I'm not one to brag very often but I do think I've got a pretty darn good forehand drive and today I'm going to teach you the three key movements so that you can make a weapon out of your forehand as well something that I'm a really big believer in especially when you're trying to learn a new skill that's pretty.

Difficult is using what I call progressions the idea behind a progression is we're going to take a complex movement and we're going to break it down into its simplest pieces we're going to master each one of those pieces and then we're going to build it back up until we've got the whole thing mastered so the forehand progression for.

This video is going to look something like this first we're going to break down the swing into three simple movements that anybody can practice and master second we're going to learn to combine those movements and turn it into one smooth swing third we're going to add a ball and use.

That new swing to hit off of a controlled drop feed fourth we're going to use a ball machine or a wall to practice our new forehand in a controlled environment and last we're going to be ready to take it to the courts and put it into play before we get into the specifics while we're on the subject of ball machines I.

Want to talk quickly about my spinshot ball machine that I've been using lately if you are in the market for a ball machine this is the one to get all drills are completely customizable with an app on your phone if you're interested make sure you check out the link in the description below to learn more or if you do want to order through.

That link you will get free shipping and a free cover Through My Links okay let's get into the specifics of the forehand so you're going to grab your paddle and you're going to mirror these movements that I'm showing you a couple important things to note here I'm standing squared at the court with my elbow away from my body and my paddle pointed down at about.

A 45 degree angle from the side view you can see that my paddle face is square and I'm holding the pedal just in front of my body now that we got that set here's the movements first thing we're going to do is we're just going to take our elbow and slide it over in front of our body.

Next we're going to use the wrist to roll the paddle from below the hand to above the hand and then step three is to bend the elbow and reach the paddle back up over your shoulder okay so here it is again you can watch all the way through the movements when you're doing this really try to.

Isolate each Movement we just want to focus on the one specific movement and not let anything else in our body change as we go through these three steps so you're just going to keep practicing these until you feel pretty comfortable with each movement because for step two of this process we're going to take these three.

Movements and we're going to try to combine them all together and turn them into one fluid movement it's a pretty simple concept here but lots of reps is really going to help you smooth this out and get it feeling pretty natural also at this stage make sure you're keeping a close eye on your movements.

And make sure they're staying pretty true to what I'm showing you here sometimes it can help to even video yourself or do this in front of a mirror okay for step three we're going to add the ball back into the mix and actually start getting some hits in here just like before when we were practicing the swing the details are very important.

Here you can see on the screen that I've drawn a dotted line which extends out from my outside foot which is my right foot my goal is to get that ball to drop right on that imaginary line once we've got that drop right then it's just a matter of taking that swing we've.

Practiced hopefully hundreds of times and putting it on the ball foreign I want to take a quick second here to point out a super common mistake probably the biggest mistake I see when people are hitting this shot and that is this elbow flaring out you can see my right elbow flare and my.

Paddle flip over and that is a movement that we definitely don't want to feel when we're trying to do this foreign okay we're getting closer to our goal here we are step four this is where we're going to use a ball machine or a wall basically some sort of.

Controlled environment and we're gonna try to get this swing to feel comfortable and a little bit more of a live ball setting so I want you to just watch now for a few shots see if you can pick out those good swings from the bad swings foreign.

one thing I want you to keep in mind when you're doing these progressions is if you lose a little bit of a feel for what you're doing remember you can always go back a step and work on those simpler Concepts after you feel like you have this down pretty good this is where you can add.

Your own style to it so you can see me on screen doing some slightly different take backs sometimes my elbows higher sometimes it's lower sometimes the take back's bigger sometimes it's smaller those are all I think personal preference and you can kind of work that stuff out once you've mastered the fundamental aspects of the swing.

Okay now for the fun part step five we get to take this new topspin drive that we developed to our weekly games and start kicking some butt with it so now that you have this shot in Your Arsenal in a future video we're going to talk specifics on when you should be using it specifically on the third shot when to drop when to use that drive.

I did my best to cover everything but please let me know if you guys have any questions about this don't forget to like And subscribe I will see you guys next time
In this video I take you through a simple progression to learn the fundamentals of a Topspin forehand drive. If you enjoyed the content Please like and subscribe. Also I always love to hear your feedback and what you would like to see next.

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