You're in the kitchen yo what's up everybody this is Anna bright and Dylan Fraser here the hosts of the drop the number one podcast in pickleball despite this only being episode one and you guys don't really even know what you're listening to yet um Dylan do you want to say a little bit about yourself for all of our fans.

Yeah you know when I started my pickleball career I didn't really think I'd end up at a point where I'm doing podcasts with someone talking about pickleball but I'm very excited about the idea very excited for this first episode you know there's there's several other podcasts out there uh you know they've got Rob nunnery and.

Adam Stones it feels right Tyson McGuffin does a podcast James ignite which does the podcast and I I guess these are all our competitors now and I I feel really good about our situation and and being able to be the best podcast out there I mean we've got the whole community of the kitchen behind us come on also as.

Long as we can make Dylan be the number one performing Selkirk podcaster that is pretty much my job and I'll be the best podcaster in this apartment that's the goal think I think it's definitely attainable yeah James just screamed cap but uh hopefully this mic didn't even pick him up if you didn't hear it I heard it I.

Heard a faint noise in the background I didn't know what it said what he was saying though yeah no I'll I'll make sure that he's quiet the rest of this um we'll see um but yeah everyone we just thought that this would be really fun I have been kind of wanting to do this for a.

While and like months ago I texted Dylan and I was like Dylan we have to do a podcast and uh he thought I was joking and expressed no interest and I told him that if I told his mom that I wanted to do a podcast with him he would be doing one immediately um never got to that point I just had to.

Nag him enough and now here we are here we are yeah I definitely had some I definitely had some pressure from my parents as well as social media manager that I just started working with to do some more content related things so it was good timing yeah absolutely and it's good timing because we both just had some pretty good weekends.

Um so Dylan tell us when did you start playing pickleball I started playing pickleball when I was 14 years old so seven years ago now wow okay so I consider myself like one of the ogs of the sport um I I know a lot about pickleball in its early stages and I've seen a lot of growth over my time playing pickleball I.

Wasn't playing as early as some of the the actual ogs like you know Kyle Yates Dave Weinbach and even people that predate them but I've been around for a while and I've seen a lot of things in pickleball yeah that's we'll definitely have to get your knowledge interjected here and there but uh so you've been playing for.

Seven years now yes and this last weekend in Minnesota at lifetime indoors you get your first PPA title yes pretty sick after seven years but how does it feel that jameswich got not one with two titles before you after playing for about 14 months yeah I definitely feel like I got one upset this last tournament but I just got double up I.

Got double UPS by by James at this last tournament but feeling pretty confident moving forward that we'll be able to that I'll be able to get some more gold medals uh on on my list also I have to point out that like you know the whole seven years first gold medal thing like doesn't really add up because the PPA has only been a tour for what like two.

Years now I've only had a chance to get gold medals for the last two years on the PPA tour anyway my first Full Medal my first gold medal was when I was going 3.5 in the Missouri Show me State Games very first tournament or actually second second sorry I got something okay yeah don't.

Lie to us um do you regret letting James get those two gold medals before you do you regret not calling Jada calling fed calling Pablo calling the PPA be like hey this match needs to be on first yeah I should have rallied the troops um but yeah yeah I think I think our match.

Deserves well I think I think what they were doing was like they were they were saving like the better matches for later in the day and so they wanted to get like all James's matches out of the way early um but yeah I think I mean I think I think I don't I don't.

Feel myself like so much pressure from James because I feel like his rivalry is is mostly with Christian Alshon like I feel like the comparison between him and Christian is made more than between he and I so honestly I wasn't thinking too much about his gold medals trumping my one gold medal in Minnesota I was mostly just excited about the fact that he had.

Two before Christian had one was my main thought yeah no and it's it's pretty sick that one of them is in doubles because singles a little bit of a crap shoe without Ben James's draw was also pretty soft in that uh you know he faced his first real opponent in Jay de Villiers I mean he.

Did play Christian in the quarters but uh we all know that was a route despite the actual the funniest thing was Christian's tweet I think I told you that like so James is like in his interviews talking about how much of a route this was it was so uh dominant shouldn't even be on TV and then.

Christian tweets so who wants to see my 11 6 11 8 loss yeah he was he was definitely advertising it and I think I saw a highlight video somewhere like he playing a point against James and he went for a tweener and it was like a really good shot almost but he missed it but that that was the one shot that he.

Picked from that match that he decided to like advertise to other people and and then encourage them to watch the match which he lost to James so that was very interesting I think he's like I think he's like in the Rivalry that that is kind of forming or is already formed between he and James because it's you know a lot of people are starting to pay.

Attention to it so it's kind of good marketing for him is this a fair fight all right Christian wins a match on Center Court Christian we all know Christians had some wins but I don't think he's ever gotten a Center Court PPA interview are you looking forward to that interview I am I want to see I want to.

See what Christian has If he if he feels the need to kind of fight back or like come at James or if he's you know not concerned about that at all so I'll be interested to see what he has to come up with yeah how long do you think until how long do you think until Christian gets that Center Court interview what do.

