So for the Die Hard pickleballers who follow the pro leagues religiously all this information you probably already know but for the Casual viewer or maybe you're unaware of what pickleball even is sit down and grab some popcorn because the battle for who dominates the pro pickleball scene is heating up so a little backstory on the three major.

Professional pickleball leagues there's currently three main Pro pickable leagues of PPA app and MLP the pp8 was started by Connor Pardo and recently purchased by billionaire Tom Dundon who is the chairman of Dundon Capital Partners in Dallas Texas he owns an NHL team was chairman of the alliance of American football before it folded and.

Owns a majority stake in Topgolf so clearly a sports Centric guy and now he is the sole owner of the professional pickleball Association the app tour was founded by Ken Herman and is similar to the PPI in which both tourists have dozens of tournaments throughout the year and often compete with each other in regards to attracting the top.

Pickleball players for their respective tours these two tours have been in existence for multiple years but the third organization that just popped up in 2021 is called Major League pickleball major league pickable is a team oriented event in which there was a draft with eight teams consisting of the top players in the world a completely.

Unique concept that fans really adored due to the team factor in seeing players compete with and against players they normally don't get to it felt like major league pickable could co-exist with the other two tours without stepping on any boundaries meanwhile app and PPA were headed onto a collision course in other sports you don't see two organizations.

Coexisting there aren't two mbas there aren't two NFLs there's one that controls the entire Market both tours trying to beat the professional pickleball tour so all things completely went haywire when Tom Dundon took over ownership of the PPA taking no prisoners Dunedin immediately offered exclusive three-year contracts to some of the best.

Players in the sport including the top male player and top female player players were offered three-year contracts with performance-centric appearance fees that would be based on their rankings so players traveling to tournaments every weekend and possibly not earning any prize money became a very costly Endeavor guaranteed.

Appearance money was very enticing to these players and many of the top players ended up signing with the PPA in which the PPA only gave them few days to do so this news shocked the pickleball World these players were now restricted from playing non-ppa events unless the PPA approved it on a case-by-case basis so this means no major league pickleball.

Or app events this was reported by Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated detailed an exchange between the billionaires right after Dundon bought the PPA and signed the top players who just recently played in the Major League pickleball event just a few months prior after it was announced in January that dundan had purchased the PPA.

Ventured North to Dallas to inquire about how that three-year exclusivity Clause would be applied to his new mega event I was dreading that meeting says but people told me Tom and I would get along fine within minutes though the Tycoon devolved into a scene from The Godfather dundan told Kuhn his stable of PPA Talent would play in the MLP as soon.

As Dundon owned the MLP bristled I buy you out you don't buy me out that meeting lasted 20 minutes but it might have lasted two recalls I don't know why I wasted those 18 minutes dundance Camp sees it differently Steve wanted 10 events and he did not want to pay for them says PPA spokesperson Hannah Johns yes Ben's sister at that.

Point it's almost a third tour there has to be a good reason we do this besides out of the charity of our own Hearts so the PPA app and MLP Advance all throughout the year from fans perspective players were characterized as either an app player or PPA player even though the app hadn't actually signed anyone players who referred to.

App players tend to play on the app tour more so than the PPA there were times throughout the year in which the app and PPA both had tours on the same weekend and viewers had to choose which one to watch one of the up-and-coming bright stars JW Johnson decided not to sign with the PPA last August he snapped Ben John's 170 singles match win streak.

Which put him on the pickleball radar and it didn't stop there on December 29th Pardo texted JW and offered him one of the ppa's exclusivity contracts the care indeed tournament money appearance fee offered to the one player who had beaten the ppa's Marquee attraction one thousand dollars and Pardo needed an answer as soon as possible Happy New.

Year we hired an agent with the background and pro tennis who told us this is absolutely the worst Sports contract he had seen in 30 years said Julie but JW will do me just fine the prize money and appearance fees aren't what it's about the sponsorships are so JW had a heck of a year playing mostly app events a lot.

Of the top competition was contractually obligated to play only PPA events so Johnson became the favorite in most tournaments to take home gold JW this year so far has entered 17 out of the 20 app tournaments and has earned approximately 78 thousand dollars in prize money from App tournaments this comes to about 4 615 per tournament.

Entered he meddled in at least twice in every single tournament he entered including three Triple Crowns JW finished with 26 gold medals 14 silver medals and three bronze medals the app has tiered tournaments in which the prize money is more or less depending on which tier of tournament it is the PPA tournaments also have tiered tournaments.

