hey everyone welcome back to davis pickleball today i want to talk to you about insoles so what you wear for your pickleball shoes there's tons of shoes that you could wear you might mainly want to wear tennis shoes but did you know that when you just buy a normal pair of tennis shoes what the insole.

Looks like is actually not so great not so great your insole is going to look something like this so it's going to be really flimsy it's basically made out of foam it's not super durable and it's not going to provide you that much support so after long hours of playing pickleball you might feel like tired and.

Your feet might ache you might actually feel like lower back pain so what you want to look for is something good here we got the zelis support insoles these are like the gold standard these are really really great for pickleball they're.

Designed for a lot of lateral movement so these insoles are really high quality they're made out of high quality very absorbent material it's very sturdy here so as you can see i can't really bend it that much and that's really going to give you the support that you want for pickleball.

And now the heel right here this is where you are going to have a lot of heel strikes on the ground this spot is a little bit thicker and this is going to give you a lot more shock absorbing when you're running around the pickball cords and then right over here we got this kind of cell technology.

Where it's gonna absorb a lot around the toe area side by side we got just a stock insole made out of feels like it feels like it's made out of like styrofoam versus the zalis insole here you could just see that it's already.

Much thicker we got a bottom comparison here and then the heel comparison here i think this is where it's really going to show differences here okay and i want to show you this other brand this is super feet here um super feet i've used for a while too but i.

Think i like the the the zelus insole when you stack them side by side you can see that the super feet it's kind of already collapsed already i've worn these for a few weeks and it's already lost a lot of the the plushness of it kind of feels hard.

Already and it doesn't feel like it's absorbing that much so i'm going to put these in my shoes and i'm going to test them out and see how they feel highly recommend you investing in good pickleball insoles for your tennis shoes because you know what you're putting underneath.

Your feet is 50 of your shoe if you have a really good shoe but crappy insoles it's kind of a waste so treat your feet right get some good insoles pick up these uh at a pickleball central they sell them over there these are zaylus insoles i'll put a link below and we'll see you on the court.

All right just got done playing some pickleball in these zelus insoles and my first impressions are wow they are they feel like tempur-pedic pillows for your feet they feel like i almost feel like i could jump a little higher because they're so like absorbent but like bouncy at the same time i've never had pickleball or.

Insoles like these before and the uh the texture of the insoles is so like almost feels fluffy almost like i feel like i'm like on a cloud um yeah they definitely make a huge difference and i don't feel fatigued at all so my first impression is just wearing these.

10 out of 10 i i think i'm gonna i think i'm gonna keep these on and buy some more insults you
The insoles that come with tennis shoes are πŸ’©

They’re super flimsy, thin, and provide no support. Seems silly to spend so much money on tennis shoes and not have quality insoles when what your feet actually rest on are the insoles!

Ever since I switched quality insoles, I noticed I’m way less fatigued when playing, no more achy feet, and no more back pain.

My guy @thepickleballstudio made a video about these insoles a while back so I knew I had to give them a try. I was blown away by the quality and how good they felt. Definitely a @zelusinsoles fan now. 10/10 worth the investment considering how many hours I’m on my feet.

Grab your pair at Pickleball Central!