You think he did say he was going to be number one in six months six months ago yeah I don't I don't think Christian is quite on the on the path or trajectory that he initially projected himself to be on at this point but I think he I think he's I think he's improving at every tournament so you know it could be as soon as the next one like he's he's.

Playing pretty well JW and I played he and him and Rafa at this at this last tournament and we were it was fairly competitive and and I know he's got some good singles wins now so I think I think he's right there anytime now you know um in the Players Lounge so I don't know where you are but Ralph and Christian got fifth which is a great.

Result like I was really surprised like happy for them of course Ralph was like I got fifth Anna you got to give me one yeah I know I know but he's also like talking to everyone it's like I'm up there Matt's there Lucy's there he's like he's saying he's telling everyone how he got second place he's like we lost to the Champions we only had one.

Loss we if we don't hit Jada and Dylan we're in Championship Sunday and I don't know if feder Pablo were there to say anything because they're gonna play you guys in the final but uh Matt's like they haven't even played the final yet and Ralph was like come on come on come on everyone Rob was telling everyone he got.

Silver I mean the final was when JW and I played he and Christian second round that determined who was going to win Minnesota right there no for sure no no doubt I think or well I have a question so the semi of U2 you and Jada versus Matt and Riley I watched that match actually like yesterday.

Morning while I was eating breakfast I have no idea why but you know why I wanted to watch it is because of the dialogue between Jim Kloss and Lucy kovalova on Facebook have you seen any of that I'm not aware of this no what happened oh my gosh it's so funny I'll have to send it to you but basically for everyone interested.

There's this guy who does stats on all the pro pickable matches I'd imagine most people who would be listening to this would be aware and uh he's done a lot of stats on Matt and Riley's matches and his conclusion is pretty much always that Matt is the worst player on the court and is speeding up the ball too much Lucy.

In the comments is just like flaming him for the first time then Jim is like you're right I can't just I look at one match I need to look at another match he looks at another match Toc when uh Matt and Riley beat uh Ben and Colin Matt speed up percentages and we remember that match like they called it like the battle and great match like.

Insane play like speed up like never seen that before in men's doubles at the end of the match Matt speed at percentage is 50 Riley's is like 75 something insane and he's like conclusion when Matt is average and Riley's above average they win like below average and Riley's less than like 60 they lose Lucy again going crazy not.

Crazy but like arguing in the comments Dan Gingrich is piping in and then Jim's like I'm gonna look at another match looks at when Matt and Riley play you and j-dub reaches the same conclusion even though they were on that one too and then Lucy's like peace out I'm done like conclusion you are Riley's number one fan when Riley wins it's because of.

Riley when Riley loses it's because of his partner um so I think I wanted to I went on a bit of a tangent there but I think that's why I wanted to watch that match it's just because that was such such a funny exchange and like Tyler loon like tweeted about it too like love seeing prose like argue in the comments.

That's amazing just hilarious um but where I was going with that is was there more hunger in that semi-final or DJ and Jay versus fed and Pablo oh man I think I think man it's close like um on the surface you have to say like DJ and Jay like their match was a lot way more animated than our match was.

Like there weren't very many commands or let's gos or like any kind of exchange or I guess even paddle throw at the end of our match like there was a lot on the high there looked there appeared to be a lot on the line of that of the other semi-final matches based off how it went but that was that was a fun one to watch like I remember we Jade up and I got.

Like a front row seat to that match before it started because we knew it was going to be entertaining and uh after I think fed and Pablo started up like 4050 against Jay and DJ and then DJ like kind of gets involved in the next point for kind of the first time he's involved and and he kind of wins the point and he goes let's go like really loudly I'm.

Like oh yeah it's on and the rest of them it was the rest of the match was was great um mostly because I was watching DJ um his kind of his his uh reactions throughout the match were were entertaining but also just a very competitive match and it was two good teams.

Um and then obviously at the end of the match you had DJ's paddle toss which basically went pickleball viral and yeah that's a good word pickleball viral it was great yeah that's interesting though because you're semi like everybody thinks like you're essentially playing for the title right you guys versus Matt and Riley.

Anything Can Happen always anything can happen but in a best of five I think the better team usually does win for sure um and then on the other side you have two teams fighting for like they're like shoot do we get another Championship Sunday like yeah like isn't is this is this it so I thought it was a really interesting uh Dynamic and uh.

That was a that was a great match I also have to give Dylan credit he did he got so you won you won men's and then bronze and mixed yeah and you guys beat you beat Matt and Lucy and then lost to Julian and Lauren but Julian was like having another MLP weekend and I thought Lauren played unreal and then uh.

And then beat beat myself and Riley and I just want to give Dylan a shout out to everybody Dylan Frazier can Ernie now it's about time what did it take Dylan because I swear to God when we play together you would Ernie like maximum twice a tournament not like twice a match twice.

A tournament and the success rate on average was probably like 25 or lower yeah I don't know I don't know what happened but but it definitely clicked in Minnesota as I've been telling myself for a while like you know I think it's a pretty well known fact that I'm one of the most athletic guys on the tour and so like Ernie the Ernie being one of the.

