You're in the kitchen what's up everybody Anna bright and Dylan DTF Frazier back for episode three of the drop let's go let's go let's get into it is this going to be our is this going to be our best one yet Dylan I think so I think it's just getting better and better as we go.

Yeah I think we're gonna figure this out you know Lacey today was like you have a podcast no no I was like yeah like how do you not know it's getting out there I guess it's gradually you know decal new ASAP like two weeks ago in Daytona Decca was talking to me about it he was like.

You're built for it Dylan though so yeah you might have to take that up with Deco but it's all right Dylan let's ride a quick little a little bit of an Austin recap so ale and Ben double triple crown kind of boring but they're goaded you know um mixed fourth place with Leia tell me.

About that yeah it was good it was our first tournament together uh we had a couple good wins leading up to the semifinal when we then we got railroaded by Ben and Anna Lee not a very competitive match and and relatively quick and then bronze medal match we played later it was pretty late.

We lost to the Johnsons but pretty good for our first one together obviously not as good as you and James did so I think I lost something about your mindset um playing with Liz yeah you lost but I mean you know um tell me about your mindset right you're playing Catherine and Tyson.

You're down 6-0 yeah I'm watching I'm like this guy sucks Dylan you're missing everything yeah you know like just Tyson is just destroying you in hands you know Catherine's destroying you in hands you know Leia can't even touch a ball my grandparents disliked watching me and you play.

Together because you took every ball from me is what they said that's right my grandfather wasn't happy about it yeah yeah so how do you turn that around and win let me just ask your grandfather if he liked the fact that you were winning and if so then he should be okay with me hitting more balls.

The Masters against Ben and Anna Lee oh yeah I don't know if I was the reason we lost that match that was so long ago like I didn't I don't even remember what happened I feel like I'm a completely different person like that was like old old Dylan old Anna like I feel like I've completely evolved since then that's.

Just old news um maybe but not around you went 11-6 yeah there's a lot of discussion about wind this weekend and I think your match is like the prime example yeah you're up 6-0 you switch sides you win 11-6 yeah we finished on the goods when's the thing in pickleball yep yeah I was.

Really tight in our mix match against Matt Lucy because we got up 6-1 on the good side then switched to the bat but we were able to hang on but you know I know we bring up Christian now Sean way too much on here I hope he doesn't ever hear it because it would just go to his head but he had a tweet this weekend today I learned how important wind is in.

Pickleball so eight months in nine months in he learned something and uh I don't know if that happens every day for him um I have another question for you Dylan okay where would you rank yourself in mixed.

All like as men of course where would you put yourself as a mixed player I would say I would be in the top like honestly top 10. top ten oh my God Dylan of course you're in the top ten yeah who's who is better than you at mixed tell me who's better than you and mix like you will say like yeah they're a.

Better Mix player than me yeah I feel like I feel like mixed doubles generally like whichever like if you're a guy that can attack the girl like usually I feel like the best mixed guys are the guys that can just kind of be relentless and attacks names Dylan who's better than you at mixed okay obviously Ben is better than being.

Mixed doubles um that might be it yeah okay yeah I think who I think is brand new mixed honestly Ben Riley James I think that's it I think you're number four okay I'll take that.

I don't yeah because if I were to play with Jada my grandfather would not be upset about me not hitting enough balls I'll just say that I don't think that would be a concern if that's not a concern for my grandfather if he's not pacing and cursing at the television you're not a good mixed player so there's a problem your number four Dylan.

Gonna be honest okay thank you that's uh really increases my confidence going to MLP this week you're not in my group so it's not a problem for me to increase your confidence um yeah I also why is your why was your worst performance of the year with me.

You know because you're getting results like you got bronze with Cal you got fourth with Leia you got like six with Jade um and then with me and you like we must have gotten like 12. maybe you should be asking yourself that I guess it's just a reflection on me no straight up no no because.

You've done really well competitive match with you had a competitive match against James and lay with Megan Fudd like and Megan does not do well in front of James you know it was against Megan fudge and Gabe tardio that James invented on Jimmy mode you know that in that match in Columbus.

