What's up guys we are back with another podcast episode and I'm really excited about this one so a while ago we did an episode that was I think what do we call it like the current state of pickleball paddles something like that we are essentially doing that again uh but I wanted to do a really big recap we're only talking about paddles there's been.

A lot of stuff in the industry a lot of topics people have been talking about things people have been wondering and we want to kind of cover that so I think I'm kind of feeling like maybe we do this every three months or so kind of cover what's uh trending so that way we don't have to do YouTube videos and we can kind of brain dump all the stuff so.

Totally agree I think the industry is changing it so quickly I like just just from this year alone like from the beginning of the year until now I think there's been so many new paddles and then there's there's been some some change UPS within the space and some interesting things that are happening within the space so we.

Felt like it was worthy to talk about and share with you guys here on the Pod yeah that's gonna be good but uh all right the first thing I want to talk about because I have gotten a lot more comments than usual online about in the last few weeks maybe a month or so about like ah Chris must be biased about certain companies like he never says.

Anything bad about them and so I just want to kind of talk about this a little bit because there's a lot of you who obviously don't know who I am so I kind of wanted to explain so first of all no companies pay me for reviews at the moment I do not I don't no one gives me money and says review this paddle and say good things like everything when I.

Review a paddle is purely my own opinion I hardly even talk to most of the companies about the paddle beforehand and also even just sponsorship wise I have actually actually never accepted any sponsorship and I've probably had like 20 or 30 different sponsor offers like hey promote this thing and we'll pay you.

Some money do it on Instagram YouTube whatever or talk about it and I turn pretty much all of them down because what you did you had opportunity to pay me and feed me and you decided to say no wow we have only had one offer for the podcast all the other ones were for the pickleball studio all right I'm trying.

To keep you fadwell I'm trying the podcast I might be a little more loose just so we can put some food on your plate okay sweet thanks yes but but no yeah I've had a lot of different offers and I've turned down literally all of them because if I don't fully believe in the product or thing that the company is like I will never I'm not gonna accept.

Money for it like I've I don't know I've probably left a lot of money on the table because of that so I just kind of want people to be aware that like when I do a review it's all my own thoughts I spend one to two weeks or more with each paddle so that I can give you guys the best Judgment of it sometimes it lines up with uh what other people think.

Sometimes it doesn't but you know I try my best and then I like to reward companies that are doing good things like this year people are always like dude you don't really say anything bad about Selkirk paddles and that's because this year Selkirk just got really good like if you go back to my Channel at the.

Beginning of the year when I did my Vanguard 2.0 review and my zero zero one review yeah bad I thought that the Vanguard 2.0 claims were really bad the spin barely improved and even when they were kind of reaching out to me to work in different capacities some of the I guess offers I was receiving were almost just I felt.

Like a little insulting so I was like I I really didn't like Selkirk at the beginning of the year so I guess people who knew me at the beginning of the year you would know that if you have if you're around recently you wouldn't know that but yeah like they've just done a really good job getting better this year and I think you know that deserves.

Rewarding when people make good things but not everything they make is good zero zero one total flop I did not care for that battle whatsoever so yeah I just kind of wanted to let you guys know I mean people can call me biased if they want I guess but uh if you're gonna call me biased at least let me make some money from it because at the moment I'm.

Not making any money for saying nice things about paddles so yeah I feel like you do your job to try and I guess provide some some facts and some some things that are more quantitative I suppose you could say just because it's it's hard to really just review and give your thoughts on a paddle at least that.

Speaks to a lot of the audience out there at least you explained a paddle for something that we're doing like hitting hitting this ball like dinking this ball over net to try to differentiate what it feels like and how it performs I think sometimes it is tough and I think there's so many subtle nuances between a lot of the paddles.

Like some of them are really large right like a power air and like a gearbox like cx-14 or you know just some thick pedal like let's say the diadem Warrior super in my opinion it's a lot easier to explain those differences but some paddles it's so small and everyone wants it compared to the paddle that they use like it's just not.

Possible to compare it to to everything so it's yeah it's not even compare it to at least in a meaningful way so that you can yeah you know I guess put into words the differences which is why I've been enjoying your channel and also I guess uh John coo like you guys are just you know putting stuff under the microscope and then.

Doing the RPM test I think those are just easy ways to try and make comparisons between paddles because you know at the end of the day a lot of that stuff is essentially subjective of how something totals and if you like it a certain way especially if you have a certain style or a certain type of paddle that you like you know to play.

With you know one especially you know different people have different preferences right someone might want something really headlight and maybe I like something that's a little more balanced towards the head or and you know then when I review a headlight paddle poorly or something and then they're upset like you really can't make.

Everyone happy but everyone does have their own opinions but my goal is always actually if people haven't realized this yet generally the format of my reviews the first literally whole portion of the video is generally factual and then a little bit of like here's how I thought it played and then the ending my closing thoughts is always where I pretty much.

Go straight into my opinion of what I think so taking it into account the facts but also just kind of what I like in paddles so I I don't know I try and make it objective as possible right right my opinion well I mean I think the other important thing for I guess the people who are watching your videos and just.

Reviews on paddles in general is that I mean I appreciate you that you know you try to be as unbiased as possible of course it's really impossible I think we we all know you definitely know and I know that it really is impossible to be completely unbiased towards them because you're going to have biases that come or stem.

From somewhere obviously if you have good working relationships with you know Selkirk or gearbox or whichever Paddle Company out there you know some of that bias you know sneaks in there but you try your best to be as unbiased as possible but also at the end of the day I mean some of these paddles just are.

Very similar and you have to pick and choose on which you kind of review and to some extent we we don't look at paddles unless we feel that the community at large is asking for a certain review or there's certain hype amongst you know a certain brand of paddle because you know there's a million Royal carbon fiber you know.

Woven paddles out there right you know made of the t700 carbon fiber and you kind of have to pick and choose if they're all the same it's like okay is it even worth reviewing and because we are making videos on YouTube you know or wherever else and we essentially get paid by how many eyeballs look at these videos we decide in pick and choose.

Which videos we think may or may not perform well unless we really just like the product personally or we have or the product has something some sort of meeting to to us personally like that's how we kind of choose and decide which paddles to make so I mean there's some built-in bias right there but I think you know you amongst others.

And probably myself have to work within the lines of that that bi-seek you know because we are beholden essentially to the algorithm as well so I just you know I just wanted to say that out there that as you know as strong as we try to be unbiased in some of these reviews there is some bias in there but you do I think you do a good job of you know trying to.

Be as unbiased as possible one I think that's also too where certain things come in where if there's a certain style of paddle I'm just going to say headlight and head heavy or maybe even handle shape like let's say I really like a long handle head heavy and there's one company that just keeps putting out like that style of paddle in.

You know different variants like fiberglass carbon fiber edgeless whatever it's not even like a conscious bias it's just this is what I like yeah in a paddle like not bias in a bad way but this is just kind of what my body likes so of course a lot of those reviews end up being kind of favorable because.

That's just the style of paddle I like and also I think it's really good that you mentioned that because that is how I basically judge my reviews at this point is what is the community talking about a lot yep what am I really enjoying if there's something I love I'm gonna talk about it because I want people to know what do I also think will get good views.

Because if I'm gonna spend one to two weeks with a paddle just playing with it and then all the time scripting the video editing and all of that like I want it to pay off I don't want to make a video that gets 500 views right like I know there are some paddles out there no one's really going to care if I review it I don't only care about views right.

But that is an important thing because at the moment as part of how I make any money since companies don't pay me exactly exactly so that definitely gets factored in and people always say like oh well you actually had one guy on Reddit that was basically like he doesn't really say anything bad about paddles he's like dude I actually have a.

Long list of paddles that I really don't like but since I don't think people will care about them it doesn't feel worth it to make a video but I'm realizing you know maybe I should review some of these ones so people are aware and two people also just see like oh okay this guy doesn't like that when I made the Swift review this week oh yeah.

It was funny I didn't even think I was that harsh but a lot of people message me were like one guy was like Yola's never gonna work with you again and I was like okay I don't I didn't think I was that mean come on like yeah I I but I got messages saying wow you really like when something isn't good even if it's a big company you tell.

Us and I kind of just thought yes that's how it that's how it's always been yeah but I mean honestly how many reviewers out there actually say poor things about a paddle I feel like very few or very well yeah very few I honestly think this is me thinking just in the moment I'm probably missing maybe one or two people but in my opinion the least.

Biased reviews I have seen so far are me you pickleball effect and John coo John KU is new he doesn't have a lot but I can already tell he's kind of he thinks similar to me where he wants more objective data he just kind of tells it how it is yeah uh after that I see a lot of reviews Facebook YouTube videos wherever where.

You just go man okay they said nice things because this paddle was sent to them purely right and I'm so over that for a while people thought oh he says nice things because company sent it to him I have to tell companies I don't want their paddle now because this guy's room his Studio oh my gosh I have I own over 100 paddles now and I could.

Probably have closer to 150 or more if I let every company send me a paddle it's just there's too many yeah and my house my apartment cannot contain yes all the paddles you've seen it yeah I know I've seen it yeah I told you and it's still you you still need to pack a package a few that you're never going to touch again and just put them in a box and.

Send them my way so I have stuff that I can but then you're gonna have the same overwhelmed problem that I have it's like there's just so many well right now I have more space hid in my house than you do so that's fair that's fine you can you can be my storage unit yeah okay I'll send you an invoice every month yeah I don't know you just I just you.

Can bill me for the shipping fees oh okay if I if I sent you like 50 paddles that probably would be a hefty shipping fee that probably would that probably would oh okay guys so real quick uh we are only recording audio right now because a new announcement came out from diadem and I'm getting ready to go to Nationals shortly but we really wanted.

To get this on this podcast cast Episode by the time you guys hear this episode there's probably been quite a bit of chatter about this but we wanted to give you guys our thoughts on the recently announced didem Vice paddle yes sir okay uh well so first of all let's just talk about this diacon concept so for those of you who didn't uh follow because I.

Actually don't think that many people watch the live stream event I think someone in the chat said it was like 150 people so it I think the online presence was not necessarily large basically daikon was this event that diadem kept hyping up uh it was an in-person event looked very formal people were in suits there was about 400 to 450 people there.

They were announcing A New Concept paddle and essentially they kind of treated it similar to an Apple keynote if you've ever watched that where they make a big deal about this announcement yeah kind of hype it up and then they reveal a paddle on stage or a reveal a device on stage that's what diadem did with uh was it in Florida it was in.

Florida right I I believe it was in Florida yes okay okay um so it was it was a very interesting concept I guess we'll talk about that before we get into the paddle what what do you think about events like that for paddles um I don't know if I'm a huge fan of it I think it's kind of cool uh maybe.