More athletic Maneuvers in pickleball that you can hit just made sense that like I had to get it figured out at some point so right right I've been practicing it a little bit and and for whatever reason it quick to Minnesota I think when I got the first one on you I had a lot of confidence and you know it's just kind of snowballed from there.

For you anyway because I got a few more I I definitely had a few more that match and since then like I've been practicing it and I've gotten some more and he's like it's it's a shot it's a shot that I have and I can pull from now wow that's great you can just fall back on that did you earn any other women that tournament or was was I just no it.

Was mostly you like for whatever reason I was reading you like a book that's so tough literally like the the next day for everyone listening Dylan and I are texting um and he's like says that he has become like what did you say you said like the best.

Earlier I don't know you said you were like the best earnier or something and I said like don't don't get it oh you said you were a top three owner I was like don't get it twisted like Cali was still better because although Dylan earned me probably like three or four times like I think Cali's still Ernie Riley like just as many times yeah.

It just an unfortunate match but it was kind of overshadowed by my earnings since I hadn't ever earned it just because they're so surprising because it's it's never been seen it's a shame it wasn't broadcast honestly and then Dylan proceeded to say that the Ernie hierarchy and pickleball was like Tyler.

James James and then like then you and then you said someone else who was fourth it was funny like yeah God yeah so just just a really really accurate uh I think you should have put Matt Wright on the list yeah after Gabe right after he gave yeah.

You can throw something with every with every like few months that passes Matt's like ability to Ernie I feel like right now is just I mean I've only played Matt like once and I still got Ernie I think like once or twice including on Match Point but but at that point I I was so tired like I couldn't think behind anyone and.

Then I still can't apparently at least when playing Dylan I got Ernie on Friday Also or just a couple days ago so it's tough yeah stuff dylas we got to see Ernie on the right though Dill yeah definitely not as natural I guess having to hit a back end I guess that's yeah because you hit a backhand when you're running from that side.

It's a little tougher to read I don't know why I'm better at the left but the right the right side's more difficult well you're still not that good so get in there Minnesota was like my breakthrough and I kind of owe it all to you so I thank you for that shouldn't have taken you to Buffalo Wild Wings that night.

Too kind right after losing we take Dylan to Buffalo Wild Wings and drop them off at his hotel what a what a what a gal I am yeah just a just a complete stud I also have to throw in there that after after our bronze medal match I asked James if I if you guys could give me a ride home and he said yes please please come with us like please help.

Break up this tension that there will be in the car right home because yeah it was probably uh it was yeah like when when I like caught up to you guys leaving the facility because as soon as we lose the bronze I just charge off yeah I just I just leave and then I I'm walking so slow I see you and James ahead of me I'm just like.

I have to give Dylan a ride and then James is like is it okay if we give Dylan a ride and I'm like of course but it was just so funny oh yeah then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings then we all went to our hotel and yeah everything was chill but just just kind of funny um yeah my last I think the last thing do.

You think that kind of the craziness of Minnesota I mean we didn't even talk about the women's side but Cali and Lucy like I don't know about a surprise gold but they haven't won in a bit so I thought they were playing really well you know they're kind of using those new Onyx paddles.

Um but kind of a bit of a crapshoot of a week in a sense do you think that's like normal in a bin and analyst field or do you think we see this more often this year even with them well I mean like you said Ben Natalie weren't there so I think I think the gold medals were up for grabs and I think people knew it so this was like everybody's chance to to.

Come out there and and win without having to go through a Ben or an Annalee um and and I think I was you know Callie and Lucy like you said were haven't been performing maybe as well as a lot of us had thought um to start this year Minnesota is about their fourth tournament fourth tournament this year or third fourth and.

Uh first view well they made the final with the first one Masters and then after that kind of had a you know two tournaments where and kind of underperformed at MLP too yeah right right so I think I think questions were starting to be asked about this team and if they're going to be able to continue uh competing at the highest level or at.

Least as what they were capable of in the past and and then they came out and won Gould in Minnesota so I think they proved that they can still win at the highest level together yeah no I was I was really I mean obviously I lost to them in the semi but uh that's.

The best I've seen Cali's thirds all the women kind of know generally when you play that team and and any stats that have been done it's like Cali is seeing close to 100 of the thirds and uh they were really solid all the way through which is I think huge for them they were getting to the kitchen um I'm sure she's put in a lot of work.

On that so that's really huge and I also thought they made some adjustments against us um me and Andrea didn't play our best but Cali I feel like this in mix two she's not the best dinker she's more known for her hands um but she was really avoiding dinking backhand cross with me and was hitting.

Some like extremely dead dinks like middle and up the line that were just bait I don't even know if she meant to do it but it was just I felt the same thing and mixed like against you guys like she hit some dinks who were just so dead and I feel like I had to do something and I just attacked you but it's tough It's like everybody knows.