Like James and uh James and Jackie were down like 15-13 and then James just eight points in a row didn't lose the serve just attacking every single ball of Megan and that's when he started saying um Jimmy and then buy our next match Tim klitsch had gotten shirts.

You know like printed and the back of them said I'm Jimmy I don't think people watching the live stream or live could hear what he was saying but he was saying I'm Jimmy and that was the invention of I'm Jimmy mode it was against Megan fudge and gay cardio yeah um another question why are Ben and Colin so good like I.

Watch a lot of men's matches from the semi-finals on but just why are they so good I think I think their consistency and and their shot selection is just a huge separator and it seems pretty basic I think for a lot of people just say oh they're more consistent oh they make the right shots at the right time but.

Really I think it just boils down to that they're they're so consistent they make the right shots Colin's like specialized for for being a good partner for Ben like that's his if they're if he had a goal in pickleball would be to be a good partner for Ben I feel like like he he just plays that role so well resets well and he's he's countering.

Well now too Colin doesn't want to be the best pickleball player he can be he wants to be the best partner for Ben Johnson he can be yeah that's a good brother would you do that for one of your siblings no I would I would be way too selfish I would I would it would all be for me.

Me too I'd be the best pickleball player me too I mean we stayed at Tim kletcher's house and Tim told us the Colin plays so much twice as much as then and Colin has a ball machine Colin brings out a ball machine no one has more reps than Colin John.

Like you know Dave like status but he doesn't nobody has more reps than Colin John's and he gets out a ball machine and he works on shots only on the right only on 20 of the court on the right side this guy doesn't give a crap about mixed doubles he just he's just like that also after they won.

The men's final and we went back and we were like packing up it was so wholesome like Colin's baking and uh he's making cheesecake for Ben's birthday it was very wholesome so that's a good brother right there what a guy that's a brother been so lucky what a guy you know so like let me ask you a question.

Clearly let me ask you a question because I was curious okay turning all right wow you're turning the table I'm tired of answering your questions let me ask you a question so because I was just curious because I watched a little bit of your mix final against ban Italy who the past couple of years have all but twice seemed pretty.

Much untouchable and you and James got a game off them which I thought was impressive and honestly that wasn't too surprised like I was I was I'm not gonna lie I was expecting Ben and Anna Lee to win but for you and James to win a game or two I wouldn't have been surprised for that to happen.

Um and that was the first time you and James had played Ben and Anna Lee right so you guys are like a new team for them to face and vice versa I guess but what was like after the match immediately after the match how how did you and James feel the match went because I think like the scores in the third and fourth game were.

What like 11 4 11 5 so like on paper like it's like okay five and five okay but I felt like the points were made like I I think you guys were like you guys were going toe-to-toe with them and like the 11 4 11 5 I don't feel like was a good reflection of of how competitive the the match was because I felt like you guys were.

Beating them at their own game you guys were speeding up very well to them what were your thoughts immediately after the match did you feel like you're kind of out of the match or you could have won it or like what do you guys think immediately after I really felt like we could have won and that was our mentality going in it's.

Like of course I wouldn't bet money on us but I felt like we as a team like we can beat them like annalize not so good because she's like the best dinker like she's so good at attacking but like James is I think honestly like the least attackable male I think that's one reason that Georgia kind of struggles against James uh kind.

Of the same reason so if you watch it back and we hardly sped up the ball at James you know so I think that and James's you know hands are faster and heavier than Ben's it's just Ben is like the ding quality is absurd like James wasn't able to flick one ball the whole match like he missed like three like just reaching so far in um.

And they just they like make good choices been especially they were they were weirdly like like over the middle they were fighting a lot there was a lot of like weird stuff in the middle um so I don't think they played their best but I also don't think we played their best and we started really really rattled actually.

Like um I'll get into why in a second uh but like for me it's like I just finished women's this is only my second time playing mixed on Champion Sunday I'm going back to back and like last time I did I was playing Jada than Georgia who I'm pretty familiar with and it's like shoot like.

I'm playing Ben and Italy the last time I played against these two these guys like they just destroyed like Dylan and kind of me too so um but yeah after the match we felt we felt good like um went back to the car I was kind of like oh what's the vibe going to be.