They're this is like a beta test for them right they're gonna do something like this more in the future they're trying to build a following so from marketing perspective yes I couldn't imagine it was cheap to do but also I think it was a little unnecessary especially if you're only going to reveal one thing one product right you.

Know and like in the tech world right Apple keynote Google I O Etc et cetera they usually reveal a couple different products or Services now I mean I don't know if it's fair to compare it diadem like a Paddle Company to I guess you know a huge tech company but I thought the concept was was interesting and if you invite a bunch of.

People and they get to play with your paddles or or whatnot I think it's a great way to essentially Market your products if it is large enough and you get people in the industry to go I'm surprised you didn't get invited because you know you're the uh I'm not surprised in the slightest wait what do you mean.

Diadem hates me why do they hate you I don't understand I I think my initial Warrior review really upset them because I heavily talked about how much it broke and at the time that was totally true and they kept telling me we fixed it we fixed it we fixed it but all I kept saying was Warriors around me that kept breaking breaking and breaking I even.

Had someone recently that told me their teal Warrior they broke two of them in two months so I I can't here's the thing people go through paddles at different rates sometimes it's just how the person plays sometimes how they treat them the initial Warrior definitely had issues the current one I have no idea I haven't played with it but I I like what diadem.

Does so I think it's funny I don't know if they think I hate them I'm sure because of my Warrior review and then because of my warrior Edge review they probably think oh this guy just really hates us or whatever but I think didem does some of the best colorways in the game if not the best colorways in the game I think I think they do stuff the.

Best design the new the new Vice paddle looks pretty sweet in my opinion at least the the color of the design in my opinion man I don't know I was gonna get into that I was gonna say this one I don't know what they were thinking I I think it's ugly oh I think it's so ugly okay we'll go we'll go more to that in a second I suppose but yeah continue with.

Your your thoughts on the event in general yeah yeah so anyways diadem doesn't doesn't really like me uh I think I had some people that tried to get me invited and I'm pretty sure it was a instant no so I don't know I think it's funny that they think I don't like them I think they're pretty cool guys but anyways.

Yeah uh yeah the the concept I think is really good I'm actually really intrigued by but potentially seeing more of those in the future but pickleball is also I think if you do it maybe it's best to do it at a large tournament where you have a large audience and you can kind of steal that.

Audience so instead of people going specifically for your event they're there for the tournament but now you make a big deal out of hey all come and check out this new paddle announcement because now they've got courts to go check it out you could have reps that can assist people and now people can kind of mess with it but unlike Tech.

Where you can either show measurable claims of how much faster things are or how much better or a feature is clearly understood by everyone that it's amazing yeah the big thing that daikon lacked was really any information about this paddle and even even the claims they did make you can't prove them on stage like you.

Have to go and hit the paddle and you know to some extent it's a little bit same with the phones but when you're you can kind of demo how good a camera is you can kind of show like oh it's this much faster the paddle when you say oh it's the best spinning thing ever well we've every company makes that claim right so it doesn't really tell you.

Anything when okay one does that okay well before we get more into it let's just explain to the audience like what it kind of is right now right so it's a paddle it looks like it's edgeless without an edge card the weight uh according to their site it comes in at eight ounces it's a elongated paddle 16.4 inches it looks like the shape of.

The regular Warrior to me um same the width is 7.4 inches it has a thickness of 16 millimeter a balance of 235 millimeters which I don't know if you want to go with that I think that's the same as pretty much all the other paddles or it's very very clear very close Okay and the core I think the interesting thing is that it's made out.

Of EVA foam uh yes so honeycomb which is really interesting yes we're all uh used to that and there have been paddles in the past that have uh combined polymer and EVA foam but if you look at this paddle so it has 26 small holes in the face it kind of looks like someone just took a drill and drilled 26.

Small holes uh through various spots on the face it's very reminiscent of like a a paddle that you find in the sport of padel right well that's what I was gonna say is it it does look a little bit similar to that the shape's obviously a little bit different but the holes remind you of that and then if you look up what are padell cores made out of EVA.

Foam baby so I think pretty much the whole inspiration for this paddle was taken from padell's Playbook which is fine but I think the thing we really got to talk about now is it's never going to be legal ever okay why not let me rephrase that it is it will not be legal anytime soon.

I don't believe because everyone who I've asked about this paddle the other people at the event or people who got to hit it well before the event they have all said this would absolutely break the game and they they said that no way they literally said it would ruin the sport it's why though is it is it is it really that good my assumption is the spin is.

Probably ridiculous the deflection of the paddle is probably much higher than uh what is allowed at the moment and this is all without you know me having hit it but spin is the big thing I keep hearing about and interestingly enough during the live stream they said we're using grip paint and then a coating to protect it and.

I don't know if companies just haven't learned yet but grip paint is a borderline triggering word in pickleball right no one wants to hear the word grip paint because only negative things are associated with it so who knows maybe yeah maybe they found something that that that works so my my next question is all right so in the.

Padel world I've seen some of the shots they hit in padell and I feel like they looks like they have ridiculous amounts of spin I don't know what type of ball they use but I'm curious as to what the surface of pidel pads are maybe it's a combination of the ball that they use that they can generate you know some.

Crazy Master space because I've seen some crazy Drop shots in yeah oh yeah disgusting and Fidel I'm I'm curious as to how you know maybe they took inspiration from that as well and if they did then I've heard padell paddles just people who have touched them played with them whatever that they are absurdly gritty so if they did.

Essentially just take a a thing out of padell's Playbook then of course I'm sure these are busted and pickleball because they're supposedly very gritty for uh padel as it is and another thing they were claiming during the event is that this is the most arm friendly paddle on the planet right now which they made a lot of really bold claims so.

One of the big bold claims they made was we're five years ahead of every other competitor and they kept saying stuff they were comparing it to iPhones when they launched and how revolutionary that was and we're gonna change the game and no one you know people are going to look back and go this was one pickleball changed.

But okay and here's the reason I say a couple things about the usapia I guess I should dive into that so people understand yeah first of all on the paddle on the website there is no stamp that says usap approved okay all the ones that people got at the event because everyone who went to the event got one no stamp that says usap approval.

During the event they kept saying the word concept paddle they never hinted at their being approval for this paddle and I was talking to someone last night they said they got a hold of a diadem rep and they said it will not be an approved paddle it will be a Rec play paddle only this paddle is 225 dollars okay who.

Who's gonna pay 225 for a wreck paddle will I don't know you no because think about it this way remember when carbon got banned I don't know if you saw this but in my area if people were still because this was before the the new ones came out yeah if you were still playing with a carbon people.

Actually made fun of you like you got ridiculed for using a cheater paddle so if this paddles is broken as I'm hearing you're gonna get mocked at the court No One's Gonna want you to play with it I guess that makes sense um yeah I I can see that I can see that I I just don't I can't imagine I don't know I just feel like it's not.

That big a deal like if you play with it I mean technically are some wooden paddles like technically not usap approved like you know right but there's but there's not a perceived uh benefit of playing with the wood paddle or that it benefits your game right okay I think it would it would only come when you can feel a measurable difference in.

Someone's game because of the thing so imagine I just went and made an oversized ping pong paddle and just stuck rubber on it now I have ridiculous amounts of spin okay what if someone showed up with that yeah maybe your answer's gonna be no but would you really not mind if someone wanted to play fairly competitive games with you.

And they were using a paddle that had significant advantages over you honestly no I I honestly wouldn't care okay like it would just be fun I I would just make like an asterisk every single match like like I would only care if this person would just was bloating and gloating that they beat me or whatever uh maybe that would work me a bit but.

Other than that um if they Crush you with it I was like all right let me play with it next that's what that's what but I don't think it I don't think it would bother me all that much um but I I can see that really upsetting some other people for sure now now that you you say that I could be I could say.

That very upsetting for sure I'm just imagining if I showed up in my local Court people would lose their mind over using it if it again if it's really as broken as people say because I don't know do you think it says broken as as the claims make it out to be so I you know it's funny I believe it you think so wait wait I mean you and I have some.

Pretty reliable inside sources and I think if they're saying it's broken I believe them I mean like I I I asked um uh Christian our buddy Christian alshin you know up and coming hot hot shot um uh football player and because I saw him in the video uh that they showed he was hitting it and I think he's he plays.

With the warrior Edge right now and I think he's he's friends with the diadem folks and I think he just said he told me that it was illegal so it wasn't legal confirmed by him and then he says it's not good for utility is what he said to me um uh like did we ever confirm what that means did he typo uh and uh I think I.

Think what he meant to say by that I mean I didn't ask him it was just kind of late or whatever and I was busy doing other things but he said it's not good for utility and the ball just really flies so to me it just sounds like it's a crazy potential like power paddle that's like just maybe really fast you know like in.

The hands I don't know maybe he says not good for touch or something like that maybe according to his play style but you know that's what he said to me well I will have to see like you know obviously yeah Christian is a up-and-coming top level player we don't have the skills that Chris should have so what he what he says is good for.

Utility could be something completely different for what we think of as good for utility you know what I'm saying yeah right right well I I will get to hit it later today I have a buddy who's going to have one uh By the time people hear this I'll probably have a video up my goal is today is going to be such a hectic day dude I have all this packing.

To do stuff I got to get done some editing and then I'm gonna go run either take this paddle with me or go to a court immediately hit it record a video and then try and edit it on the plane and get it out for everyone so we'll find out real quick how broken this paddle is but I guess what do you think so they made this whole event they.

Probably spent a lot of money they hyped it up for quite a while and they essentially just announced a concept paddle yeah to me that doesn't that's not very exciting I mean I don't get it why hype that up uh like so just just to have more people talk about it I suppose and I mean it's kind of working.

We're talking about it right now I mean maybe maybe it's the whole any press is good press type of deal but yeah I I I I even saw a threat on Facebook yeah someone said they're a dealer and said I'm thinking about buying this paddle and carrying it do what is the general consensus about this paddle and everyone in that thread literally not a.

Single one had a differing opinion said why would I spend 225 dollars for a thing I can't use in tournaments it's just kind of insane to me well I don't know that could be a just very small subset of of people especially you know on Facebook I feel like there's a lot of people out there that just enjoy Rec play who don't really care about.

Tournaments so I mean I don't know I I agree I think I think that's probably the majority of players actually I just think even if you're only a Rec player first if you're only a Rec player how I guess serious do you take the game do you want to spend 225 dollars or buy 100 to 150 paddle and then even if you're a Rec player.

Enough word is going to get out about this thing that I think if you show up at the court people are gonna go oh no no no no no no no no no no I don't want to play you with that thing because Rec players take the game pretty serious man they're pretty Cutthroat sometimes yeah you show up to a drop serve wrong and they're like ready to cut your arm off.