That's like such a bad Dink and it's like you're so ready and Cali's like already slid she's got the two-handed clocks so I think that's something that I hadn't really dealt with before and I think it gave Andrea a lot of trouble especially since Andrew is usually in front of Cali so it'll be interesting.

How the game kinda kind of goes and if that's something that they continue to do or if she was just avoiding the backhand cross um so much with me because obviously I like that pattern I'm pretty good in it so yeah you're good yeah it'll be interesting you're a good cross-court backhand.

Dinker um so not surprised that she was trying to avoid that she was playing really well and mixed doubles that's for sure she played very well the whole day yeah no Cali's judge he's a freak athlete um a lot stronger than me like James like.

Esther wants how many pull-ups she could do because I'm on my quest to be able to do one pull-up and she was like I don't even know what she said she's something about like this crossfit workout and then she gave James some exercises for me to do to help me achieve my goal of one pull-up I'll keep you guys posted on that but at the.

Current rate it might be a little while but I went from needing 70 pounds of assistance to only 50 pounds of assistance and I only weigh like 145 pounds so I just want everyone to be super impressed with uh my pickleball ability because a freak athlete I am not and I've never have never seriously claimed to be um.

Dylan knows about that Dylan why don't you you know tell our audience a little bit about you know we competed in a different sport today that uh that wasn't pickleball and kind of how that went yeah so we decided to to duel it out and and tennis today and it came in very confident uh and and her chances of.

Beating me partly because she thought I was going to be horrible and also partly because she thought she was going to be great or maybe not great but better than she was great good yes okay I thought it'd be okay she thought she would be okay she was a little less than okay especially on the forehand side we just.

Got a preface to stole everyone like Dylan did not play tennis like that's Dylan is actually a freak because Dylan has I mean he's been playing pickleball for seven years so he's got a lot of like racket background of just pickleball but no tennis I was like a top five recruit going into college like I was good so of course I think I'm.

Gonna smoke this kid right like James had told me Dylan was good but I'm like I had said like I may lose a set but I would grind it out and I would win a match yeah so you can continue now I just want people to understand how funny this is yeah so what I think I think the moment I knew I.

Was going to win was when you hit your first forehand ground stroke from the Baseline and warm-ups and since it was pretty much non-existent all I know all I had to do was hit to your forehand um but yeah so we started we started out Anna Anna had a nice kick serve and it kind of bounced the the opposite direction of what I was expecting.

Um so that threw me off a little bit but um recovered found the forehand got the first game and and after that it was pretty smooth sailing ended up ended up and on my serve I don't I don't know I well I can hit like a tennis serve but not consistently so I have to underhand serve but it actually suits me pretty well because.

Um well I guess Anna did a better job of returning but when I've messed around with tennis in the past like it usually gets a shorter return I thought it was going to get a shorter return from Anna based off a video that she sent me earlier this week when she was in a match a tennis match back in her College days and she did a two-handed back slice.

Return short and then got hit by the next ball drop shot okay drop shot got nailed by the next Ball by her from her opponent and so I thought that if I just under hit underhand serve the whole time I'd be fine and well it turns out I was fine but not for the reasons I was expected you were you were very much fine yeah Dylan destroyed me he beat me.

6-0 like if this was rally scoring so then Dylan won 24 points like I probably won like eight yeah eight points honestly I think we never got to do so we got to 30 like twice yeah I might want like six or seven points it was so bad I got beat 6-0 by a kid.

I shouldn't even say a kid but just by someone who has never played tennis yeah and I thought I thought I might lose that set and win the next two but I thought I might lose it like six four so Dylan's a stud like I think a freak I think that Dylan if you had played tennis for as long as I played tennis like you might be beating Novak Djokovic.

Right now yeah I was I was talking to some other people that were asking about how tennis went today between you and I and I I think uh when I sat down thought about it I think I think you give me six months and I'm maybe a top 200 player in the world like if I work really hard yeah but you still.

Probably you know even though you can already now your overhead I don't know if that's uh a tennis level overhead yeah but there's ways around not having an overhead I think as long as I don't as long as I don't play someone that's really really good at Moon balling then I'll be fine because that were those the few points I.

Lost in our match today were when you were hitting a really good Moon balls yeah he also initially called moonball's skylobs which I thought was absurdly cute I've never heard it's like kind of the same thing but not it's like so that was yeah but Dylan Dylan destroyed me I can't play tennis anymore so I'm all in on pickleball guys.

If anybody I was unsure of that um okay Dill talk about so have you seen all the MLP like Challenger transactions uh uh a few only only a couple of them actually have you heard if any trades have been done at the premier level.

No I not that I know of yeah I haven't heard of anything in my uh GM told me that they were approached but immediately said like no um I don't know what it was I don't even know if any trades have happened I feel like it's kind of hard to make moves when you the pool is the pool so um but the Challenger level I thought.

Was pretty interesting I mean like the ranchers drop Steve Deacon I think Dallas dropped Chuck Taylor I was really surprised like those guys and it's tough because teams all have to make their drop decisions before they see anyone else's really and so now it's like those guys aren't playing at the Challenger level it's just kind of crazy I think.