Because he's he's better at like leaving ASAP than I am like I kind of got caught up I had like a whole I had a lot of anxiety about like five Championship Sunday I had like a mini grocery store so I had to pack a bunch of stuff so I'm getting stopped for like you know photos and everything when I finally get to the car I'm like I don't know what the.

Vibe's gonna be like how's he gonna feel and stuff and he was just like it was really sweet like we were really happy um a little bit of snuggling maybe maybe maybe not um but I kind of wanted to go I was talking I was like all right let's go.

And then he was like we have to watch the men's final we always watch the men's final Somebody went back out and we actually watched the rest of what was a pretty poor men's final because we missed the first game but yeah we were having we felt like we were right in there of course we're driving back to Austin and James is watching the match.

On his phone already I haven't watched it yet I like need time especially after I lose but James has already watched the match like three times like we ended up on different flights um home we had a connection we had like awkward flight situation we ended up on different flights home and I get a text.

From him and it's like you're so on top of this this is going to be so great for us and I was like thanks but what are you talking about and then like two minutes later a video sends and it's like me attacking Ben I thought he was talking about something like more serious and it's a video it's like me attacking Ben it's a backhand.

Ben's counter is bad I'm on top of it but I miss it long because like a lot of times like he hit it slower than I thought it was going to come back and I was just like James I was like yeah I'm on top of that I'm on top of that in the future so we felt good we felt like you know we may not beat them next time maybe not the.

Time after but I feel like we are a very legit threat to that team so it was encouraging it was very encouraging yeah I was wondering I was wondering because I thought I thought you guys take away should have been all positive but I was wondering if you guys were gonna be disappointed or not after after the afternoon.

a little because you lost and I didn't feel like we I felt like I kind of played pretty bad in the in the fourth like left a lot of dinks high like but yeah we were really happy with it um and I think James was rattled you know you might know why that James might have been a little rattled but Dylan are you.

In the uh Austin shows yeah that was pretty funny it was it was more funny having this one I wonder maybe yeah yeah I think do you want to provide maybe a little bit of context and kind of break down that interaction for you know just what happened the night before the next final.

To all of our yeah so I can many fans I can I can definitely tell you how that conversation went but I think it's even let me kind of set the stage a little bit in a second let me set the stage so James and I are driving back after gender day right James is like shoot who am I gonna warm up with tomorrow like who's around and I was.

Like would matter Riley warm you up which fed you know some of the other men playing that aren't our opponent right like we're playing against Ben and he's like nah like they put in like no and I was like okay I would like Jade up or don't be on he's like they're probably gone and I was like maybe like Thomas Wilson he might watch Viv.

James doesn't James is like you know what I don't want to speculate I'm just gonna text the chat Austin showed up chat has like 35 Pros in it is anyone going to be around tomorrow willing to warm up with me yes he asked that Dylan you take us through the rest of the conversation break it down for us so James reached.

Out to the group chat and hopes that someone could warm him up for pickleball and I believe Ben's text was or actually I'm a little I'm a little foggy with it but something along the lines if I can or or what what did he say he said uh let me let me keep it let me keep it clear for our favorites a text comes in immediately we can warm.

Up together smiley face I didn't have this number saved I asked James I was like who said that he goes he starts dying laughing in John's James says after some deliberation we don't know what he should respond James says are you talking about pickleball what what is going on here Dylan what is.

Going on yeah well I think you know better than I do and and based off some of the some of the things that you and James have both told me about your interactions with Ben in the past I think it's maybe um maybe there's some feelings there between James and Ben or probably just one way but.

You haven't even had a girlfriend maybe I should be talking to Jada about this Dylan but I think that there might have just been some genuine you know confusion up until this point I was like maybe Ben doesn't know maybe he's a little confused but then Ben John says whatever you want.

So then shoot whatever you want so funny so funny this guy's a total alpha male he's an alpha male throwing through there's 35 Pros in this chat and he's just so he's just trying to get he starts trying to get in James's head clearly you know before the mixed fight I'm just trying to Rattle him.

