Tyson's top 10 but annalize top one so how many guys do you think exactly Anna would have won with Emily so no no Ben being out yeah really good question hi welcome back to the Briones pickleball podcast we have a special one for you today.

Um unlike usual times I have a different co-host today Cadence actually uh teaching some clinics in South Carolina today with me a good old friend Matt staggers Matt how are you man thank you Jordan thanks for having me so uh for those of you who don't know Matt you probably wouldn't know him if he didn't live here in Arizona but.

Um I don't know commissioner mayor a lot of people uh refer to you as a lot of different things yeah here in Arizona yeah you just uh you're a governor governor you're just involved in a lot of Arizona pickleball stuff yeah I'm pretty involved yeah I stay busy okay that's my wife about that she knows I.

Stay busy yeah uh we will uh we'll get into more of what Matt does he's actually involved in the Arizona Professional pickleball League here and uh you don't want to miss this show because uh we're going to be talking about the past PPA um tennis player Jack sock obviously.

Made his Pro debut and uh yeah there's a lot of things that happen um so we're going to talk about the PPA obviously we're going to start off with our strategy tips and this show and we're going to talk a little bit about the Arizona pickleball League maybe there's uh some um you know some opportunities for you.

Aspiring Pros out there and uh also for you viewers who want to watch some high level pickleball so stay tuned for that there's a lot to get to in the show so um you know what we leave timestamps below so if you want to jump into a particular section of the show uh something that may interest you you can just go right to.

The description and jump there so let's get started here Matt um you know you are a pickleball player yourself I am uh what love you said you're a duper or what 405 4.51 so yeah and you said that was that was definitely on the low side right yeah duper is a little on the low side so yeah but we'll go with you perfect now.

Yeah yeah and Matt Matt's actually a lefty I'm a lefty um so kind of like that last episode we did with PESA yeah you know a little Lefty Club a little lower than Pasa but yeah right there slightly lower yeah yeah so uh okay you know what we're gonna start off with our strategy tip and uh thank you for you know Kaden is gone for a clinic but.

These are kind of big shoes to fill here not two his shoes are kind of small so I think he's a size seven and a half is he he's like eight and a half okay but uh yeah bear with us uh it's gonna be a good show um Matt how do we meet by the way.

So we met I took a clinic here right when you moved here with uh three other guys in the arrowhead group yeah play in your backyard I was probably like a three five at the time yeah and you taught us stuff that I actually didn't even know what it was wow what do you remember so I remember you know you talked about.

Drilling a lot which I didn't really do which I don't really do much any still but I need to yeah now that my wife's playing a little more I do more drills but okay that's mostly for her yeah um but we were talking about a block volley reset and I didn't really know what any of those were at the time wow so and then you would have us kind of.

Step Back From the line yeah and then come back yeah and that was actually a pretty big big deal for me because yeah and that's a pretty big part of my game now so definitely carried over and that was probably almost said two years ago then yeah huh yeah I think it was like winter of 2021 so that's cool you know what I didn't.

Remember that uh that was the first time I met you it wasn't uh the clinic at my house your prices were a lot lower back then it was yeah it was pretty because we're not going to tell anyone those prices it was a special deal back then but uh no really cool um shout out to the group here in Arrowhead.

Um yep and uh in Arizona so uh we're gonna jump right into the strategy tip um strategy tip of the day um mine is gonna you know fairly simple could be a little bit more complex but uh let me you know now Matt to all all the viewers and listeners out there you're not a coach Matt I'm not a coach yeah you are an avid player I am and.

Um uh advocate of the sport yeah I would say I only coach my wife but and your wife my son okay he doesn't listen though okay so uh okay so my strategy tip is um for today is going to be um return height is way more important than you think what do you think about that man.

I think returns are really underrated yeah and I've seen your videos and I feel like it's one of the most important shots is your return because you can really set yourself up to win the point or set yourself up to lose a point yeah yeah so you know a deep Long return especially for the backhand side yeah yeah so I said return height is super.