Yeah I was I was very surprised to see did she to see Chuck go and even Steve really to some extent I mean I'm not surprised at the change I don't know who they picked up so I thought Dorner I don't know who that is he's got a really high duper though I saw but but like.

It's kind of sad I think though that like those are really good players and they're not playing yeah um I think I think maybe more action would be happening at the premiere level if if you're allowed to drop and then maybe even be able to like pull a minor league or.

Not a matter or the Challenger league players up to the premiere level I think maybe we'd see some more action then but right now all we're allowed to do is just trade with other Premier League teams what do you think what are some teams that you think might uh might pull might do something if that.

Were possible well or whose knee might get broken because if someone is out for injury you can pull from those players like so for those who didn't know that like if a man were to become injured or a woman um teams could choose to either pull from the Challenger level same as this event like from teams who lost or I.

Think my understanding is they could also pick like Chuck Taylor or Steve Deacon right I mean like and in other sports in other sports like the you know the Challenger League teams or I guess in other sports they're called like minor league teams are affiliated with like a premier league or major league team and so that major league team has.

The ability to kind of pull and recruit from from the minor league team that they're affiliated with but it's just it's just different and pickleball because all the all the teams are owned separately so that's not really not really a thing but I feel like you know especially from the like like Christian Christian all Sean and Pablo Tellez are.

Two guys that could probably play on a Premier League team they're they're both playing pretty well right now Pablo just made a final Christian's getting better um so I I don't know I feel like there's players from from the Challenger League that could play at the premiere level now for sure 100 I think um.

On the female side I mean those two names you might have also been impressed with Stefan averne you know he played with James in uh Legacy the carvana PPA and I he impressed me and I think he's a good mixed player so there's also always like an interesting Dynamic with being Lefty um but on the female side I think Bobby.

Has kind of showed out a little bit the last couple weeks I mean obviously her and Sarah's run to the semis at JW Marriott was super impressive not only did they beat Cali and Lucy which is already like I was like me and Georgia and like some of our other friends we were watching that match like oh my God like is this happening is this happening.

Is this really happening did it happen we were like oh my God like I think I immediately just like walked away like I didn't want to have to see like Cali and Lucy because I wasn't going to be able to hide like how funny I thought it was and how happy I was for like Bobby and Sarah um but then Bobby and Sarah I finished.

My match and then Bobby and Sarah are like up like 10 a in the Third on Georgia and Andrea and I was like there's no way like there's just no way like this is gonna happen again and it did and at that point I'm like shoot like they're probably gonna be Leia and Elise goes on paper at that point I did think that Leia and Elise are probably.

The worst team of those three like obviously annoys have since balled out but at the time like that was what I thought and I was like yeah Bobby and Sarah gonna make Championship Sunday at a PBA like oh my God and they won the first game yeah they did win the first game but then I think that uh they might have ran out of.

Gas a little bit or they uh yeah I ran out of magic probably a little bit but I also think Bobby is like super tricky when she's playing well and uh they're both both Bobby and Sarah are really really good dinkers with like tricky attacks and I've played Sarah once um and George and I almost lost to Sarah.

And Corinne in the app Chicago if we won like 11 9 in the third and I had never seen both of them um play that well it's not like I've been in pickleball that long but generally I felt like against let me I just like speed the ball up and sometimes don't play the smartest but that day I was getting punished for.

Everything so I'd imagine that they were just on everything and initiating smart and I do think that Sarah in front of Lucy she has some attacks that I could see would work really well um but yeah Bobby's really impressed me obviously Sarah had a great day there um in a pickleball too like and pickleball.

Too like I feel like upsets are a little more likely to happen than other sports because you play like best two out of three you know because it won't match last you know can it can be over in 30 minutes or even less so the chances for you know the team that's not favored on paper or winning are a little bit higher than other sports where you play for an.

Hour or longer to determine who the better team is right also I think Eva radzikowska the MVP of the Challenger level I think a lot of teams will have their eye on her but I watch her play some I thought she still looks pretty Raw um and then we've also got the addition of Jill Braverman.

And hurricane Tyra black yeah who is on on the list of available females she's like her duper it's like hashtag n a hashtag n a hashtag n a but she made the list probably from some influence what do you think about that pick by the Brooklyn Aces they drop.

Sierra gate and leech I'm sure they wouldn't have done that if she couldn't have played the second event but uh what do you think of that pick yeah you know I haven't I haven't actually seen Tyler play but I've heard from from James that her potential is very high right now and I think James is projecting her to be one of the better female players and and.

A relatively short period of time so I think I think it's good to take a chance on someone like that at the Challenger level um I don't know how much can we trust James because James has said that Dave will be one of the will is coming Dave has been coming you can listen to James's first interview it's probably.

With Scott golden or something like 10 months ago Dave is coming where is Dave where is Dave we could put a picture on the screen update today and everyone would be surprised in how Dave is coming Dave is nowhere to be found at the moment but but he did have some success recently in a local tournament here in.