You know was that was that what you thought that's my turn away here he was trying to get and James said the next morning at noon right before like we're close to starting our match then adds like how about that warm-up I can bring Starbucks if you want and then James came out James was rattled he played.

Horribly the first six points like just a couple drives missed a couple drops you know after I was like why like you know I was like I was like let's go like after the first game I was like because we got down 6-0 and then proceeded to lose the game 11-8 so I actually felt like we kind of dominated after getting down 6-0 and he was like.

And got in my head Ben is that guy really and I think Ben is I think Ben is actually a total alpha male like you talk to Ben and I feel like I have a pretty good read on people I think you have like a really good read on people like probably better than me honestly just.

Because I just feel like you're like the chillest person ever with some of the company you choose to keep um not referencing anyone in particular though okay like you don't you you talk to Ben and like you don't even know anything about him you know what I'm saying yeah actually I.

I haven't interacted with him much at all so I can't I can't really say but he's like he's just like so smart and he's just such like this guy's like on another planet because I feel like he's older than me but he's only like six months older than me it's insane also happy birthday then um.

You're great great dude you know uh James talks about you all the time James watches you play along pickle um all right oh speaking of Ben also an alpha move by then Mr Ben is getting Super Active on Twitter you're not on Twitter Dylan whenever we want to talk about things related to.

Like what's going on on social media I have to like fill Dylan in on what's going on and I'll be like this is happening on Facebook this is happening like in the kitchen like this is happening and other forms is going on on Instagram and Dylan's like okay then he forms an opinion in like two minutes when he.

Reads like the outline I sent him and then just you know answers my questions but then on Twitter he calls out 6-0 carbon Legacy vatic Pro says like you know there's these issues these paddles are delaminating the Legacy CEO responds says Legacy respects the Integrity of I'm paraphrasing here but the game the.

Rules the family the family family Legacy and other brands like went hard I've been in and I felt like Ben also really really got flamed you know on socials and everything and then Anna Lee like screenshots his post and says agree and then it's like reposted in the kitchen it's like the baby goat agrees as everyone's like flaming on Ben.

What's your take on these paddles Dylan and on like you know what Ben said in general yeah so so the the delamination of battles definitely has an effect on the pedal there's no doubt about that gives it more power but in is a delaminated paddle illegal right now given the current rules well it's tough because these paddles.

Get poppier as they're used so it's like when USA pickleball tests the paddle like we play I've hit with a new carbon power series it's not really it's as powerful as your paddle I think like an 002 02a nothing crazy at all like a poppy paddle but nothing insane but then they get used you know and if people are like hitting them with like.

Hammers and and like stuff like they're gonna really break and then they get insane so that is not a legal paddle but it's like it's past the initial test so now that the PPA and MLP are going to be you know their data collecting they're going to implement like live tests yeah I think then it's kind of okay this battle is not legal but there's still.

Problems with that because it's not like grit like but if if I gave someone like a new one of these problems that's going to delaminate I get my sticker on it for the day and then I go and like break it yeah so I don't know I think so it's kind of a problem but I think it's funny.

Or sorry you go I was just gonna say I think I think uh that better testing like live testing like they're doing now I think I think that's the answer I don't I don't think it's really a problem for the companies because like their their job is to like push the boundaries and make paddles that are.

Going to be the best paddle on the market like this the business that they're in so I feel like better testing like as long as the testing is is up to date and you can do live testing and players can challenge battles and all that then I don't think there's there's a problem with it like if.

Players players can take a risk but but they could get caught with it and and the repercussions are um that you can like lose your lose your appearance fee and and like if you got a medal that weekend so there's consequences for getting caught with an illegal paddle and so it's just a risk that players are going to take.

It's interesting it's kind of like differently from how I feel I kind of feel it's like a question of um ethics kind of but like we're only talking about the pro game I get the amateur level like there's no consequences for using like like Dave like you didn't really watch him play but with that thing.

It's unreal like how hard he's hitting the ball and it's just not safe it's like a safety concern and I feel like these companies I think a lot of them vatic pro has definitely taken steps to fix the issue I've heard carbon uh like I've heard that the new carbons aren't supposed to break but like because before like I remember Spencer got his.