Man that must be the wreck players in your area I don't throw players in my area probably couldn't tell you the difference between you know a ping pong paddle and a regular paddle so I don't know Minnesota players must just be built different dude I'm telling you I hear debates all the time there was a kid who.

These kids were three O's at best probably at my local courts kid taped sandpaper to his paddle and his friend was making fun of him he's like dude there's no way that's legal like take that off I'm not playing you with it oh really dude it doesn't even help performance there's no way it does anything so they came and asked me and.

My brother and said Is This legal because he's like it has to be legal and I just like dude that's definitely not illegal oh well props two uh this kid for you know trying to engineer something different or new he's innovating the game he's innovating the game so you know I'm a fan and this is this is just three O's we're.

Talking about being sensitive about the rules okay and you get to the three five four wreck player and you are in for a okay well aside from the event right now I mean I I still think the event was in my opinion unnecessary I mean they I wish they would have announced some other news like some I mean I mean they did announce they kind of did um that.

Some of these features will be going into the warrior version two and then the next icon version two but we didn't see any photos or really Concepts or other than the announcement for that there was nothing there was nothing really else that was notable and I don't know I'm just going to give them the benefit of the doubt that this is.

Something that they will potentially do more again in the future and this was kind of like a beta test round for an in-person event I I can see what you're saying though that it might be unnecessary and that they should probably do it at a tournament kind of like uh gamma does it gamma does at the the gamma pickleball classic which is a.

Tournament that they host in yeah Pennsylvania and uh I know I got some buddies that go to that every single year like everybody Alex strong I think Kyle Yates goes to that of course or would not so they host an event and of course they're showcasing their products so maybe in the future diacon I can say that we'll we'll do something uh similar.

And this is just a test run just to to see how it goes to make sure that they can you know create a good event Etc so like I said we'll we'll have to wait and see I think at the way that it was right now I felt like it was a little little bit unnecessary I feel there's something else that should have been tied to it like aside like maybe.

More news maybe some sort of exhibition matches charity event to make it more of an event yeah right right right no I I completely agree I think in concept very good I think I mean as we were watching it all I could think the whole time was wait are you gonna give us more information because we still don't know what the surface material is.

They in my opinion they just came on stage made a bunch of really bold claims about how we're five years ahead of everyone yeah um in the industry and the joke I kept making was yeah maybe you're five years ahead of usap approval but but here's the thing okay like they probably have way more inside info than.

Me so maybe they've talked to usap maybe they know that usap is going to loosen the restrictions next year because you and I both know that there's a lot of crazy things going on in pickleball right now so maybe maybe things are about to change I don't know I I will admit that there are probably things they they know more about than I.

Do with the industry so I don't know but what do you think they're going to take and put in the V2 of the warrior so just for everyone's reference they announced the V2 icon V2 Warrior and V2 Warrior Edge for next year it's like February and I don't remember what the other dates were but what what do you think it's going to be I or what could they.

What could they take that's legal um the edgeless design that's that's number one okay yep okay but that's not really Innovative at this point I guess that's that's true um I think people should do it it's just not I wouldn't hype it up yeah I yeah I don't know if I I'd hype it up well.

That's the thing we don't know enough about this pedal all all that I see that's truly Innovative is the and that's that's even stretching the EVA foam core right but we know other paddles to do I think it was I want to say it was the babylot paddles yeah that uses EVA foam um do they use all only Eva or do you.

Use a combination no it's it's polymer plus Eva okay yeah I don't know I talked to some people and they said EVA foam would be completely illegal if that's the only chord you used really some some some Engineers that I talk to oh interesting okay okay so I can only imagine some of the EVA foam core edgeless and all right well I know they.

Said grit paint but we don't know what type of repaint nurse if they found a new process you know yeah that makes it better you know I mean look at Selkirk you know with their 002 and Power air I I mean I know they don't call it grit paint but I it's some sort of coding I I feel like you know yeah and yeah theirs lasts a while in if diadem yeah figured.

Out something similar to that like that would actually I think be amazing like if they figured that out on the regular Warrior that actually like I'd be very curious to try that and I would even possibly consider you know switching back to the warrior if they figured out some way to you know make that that grit last as.

Long as say a zero zero two or a power dude really quick yeah I'm gonna have to look this up later I should have done this before the episode that's a bummer but I I'm totally gonna do this later I'm gonna look up the durability of padel paddles and how long grit lasts and what people's expectations are because padel paddles are really.

Expensive so I want to see if they're that much durable then much more durable than uh yeah that kind of ties into things we talk about later in this episode no that would be interesting to see um I think they're made of other materials I feel like they're at least the structure of those paddles are.

Pretty um they're pretty legit yeah they're pretty legit and they're pretty thick I know they used multiple layers of EVA foam that's but that's about the extent that I know about uh yeah Adele paddles but yeah that'd be interesting to see and uh so compare and contrast real quick because I just I don't want.

This uh portion to go too long because we already know this episode's over two hours long yeah uh we're gonna be almost a two and a half hour episode it'll be a miracle if people make it through this thing uh but I just want to talk about that design because we talked a little bit about it yeah you don't like it yes I think like I said diadem I think has.

Some of the best colorways and designs in the game period but this Vice is so ugly but you like it I like it I think it's cool really man I just think it's so busy there's so many shapes on it the text feels like it gets cluttered if you look at the one side of it it has all the specs on it which is something they've done before but the.

Way they laid it out on this one yeah it's a little more in your face uh where the text is and whatnot I don't I'm just looking at it right now and it's very busy and then the side that has Vice all over it some of us were talking uh in another area and the big text looks like it says vile instead of Vice glance at it really quick uh it once you look at.

It closer you can see but yeah I don't know it just doesn't look good to me but I guess you like it I like it okay so I will say that the the side where the vice is really huge I like that side least right I like I like that side less um I think yeah they can work on the design on that side a little bit but I think the colorway is good like the.

Yellow and the blue work really nice and the other side where the vice is much smaller it's in between the center with the holes and stuff yeah no I think I mean I don't find that much different from a lot of other paddles that just have the name of the paddle or the company just straight down the middle and then the stuff I think I mean.

Gearbox kind of essentially does that right you know and well I don't think it's necessarily the text it's not the text that bothers me I don't think it's up to the side that's really big do you think it's like that's the background shapes of the blue that they have it's just really cluttered I feel it's they just took a bunch of stuff and slapped.

It all in there if you simplified the background more yeah maybe you made it kind of a gradient face and not all these geometric shapes I think that might look cleaner and if you cleaned up that text made it much smaller put it along the edge of the face or something okay here's the thing the the design really doesn't matter no one really.

Cares that much but if I'm just talking about the paddle I would not I think it's diadem's worst looking paddle okay I can I think I don't know what I'd say their best looking one is but they're black and white icon is sick that is a really good looking uh I can I can see that it's it's I mean I like it it's probably not my favorite of their.

Line but you know I I think it's perfectly fine where would you like it oh I'd probably rank it in diadem's line in diedens line uh I probably rank it maybe third I think third okay yeah third I think so what's the order the the regular Warrior I think yeah is on top and then I think the icon uh definitely and then I think it's this.

And then the edge is like last sure yeah yeah well it's very interesting well I guess uh before we let everyone go on to the next topic do you have any other closing thoughts on this yes I just want to know your thoughts on if these holes really will make that much of a difference in the purpose I mean I'm assuming because.

It's it's supposed to help with the aerodynamics of the paddle I think holes here along the whole entire face probably helps more than let's say the hole that cell crook uses near the bottom you know and then I mean like one shot uses some of the holes on the side but I just want to know your thoughts on how effective this.

Will be obviously in Patel powder the holes are much larger in the paddles in patellar you know much heavier that's what I was gonna say I just looked up a a picture of a padel paddle and the holes are cover much more area of the face and they're much larger so I feel that this is not enough to make a noticeable.

Difference if I feel like if you were gonna do it just go all the way and do it kind of like padel maybe but who knows maybe there's reasons in pickleball that uh aside from legality that you can't do that maybe it doesn't grab the ball as well if you do holes that big but I I'd be skeptical that holes that small would really make that.

Big of a difference just like with the the zero zero three and whatever I'm skeptical that it really helps with wind resistance you maybe you can make the argument for the flexing at the throat and whatnot but in terms of aerodynamics I'm skeptical yeah same here but those are my my thoughts on it I mean I'd be very curious to to try it but I'm also.

You know I I I I gotta give props to die them for you know trying something new I guess you know in the pickleball space and also uh trying something new in terms of their marketing yeah no I mean I think it is good to try new things again we we do complain a lot about how everyone is doing the same things in pickleball so it is good that.

You're trying something new hopefully uh you know feedback will get taken and for future stuff they'll kind of figure that out a little bit better but yeah I mean fun to see them doing something new think some things could have been executed better things could have been a little clearer but I don't know they'll probably get it get it better for round.

Two hopefully yeah all right so on on all this note the first thing I guess I want to talk about a little bit is our least favorite paddles since oh gosh I don't get to I haven't reviewed all of them uh I think this would be kind of fun to talk about so I will rifle off some of the ones that I thought of earlier today okay.

Okay these are paddles that I have very strong dislike okay hit me with them first of all yeah Adidas paddles every single one of them this goes all the way back to my very first video on YouTube you can and still go watch it in the first minute now I remember I think my yeah I I toasted them I said I think my exact words were.

I think these things play like pieces of garbage and I don't get it I got an earphone for that one Adidas was not happy with me saying that that was actually the very first time a company got a angry at me for saying not nice things about the paddle but seriously I heard they're not good I you know there's a rumor there was a rumor that I.

Heard that they actually approached Julian Arnold and they paid him they were like oh we'll pay you like I don't know 50 to like 80k if you use our paddles or whatever and he'd turn them down because they're trash dude if that's true they're the confirm nor deny if that's true then that just goes to show you how not good it is that's a lot.

Of money to use the paddle I I seriously think at 180 to 190 whatever the price is for their top tier ones you couldn't find a worse value in pickleball I think I I don't know it's that bad there there might be something else there might but I I think that paddle could be 70 to 100 and that's about where it.

Belongs so 190 is a lot of money for it so that's I should have put number one for me when I was with you I don't have it oh okay because I borrowed it from a shop when I did that video oh and here's the thing consistently people who have played with them they tell me the same thing I had a guy in Georgia come to me he's like yeah.

I played with these I hate them yeah see they're not good okay so what what's your first pick oh ah man well I haven't played with the Adidas one but uh first that comes to mind um zero zero one yep that was gonna be my next one I guess we can both talk about that okay go ahead I mean let's see I remember.