Florida second in men's doubles 5-0 I'll let you hit on that in a second but also first golden and 5-0 mix doubles with Tyra black Tyra did play the last and mixed okay Dave's a lefty though but yeah um so everyone Dave got silver and men's.

5-0 this weekend losing to myself in Georgia in the final me and George are winning crashed a uh a men's 5-0 because Dave like nobody knows who Dave is because Dave has not played one real tournament he could have played the world series of pickle this weekend he didn't he could have played the Boca app Masters he didn't he could have.

Played the app in Daytona he didn't like the guy won't play a tournament this is the second is like I don't I think it was the second ever battle tap um the guy just trains he trains and he trains and he trains and James told me that he was actually going to play the men's 5-0 I texted Georgia do you want to play the men's 5-0 paddle tap this.

Weekend and we did and we had one Mission it was to to win you know ideally beating Dave and and James other friend Jericho which we did not once but twice but the first time was actually in the winners bracket final we beat them like it was win by one uh like games are one by one and we win 11 10 in the third I really thought.

We were going to lose um but we clutched out we mainly like I stayed though Jerry was having a bad day and Georgia and I were having obscenely high success rates with attacking him I think if we pulled this up it was like live streamed to Facebook like we were we were like Jerry cannot be feeling good about himself he sped up.

Every single ball so disrespectfully like yeah I think Georgia had a 95 success rate against him in hands and I was probably like 90. um it was tough they started pulling like those switches to to avoid having Jerry in front of Georgia where they would serve on like the sides they were supposed to be on and then they would.

Switch like there was no stack they would just serve and switch yeah it was it was so the only other time that I've like done that was when me and James played you in Georgia yeah in in beer City and that was like when it came to that like kind of Tom Ford but that that did happen um it's like the game.

Yeah yeah it's like and it's like if you don't get it right you feel like you've just lost the point already so yeah um that happened uh Tyra I do think is a stud um she is a better athlete than every other woman in pickleball including Anna Lee uh I played against her actually.

Today for the first time and there were some net cords that you just think are over and the girl got to them it was it was insane um her defensive hands were really good she wasn't actually hitting the ball that hard though but I think I'll play we'll start playing with her um I'll be really curious and how good she.

Gets and and how fast um she's actually so she's playing this app this next weekend in Daytona with with Corinne Carr which is like a great first-time partner you know Karen's a rock and they're on the same MLP team so it makes total sense and she's playing with with Dave so the dream team they.

Want a local 5-0 are they ready for Pro they might have to qualify but but Dave was also using like I don't really want to talk about I feel like everybody's talked about it but Dave is currently using a legacy that's like so delaminated it's insane like Dave was complaining about getting iced out yesterday and I told him I was like if.

You used a different paddle we would hit you the ball but it was it's obscenely dangerous like you see Davis driving and we're just taking like six steps off the line to try to block it like it's so dangerous I told Georgia to bring glasses yeah because Dave's paddle is so bad and uh Georgia couldn't play in.

Glasses she took them off after a couple points but I left them on um so well if Dave is allowed to use that paddle this weekend they're gonna be dangerous okay just because Dave is dangerous what is uh Tyra's tennis background do you know Tyra was really really good.

Um is she like ranked around 200 in the world ranked around 200 in the world but honestly I think that she could be a lot better James James knew her when she was younger so she just didn't like tennis doesn't doesn't like tennis at all actually so didn't train too much but uh she's I don't see any like she's such a good athlete she she's a better athlete.

Than almost ever in the top hundreds so but she loves pickleball so I think that's someone who should be on everyone's radar it's a great pickup by the Brooklyn Aces I feel like Rob nunnery is a guy who's always looking for loopholes a little bit and also kind of looking for an edge and I think that was some good research he was.

Asking around kind of knows that uh you know we in Florida have kind of a feel for who might be new and talk to James and yeah so and uh you know other teams that also had kind of heard of her and so I think it'll be really interesting to see yeah her debut in Daytona this week yeah also just in general having having more.

Up-and-coming women players is exciting too because I feel like it's a little more rare for to get that than it is on the men's side yeah 100 like when's the last time we had a Dylan Fraser on the men's side like someone who just plays for seven years and then just becomes good yeah a talent like that doesn't come around.

Very often so maybe not the best example someone who just keeps trying keeps going keeps going like isn't Johnny Goldberg kind of similar yeah I don't know I don't know how long I don't know how long Johnny's been playing but but I think for a while now yeah yeah.

Shoot if you had the verbal Arsenal that Johnny has how much better does that make you oh that's a question probably like on do on a duper skill point yeah uh 0.15 points better like can you imagine Matt and Riley like try to like crap talk you I didn't know if I am.

Allowed to curse or not there and you just you just come back at him with something so random and so perfect like this is my favorite thing when Johnny was saying for all it made no sense um it's like someone was crumbling like either Christian or day for sure and James is like is this crumble cookies you know and then Johnny got it in his.