New paddles and everyone was like expensive I think so hard it doesn't sound right and now like it's fine you know so I think they're taking steps to fix them but it's like I don't think it's right for these companies to pretend that there isn't an issue or that it's all like they're so high and mighty and.

Like Ben is just like trying to like undercut them horribly it's like the CEO of Legacy has got to know there's no way they don't know right about what's like going on with their paddles and like when they're used for a couple months it literally becomes like a loaded gun it's like I think this is an issue also like what happened to.

Racquetball I worked at duper and so we talked about this a lot steep Community was like really growing but the game got too fast everyone's wearing goggles and then it wasn't accessible and it's not like your grandma can go play anymore because it's like it's just not safe so yeah I don't know give them incentive.

Not to not to make delaminated paddles then penalize them if someone's caught with one yeah right yeah yeah I think that they I think it's you know testing I think you know what happens at the pro game is kind of gonna trickle down like when paddles fail I think there needs to be less stigma around testing paddles.

Too like why do you have to pay 250 bucks if you like fail if you test someone's paddle and it's and you're wrong right I think they should be like almost encouraging us to test paddles in the sensor it shouldn't be such like a sore loser look right um.

I agree with that I don't know it shouldn't be that so I think but it's kind of like the only way to avoid the store loser look is to beat someone and then get their paddle tested you know yeah yeah I think I don't think they're I'm with you I don't think there should be I don't think it should cost that.

Much to have a paddle tested and then if you lose yeah like make it like a hundred bucks or like 50 bucks for like 250 that's like that's like the bronze medal bonus yeah sometimes yeah yeah play for bronze at a lot of these tournaments you're just playing for pride and uh yeah.

That that sometimes has been tough for me personally um okay MLP preview so Dylan I want to know which teams are going to advance group a clean blqk the Masters in Seattle um I'm gonna say blqk and Seattle will.

Advance why do you think you're better than the Milwaukee Mashers uh because I think I'm not even gonna talk about Team Clean I'm not even talking about them I think team Queen's good though uh like for Matt and Zayn to lose all their men's matches at the last MLP was.

Was surprising to me um I think they can definitely do better like that's not a team that you can just count on that's all there I don't think Matt yeah I don't think Matt like I think if not believed yeah I was yeah I was having this conversation earlier Matt's there and Matt is a force but I.

Think he seemed a little not full that right level to me yeah when I watched the last time it definitely seemed like that's enough talk about Team Clean why are you gonna beat Milwaukee why are you going to be why are you gonna beat that to me so the last time the last time we played um we didn't have Maggie brasha and we.

Felt like we did pretty We performed pretty well for not having Maggie on our team so I think we're all kind of excited for for Maggie to be there and uh Mirchi was sitting with her a little bit today the coach in the BLK bears and he said that Maggie was playing well so I think I think that's going to be coach I think I think she's gonna be.

A big difference yeah when mircha speaks I listen and I hope you do too last MLP we broke down a lot of film with coach mircha talked about a lot of strategy had a bunch of different how many times did you get hit by coach mirchia it's a heavy ball how many body bags definitely a few times but he was really.

Nice about it every time he hit he apologized he made sure to apologize every time that's really yeah what a guy um okay yeah I think Maggie really levels up your team is she I'm curious though I don't know if you know even but is she gonna play the right or the left and women's.

Um she's a left side player but like on you know you would expect Andreas the better I mean Andrew's the higher pick but I think she's gonna play the right but Andrew and her haven't played together yet so that could go either way that could go either way I think uh I I think that I I think Maggie is like really good on the left my take all.

Right Group B my group be honest you don't think of Hustler's advancing don't say um and the fives we have Rafa Hewitt Roth is playing with an Adidas paddle though he told us oh sure um but he said it he said it actually.

Has like a lot of grit on it like it's got like like your O2 like it's gritty so okay he's feeling so we've got the heartaches but to say that you have to say what I have to I had to tell you that he's playing with it okay but it's still MLP and it's still roughly Hewitt so.