Important um everyone talks about the depth right um and which is true we need to return deep but what I do see a lot of is players returning deep but sometimes they return deep and really fast or deep and you know really hard and and deeper with a low trajectory and.

Sometimes that could be good if you're quick enough to get to know about his own but if you're returning you know what you think is deep and returning it really fast you're going to get stuck in that transition and when you're playing bangers or and players that like to hit the ball or drive the ball really hard then you kind.

Of get stuck in a really sticky situation I mean have you uh I mean you've you've gone from three five to now four or five yep what do you think about what I just said or what what do you what's your experience with uh returning yeah so because I'm Lefty I've been stacking I was playing a lot with my first partner and I still play.

With him a lot his name is Chris chika and we were always unwinding Stacks even at three five we were doing it yeah yeah um it was always super important I don't think I didn't know what I was doing at three five I was trying to get it deep and then get to my spot yeah to guard the line but if you don't get it deep and if you don't return to the side.

You're supposed to you're going to get burned like every time so a good return especially when you're unwinding is super key yeah so what Matt's talking about here is obviously if you're stacking with a lefty trying to take keep your forehands in the middle yep um there's a lot more ground to cover.

When you return because you actually have to you know you're going in a diagonal manner up to the non-volley zone so uh yeah but height again super important depth is key but uh I've even worked with players sometimes it's hard you know obviously getting that deep return it's it's hard at times even if they hit a really really higher shorter.

Return that still gives them more time to get up to the net so anyways that's my tip of the day uh Matt you have not a uh not a strategy tip no no strategy from here but uh no strategy he's he's not a coach did we do we cover that I'm not a coach not a coach yeah okay I say uh Matt you have a recovery tip though I do.

So uh we're I'm gonna bring up a little picture here okay and uh that's something I've gotten into recently we're gonna check it out okay recovery tip here we go yep um what is this Matthew so this is my coal plunge that I recently bought and invested in because it was really helping me I was doing kind of.

The by the Costco ice and put it in my bathtub with that melting but that melts really quickly you got to do it every day it cost you like ten dollars a day interesting so these setups uh not the cheapest in the world but if you are doing it and you feel the benefits you kind of keep going with it so I I got this guy from a company out in Gilbert.

Arizona called desert plunge oh and they help me with the setup it's basically 100 gallon cooler kind of like a Yeti cooler but it's called the grizzly yeah and then it has a quarter horsepower Chiller on the side so it can get down to about 39 degrees I just set mine at 45. got it so for those of you out there so we're we're talking about recovery.

Here um cold Plunge explain it a lot some people don't even know what the heck you're even talking about right now okay so what is cold plunging what are some of the benefits of of cold pool engine yeah so I play Pickleball with a doctor in Gilbert and he has a court in his yard.

And he had a coal Plunge in his backyard and so I kind of asked him about it okay he's like I do it for Recovery he's in his 50s and the guy's in great shape has a six pack and he was like I do it every day wow wow and so I didn't even really he's like just start with cold showers see how it feels yeah at the time my elbow.

Was bugging me a lot so I was kind of willing to do anything um so I started doing the cold bass the first time you get in you literally hyperventilate so but you feel what does that mean your body goes into shock a little bit so you start breathing crazy you got to control your breathing especially for the first 30 seconds yeah.

Oh man I even listened to like a meditation yeah Wim Hof it's really good yeah but I'd recommend that too for for beginners but you know start at the higher temps you know the high 50s really yeah okay because you get benefits even at like 58 degrees interesting and do a couple minutes even if you're doing a minute or two to start.

You can build up right now I do five minutes a day at 45 degrees and I do it after I go for a run get a little sweat going and then got it I heat up naturally because from the stuff I've read that's a little bit better some people like to jump in a hot tub right away oh really yeah okay but for me I feel like I get a little bit more.