When I first uh came out to see when we first met and we just brought like a backpack full of paddles when I was up in Minneapolis with you and I just wanted to try all these paddles I've never it was like a kid in the candy shops like oh my gosh I get to try all these freaking paddles and I was excited for zero zero one and zero zero two and.

Those two were the most distinctive most different feeling paddles I've ever had to play with like just the zeros or two was just jarring to me you know obviously a good paddle and then I was like okay I wonder what the zero zero uh one's like and you and your brothers were like don't do it will it is absolute like atrocious how bad this.

Thing is and I was it can't be that bad and I hit with it and I did like commit to playing a game with it against you and your brother Ed I didn't do that bad I think I actually think I won but I was like yeah this is bad it just felt like a dead board like I think I would have much much rather played with a wooden paddle than the zero zero one it was.

Just nothing yeah it it for 300 the biggest problem was 333 dollars huge problem I think if that paddle was 100 to 150 wouldn't have been maybe terrible but I think what made it feel so jarring was that you knew you were paying 333 dollars for it and the zero zero two was so good it had flaws The Sweet Spot was pretty terrible everyone.

Pretty universally agreed with that but you could tell that paddle had potential minus The Sweet Spot the zero zero one there was no upside to that paddle yeah and then you know throw in 333 and now yeah it was it was pretty below average on all accounts like feel touch spin sweet spot like I don't think it had really anything going for it however.

Yesterday I did see somebody in the wild with one I don't know if it was one of the new reworked rooms but it was an Invicta shape and I was like oh somebody out here playing I saw someone at MLP with it too and I thought are you crazy like what do you enjoy about this battle I don't know they just like feeling nothing in their souls when they hit.

With it it has to be I don't know man that that yeah that was not a good paddle um my next one I think it is the most overrated paddle in all of pickleball I genuinely do not believe that there's a more overrated paddle than this one that award goes to the Onyx Z5 oh what's so bad about the Z5 dude I c5's a piece.

Of garbage it's it's so bad because here's the thing 80 to 90 dollars you go okay it's 89 what do you expect right exactly expect much yeah but the handle feels terrible incredibly thin horrible shape it's using no Max in the core only it sounds horrible when you hit it and it's so loud and it has no touch or feel to it.

The only thing it's good for is if you want to hit the ball hard and when you're newer the hard part of the game is the soft stuff so why use a paddle that makes that stuff hard like I went out and played with it recently and I just thought how on Earth did this paddle get to be probably the number one most.

Popular paddle for that price and it I think the Rockne curve classic is better I think the Franklin signal and when I say better I think Leaps and Bounds better oh wow like puts puts the thing to shame so Rockne curve classic Franklin signature and these paddles aren't out yet and we're going to talk about them a little.

Bit more later but the uh the upcoming SLK Evo line infinitely better than the Onyx I I just dude I don't understand I think that paddle is only popular because at one point it was probably good when Nomex was the thing popular and it's you know priced cheaply it's in I think it's in dicks and maybe Walmart and a couple other stores but.

I would never in a million years recommend that to anyone in pickleball yeah I probably wouldn't recommend it um I wouldn't say it's my my least favorite I think for that price point I'm like I think it's perfectly fine I will say it is loud if if you care about what your neighbors think of you you know don't don't play with it because it.

Is obnoxiously so but now here's my thing yeah have you have you hit a Rockne curve classic at all I'm not okay have you've had a Franklin signature of course okay if you were gonna pick between those yeah enough which would you pick could be the Franklin yeah yeah exactly and and here's the thing Franklin is 100 technically more.

Expensive but their things are constantly on sale there's like a constant code it might be Forum 20 for Franklin I'm not sure but it'll get you 20 off pretty pretty much puts you in the ballpark of the Onyx so please save a friend if you know anyone going to buy an honest Z5 tell them not to save a friend save their pickleball.

Career start their path outright even though the Franklin has its own problems with grit the Z5 doesn't even have any grit to begin with so it's already worse off I don't know that paddle's just okay okay that's fair enough fair enough fair enough what's your next one uh let's see for the short time I played with it.

Which I think is a little overrated as the electron Pro 2. I think we probably agree on that one I know you didn't have nice things to say about that one either I just yep I just felt I don't know I felt like the original electron Pro was better in my opinion it just doesn't do anything really well sweet spot seems a little bit smaller it seems less.

Unforgiving although I do like the way it looks though you know it looks pretty good yeah it looks pretty good I to me it doesn't feel very stable uh The Sweet Spot was definitely an issue you feel a lot of vibration it is more head heavy um so if you have a weaker wrist or anything that's going to be a problem it just feels I think the the potential on.

It is maybe good Thomas Wilson uses one so I think it's the only one I know that he uses it yeah literally the only Pro that I know uses there might be one other one maybe a lower tier Pro but uh it just isn't good spin is fine I guess and you know when you get to be a product you want to be able to hit harder it fits that bill very well but.

I there's I'd recommend almost any other raw carbon paddle on the market over that I I think it might be my least favorite raw carbon paddle I thought the warrior Edge was that for me but I think the electron Pro is actually ahead of it or behind it depending on how you want to phrase that no the warrior Edge is the Leaps and.

Bounds better than the pro too yeah I think it is noticeably better than the pro too but the the only two raw carbon paddles I think that I have hit that I really thought wow just don't love these was the warrior Edge the warrior isn't terrible it just isn't for me I I don't think it's objectively a bad paddle Pro 2 starts hinting more towards yeah it's.

Really not a great battle um my next one unless you have any other comments you want to make about the person no I have nothing more on the pro too okay this one I know this isn't going to be popular you and I have talked about this you think I'm a little crazy I do gearbox.

Cx11e hate it okay I hate it I don't I don't mind it does it doesn't your wife play with the cx11e she does and it causes stripe every day I am trying so hard I told her the other day I said you know what you'd probably play better with a different paddle let me let me give you one of the other hundred paddles in the house yeah please play.

With something else but no her and my mother-in-law love that paddle and they both use the same one see I told you something something about it I think for newer people and Tennis converts for some reason they just don't mind the gearbox but yeah now to be clear I actually really don't mind the cx11q very much my review of both these.

Paddles should be out by the time this podcast is out I believe so if you haven't seen it yet you can go check that out I discussed my thoughts further but I I really didn't mind the cx11q and I thought I would hate that one the E is the one I thought I would like and I just can't do it The Sweet Spot is so.

Bad when you get to the edges the ball feels very dead and I think I I didn't say this in my review I think it's just nothing with the edgeless I think I think it's because it's edgeless that's why it feels the way that it feels but see other paddles don't have is the issue as bad I think it's a combination of edgeless and the core that they're.

Using with their carbon fiber ribs or whatever because to me the zero zero three prokonnex uh the power air and I'm probably forgetting another noticeable or notable edgeless paddle they don't feel nearly as dead to me as the cx11e does when you get to the edge yeah no I can I can kind of see that and.

I mean like I it's not that I hate it I can I think from like an objective standpoint for the right person I think it's a solid paddle you know if you like that kind of feel but yeah if you're not for it it's definitely not for you out of the gearbox line I definitely prefer the cx-14 line way more than the cx11 line.

And I did own I still have uh I think a gearbox gx6 which is basically the precursor to their cx11 line so I know I haven't had enough time with the cx11 line to you know make formed opinion about it but I can see why it's not for you knowing what I know about you and the paddles that you like I can see why you do not like the cx11 and I think too.

Just to clarify it's not that the paddle is minus maybe The Sweet Spot I don't think it's objectively bad gearbox I I like gearbox as a company I think that they're one of the only companies pushing very unique Innovation the paddles are tanks they get good spin despite not having great it that's not true anymore they did add they do to the.

New cx-14s yes and 11's people think the 11s don't have it but they do I've clarified that with gearbox and I even went to one of my local shops and felt one and I ran a stare at meter on them I took one that didn't have it and one that did and the one that did the stare at meter reading was way higher so okay.

Uh yeah yeah both definitely have it uh I told you this and you said I should put this in my review but I had already recorded the review the way I described gearbox paddles or how I will describe them moving forward it's like cilantro there are people in the world that see actually have a genetic thing about them where it makes cilantro taste I think.

People say like dish soap or or they just hate it yeah they can taste really bad to them and then other people like me I love cilantro I think it's amazing and that's exactly how gearbox works the people who love them it's the it's the most loyal following in pickleball there's no more loyal fan than a gearbox fan but if you hate a gearbox paddle you.

It's like it's like you took it personally yeah yeah yeah and I personally personally so yeah the the cx11e is not for me unfortunately but I I know it is for other people so take that uh for what you will how about you do you have any other ones because I've.

Got at least one other one I have at least one maybe another one but the one that comes to mind uh I mean I'll say I don't like it but to be honest I didn't give it a fair shot like you know a good enough amount of time with it but it's it's actually the Pro Connects black Ace okay you need to describe that one to me because a lot of people were talking.

About that uh online today what did they say people think it is going to be pro kenix's version of a raw carbon fiber paddle is that what the surface was yeah that's essentially what it is oh really so it is one of those Services okay from the pictures it didn't look like it it doesn't look like it but if you touch it and you go where wherever the outline of.

The Spade is yeah that feels or looks like what you see in other raw carbon fiber t700 faces and um I thought I would enjoy it more because I in in Atlanta PPA Peachtree Atlanta um I got to hit with the was it the ovation Pro flight or speed I can't remember I.

Don't know is it the blue one it was a blue it was circular it was like yeah and it was like blue and um I actually enjoyed that one quite a bit I was like oh I liked it a lot and I thought maybe that the black Ace would kind of feel like that but it'd have more spin essentially with the you know the carbon fiber grit or whatnot it.

Would feel similar but it didn't it didn't feel like that to me I I felt like the Ovation um uh it just it was poppy but it felt controllable it had this nice feel to it and it felt surprisingly well it's the word plush but the ace felt like a board to me probably okay probably probably.

What you feel how you feel about the gearbox cx11 and I I could kind of say they felt a little similar I don't know if it was the sound or something like I said I didn't give it enough time but initially sure I was not a fan of it like I was like um no I don't like it but yeah okay all right that's uh good to know I'm definitely curious about it.

I wasn't looking at the pictures I wasn't convinced it was a raw carbon fiber surface so it's kind of nice that you had some insight on that because I haven't I haven't heard basically anything about that paddle yeah I mean take a look at I mean I do see some pros and whatnot uh play with it and they seem.

To like it I mean comic macon's twin brother I saw him playing with it at a minor league and he was wrecking people with it so yeah you know yeah interesting stuff well my last one that I have I might be able to think of some more if you have another one after this but the flip shot from one shot oh my goodness.