Whatever it's still a MLP and it's still raw for you yeah um so you got the your team heartates and Madrox you said or no madrops Vegas which is long Hustlers the heartaches which is Riley AJ uh Lindsey mayor and then the fives James and Annalee Leia Hayden okay I say.

Your team and the fives are the two that Advance out of that pool I like that answer so why do you think we beat I mean I think we should be Vegas we lost them in a dream breaker last time but we were up 2-0 and uh I don't think we stacked the mix properly Tyson and I had match points like I think we should.

Beat them but it's it's always a crap shoot yeah the heartaches though I'm curious why you think that we'll Advance over the heart AIDS I mean how many times do I have to say you have Rafi Hewitt and it's MLP like come on you're right I need to I need to get it together I have another question for you though should I play.

With Rafa or Tyson this is like a debate on my team right now are you guys talking about that huh Rafa once you know he wants his one chance if you would just give him one Anna just give me one yeah is this the time he's pushing our GM he's pushing our three five GM hard our GM is saying that Tyson.

Isn't Alpha enough with me he's like Tyson's only playing 50 he needs to be Alpha okay he's not Alpha enough with you like I don't know where he got that from yeah but Ralph is pushing what do you think I'm curious what you think well I mean I think I think for you it wouldn't be that bad because.

You're you're comfortable playing the left and mix too but no I think I think you need to stick with you and Tyson and Rafa and Lacey I just like because Rafa and Lacey have played a lot Ralph and Lucy have played tournaments together and they've and they played the last one together so.

They kind of know how to play together they played the last one together but they went they went oh and two together they were owed to they only played two matches they played they played two matches and they they came up short okay.

But they'd be Annalee and Hayden so like I found wins over Hannah Lee how many people have wins over handling and next yeah not me right you definitely not you but Rafa Hewitt so there you go off of you did MLP baby so we'll see all right Group C St Louis shock the smash.

ATX and the mat drops Florida Smash and madrops now drops in the smash here Madrid's in the smash here it's like pretty straightforward um yeah okay second question we're not playing MLP anymore.

It's not major league pickable but we're still on the same teams we are just brawling with each other four versus four-person fights okay we're just fighting we're fighting all right which teams advance all right group A Team Clean.

Blqk the Mashers the Seattle pioneers um we're not playing pickleball we're fighting yeah we're brawling so I think all right you're hungry you're hungry the team that comes out of our pool without question is the Mashers Milwaukee Mashers.

And no question yeah I mean come on Cali and Lucy like like those are you know Andre and DJ like DJ like man but like Andre like big guy yeah you know and I'm I'm not I'm really not too high on our team's fighting ability but honestly we might be the other team that makes it out.

Because the other you think your team might take down Seattle you think yeah I don't know about you and fed I don't think too highly of you and fed I'm gonna be honest have you ever been in a fight Dylan a verbal a verbal fight but not a physical fight a verbal site like because you were.

Telling me like the first time you like drank within your 21st birthday so I'm not expecting a lot of fighting ability out of you I'm going to be honest no I think I think if Bush came to shove I could I could fight better than than the other two teams in our pool but again like I agree our teams you think you can fight better than Ben and Tyler yeah.

Tyler's like Scrappy you know yeah but I'm not too high on Ben's fighting ability do you think Andrea and Maggie are gonna you know be able to throw hands with like I think Linda and Yana legit you know they're like they're like some Eastern European blood there along with Lucy and then you know Seattle's.

Got like Ed on Megan is too small you could just step on Yana small but she hits the crap out of the street her fast twitch muscle fiber like I have been backed by Yana it hurts I think she can throw a punch I I'm gonna go honestly I think the Mashers are obviously advancing and then I'm I'm not high on blkk I think Andrea.

Might like actually she's got brothers that's a factor but I'm going Seattle here I'm going Masters in Seattle that's my pick all right Group B but they've also got Kyle all right counselors Tyson Rafa me Lacey hard eights again I think Rafa carries you guys out and then the fives you think Rafa carries us I think Tyson.

I mean Tyson like wrestled in college so I think Rafa's Country Strong like he's a he's a farm boy you're right no you're right you're right Winery in Idaho like in Alabama you know he's from Alabama like a month the guy the guy's got some meat on his bones too.

