube and Tennis Channel)
Women’s Doubles: TBD (YouTube and Tennis Channel)
Men’s Singles: #1 Ben Johns vs. #7 Federico Staksrud (YouTube and Tennis Channel)
Women’s Singles: #1 Anna Leigh Waters vs. #3 Lea Jansen (YouTube and Tennis Channel)
Mixed Doubles: #1 Ben Johns/Anna Leigh Waters vs. #2 Riley Newman/Jessie Irvine (5:00pm PT on FS1)

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