I I love I will applaud them for trying A New Concept again I think that's great I think people need to do it and it kind of like with Selkirk yeah zero zero one flop but look at the zero zero two they've thrown out a bunch of stuff this year some was good some wasn't but the stuff that did stick it's like oh we'll applaud you for trying same thing with.

Flip shot the concept of it was one side was carbon fiber and the other side was fiberglass so one side was for power one side was for control but in on paper that sounds kind of cool in reality the sides were not that different uh I think you could tell a small difference if you're if you've hit a lot of paddles you could feel the difference but there.

Was a couple key problems with it for me one in What scenario am I going to be switch like okay let's say my backhand is the power side and my forehand's the control side yeah what if what if there's a shot that I don't want that right now I'm I have to think about different power levels depending on the side of the.

Paddle I'm hitting and you're not gonna rotate paddle slightly let's say overhead's coming you want to flip to the power side I just don't think you're gonna do that I think that's a bad idea and then surface paint grit that's immediate you get a a bit of a thumbs down points taken off for that one mine after.

Uh probably a week and a half of playing with it the butt cap was breaking I think it was coming loose that could be a defect you know I'll maybe cut him some slack there but the build quality didn't feel great the paddle as a whole felt kind of cheap and uh yeah it just was not good everyone I gave that paddle to yeah no one liked it I had a friend.

That said the gamma 50 paddle he started with he would rather play with that oh wow okay yeah it's uh I think the con that concept uh really flopped I I jokingly sometimes there was another company that tried to do it pro XR they tried to do one was it called the the story the story yes yeah didn't you get to hit it yeah I got to hit it and.

Actually it's it's not a bad paddle um it may be it's not for everybody it's a little weird that a little handle that that butt cap shape is not for everybody you're even more limited on the pro XR you literally can only choose one side for forehand or backhand because you can't rotate it because I mean you you can rotate it it's just not you can but.

Then yeah it's really awkward then it defeats the whole purpose of the handle well I mean no I mean because if you have the two sides then you're gonna hold it one way then like then no it actually probably enforces that you use one side over another no yeah but I'm saying what if what if the my backhand side is the power side yeah but what if.

I want the control side on my backhand the only way to do it would be to rotate the handle 180 degrees and now the butt like I'm holding it in a way that it wasn't meant to be held right exactly yeah it would totally it would totally be awkward but I think that concept is just not like executed correctly at least as of right now I think somebody.

In the future will be able to to make make one that that you can actually feel the difference and like do it right you know I think the big problem is for pickleball the core has a really big impact on the feel and how the ball is gonna react yeah obviously in combination with the face but I think to just have two different sheets isn't.

Enough to make them feel uh drastically different I almost feel that you would have to find a way to divide the cores up yeah yeah and you'd have to have different cores for each side and then also have like the sheet of the fiberglass or the carbon fiber on either side it was just like just like in table tennis you know they choose the.

Rubbers and then they choose the padding and the thickness of the padding on each side and you know that makes sense but also because in table tennis I feel like the techniques used to execute certain shots on the backhand and the forehand have been honed and dialed in for so long you know table 10 has been around for forever I mean not that pickleball.

Is like that you know brand new to the block as well but you know people are still trying to figure out you know what kind of shots and stuff you can do I just don't know how effective it will be but basically I I don't think you'll be seeing something like that that's truly that different or drastic anytime soon anytime soon yeah yeah yeah.

So that uh unless you've got another one that mostly concludes my list no yeah and these are ones when I say this I strongly dislike these patterns there are other paddles that I don't Vibe with or I don't love but these ones were just a extra special spot of hate and Chris's Cold Cold Heart.

Yes they they gained an extra an extra spot oh my gosh yeah they're probably you know underneath like some tarp somewhere in your room collecting dust Onyx Z5 is staring me right in the face right now I kind of want to throw it at my wall you should have your wife play with it see what she feels Sushi oh.

Man if she played with a Z5 and really liked it I would question a lot of things I would question a lot would you rather have her play with the gearbox or the gearbox oh really gearbox because at least I know that actually has things about it that are good okay there's nothing good about the Z5 okay okay all right.

There's like probably like 50 people out there listening to us right now that is oh crap gotta switch my pals Before Christmas okay you know I actually do have a funny story so the day I was trying the Z5 I was on the court public courts are getting kind of busy and I'm loud as you know my voice carries yes.

I was ranting to my friend about the Z5 I was like dude I don't know why anyone would buy this it's so bad and and here's the thing yeah he he starts kind of giving me some cues and I was like what is he was trying to say right now and I eventually realized the person behind me on the court next to me yeah had a Z5 I could hear everything I.

Would say okay and I could tell they were newer to pickleball so they were probably thinking now you got the really did I buy you probably made them super like self-aware or something I gave him buyer's remorse yeah probably his remorse oh my gosh and that's when you hit them and that's when you hit them.

Here this is my just paddles affiliate link house I'm not that Savage but I know there are people out there who would do that I know people in my like local dealers in my area who would do that oh yeah there's some chills out there let's be real oh yeah I know I know oh dude gosh.

Don't even get me started on that trust me I've got a list of shows in my brain and I I check it twice so to contrast our least favorite panels I want to talk about the paddles that we think are exceptionally good or that we just really like yeah for whatever reason so I'll let uh I'll let you kick us off oh all right so a paddle that I.

Let's see that I really like at least when I say like it's really just me playing with them is right now I've been really actually enjoying the Hyperion 14 millimeter that just came out so that and the Soul they're almost like the same so those that's one paddle that I really like I don't know what do you think about that paddle no I for sure.

Think the 14 millimeter is really good when you were here I actually enjoyed the Swift version quite a bit that's the one I played with most and the one I added ended up adding lead tape too just because I felt I could add more lead tape uh to it because it had a lighter starting point and oddly enough the 14 Swift was way better than the 16 Swift.

Was and I think there's a couple reasons one the spin doesn't suck on the 14 millimeter Swift for whatever reason uh that one was plenty gritty I think because the 14 millimeter is already thinner so you expect a little less Edge foam uh and it you expect it to be more poppy you're maybe a little more okay with it not feeling as solid whereas the.

Original Hyperion is a tank and then the 16 Swift just doesn't feel that solid so I I basically long story short I think the 14 Swift is very solid and I enjoyed that quite a bit and it didn't seem to have the same issues that I had with the 16s with true that true that I would would agree I think it's funny though because.

I think if you gave that paddle to Me Maybe two like maybe like three months ago like earlier this summer probably wouldn't be on my list of favorite I mean I would think it's good it wouldn't be it may it wouldn't be on my list of like favorite paddles my my paddle well we'll get into this later.

But right now I'm going through somewhat of a paddle dilemma slash crisis right now you have been going through this for a while uh yeah for the past I feel like two three months I feel like I've been yeah I've been going through it and yeah we'll go back into that later but yeah that's that's one paddle that um tossed my list of my favorite paddles.

At the at the moment right now yeah what about you I would agree with that that was that was also uh on my list as well uh my current one uh this has been my primary paddle since I got it I've really loved it I've had a lot of questions about it zero zero three Invicta love it I as one of the zero zero three came out uh I pretty much.

Switched to that right away so I've been using a zero zero three since July or late June about now it was the Epic and I wasn't in love with the Epic but I liked the paddle enough to put up with the shorter shape that's the only reason I didn't like it is I just prefer elongated uh Selkirk was nice enough to get one uh an Invicta shape in my hands.

Early I I begged them for it I said please I really love the long shape and I'm really excited about the long handle can I please have one of these and this and they're like okay Chris geez now they didn't say that but yeah they they did get me one and I've really enjoyed it since yeah this is only if you give it a positive review.

Let's okay for those of you who don't understand that that's sarcasm that has never happened just to be fully clear I want to make sure that there's no confusion on Reddit later Reddit okay yeah just Ranch real quick Reddit is where I if there's any hate about me it's it's always Reddit I don't know what it is about Reddit man they and I.

Don't get a lot of it yeah but if I'm gonna see it that's where I see it right no it's fine no if you're you know you ain't doing it right if you haven't got a few haters here and there and it's fine that's you're not wrong you're not wrong but yeah never had a company tell me to say positive things I wouldn't I wouldn't work with them if they did say.

That to me and I'd probably let you guys know that they tried to do that oh okay okay fair enough all right zero zero three yeah this is your current paddle of choice right yep I really like it you do have to add lead tape I have basically a full ounce of lead tape on it it's not perfect out of the box uh but I add lead tape to almost all your.

Battles these days so this is this is funny because you and I I mean not that I haven't added lead tape to my paddles in the past but I judge a paddle by how it is straight out of the box that's how yeah I look at it and I make my recommendations to People based on how it is stock and I did like the zero zero three and I really like your.

Um changes to your zero zero three I could I feel like if you gave me your zero zero three um I could go to a tournament and feel pretty comfortable it's like you know the reset machine and I'm actually kind of surprised that after I hit witchers that I also didn't switch to it because prior to that I I mean because I think.

You and I we play with very similar tastes in paddles like no style of paddle I feel like we've we've pretty much gone through the same paddles In Our Lifetime until very recently you know yeah yeah but um that's yeah it's and it's it's good for anyone who's been wondering uh there's not a drastic difference between it and the Epic I.

Don't know if people were hoping that they would have more power I didn't necessarily feel that it had more power I know in elongated shape a little more leverage you should get more power but it wasn't enough for me to feel noticeable so if you're expecting that I wouldn't I wouldn't really get your hopes up uh it it's basically the Epic.

But in a way better shape I think elongate it's awesome and I thank you selker for finally doing this they have upgraded their handle to a five and a half inch handle which is awesome five and a quarter is just too short or really pushing it for a two-handed backhand for me and since I've been trying to use that more that was more.

Frustrating on the Epic uh the five and a half inch handle is pretty nice I will say uh I it's not the best five and a half inch handle I've ever hit one thing I want to start talking about in my reviews I've told you about this little bit well is that depending on how the neck tapers on a paddle actually drastically impacts how the handle feels.

So one thing I noticed is that diadem lists their Warrior handle yeah as five inches if you tell me five inches on paper I'm gonna tell you I will not like this handle it does not feel like five inches and that's because of how the neck tapers you can actually put your hand up a little bit higher on what isn't technically the handle but it's.

Still an easy place to hold Yola also does this the taper on theirs is good one that tapers poorly is the power air that's a five and a quarter handle and it feels a lot worse than what supposedly is a five inch handle on the die then when you hold them up I think they actually do look the same so someone's measurements not there but I.

Play with the power I mean I play with the power air right now it's one of my my go-to paddles right now and I can tell you that the handle does feel in my opinion substantially shorter especially substance shorter than your zero zero three for sure and it's one of my very small gripes about that paddle.

