The chainsaw serve created by professional pickleball player and innovator Zane navratil changed the game in 2021 numerous observers believed it is damaging to the sport or inconsistent with the spirit of the no touch rules implemented at the beginning of the kova 19 era but regardless of everything this is one of the most lethal and dangerous.

Serves in pickleball history hello and welcome to Pro pickleball media in today's video we'll analyze the deadliest one-handed serve in pickleball history if you like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and turn on the post notifications let's dive right into the video recently the chainsaw serve has.

Gotten a lot of attention since Pro Player Zayn navratil started using it successfully many players have asked and rightly so if they should add the chainsaw served to their game you may already know that the chainsaw serve will not be allowed in 2022 but there's another option that would be just as bad Morgan Evans one-handed finger spun.

Serve is still legal for pick up all serves in 2022 according to the rules now before we go any further we want to make it clear that we don't mean to pick on Zane navra till Morgan Evans Porter Barr or any other player who has or is using a chainsaw or fingerspun serve there's also no intention to criticize the volunteers rules committee or USA.

Pickleball or ifp who give their time to talk about and agree on the official rules of this game instead the goal of this video is to show why the powers that be should ban the spin serve as soon as possible whether it's chainsaw or finger spun today's video we talk about spin serves which are when the ball is spun hard before the paddle hits.

It this is called a pre-serve spin in the chainsaw serve the player makes the ball spin by Rolling it against the paddle usually including the grip as the ball is being thrown after that the fast spinning ball is hit to finish the serve the ball kicks to the left right or sometimes up or down because of how it's turned in 2022 you won't be able to use.

This serve or at least the part of it where you could roll the ball against the panel to make it spin but you can still hit the same serve you just can't roll the ball against the paddle Morgan Evans a pro tennis player a honed his served for this serve the pre-served ball spin is made by tossing the ball with the fingers of the hand.

Thinking of the fingers moving in a scissor motion to squeeze and spin the ball as its thrown we've included some videos below so you can see how it's done this serve which we've called the fingerspun serve has the same effect as a chainsaw sir as a whole when the serve lands in the return box they'll have the.

Same sharp kick to the side or up or down even if you don't know how it was done you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a chainsaw serve and a finger spun serve just by looking at the result as was already said the chainsaw serve will no longer be allowed in pickleball after the rules were changed this year.

We don't know what was said in the meetings that led to the rules committee Banning the chainsaw sir but there can only be one reason the way that serve spins the ball isn't right for the game if not why would it matter if the player threw the ball with their other hand their forehead or the paddle face there's no difference at all between.

Zane navratil's chainsaw serve and Morgan Evans finger sponsor in the end they are the same I can't think of any reason why this chainsaw finger spun serves should be different One's Gonna Be Bad well it seems logical the other one should also be banned here are 8 reasons why the finger spun serve should be banned from pickleball one it creates.

A two big gap where a single shot can determine the outcome of a game there's a lot of YouTube videos that show how the serve gives a player an unfair Advantage when the ball has already been spun either with a paddle or with the fingers one game that has gotten a lot of attention and rightly so is the Tournament of Champions 4.5 19 plus.

Finals game for 14 year old Porter Barr used a chainsaw serve to win an 11-0-2 game if you don't think this match is important because the server used the now banned chainsaw serve keep in mind that the same serve can be done with the finger spun serve in this video on the finger sponsor which is called the deadliest one-handed serpent pickleball.

Shay Underwood made this clear two it provides a different sort of competitive Advantage the fingerspun serve as a single shot that one player the server has full control over and can sign the winner of a game on its own even if you're good at other shots you still have to use them in conjunction with other shots and the right way to move.

Around the court they can also be stopped the finger spun serve doesn't require any of the skills except maybe no knowing how to move forward and attack short serves that come back in pickleball the serve has never been a Kill Shot like the surveys in tennis because a finger spawn serve is an offensive kill shot it'll start to make.