Benefit and then it kind of keeps your body in that fat burning mode as long as you're recovering naturally so I try to do that and just put my you know get warm put clothes back on that kind of thing okay so cold plunge what are what are some uh what are some benefits because I know you've probably read upon this and yeah so what are what are the.

Things that you can yeah so inflammation it brings your information down it just I was having a lot of pain in my hips and groin especially if I was playing in in tougher games the next day I'd be you know really sore just kind of walking a little gingerly um but I want to play the next day so I wasn't able to play the next day for the.

Most part I would say eight months ago and then I started coal plunging pretty consistently last November wow and then since then um I don't play every day but I could play every day because I just my body just feels so much better I can feel the benefits you feel like you've had like 10 shots of espresso when you get out so.

It's interesting it's just a really it boosts your immunity is it immunity too yeah Beauty booster yeah I honestly have not even had a cold since this article plunging like that's so interesting you know how like um um you know how you hear when you get cold like even when I was a kid when you get.

Cold outside yeah you could get sick yeah is that true or not so you want to you want to limit your cold exposure so the the studies are showing you know controlled cold exposure you know a few minutes at a time is really good for you but then you have to warm up right away right you know yeah you just warm up.

Naturally so if you're staying outside you know hypothermia could set in if you stayed in there for an extended period of time yeah but for the most part if you're doing it controlled you know I do five minutes some people do 10 minutes I've heard the recommended is around 11 to 12 minutes a week really at what temperature that can vary by person so I.

Feel I'm getting the most benefit in the mid 40s my wife doesn't like it that cold so sometimes I increase it for her and then but then she doesn't get in and then yeah but it's a reason why you don't do like high 30s is because it's freaking too cold or is it because it's painful I mean honestly it's not like something you look forward to oh my God.

So I mean I'm trying to drop it a degree or two at a time oh really okay I've gone from like high 50s to low 50s to where I'm at now and it's still really cold when I get in so yeah and that first minute is pretty brutal oh man but once you get past the first minute and kind of get into the Zone yeah you can feel it so okay definitely something I.

Recommend um I know a lot of pickleball players are getting into it too so yeah dude and there's different facilities around here if you just want to buy a membership and kind of test them out you can do that there's there's one in Tempe that's really good called optimize um but yeah so this is this is my setup.

I I feel like it's worth it because I'm using it every day but I'm gonna have to look you need to come over yeah um what's the uh what's the dimensions there that's a hundred gallon no like like feet is it like a couple feet three feet wide it looks like maybe or two feet wide maybe and then like probably about.

Four feet wide okay I would say and then because I fit in it pretty comfortably and I've heard so do you go neck yeah down to my neck okay yeah so you don't have to hold your breath or anything no some people do dunk their heads and I'll do that every once in a while but yeah that's kind of crazy stuff I'll Splash my face at the end.

Okay it really wakes you up all right so for those of you listening recovery tip you know uh cold plunging is definitely there's a lot of science out there um I'm not a doctor he's not a coach so so take that with uh grain of salt there but uh a lot of athletes are doing that now yeah.

Um it's always been a thing for athletes too yeah so uh yeah and that little device on the right there that kind of keeps that temperature cool then huh yeah so that's the chiller so that's the I don't need any ice because that's pumping making the water cold so it's constantly circulating the water refrigerator or something basically and.

Then on the back it has uh the power setup so it's plugged into the wall cool and then there's a filter and then it has sanitation called ozone on it so it keeps it sanitized so you do got to switch out the water every now and then it stays pretty clean for months though so as long as you go in clean I gotta go and clean yeah yeah so but it is.

Sanitizing it and it's filtering it and it's constantly pumping cold water so yeah the company's out in Gilbert so if anyone's interested it's called desert plunge so all in just really quick this is more of a higher setup here but what all in setup here what are we looking at here so this costs about 2 800 all in oh man and there's some setups that are.

