Worry people see who's who's on what team who I'm playing with who I'm playing against so where all these great players end up yeah strap coming up in December so many more details to come Catherine parento to serve let's play Pickleball yeah and Julian Arnold with the full package protected his body when he got.

Blown up by parento early in he's already yapping why that's you don't often see points like that right out of the gate and it's it's a that's a good feeling for uh to get one under their belt there yes one point Julian Arnold is coming ladies and gentlemen.

He is a man not only in the rise 101 in singles but mix and doubles and whatever other uh pickleball event he could find he's he's a good player and he's gonna be moving up the rankings and in every event look at this guys and his Pace I mean he's gonna be just.

Prancing around the court the entire time he's ready he's 10 espresso shots deep right now and ready to go clean forehand BB down the line and Arnold boom bringing it you couldn't ask for a better start here oh look at this ATP and there's the chest pulp that was incredible Julian Arnold brings this almost into the court.

On the other side I don't think brush has touched a ball yet just get the serving I thought it might have been just wide but brush had a good look at it so 4-0 and a Tui down the middle and Arnold is fired up all right but but brasha there had about four or five resets that give Arnold that opportunity so let's.

Start let's not forget about her there even though Arnold is on fire right now side out and that's what it takes we've talked about it a lot sometimes it is the Paris time speeding it up but sometimes it's setting up your partner.

Just point for the top seed there one five one second serve that's a that's a talent letting the ball go it absolutely is that's a and especially in this game when the reactions are so quick you've you've got sometimes one 100th of a second it feels like to make that decision do I leave this do I play it.

Ben Johns has been going for his serve begging singles and has brought it over to doubles doesn't get that one to go so here comes there's Arnold and brasha just full one this Arnold's big served that gets a miss this is of course.

Maggie brasha her sister it's a very talented player as well second serve that's it six one two perfect drop from Mary brasha sets up Arnold and that is the correct score 7-1.

Yeah point eight one Sam I'm speechless almost right now this is just unbelievable plane from Roshan Arnold and any ball that's up Arnold's taking advantage of it and putting these things away side out one eight one.

Foreign who played a great point there oh she did everything right there and at the end just got a little unlucky two eight one foreign not supposed to cheer for a team but I.

Find a little part of me cheering to be underdogs here yeah and The Underdogs are roaring and they came in they come into this with a very nice win to start the day they beat Jeff Warnick and Lacey schnee in a couple of Californians 11 4 11 9. so there's a lot of confidence coming in here and.

Second serve rare Miss and a yell from from Arnold there sat on that tape and fell on his side again the high school I see needs a little help here foreign I like the point construction for an Arnold and brasha there actually it just.

Didn't work out on the execution exactly second said Mary brasha again with some ridiculous defense and I think a lot of people remember the video for a few weeks yeah the round that around the head's dad that's uh one of the most talked about pickleball shots of the Year probably foreign.

dictate to him no and you know you don't get a lot of reactions out of Ben Jones but I think if you look closely it's a little frustrated right now the body language is a little down and we are at nine three okay nine three one.

Drive from Mary brasha and it is game point for the 16 seed ten three one seconds are finished from Ben Johnson Arnold finds the absolute no-go Zone second chance to win game one side great job by parento so two chances to close out the top seed throws it away still a seven point lead fourth shot by Ben Johns right there.

Okay that's why he's the best player in this game over subtle move that he makes those things look easy that's very difficult to do four ten one second steep on that roller that's a shot a low top spin.

In line that's so tough to read there it is again so his patented shot comes up short on that one and long on the one before and it is a third game point Rasha and Arnold again with a beautiful third and that scores no joke they came out on fire and they win convincingly 11-4 in game one they will start game.

Two can they sustain that's the question foreign foreign recovery land and they end up winning the point oh my gosh they turned defense into.

Offense there I mean absolutely perfectly a little indecision in the middle for the top seat total but the entire State of California know that he knows got a second message for you as well and they're up early in game too he's making Tyson McGuffin look mellow right now what's going on on the other side of the.

Court someone near parento getting arranged these two want they want to play at 100 miles an hour okay watch and that goes wide and it is Arnold who pulls the trigger again at brasha not only hanging in there with parental.

Winning the advantage Cross Court yeah you could see it with her positioning she's the one up on the line dominated that cross-court exchange second serve three zero two point another problem in the middle and a unforced air from Ben Johns and it is four zip game two.

Side out that ball was punished from Ben Johns all right zero four one will this be the start of a run paddle plank never good it's usually a sign you're in trouble one four one sure oh boy.

Two four one one of the first long exchanges that's on Toronto and Johnson's way second serve parento slides and a lot of the players on that side are sliding one way or the other to protect their body and set it up just misses there so they've got two and two four two seconds Sir.

Reset Clinic not only is she resetting and she's misdirecting it back to Catherine into a safe place unbelievable there was four four uh like they're kind of resets and like you said all reset back cross quarter redirected to give Julian the question to establish his presence at the net during that replay there was a Miss volley so it's 5-2 and.

Now 6-2 in the body language of the top seeds is not good and we see this floor I mean it's nice and Arnold are winning these points they're taking it to him second serve so Arnold goes middle Dink and then tries way too sharp an angle and he knew it you hear him say two six two two.

Foreign to that felt very important we'll see if it was or just a moment hello second serve Mary brush a step back attack of Ben Johns right in front of her sets up Arnold let's go Mary look I think anything of this sport loves to.

See that wow no fear side out seven two one second serve it's a great first volley from parenta there have to have it we need a second stop right now the Pearson has just a little more pop.

On his shots right now than anyone in the game these balls are coming fast and quick it's establishing himself inside out just can't quite get that one so they tick one more forward 281 wait one all right dig from Ben Johnson you know they might just have to say enough of.

The fireworks we're gonna need to get to the kitchen grind Dinks foreign look at this point the ATP has defended and then Arnold comes flying across with a winner down the middle yes sir 382. this team is on fire what's up Ben throw his hand up has to say what do we do right now.

They're happy to accept any and all missed returns and just come back so 482 foreign this could be a tennis court now he's going to cover the entire thing he is literally everywhere including Devil's alley and brasha again so solid and then Arnold sneaks in and speeds it up and.

They're two points from a massive upset nine four one make that one point away as Arnold is roping winners all over this court and going right at Ben John says is to say look you might be the best player in the world but I'm coming for you match point all right second serve okay they save one.

Second chance to send the top seed to the backdraw and it is Julian Arnold with an authoritative finish on one of the most dominating upsets you will see upsets are often 13-11 in the third Sam
This is the biggest upset where number 16 seat take out number 1 seat in two games. What a game.