Yeah if Ross was hungry he's a dog he's got that dog in him so I think yeah I think we make it out I don't think uh I think I'm definitely the weak link on our team like Lacey's small for sure but like pound for pound I I think only Cali and Elise like our our what would like be comparable strength wise um I'm gonna be on I don't.

Know how to throw a punch um you know I might just have to try to survive until I can get some help um all right and then the other three teams we've got Vegas the heartaches and the fives and the fives I think uh away who not the fives oh yeah the fives um.

I think I go with jackal's team and I think Deco carries I think Taco carries this team out of the pool and div Viv is also really strong but this is so sweet they're just so sweet she'd be like sorry sorry but you know who I'd be like terrified.

Of in a fight terrified Leia I would be scared for my life she's gonna pull out she's gonna pull out all your hair you're gonna like be poking your eyes she's gonna be biting like I'd be really scared to play do you think your team could be uh the Milwaukee Mashers that's a good question on the female.

Side absolutely not like Roslyn Tyson would have to take care of business quickly and come help us out yeah Cali is another one I'd be terrified of but this is something I was talking about with Lacey Cali has a lot of hair she's got a lot of hair he gets a hand on that hair because like I have like you know some hair but I feel like I.

Could like secure it put that much hair like it doesn't matter if she puts it in a bun like you're gonna get a hand on it yeah that's definitely a in the armor yeah it's a in the armor like otherwise I think Cali is like definitely the best female.

In this sense but she's just she got a lot of hair and that's a weakness you know she's got a lot of hair and that's just a fact if she's got a ribbon in it it probably makes it even easier um Group C St Louis shock.

The smash ATX and the Mad drops I think St Louis shock has a good chance with Eric and with Eric and Jay having their having their height and reach it's a big Advantage you think Jay you think Jay can hit someone oh no I forgot he's gonna be like come on like I forgot that he was French I think Eric is legit.

You you forgot that he was French yeah like It's gotta be a little song um love the guy love the guy but uh and I also I just don't think Elise and Simone like Elise like really strong but just like small like Simone I just feel like never see Simone I'm just like a little worried about the guy.

Florida smash can make it out Colin though can call and handle getting hit no we see him get hit by a pickleball you know and he's throwing his hat on the ground he's uh he's not okay I think but I think the rest of their team is super legit Travis Travis has been in some fights yeah Travis has probably been in more fights.

Than anyone else and and in this pickleball world and because I think traffic's legit Jesse and George are super legit I'm a little worried about calling not gonna lie maybe swap maybe swap calling with one other girls so that he can fight in women's doubles and one of the girls can.

Fly Travis and men's doubles that is so funny yeah he kind of like that's funny no that might be the way to do it yeah Colin versus Cali who wins Callie yeah that that I think that's tight yeah um okay ATX ATX I think is the worst team in this hypothetical scenario although I do have to say that jdub I do.

Have to say that Gabe in the college j-dub I've been with JW and DJ and we've been talking about fighting before and jdub thinks that he can go Toe to Toe with DJ in a fight I said JW how many times if you fought DJ 10 times how many times do you win and he said probably five or six times.

He beats DJ in a fight so jdub's pretty confident in his fighting ability really Jacob hasn't that's great though he's got confidence that's huge yeah does Jade up know when you throw a punch if your thumb goes inside or outside your fist probably not and but he says that he's a fast learner because I asked I told him.

That DJ's a trained fighter like DJ said some classes and fighting and jdub said that's fine but I can just watch some fighting movies like Karate Kid and pick up a few tricks so I think if he does that yeah he watches some karate kid oh God okay so maybe Jada I'm probably underestimating data.

Is Gabe a fast learner tardio a fast learner in this situation no but he's got a lot of confidence that's for sure he would he would go in there feeling pretty confident I think but get crushed pretty quickly and the call was I think think the call was our I think they're they're small they're not.

The beefiest we'll see like them getting too mean I'm not too high in the college ATX is out for sure I think ATX is definitely I think ATX is getting public gonna be honest I I don't know if ATX makes it out of this bar the Mad drops I think the madrops are legit a legit fight Squad yeah Julian Thomas.