The serve more important than the rest of the game this is what happened in tennis and it's a big reason why people don't play or get better at tennis three it changes the nature of the game one of the best things about pickleball is how easy it is to get into a rally just Bop the ball into the big rectangle and you can start playing.

Unfortunately the fingerspun serve makes it more likely for players to go for it on the first shot so you can't even start a rally but the figure spun serve stays in the game the best strategy will be to hit the big offensive serves to try to get free points the same plan should be used by both teams results a lot of serves and returns of serves were.

Not made this outcome changes the game in a very big way or it reduces competitiveness including between levels and ages pickleball has always been a game that can be played for fun people of different ages and skill levels get together to play Pickleball but what happens when you add a player who can serve well with a.

Fingerspun serve if one or more players in a recreational game have this fingerspun swerve the game will not be competitive the gap between players of different ages and skill levels will be bigger if younger players use the fingerspun serve they won't be able to play with older players because they won't be able to track or hit the serve.

This will be like tennis wear someone with a strong serve can easily beat someone else making it harder for people of different ages or skill levels to play in the same chord 5. it makes pickleball one-dimensional one of the best things about pickleball is that it can be played by people with different backgrounds even those who.

Have never played the sport before each player can come up with their own strategy players will hit the ball more people who don't play racket Sports will play more of a drop shot and reflex volley game Etc pickleball will be a One-Shot game with the finger spun sir I'll think about it like this you're giving advice to.

Someone who is 3.5 at pickleball without knowing anything particular about that player what would you pay attention to well most of the time it would be a mix of working on your stroke mechanics and your game plan if on the other hand the finger spun serve stays in the game this might not be the best way to play so your instruction would change to focus.

On just one thing getting a great fingerspun serp your student would get the most wins with the least amount of work if they use this method number six it needlessly increases the risk of injury the fingerspun serve is meant to be unpredictable when the Bella lands it jumps to the left to right in a jerky way the best finger spun serve.

Looks like it's going one way then jerks the other way or Dives down like a slider pitch in baseball watch the ball jump around in the videos link below if you haven't already because the ball moves in unpredictable ways the receiver's body is pulled quickly and often violently in different directions as the player tries to track and hit the.

Ball if you watch a few minutes of receivers trying to deal with these serves you should be able to tell how violently they move number seven it can engender frustration and lack of enjoyment player frustration may not be enough of a reason to make or change a rule on its own but repeated player frustration that makes them lose.

Interest in the game should be reason enough to look into it the finger spun serve could make games so frustrating for the people on the court that they don't want to play anymore if this keeps happening wouldn't it be reasonable to expect that players stop coming to the courts why would a player come back to play if they have no chance of being.

Able to compete because they can't hit the serves that are being hit pickleball has been the fastest growing sport in the US for a long time at least part of the reason for this is that people from all walks of life can quickly learn how to play Pickleball and enjoy it there isn't anything stopping them from enjoying the game right now number eight.

It's effectively identical to the now band chainsaw serve Pro Player Zane navarat deal is the best of the Chainsaw serve chainsaw serve is not allowed under USA pickleball's new rules but the fingerspawn serve didn't change even though it's the same in all effects there's no clear reason why one should be banned but the other should not.

Either both serves should be allowed or neither should be both should be banned for the reasons given above but in any case they should be treated the same so what are your thoughts about the deadliest pickleball serves tell us in the comments also don't forget to like And subscribe we'll see you soon with the next video and thank you so much for.

The Deadliest ONE-HANDED SERVES In Pickleball History | Must Watch

The “Chainsaw” serve, created by professional pickleball player and innovator Zane Navratil, changed the game in 2021. Numerous observers believe it is damaging to the sport or inconsistent with the spirit of the no-touch rules implemented at the beginning of the COVID-19 era.

But regardless of everything this is one of the most lethal and dangerous serves in Pickleball history!

Hello and welcome to Pro Pickleball media! In today’s video, we will analyze the deadliest one handed serve in pickleball history! If you like the video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel and turn on the post notifications. Let’s dive right into the video!

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