But their payout structure is a bit different where players earn money based on wins so obviously as you win in the higher rounds of the bracket the more money you're going to earn but the big difference here is that in the app you get the chance to come back in the backdraw to play in the championship the PPA is a double elimination but once you.

Lose in the main bracket the backdraw teams don't have the ability to get back into the championship they can only get as high as third place so this severely caps the payout potential if you lose so for the highest rated tournaments in the PPA with the most prize money if a player to win the Triple Crown they would have earned 11 841 not including.

Appearance fees and this is about even with the app prize money which their highest tournament the app Franklin New York City opened had a potential payout of 13 500 if someone were to win gold in all three of the main events the competition in the PPA events is much much more challenging in large part due to Ben John's being the best player in.

The world and being a part of the PPA but they also just have a lot more top and Talent on this tour with guys like Riley Newman and Matt Wright Tyson McGuffin and Jade to villier Jade W would never have been the favorite heading into any of the tournaments with Ben Johns being in the draw he still does well when he plays in some of the.

PPA events and medals but he would have nowhere near the same amount of success he's had on the app tour and I think ultimately assuming this report was correct even with the guaranteed appearance money of a thousand dollars he would have not made nearly the same amount of money he did playing mostly app events now back to the billionaires.

After the PPA signed the top players they were not allowed to compete in Major League pickleball which a hundred thousand dollars was awarded to the winning team consisting of four players so 25 000 for each player a pretty hefty prize pool for pickleball there were three events this past year and major league pickable is also expanding the.

Number of teams which many of you have seen on the news getting a lot of investors celebrities and athletes purchasing teams and becoming owners some of the PPA players were kind of upset about this because they were barred from playing and potentially winning 25 000 and this is Tyson McGuffin talking on the dinks podcast.

About it just a few months ago someone like myself I'm unable to play MLP as with Ben at where we're not too happy about it because uh you know the biggest prize pool right now in pickleball is that 100K uh Team deal if you win MLP obviously this year there's three of them next year there's six of them.

Um so I mean the potential to win you know I mean 75k this year winning all three events is huge you know a few months go by and rumors start swirling that the PPA players might be able to play in Major League pickleball next year then seemingly out of nowhere a bombshell of an announcement happens PPA announces A team-oriented League of.

Their Own called Vibe Vibe almost an exact clone of Major League pickable not only do they have all their top PPA talent but they were able to secure contracts with J.W Johnson and Dylan Frazier who were two of the top men's players playing in Major League pickleball so a huge loss for MLP who hasn't gone the route yet of signing.

Contracts to players so this is something they were probably considering now because losing two Marquee players like JW and Dylan Frazier is extremely frustrating Vive also secured a big time team owner in Mark Cuban but Major League pickleball does beat them in this department having multiple huge names like Tom Brady Drew Brees Gary Vee.

LeBron James Kevin Durant all purchasing teams in Major League pickleball they are also expanding from 12 teams to 16 teams my only concern about this is it might spread the talent too thin that means 64 players total and Bob currently plans on only having six teams for next year so this means only 24 players total I'm sure Major League pickleball will.

Figure it out but it's definitely a concern moving forward and who knows a viable try and sign some of the other Marquee players away from Major League pickleball the PPA signed a lot of the top players at the beginning of the year which I previously mentioned many people thought the app and Major League pickleball would be significantly.

Handicapped in terms of talent but with how quickly things are changing and pickleball with prize money increasing more and more talented tennis players converting over the app really has developed some really nice young Talent over the course of this past year especially in singles most likely due to the singles pickleball being most.

Similar to tennis singles and according to this graphic CNBC is predicting 40 million players by 2030 worldwide if this prediction comes true then pickleball will have a humongous talent pool to choose from and who knows who will be the top players in three years from now as the battle for pro pickable heats up I'm sure both these.

Billionaires and pro league still have a bunch of tricks up their sleeve it would be interesting to watch how all this unfolds and hopefully players get good monetary opportunities and fans get a viable product to watch in the end so thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video hit that subscribe button down at the bottom and give this video a like if.

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Chronicling all the drama and events that have transpired within the past year between the three main Professional Pickleball Leagues. This video is a bit different from others but hope you all still enjoy this video.

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Worth Noting: “APP is working with Intersport starting at the beginning of 22. They responded to the 3 year exclusive contracts of the PPA by offering appearance fees without exclusivity. I.e. JW gets an APP appearance fee, but he is also free to play whatever he wants.” Was made aware of this after the video was completed.

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