Head to say cookie crumble so anytime someone was missing for like the next week he's like cookie crumble crumble and it just made but can you imagine like Riley hits a speed about you you like block it or he misses and you're like Bing Bong could crumbling because you know they like to pack talk and like I think Matt actually told James once.

After they beat you guys maybe it uh I think it was at Legacy he was like you just gotta like you just gotta like talk trash at him and they break I don't think that's true but just funny you know but if he thinks that next time he comes out you just like bro you're bald you know we all saw that video that memes you've been bald since you were in.

College yeah you know you just hit him with that yeah that's a good one I think it's I think it's funny I think I think it's really funny that that Matt thinks that's a good strategy against us because I think it just goes over both of our heads honestly yeah I think I don't think that I don't think that between JW and I we could come up with.

Like a single thing that really stuck with us or like got to us like that came out of Matt's mouth like I don't think we remember anything well that's funny well it probably just if it gets him fired up you know then I guess it's worth it for him to do um I actually like I didn't really know what I thought of Matt you know I always.

Thought he was a little bit you know trash talker and stuff but I talked to him I know a lot of people don't like him but I've talked to him more in the last couple weeks and I've decided that as of right now I like Matt all right I like Matt a lot I think he's really nice I think he's I don't know if I say really nice but he's been very nice to.

Me the last couple times um I've spoken to him yeah and I um I could I could say the same thing too he's he's been great to me especially when I was kind of up and coming I was a 5-0 I used to to travel over to Wichita to play with he and Lucy and and Pat and Jane get practice with them and they were nice enough to to let.

Me play with their groups even though I definitely was not at their level at that time but it was it was great practice for me and and pretty key in in my development and Improvement at the time so I'm very thankful for that oh that's so sweet all right I think we should preview.

Daytona and Austin and then I think I think we should I think we're let's let's wrap it so my first question dyl is do you and jdub take gold this this weekend or in Austin like how are you feeling for a repeat Ben is back Ben is back with Colin we didn't even really talk about like uh Colin and James's day.

I think it's Everyone is always very interested when Colin doesn't play with Ben but that was a little they had a disappointing day but I mean Ben and Colin are still going to be Ben and Colin so how do you feel about your and Jacob's chances to take goal like either this next weekend in Daytona or in.

Austin I think pretty good I think I think we're both gonna be playing with a little more confidence just based off how the last tournament went and we've kind of got a better or more organized game plan now than we have in the past which is basically just the fact that a game plan exists means it's an improvement for us.

Um that's really true so so I think yeah I think I think we're we're feeling pretty good I think we both we were on the same page like all of last weekend and um we've been practicing some more since I've been here and we're doing pretty well with it so I think I think we've got a good chance if we play well to be.

Able to come out on top of the next tournament which side of the draw would you rather be on right because you know you're going to be either the three or four seed so it's either Ben and there are other teams that of course you know that that you want to be wary of that are really good but it's kind of like a big.

Three right now so would you rather be on Ben and Collins half or Mountain Riley's half yeah I think well I think I think right now I think right now maybe just because of how the last tournament went maybe on on Matt and Riley's side just because we won that last match up in.

In two games the second game was very close but we wanted two games nonetheless and and we felt like we had the right strategy so I think if we just execute it again but maybe that would make me want to be on Ben and Colin side more because we'd only have to win the best two out of three against them and then play Matt and Riley best three out.

Of five on Sunday so if the goal is truly to to get first and not just make it the championship Sunday then I think probably we want to be on Ben and Colin said wow Dan Gingrich would be really proud of that take um huh but you should be hoping to win.

13-11 in the third rather than in two games to truly um embrace the the Dane Gingrich mentality but we don't need to I don't need to harp on that um I think another big story line is the return of the muffin man Tyson McGuffin you know my New York Hustler Rider die will it'll be interesting to see how he.

Plays he's playing with uh his ogs James and Catherine um so two partners who both had a really good weekend so so that's a little bit of pressure I know he's not he this could have changed but he said that he's not playing singles in uh Daytona but is planning on playing in Austin um a second another question I have is.

Why are we going Daytona Austin Daytona yeah that's a good question it's not fun come on PPA and MLP I thought we had a strategic Alliance don't make us do that especially for those of us like myself who live in Florida it's so nice to be home yeah definitely could have done better.

There another storyline going into this weekend another storyline why are we going Daytona Austin Daytona at the same venue the same venue and right and for the first time this year James and Anna partnering together and mixed doubles that will be very.

Exciting to watch yes that and maybe not as exciting as against each other for people um for me yeah but yeah I'm one of those people maybe for Dylan I don't think anyone enjoys James and I are playing against each other more than Dylan he will regularly send us screen recordings of the paddle Taps like at the end of.

The matches like he this kid this guy just like loves to stir up the paddle never were never were there like just like like like my last one um but yeah so James and I as debut um I think I feel more pressure than I probably should it's not like I didn't also just win a mixed title.

Like two weeks ago but I feel like oh my God like I don't want to like let him down um but yeah we'll be we'll be doing that so that'll be interesting and we were just absolutely beating up on Dylan and Paris a few days ago so hopefully um you're only as good as your last game that's all I have to say.