Yup so keep keep that in mind when you guys think about handle lengths uh the neck taper really does matter I think on the zero zero three the neck taper is a little earlier so you don't get to hold up as high as something maybe as a Yola but it's not bad it's a huge improvement over the other handle length they were using but I still think that other.

People have a slightly better five and a half inch handle you think they'll um they'll be updating all their shapes with kind of that new taper I really hope so I think the way the game's going everyone for the most part wants a longer handle or at least the option and I think only having five and a quarter in kind of your Flagship shape is a.

Little bit of a mistake because the Epic and uh Invicta had the same handle length shape but one was uh wider and one was longer so I just think the Invicta deserves a longer handle and I hope that is what they do okay okay I think I think most people probably would uh agree with that but yeah what's uh what's next on your list okay let's see.

Um well we did kind of just mention it but I guess the power the power air is a panel that I have come to enjoy a lot more the more that I play with it the more that I've enjoyed it um I wasn't initially going to play with it and switch to it uh but here I am now it's pretty much in my bag I always take it as an option to go play with as I'm.

Still trying to figure out which paddle I want to play with and mainly it's because of the the pop that that it has I can't play with the zero zero two I know some people like really you know some like at least higher level players really like the zero zero two and I just feel like I see it everywhere at least when the pros play I feel like nah great.

A great zero zero two or the Yola Hyperion and yep couldn't play with the YOLO Hyperion like 16 because it was too head heavy uh for me at least for extended use and then zero zero two I don't know I think I think it just shows like my skill cap I just feel like you have to be really good to be able to play with that paddle like really well.

Yeah oh you you have to be really good yeah so uh clearly I'm not I'm not I'm not good enough for that battle so yeah I've been trying to play with the power air even the power air is testing my limits as a player right now Selkirk was the first company at first when I saw them put a skill rating on the paddle I thought huh.

That's really weird and feels odd I on paper I thought I don't really think that matters or I agree with because I think it said you should be a four or five player to use it and I thought huh it's kind of weird but it's true I the 002 is the first paddle I believe that has hit the market where they're if you're better the.

Paddle is going to work better for you and if you're a lower rating you will miss hit it so much and it will feel bad I think it has a high skill ceiling and I think uh for you golfers out there it's kind of similar to blades so I play a little bit of golf I'm not okay all right hopefully I'm not misquoting this but I believe blades are the ones Pros.

Use and they're a lot harder to use but if you can use them the payoff is good uh and this like maybe the sweet spots more whereas you know what everyone else uses cavity back I think has a feels a little better and bigger sweet spot but maybe you can't hit it as far same thing with the zero zero two it was the first paddle that's ever done that anything.

Else I would have said I don't think you have to be a better player to use this thing but not one totally true no I think that's totally true I mean it's also the same with with tennis rackets there are some rackets you know on the market that it's you know probably not best for an intermediate or beginner player to use first things that come to.

Mine are like some of the some of the rackets in like the Pro Staff the Wilson Pro Staff line that have a smaller head size or one have tighter string patterns or obviously one that are just heavier in general are pretty difficult to to wield and play and use effectively so you know I can totally I can totally see that for sure yeah yeah well my next one.

Uh yeah man we were talking about this last few days okay this paddle is not out yet I just got them in and I was told I could talk about them early and I'm glad because I was gonna have a hard time keeping my mouth shut yes the SLK Evo paddles specifically the power one are absolutely gonna smoke things in the.

Hundred dollar price range really I'm not 100 sure if I'm actually I I think it is that good I it's really good dude what here's what makes it easy to preface this I I genuinely don't know how to explain it the spin is not top tier wait wait wait wait hold on before for any of you guys out there if you guys aren't.

Familiar with SLK line it's essentially selkirk's I guess what was your budget line all right okay yeah okay just get that there it's I believe their lowest paddles go somewhere maybe 50-ish dollars and then I don't know some of the bundles that you get at like Costco or yeah Walmart's only come with two there's like a you know indoor ball or.

Whatever this says SLK on it they come in some bright cotton candy colors so yep they made something that you really like yes and I you know when he when they said they were sending him over I was kind of yeah okay that's okay line whatever I don't know I I don't really care when I went and hit it I was really.

Impressed spin numbers uh were between so there's three models there's a control a hybrid and a power uh and they were all 1450 and above I think only one hit 1450 the other two were 14.90. so you're almost talking about top tier Spin and we were talking about a hundred dollar paddle almost 1500 RPM even over 1300 RPM would be amazing for a hundred.

Dollar paddle so that alone is kind of like wow that hits a really nice spot for that price I think that's one of the first paddles in the industry to do that I don't know how the longevity is going to hold up but obviously we'll be testing that and see how it does but something about the power man it just.

I've been playing singles because I'm getting ready for Nationals yeah and I have enjoyed it so much the last few days that I genuinely think that's what I'm going to use in Nationals no way two days to lose it was the battle Yeah I would I wouldn't say that I wouldn't say I lost because of the paddle but seriously when I go back to my zero zero.

Three it still feels fine for singles but I definitely get more plow through on the EVO power and when I play people they all say you hit noticeably harder with this and here people said the same thing about the power air when I played singles they said dude you hit harder with this like certain shots are actually harder for me to get to.

Compared to when you play with the zero zero three the problem with the power air was that I couldn't dink or play the short game cat and mouse at all it was really really bad I would spray balls and that's why I went back to the zero zero three for singles with the power I don't feel like I have that same problem it only almost feels as an in-between of.

The zero zero three in power air in terms of power level still feel like I have really good control but I can also hit the ball just hard enough to where clearly my opponents are noticing it um and then it you know just feels a little better to me so it's weird I want people to understand that I don't think this is going to replace.

The top tier paddles I don't think if you use a Hyperion 16 millimeter that you're gonna go wow I'm switching to a Evo power or any of the Evo paddles but I think for a hundred dollars that's I put it in the perspective of the price here for that price crazy I think this might finally be the paddle that makes the.

Franklin signature stop being the king of the 100 price point really okay that good to know um I think there's some other I guess we'll you know we'll probably go and talk about it more but another budget line that comes to mind that I heard performs really well is the Omega line which is yep which is engages.

Budget line right yep yeah I've hit those a bit uh not extensively yet I do really want to get to those I can't remember they have one that's 110 and then the price goes up so I know there's it's like 110 130 140 and then if you go to their uh raw carbon fiber paddle it's 150 160. somewhere in that area um yeah they feel pretty good the 110.

One I think would perform pretty adequately but I hit that and didn't you know immediately go wow I love this thing and when I went out just to hit the Evo power it was it was like instant I don't know it's crazy I I can't I genuinely can't even believe I'm saying that about a hundred dollar paddle.

And that I would consider switching just a few days before Nationals so I that should tell you that there's something about the paddle that's okay that's good it the Evo power is a little bit more head heavy I will say I've noticed my um my wrist and my arm being a little more tired using it I haven't checked the swing weight and stuff yet but I think.

It is going to be a little bit on the higher side not as head heavy as the Ben Johns definitely not that heavy but uh it's higher than what I'm used to so all right keep an eye out for those I think the uh the control is also uh pretty solid but most of my time has been spent with the uh the power so keep an eye out okay all right all right well it's next.

For you my next favorite paddle um I'll just put both of them in the the same thing I think you'd probably agree is the diadem Warrior and even into the some extent The Warrior I know you don't like the warrior Edge uh as much I think there are other because there's there's so many other I guess raw carbon fiber pad holes out.

There uh just you wait if you guys have made it this far on the podcast I got a good rant coming I got a will is gonna have to listen to me rant for a little bit because I got a rant about rock carbon all right well I I do like the at least I was playing and I still am playing with the edge just a little bit but a lot less and less I still bring it.

With me it's kind of like a backup paddle for me at this point in time but I really did and still do enjoy the original diadem Warrior and I think a lot of people do no it's a good solid pattern I think I just like it like when just comes out of the box I just feel like it's super solid just the weight is perfect the balance is just right I.

Think it has a good blend of uh you know power and touch and out of the box it has good spin of course you know I think there are problems with it's not perfect you know the great kind of wears it wears down which I know is what you know issues that you've had with it in the past um but yeah I like it I think it looks.

Good like I heard recently too someone told me um that actually just yesterday I believe that they had someone who had the teal Warrior and had two break in a couple months and so makes me still makes me wonder about the durability of them that was an issue when it came out I can't confirm that it is still an.

Issue but I even despite that I still think it's an awesome paddle I when I was using that paddle it was the first paddle in pickleball that I used and I went wow I really really like this thing so I feel like it just has a special special place in my heart no it has a special place in my heart too because the when when the teal the teal and just.

Came out and I just got it and uh that's the paddle that I used to beat you the first time we played and it's recorded and it's now lives do you still have that same paddle yeah I still have it dude that thing's gonna be framed bring it next time I see you I'm gonna burn it you're gonna make sure it gets broken that paddle is now part of History uh.

Real quick because I'm just realizing we're at about an hour at this point this is gonna be a long podcast I don't really care that it's gonna be long yeah but to prevent it from being really long I'm just gonna kind of Breeze through my next favorite ones okay because I've talked about them a little bit yeah uh we already talked about the 14.

Millimeter Hyperion I think the Hyperion 16 is still like one of the greatest paddles on the market uh we'll agree to you know some of the issues that people have with them a little bit later uh no paddle is perfect but performance wise I love that paddle dude when I was just bouncing a ball around the other day I just remembered why I liked it so much.

It just feels so good and the head heaviness never really bothered me it is I do feel my hands are slower but it was never enough to deter me for that to be the sole reason I didn't use the paddle so Hyperion 60 millimeter still an awesome paddle still love it Swift version skip whatever don't buy that but the regular one's great uh next ones.

Electra Model E I've talked about that before still think it's an awesome paddle just a just a good paddle my brother loves it he's been using it for months now and uh my last one is the head radical tour Co still a great paddle I love that thing it's just a fun paddle yeah it needs to come with a longer handle that's what it.

Needs to be yes I I do think it'd be awesome if they made that with a longer handle but even in its current form they really they really did a good job with that one all right do you have any other ones you want to add no not really I mean I might give an honorable mention to the groovin 16h but that's that's really about it for I guess my most.

Favorite pattern I mean obviously the other paddles out there that I really do enjoy you know that could easily switch to but I mean we're talking about my favorites the ones that I gravitate to that I pull out of my bag or my closet to go hit with those are the ones yep yeah yep totally same uh there's a lot of other paddles I I there's even other.

