I know you've been seeing it pickleball is blowing up and we are blowing up with it why because I have my own paddle that I created along with my good friend Taylor Chen so listen make sure you go and get the best panel everybody is using them right now I'ma tell you some of the celebrity friends that I gave them to I don't really want to promote.

Like this but I'll say what the name sounds like uh uh Lebron James and uh uh uh Tony Brady or Dom Brady uh will be rocking these paddles I I don't I don't know uh uh a huge Breeze and things like that you know I'm not I'm not saying those are the people I don't want to say the stars are doing it but everybody's gonna have.

The best Pedal because you know what if you're gonna pickle pickle with the best the best paddle at bestpaddle.com
The Best Paddle. Check out my new pickleball paddle company called The Best Paddle. TheBestPaddle.com

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