Catherine and Irina you know Catherine's looking real beefy these days yeah you know she is she's looking she's looking real jacked you know she's looking a little different why do you think that is and uh irina's I think she's working she's got that new trainer she's got this new trainer she's got this new trainer and she's actually looking.

Stronger than her she's also looking stronger than than I think his name is Connor yeah she's looking a little bigger than him even but uh um I think Catherine's legit um Irina you know same like Eastern European I think that counts for a lot you know I played a lot of Russian tennis players when I was younger oh my.

God they're the worst they cheat you know but they're hungry like they need it they want it so I do not want to be dealing with anybody from with Eastern European blood in a fight and then I feel like Thomas I feel like Thomas could can throw hands yeah I think Julian Julian I think Julian can hold his own.

But I think T is T is the number one male and that should be a formidable Fighter for sure who do you think wins it all though I think the Masters I'm going Masters here yeah I just think they're women are op and I think you know Andre is like six six like DJs like five eleven so.

Um I think they're sorry DJ I know you're you know pushing six feet um but yeah I think I think the Mashers win it all that's my pick same I think I think on paper they should definitely win okay and uh.

Honestly Dylan I think that we should all we should just be thankful me and you in particular that this is not MLP and we're playing pickleball yeah yeah I think we're both below average fighters in the scenario yeah I agree but I think I could beat you in a fight.

That's okay we're intellectuals that's why that's why we're podcasting because we're intellectual we don't need to do that we don't need to do that yeah that is I I do think you could probably beat me I think I do think I could be Hayden though I beat him in singles in a Dreamweaver I think he's pretty small he probably you.

Probably weigh more than Hayden I think I've got a um I don't think he's not like stronger than me but he has a weak spot that I don't have and I think if I can just get free enough to Target that um I think I'll be all right fair enough that's my take um.

Is there anything else you want to say about MLP doing you got anything you want to say about the Challenger level or anything I'm really excited for the Challenger League I think it's going to be a blast uh I think I really want to see how the teams that made big picks do like the Brooklyn Aces taking Tyra I think the team that uh the boss which.

You know has our friend Millie on it and they picked Jill and then traded her to um for for Megan fudge I want to see how Jill plays um so yeah Brendan I think Brendan is honestly the best guy in Challenger and he like didn't even get picked up in the first Go Round And I I think he's the best guy like who do you think is better.

Than Brendan I think I think Pablo and and Christian are pretty good and they're on the same team yeah you're right I forgot about I forgot about that yeah yeah you're right I think I think the Bay Area Breakers will probably win again I also if you like honestly like who do you think is the.

Team to be in our level like I I think the madrops are favored to win because I think their group is pretty soft right I think they're going to advance there's a good chance they'll Advance 3-0 again I think they're going to have a one or the two seed and they're going to be playing confident again like you don't really.

Want to see I saw what a confident Julian looked like um yeah and they're a great Dream Burger team so I think I think if the madrops were in my group I wouldn't say that like if we swapped places but with the way the groups took out I think the madrops what do you think I don't think I don't think they win.

Um yeah I mean just if I had to pick one team that's going to win bet my money on I would pick the madrops I think yeah I think they're the easiest tattoo I think they have a good chance but I don't think they win I don't know they're good you think blkk wins I think boqk can win if if boqk.

Plays good we've got Maggie now do you think Dylan can win if Dylan plays good too yeah just since you said that in the third person yeah the hustlers can win too if the hustlers play well you know I think I think most there's like almost all these teams like you can always say like they could win.

Yeah if everybody everybody's good everybody's good everybody has a good team everybody's good it's yeah that's why it's like so fun um but yeah everyone we're in Daytona we're excited do you have anything else you want to say to all our fans Dylan thank you guys for tuning in to the drop.

The drop hope everybody enjoyed this take of the MLP brawl we think the mattress come out on top if you think someone else comes out on top feel free to message us or leave in the comments YouTube or in the kitchen wherever you see this and uh and Dylan out thanks guys.

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