Paddles I wanted to mention that I enjoy the whole weight loss over there dude I know I could I could be a pickleball retailer at this point so I don't know if you want to talk about your paddle switching dilemma or if you yeah you've talked about it enough well I'll talk about I think everybody kind of goes through this I.

Think right now um I have aside from just drilling more and practicing more which I really haven't been able to do we've been traveling around so much and whatnot I have plateaued a little bit I would say I think I can still retire by a plateau in terms of skill level like a little bit I.

Think I can still play better I don't always play at my best all the time but now I'm searching for I guess what you could say a shortcut to get more performance out of myself without putting in the practice and the work which really is what I really just should be doing honestly and obviously an easy way to go.

Through that is to try and find a better equipment and it really wasn't a thing until I played 5-0 for the first time back in Atlanta like two tournaments back to back and I was playing with the diadem Warrior Edge um stocked and I I did come to really enjoy it and really know that paddle like what I can do with it and whatnot.

And when I played 5-0 at least in doubles and whatnot I could reset all day but eventually people would just burn me like I can only reset first of all I couldn't attack back and then when I did attack I just felt like I didn't have that extra oomph and I didn't have that extra put away power I'm kind of a small guy anyways it's really hard so.

I've been looking for a paddle that's a little bit more powerful so I was playing with you know the the radical tour and uh the power air and so right now I am between the power air and the warrior Edge and I'm and I'm also looking at um some of the 14 millimeter options available from YOLO such as the.

Higher Hyperion 14 just to give me that a little bit of of extra pop and I'm just I'm just not entirely sure I think I want the power air to be kind of it right now just because I put so much time into it but man resetting and stuff with that is still hard I think that's just me if I drilled with it maybe but I don't know if I'm ready for it so that's.

That's where I'm at right now and then with so many more paddles like coming out and I I get some now in the mail and whatnot I have this grass it's always greener on the other side syndrome as I would call it you know like so well it's just you know sometimes at least the way I look at it isn't even necessarily that oh this paddle's way better it's just.

They're in even in the time I've been playing I've gone through phases where I go okay this is what my game needs more of right now and this paddle helps me do more of that in my game and I think everyone kind of goes through that cycle where my problem right now is that I really need to be able to hit the ball harder because I put away people make.

Fun of me all the time my brothers my friends locally here yeah it's seriously a joke they just go when I when I when overhead goes up people on both sides my teammate or my opponents will just say kill it like put it away and then you know I just can't obviously some of that is body mechanic I'm not saying it isn't but uh I also just play with a lot of.

Soft paddles so that's a part of my issue so that's kind of what I'm working on now is like I didn't know how to hit the ball harder I hear you I hear you and I kind of I'm kind of like I said I'm kind of going through the same thing but it's like how much do you sacrifice of what you're comfortable with to try to gain that extra bit of performance.

And I feel like the power air right now is really on that cusp for me of I might be sacrificing a little bit too much like I just feel like before when with the The Edge and some other other 60 millimeter Pals you play with I felt like I didn't miss too many dinks or drops but with power air I do it they pop up a little bit too high and I am.

And I'm paying for it you know yeah so that's really what it is right now yeah no it makes sense well the next thing I want to talk about uh because there's a lot of things kind of mixed into this one is just paddle longevity yeah specifically grit because this has been a really hot topic in pickleball lately it's kind of always been a topic.

But really recently people have been talking about grit so I want to talk about a couple things so raw carbon fiber for a long time yeah earlier this year everyone believed spin doesn't fade like it's it's raw carbon fiber it's weaved there's no applied grit to go away it lasts forever okay first of all nothing lasts forever so and that just.

Should have been a giveaway there but recently uh John KU who we've talked about and uh his last name is k-e-w if you look up John coup pickleball on YouTube he's got a couple videos to make some great stuff check them out he has a video that also talks about this more in depth but he put uh a Yola under a microscope that had lost a lot of spin.

So that's why I stopped using the Hyperion originally is after about two months I noticed a severe loss in spin performance and it was really noticeable to me even coming from a Model E so he put it under a microscope and noticed that there were micro tears in the carbon fiber and there were even holes really small holes in the face basically.

Where the carbon fiber had flattened out it was no longer like a bumpy weave it was flat you can't see it with your eye but with a microscope very obvious oh so that was a really interesting finding I think people were already catching on okay clearly there's an issue we just don't know what now we have a better idea I've put a bunch of my paddles.

Under a microscope I went and bought one and I noticed the same thing as John on a couple paddles that have been used really heavily my brother's Electra Model E which was formerly my Electro Model E is so beat up like that carbon fiber is flat really flat I don't feel like he's not getting enough spin because you know.

I mean I know greediness affects spin potential but it's not it's not everything so is it not definitely not everything so it's not so is it really losing that much RPM I think it is because I tested so when I tested that one a long time ago before my brother was using it so but basically when I was doing spin tests earlier last.

Year some paddles were used paddles because I just I didn't have brand new ones of everything so it wasn't feasible for me to do that so my Model E was tested when it was used I got about 1300 RPM and I thought wow that's really weird for electrum but maybe it just doesn't get as ghost Ben as everyone thought so 1300 wasn't great that was.

Before he used it it's probably even worse now if I had to guess a brand new 16 millimeter was like 1680 RPM so 380 is a pretty significant jump and I'm willing to bet that my brothers is even lower now and I think he notices but I mean I bet if I gave him the brand new one he would prefer that but he's got it pretty lead taped and configured and.

Over gripped and everything the way he likes so maybe I'll maybe I'll give him that uh the other one eventually here but I it does seem to cause an issue for sure pet they will they will lose grit the Yola was pretty noticeable okay so how many months did it take or how many hours of extensive play did you need to have before you felt like it really.

Dropped off in performance where it would be noticeable or where you would consider getting a new one because that's what probably people don't know for my Yola it was two months but now here's the thing it is going to depend so heavily anytime people ask us about paddles yeah you can't give a definitive answer because it just depends how much.

You play right I'm on the court almost five days a week playing for two or three hours at a time so that's a lot of really heavy play whereas there's a lot more casual people two to three times a week maybe play for an hour or two maybe they don't hit as hard there's a lot of factors that go in so for me it was two months when I noticed but for.

Someone else it could be six months if you're even uh you know maybe you're a 3-0 that plays once a week could easily last you over a year you might not even ever notice you probably won't notice that the spin dropped off so it's really hard to say a pro I probably notice it even faster than I did because they hit harder they play.

Harder they play more um so that that's really tough to say and then also uh there's been talks about the power air not retaining grit John coo had said in his video that he noted there was a significant drop off how much on his he's at a thousand RPM no way I'm shocked by that because my power air got used from May to August.

Singles and doubles mostly singles for me and my brother used it a little bit I even traded it off with a couple other people and when I tested it for my review it was still hitting 1800 that was after three months now granted maybe his was used even heavier I don't there's a lot there's so many variables.

Yeah how did you store the paddle what conditions did you have it in are your cords sturdier you know whatever I also retested my zero zero three Invicta because I've had it for maybe two months now a lot and I play with that paddle a lot and it it has dropped so it went from about 1830 or somewhere in that range and now.

It's about 1640. so it's still within about my top 10 of spin paddles I've ever tested even after extensive use so to me that feels really good because I it's still in the top ten and it got used a bunch so I think that's good but clearly there's a drop I did not see a thousand RPM drop uh same thing with my zero zero three epic same thing with two.

Zero zero twos that my family used my personal one and then I got one for Patrick and those both dropped to about 1600 as well so I have heard that there was potentially issues um with John's like a defective type of deal so we'll have to wait and see I think he's probably gonna get another.

One I'm sure he'll do more testing um but in my experience the grit has held up either even better than raw carbon fiber or just as good at the very least it's definitely not worse from what I found but yeah it ain't spray on me yeah definitely not spray under even James ignotowicz messaged me and he was like.

Dude what is Selkirk doing why does the grit last so long and I thought it was weird he just texted me this yesterday oh really I thought it was weird that he was even asking me about this uh but he clearly has even noticed okay this lasts a lot longer than other stuff out there he's hit with some raw carbon fiber paddles so I don't know exactly what his.

Observations are but he did ask me about it and I thought it was kind of yeah James hits the crap out of that thing and he plays a lot so if he's saying he feels it lasts a while then I don't know if it's good enough whatever is good enough for you it's basically what we're trying to say basically because if you ever play James it's scary it's scary.

Playing him so one thing I also want to talk about on this note is that people say all the time pickleball paddles are overpriced they're getting more expensive yeah they break yes but I did a lot of research today because I've always thought okay let's compare to tennis that's what everyone always compares to this yeah I.

Buy a racket I keep it for 10 years so I mean this is true you do keep that racket for 10 years but you also have to restring that racket yeah and so I did quite a bit of research before this podcast episode about that and here are some of the things I found okay okay so tennis racket is going to cost you anywhere.

Between 200 and 250 there's probably ones that reach 300 yes I saw some that went up to about 270 but on average 200 to 250. okay that's already more than most pickleball paddles yes there's only a couple that push the 250 range okay yep strings those range anywhere between five and twenty dollars and I think I even saw some strings that went up to.

Fifty dollars yes um so the range is pretty big there I think it seems to be about twenty dollars is maybe about average what you're gonna expect to pay for a string yeah and then labor yeah you can say average around 20 bucks but yeah I mean it goes anywhere from 12 to like 25 bucks for labor now here's.

What I found okay so pickleball Pros the one people have been quoting recently because she was on our podcast was Anna bright okay she said I go through my paddles in three weeks and then a lot of people online start saying that's just unacceptable three weeks that's insane for it to be worn out and have to get another one and so uh I looked up how.

Often do Tennis Pros restring their tennis racket yeah every single day if you say and looking online it seems to be the average to restring a racket is going to end up around let's be clear though you're you're comparing I guess top level paintball players and top level tennis players that are playing at high levels you know yes that and and.

I'll get to the the average people too because I I thought about that as well all right but for the Pro if you average 20 or 40 dollars per restring and they have to do it every day you're coming out to about fourteen thousand dollars a year that it costs the tennis pro to have that restrung okay now obviously they're.

Getting everything for free right they're not paying for that no but neither are these Pros paying for their pickleball paddles if you took Anna bright at the rate she said she was wearing her paddles out three weeks that Pals about 180 to 190. she's that would be about three thousand dollars a year so substantially less money than what it.

Theoretically cost that tennis pro to have it re-strung now if you did an average person restringing every two weeks I think the average came out to about a thousand dollars and looking up I saw a lot of different uh numbers for amateurs so obviously it's going to vary right if you're a very casual player play once a week maybe a couple times a.