We did lose the last game but it was like 11 7 11 4 11 2 11 2 and then and then when James went when when James starts thinking about arun's Indian Kitchen which he did he literally was like oh can we go for runs and then he was like oh we're gonna go to a ruins with Dylan and then he missed like two shots and he was like I'm sorry I can't.

Focus I'm just thinking of a room we're done um this unreal Indian food place in our area that we had Dylan try uh it's kind of over that's when it's done when he starts thinking about Indian food um but yeah you know you're only as good as your last game that's fair I think.

Another big storyline is Paris Todd in a PPA there's a lot of talk about Paris you know we all see her on Instagram we all see you know she's like traveling a lot uh you know first I think she got one triple crown and then kind of uh I don't know about a uh she didn't Triple Crown in Daytona I don't know if we should say it's a surprise.

Um but she didn't I think some of her matches though have been closer than I would have thought like her and Simone have been pushed like a lot of three-game matches they went to the game to 15 against Megan fudge and Alex trong like no no disrespect any of their opponents but like you kind of think that Paris and Simone are the one and.

Two females in that field yeah and uh so kind of I've been kind of surprised how they've been pushing women's um and then in mix she's playing with Hunter Johnson who is definitely one of the best men on the app side but you gotta think if she was playing mixed with Andre like.

Yeah yeah you would think right yeah you would think I mean Hunter has a sick drive though like that's a really tough team to play like two really good drives but but yeah um oh also got a shout out Brendan long him and Bobby one there I think I forgot to mention that and the I think Brendan is a stud I'm really glad he got picked up.

By Miami I think him and Regina could go undefeated and mix at the Challenger level I think that's a really really good mix team um but yeah Paris Paris is playing with myself and Mr Riley Newman so yeah interesting she's got good partners.

PPA debut she has not played a lot of the ppas this year even though um some people thought she would so we'll see I'm really excited to play with her I think we're a pretty good natural fit and I think Paris hits the living crap out of the ball uh when you catch her where she's sitting I don't yeah I don't know if anyone hits harder.

It's she was uh I watched her play a little bit at this world series of pickleball event that they had in Florida this weekend then um she she and Millie were the only two females to make it to the final nine players um and she was playing pretty well she was in contention to win or or at least.

Be in the final four all the way up until the last couple of games so she's she was playing well we got a shout out our friend Millie Paris and Millie in the first round beat Andrea sealstrom the giant who's like I don't know six seven six nine and Joey farius a team that won Gold at app Punta Gorda got like.

Silver or something I think at the Boca Masters like and they beat them 11-4 are Paris and Millie those chicks I think so I think so that was so funny when when uh so we walk into the venue because Dylan and I played tennis at the same place today and so he was watching I watched it just a bit and I walk in and I'm just talking to Andre.

Because they're like on a break and he's sitting down inside probably smarter because these guys are playing an obscene amount of pickleball and uh I had just watched like Andre beat like Millie and Austin with Joey and I was like yeah like you can't really afford like a loss to one of the girls because Andre is the heavy favorite to win this.

Right so a lot of times there's like seven men and two women and you can't really afford it's kind of you need to win dominantly in this format because it's a money well you need points and uh he was like Paris and Millie beat Joey and Andrea's first round 11-4 and I was like that is so funny.

So girl power I actually gotta say we did another little money ball on a few nights ago I went in there not expecting to win at all I'm like I'm just here you know to play games like whatever you know like come on I'm doing the tropical going on a lot um come on go in there I always bring intensity you.

Know definitely bring more intensity than some other players there like gapetardio um like Dylan Frazier past 9 p.m uh you know probably was not bringing more intensity than James and Federico I don't think anyone I was probably bringing about as much as fed but James really wanted it.

Um your girl came in with third place first place James second place Jade up if James and I the last round James and I beat or lose to Annalee and Dylan and if we had won that match I actually would have gotten second place yeah and James knew that I think that might be a reason we lost I didn't know that he was.

Feeling the pressure or he didn't he was filming pressure I think he was feeling the pressure yeah so but yeah is there anything else for for Daytona that's like of Interest um not that I can think of we'll be back Outdoors yeah we'll be back Outdoors Ben and Anna.

Lee are back the muffin man is back oh Jay is playing with Andre diasko I think that'll be interesting all right I didn't know that it's also Andre's PPA debut but I don't think he has a mixed partner because he mentioned to me today to let him know if he knows of anyone um but I think it'll be a really fun.

Weekend yeah who are you oh you're playing with Jay driver right yep okay all right is there anything else still that you want to say to all of our all of our fans uh thank you guys.

For tuning in to the first episode of the best pickleball podcast out there right now just the bed pot the best podcast period best podcast period yeah no need to specify for the wall best podcast yeah we don't need that the system isn't going to go pickleball viral just viral it's like James's split.

Snap this is going to be everywhere yes all right well thanks everybody and we will see you next time um Anna and Dylan out out foreign
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