Hey this is Braden today I've got a handful of paddles we're going to look at so I've been getting a lot of questions recently from people about what the best paddle is around that hundred dollar price range so there's a ton of paddles in this price point but it can be kind of hit or miss with them there's a lot of off-brand stuff but I.

Was able to scrounge up five different paddles from some of the leading Brands so I got one from engage a couple from gearbox one from Yola and then one from diatom so we'll I'll talk about how they play I'll do a little pass or fell test and let you know if I think it's worth how much they're asking for it but yeah we'll we'll start with this top one this.

Is the engage Evolution Max so this thing retails for 110 bucks and I actually did a full review of this one if you want to check it out but I was really impressed with it I think this thing is an excellent control paddle it plays above its price point it has a thinner core and a carbon fiber face but if you were to give this to me and I hit.

It blindfolded I would have guessed it was a thicker core paddle it absorbs Pace really well and it's just easy to connect with and will enhance your soft game the only difference I think that this has compared to some of the top tier control paddles is that it has a little less Spin and a little less pop all those high-end performance paddles.

Have the same level of control as the evolution Max but we'll give you a little more pop and a little more spin but aside from that I think this is an excellent paddle for only 110 bucks this is probably the best control paddle you can buy so pass or fell I think this definitely passes that's the Omega Evolution wax so the next paddle we'll.

Talk about is the diatom Riptide so this retails for 85 dollars it has a firmer harder feel to it it doesn't feel very quality it's not very Lively off the face when the ball hits it it kind of dies not because it's absorbing the ball well or like doesn't feel great it just I think it's just lack of quality is the reason it's dying it's not because it's.

A good control paddle plus it has a tighter sweet spot and even when you just look at it like you can see the the Honeycomb Core through the fiberglass it probably only has one or two layers of fiberglass and it just doesn't feel very good and I I didn't like it so this retails for 85 dollars does this pass or fail.

This one fails I don't think it's worth the 85 bucks this is the diatom Riptide next one we'll look at is the gearbox gh7 so when you're looking at the spec sheet this actually looks very similar to the grip tied it has that classic shape it has a thinner core and a fiberglass face but gearbox touts that has seven layers of fiberglass on each.

Side of the the polymer core hence the gh7 name and this feels a lot better than the griptide it's much more lively off the face it's actually got quite a bit of juice it really punches the ball it feels good it has a larger Sweet Spot the handle is comfortable the handle is a little bit on the shorter side but it didn't really bother me because I don't.

Do any any two-handed shots but I really like this pedal I thought it was really really solid for for 75 bucks this is the cheapest paddle of the five that I have does this one pass or fail this one definitely passes in my book this is the gearbox gh7 the next one we're looking at is the yoga method so this one retails for a.

Hundred dollars it has a longer handle and a wide body shape so it's a little shorter than these other ones um and it has a carbon fiber face and this one actually felt pretty good I didn't mind how it felt it was easy to dink with you could control the ball as long as you hit in the center of the paddle but it's just had a lot of.

Vibrations you can feel off Miss hits it seemed to twist pretty easy in your hands and then when you feel the grip it's it's skinnier it I don't like that it's so small in order for me to get this to a place I would be more comfortable I'd probably have to add two or three over grips additionally it has a really smooth surface so the spin was.

Was on the lower end so this is the yellow method does it pass or fail I think this one fails I don't think it's worth 100 bucks so the last one we'll look at is uh the gearbox cp7 as you can actually tell this one's pretty worn out this was my paddle that I played with last summer I've had this one in my my closet for a while and you can tell I.

Use it a lot I really like this one it has an elongated shape which you don't see very often in this price range for some reason so you have the longer shape you have the longer handle and then it has a mix on the face so it has a some carbon fiber and some fiberglass so this gives you some good pop it has a quality feel to it but the carbon fiber does.

Bring back the power a little bit makes a little more controllable kind of falls into that awkward category it only weighs 7.8 ounces so it's easy to maneuver I thought it was a great paddle felt good only 100 bucks I thought this was much better than the yellow method does this one pass or foul this one's a pass for me so when you're looking at.

All the paddles that I was playing with I've been playing with all these off or off and on for the last you know few weeks these were the three I liked so if you're looking for something that offers good control go with the Omega Evolution Max this is a fantastic control paddle for only 110 bucks the gearbox gh7 I thought this one offered the most power.

It has a good quality feel to it if you're looking for a little more juice then this is going to be a great option this is probably the best value of the bunch it only costs 75 bucks I was pretty impressed with it and then the last one is that the gearbox cp7 this one kind of sat in the middle on the on the power and control that does have the.

Elongated shape so if you're looking for that elongated shape and you're on a budget I think this is great option so those are all the paddles I looked at I do have links in the description if you're interested in purchasing any of them but yeah I hope that helped thanks for watching
I’ve been asked a lot recently what the best pickleball paddles are around $100. This is a tricky price point because you really don’t know what you’re going to get. I was able to round up five paddles around that $100 price range from leading brands like Engage, Gearbox, Diadem, and Joola and share if I think they are worth getting.

If you are interested in the ones I liked, here are links to purchase them:
Engage Omega Evolution Max – https://pickleballeffect.com/product/engage-omega-evolution-max/
Gearbox GH7 – https://pickleballeffect.com/product/gearbox-gh7-blue/
Gearbox CP7 – https://pickleballeffect.com/product/gearbox-cp7-7-8oz/

Take our paddle fitting quiz: https://pickleballeffect.com/equipment-reviews/pickleball-paddle-fitting-quiz/

Time stamps:
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00:29 – Engage Omega Evolution Max
01:20 – Diadem Riptide
02:05 – Gearbox GH7+
02:54 – Joola Method CTS 12
03:40 – Gearbox CP7
04:27 – My Recommendation

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