Year you probably don't even have to restring your bracket once a year or maybe you should but you wouldn't even notice the difference it doesn't matter for you right most Rec players don't I mean there's a lot of them that don't restring their tennis strike they probably restring it me once every three months to potentially even.

Six months you know yes and so you know obviously the average person it matters less and they wouldn't even notice same thing I say for pickleball if you're a 3-0 potentially even up to three five you even if you're losing a little bit of grit you will not notice yeah I just think there are no 3-0 if you're a 3-0.

You're not applying enough spin to be able to notice when it's dropping because the you have clearly other problems in your game if you're a three out potentially I would argue up to three five you could say the same thing there are more fundamental things problematic in your game than the loss of spin uh wait so the paddle so then.

How do you notice because you're supposed to be 35 at best though wow you know I'm I'm but on top of the food chain right like we're talking about your average three five at the park I'll I'll beat that three five up all day long like I've I've trained in the upper echelons three five I don't know fair enough yeah okay so okay so at that rate.

People I would say you know you could spend up to let's say three to six months you're spending two hundred dollars so you could potentially spend up to about eight hundred dollars a year if you're buying a new 200 paddle every three months okay you're coming out to a similar restringing cost as probably the.

Uh tennis player that plays quite a bit and now here's where I think some of the comparison gets lost on people that they don't consider yeah pickleball players are obsessive right they play potentially five days a week for multiple hours at a time there are a lot of tennis players that don't play that often so I think the average tennis or.

The average pickleball player plays more than the average tennis player does and and even if let's let's even just say it's equal or whatever either way it's a lot of wear and tear on your paddle and I just think when you look at the cost of restringing and if you're doing it at the rate when you're.

Technically losing spin or power on a tennis racket it's going to be the same thing for pickleball and you know people say oh well it's a smaller increment I have to pay each time well okay how about every three weeks or every two weeks you put twenty dollars in a jar for your pickleball paddle and that was your restringing cost that you would.

Have had if you could do it like a tennis racket and now when it's time to buy a new paddle you've got all the money saved up okay okay I could see that yeah no that makes sense that makes sense I would have to agree with your findings me being a former pretty avid tennis player I would say I strung my racket and I usually carry two to three.

And I would just kind of cycle through them but yeah it would pretty much be at least one racket strung per week when I was playing a lot and then if I was playing a little bit less maybe every two weeks I would restring a racket and then sometimes I would just restring it just because I felt like it was losing just a little bit too much tension or.

What not like totally still serviceable I could still play with it yeah you know you just sometimes you just want that fresh string on there yeah but and if you're talking a week to two weeks I mean at a week you know you double the initial number I said of about a thousand dollars a year now you're upwards of potentially two thousand.

Dollars and it's so I just think it's more comparable than people think people I see they get kind of bent out of shape when they compare tennis and pickleball fine as they say no tennis is for sure cheaper and just looking at the math I don't think it is or if it is it's not by much yeah I I could see that and pickleball can I mean it totally can be.

Cheap it just depends on like how much you're playing how much performance you are really are willing to sacrifice sacrifice or really extract out of yeah you know your paddle like I mean I'll play with a paddle like you know until the handle falls off and like I'll still play with it and it'll be straight but if I really want the best absolute best.

Performance you know and sometimes I don't need the absolute best performance from my paddle all the time unless like I'm going to a tournament or something but if I'm playing casually or whatnot I'm still want to play hard like it's totally it's totally fine to be quite honest you know I just kind of think the expectation in pickleball people for.

Whatever reason have this thought that the equipment should be indestructible and they're just so mad that this thing breaks and it's 200 and now I think there are things about the chemistry that could be fixed right no let's handle snapping yeah like that stuff like that could be better okay but when we're talking about grit loss I think.

That's extremely comparable to string I'm not talking about handle snapping I think that's unacceptable I think the industry needs to find ways to make stuff like that stop happening okay I completely agree with that but when you're talking about loss of power loss of Spin To Me entirely comparable to a tennis racket and you know you just kind.

Of kind of gotta Pony up the cost because they have to do it in tennis right no no one's oh even in tennis the thing is some people could get away with not restringing like they could just deal with the bad string some people just literally break it and they don't have a choice yeah but to go and restring so.

Yeah I don't know I just wanted to kind of talk about that because I find it weird that people have such high expectations for some of these things well I mean some I do think that paddle companies can I still think there's a lot of room for improvement I think they can make oh no I agree quality products especially if you're paying you're.

Paying you know the upwards of you know 180 to 200 because let's be like some some of the costs when I when I pay for a paddle like 180 to 200 and I'm just looking and I'm feeling you know the pat on my hands I'm like this definitely does not feel like I got my money's worth is what I'm trying to say like look at look at uh.

Let's say the breakdown for a buddy Shea he did the the paddle you know tear apart tear down you know yeah and look at the materials that they're putting in there right I'm off obviously you know they're they're compensating for potentially some r d and whatnot but I just feel like some of the teardowns that we had some of those paddles were.

Just not worth that price you know that's really what it is you know what's awesome this is another interesting thing that and I don't want to cut the companies too much slack because I agree there needs companies need to be pushed and I think they were pushed a little bit this year to start doing things better one of the things I specifically.

Want to see companies stop cheaping out on is handles and we're going to talk about that a little bit more uh later but people always say wow the markup on pickleball paddles is insane and it is a lot yeah I I don't know the exact cost but I know rough costs of paddles and what it costs the manufacturers to get some of these but.

If you look at a lot of other Industries in the world the markup is even more insane or just as high and no one bats an eye right like soda how much do you think it costs them to produce that can of pop all right you still gladly pay two dollars for a camera if you're desperate at a restaurant three dollars for a cup yeah so I I get it it's not a.

Completely perfect comparison but I just think there's a lot of things where we pay insane markups day to day and we don't even bat an eye at and then suddenly for the pickleball paddle we people go how dare anyone need to make money for advertising paying employees whatever it just I don't know it's an interesting thing I.

Wonder why in this history it's like that I think right now it's just because we're going through a paradigm shift in you know the money that's pouring in the companies that are in what they're creating and a lot of it is just Market Discovery right now I mean people is still a fairly new industry and so I think these manufacturers and these.

People are just testing limits on what is acceptable and because you know I mean just think about like you know maybe five to ten years ago you know you can see this type of stuff in people house probably still using some composite and if you were using Nomex or whatever like people were using z5s exactly because that's the best they had.

Exactly there's better these days people please okay all right that'll be the last time I mentioned that but it's just it's an extra little bit of anger for me at that paddle okay okay calm down now calm down I'm trying I'm trying to breathe or what's next on the list yes next on the list this is my rant you're just I'm.

Sorry will yeah are in to hear me rant from right here this is what I'm here for that's why we're friends yes okay I want to talk about raw carbon fiber paddles oh here we go these have absolutely flooded the market and let me preface this with I think raw carbon fiber is awesome some of the best paddles on the market use this surface I.

Think it's way better than a lot of paddle surfaces that were being used two years ago No in fact I think it's definitively better than a lot of almost every surface two years ago okay so they're awesome they generate amazing spin people like how they feel they're good paddles okay let me preface that with that okay but my problem is.

The industry is being completely flooded with these paddles everywhere and people are falling for a lot of marketing hype and you know they come to me and they they want these reviews or whatever let me just list off paddle companies that I know make a rock carbon fiber paddle or are going to be making one soon okay we have we have Ace uh pickleball.

They're new yep diadem Yola X back that's that cheap 90 dollar paddle that looks just like every other raw carbon fiber paddle but on Amazon by China so I'm gonna check that out at some point uh but then we have 6-0 Legacy carbon electrum dink pro light Vulcan pick ninja groovin cheetah Selkirk and rhombus okay there's other ones I know I.

Forgot some yeah that's a lot of companies and at this rate every single company is gonna have it and I think that's fine I think if companies want to be competitive and have a cheaper offering you need this stop offering fiberglass starter offering this now my problem is companies are great at marketing and people are great at.

Falling for marketing on Facebook I'm seeing a lot of paddles I'll leave the names out for now I don't want to Flame any companies at the moment I might change my mind later okay but people are getting really excited about a couple of these or maybe not even excited but they see the marketing they go oh wow that must be amazing and then they see some.

People chiming in and saying this is the best panel I've ever hit it's the best raw carbon fiber paddle ever it smokes everything nothing is as good as this and I think a couple things that come from because I've seen this several times in my time in pickleball pickleball is very Grassroots right now and what I mean by that is.

It's very easy for a company to get into pickleball if I wanted to launch my own Paddle Company I probably only need five or ten thousand dollars to do it I could probably do it with less I think if you want to do it well five or ten thousand dollars you could launch a pickleball Paddle Company now if you are very prominent in your local community and.

People really like you and they respect you and you launch a paddle they will buy your paddle I have seen this all over the nation with people who launch paddle companies and that is totally a good thing but so Grassroots in that when friends launch paddle companies you get a lot of supporters and what I'm seeing with a lot of these new companies.

Online is they're getting those grassroot followers from their state and those people are going online and telling everyone this is the best thing I've ever hit nothing is even close and they probably haven't even hit that many paddles yeah I'm talking about this because I've hit over 100 paddles yeah yeah not many people haven't hit the.

Same amount and so you know maybe it is the best paddle they've ever hit but they haven't hit that many so keep that in mind and I think I guess it just really bugs me because you and I both know we've hit a lot of these yeah most of these Rock carbon fiber paddles are the same thing but where the changes.

Come from are the shape and where the weight is distributed and some of them are using a better carbon fiber some are using uh cheaper and maybe there's a little bit of tweaks to the core right maybe some cosmetics and stuff as well yeah Cosmetics is definitely a little different but for the most part we're not talking about any of these Rock.

Carbon fiber paddles being technologically way different the only company in my opinion that's done this and if I'm missing one you can correct me yeah is Yola they were the first one to inject The Edge foam and that made a noticeable impact a noticeable difference on how the paddle plays compared to everything else right the.

Hyperion I I think the best spot of our best sweet spot of any raw carbon paddle on the market yeah so I would talk to them for doing that yeah everyone else yeah and this and the solare basically just those Yola paddles that have the edge foam essentially yep everyone else.

I'm sorry you're the same thing with very small tweaks it when people say we have this and this technology or they make something up and make their marketing term they make polymer sound like it's astronaut technology or something give me a break and that's not to say some don't play better than others you can have a combination.

Of raw carbon fiber and like a thin core and a poor balance or something and that could feel bad and it'll make some of the other ones stand out more and feel better but it's just not that different so I just get a little rattled up these days when so many companies are releasing it and everyone thinks that new one is.

Gonna be the next greatest thing I'm sorry to say but most of these pickleball companies they get the paddles out of the same Factory a lot of them do I know several of them s