North of ten thousand though so yeah got it to me this is the best bang for the buck if you want something that circulates the water filters it sanitizes it and it really does the Cooler's so insulated that's what what's so great about it because I keep it in my garage because I want I don't want the Sun but.

If you had a shaded area on your work you could do that too dude I'm gonna have to look into this but man uh other thing too I've heard about cold plunging is um it's uncomfortable right yeah it's not great no it's not like going in a hot tub where it's like oh yeah it's not like you're looking forward to it.

Completely or entirely you look forward to the feeling you have after yeah so what I've you know when people I've heard some some people say like it's just doing something really uncomfortable but it kind of sets the tone for your day like like you know because you're doing that it's like it's like an accomplishment you know yeah it.

Kind of it makes you mentally tougher for sure because you do feel like you kind of check some box and I'd like to do it in the morning before yeah like the day gets going like I get up pretty early go for a run and then and it really I could imagine because it's so freaking cold but you basically if you're tired or like let's say you.

Didn't get that much sleep I mean that thing you said just wakes you up right yeah there's been a couple times if I've especially if I've played like a a cash game or a tournament it was like man brutal day I'll go in twice that day like I'll go in morning and then night and I will say you sleep really well when you go in later in the day because.

You're kind of getting your core temperature down and I think most of us like to sleep with the air being cold you know you drop Tennessee in your room but this kind of gets your whole body into that feeling so you definitely sleep better and then once you kind of stop the cold feeling you just kind of feel at ease all right yeah well if.

You're a cold plunge company out there feel free to reach out to us we have a sponsorship form you know that you can fill out um yeah and we'd love to share the benefits but currently you know give it a try I'm sure that in your area there's a place to go thanks for that um recovery time Matt you're welcome.

Jordan um you know I'm definitely gonna dude I'm gonna have to come over yeah it looks cold though so you can come over I'll let you try it yeah okay so we're gonna hop right into um we're gonna talk a little bit about the Arizona pickleball League um because uh you Matt yep and then uh.

So stay tuned because then we're gonna jump right into the PPA a whole bunch of other things like that uh again like I said in the beginning of podcast Jack sock I made his Pro debut uh we're gonna get to that but for the Arizona pickleball League Matt you are a GM yep of the Tempe tornadoes and for for those of you who have been listening to the.

Podcast Caden's not here today but he is uh playing in that League yes and he's on the um Scorchers um but actually the Tempe tornadoes are the only undefeated team right now we will be the only undefeated team because we just beat the last undefeated team so.

Yeah we're 4-0 well you will until the playoffs yeah yeah okay so uh what why don't you tell me like how's that going because we're we're always uh we actually break down some of cadence matches on the show okay and I mean on the on the be honest pickleball Channel and stuff but how how is it going and uh I don't know like.

What what can you tell me about it yeah so my team is the Tempe team um so every team has two guys and two girls uh my four players are Dana Rogers simran Gonzales Craig Johnson and Kyle kuzuda that pickleball guy so I have a really solid team yeah um they're undefeated I we have a very strong team as a GM you.

Are responsible for maintaining the team and if there's changes that have to be made you have to do that which can be can be tough so I haven't had to do that which is wow a little bit of a perk but some teams have had two players get dropped I think that's the most but I have the only team that's undefeated had no changes so we're pretty excited and.

Then we secured the number one seed for the playoff there'll be a two game playoff starting on May 23rd and then May 30th is when we're going to play next so we'll play the number four seed which we'll know more after the May 9th match which is tomorrow who we're gonna play okay so the Arizona pickleball League they can check that out at where.

Arizona pbl.com and if you're a player I would say our Target player range right now is someone that's doing very well in 5-0 yeah like you're meddling constantly or winning constantly and then you jump up to Pro and maybe you're struggling in the main draw maybe get one win but you know so yeah so this league again.

Um created by Patrick and Ashley Patrick Sullivan Ashley LaRue shout out to jigsaw Health uh they're there at the orchard and um this is basically a semi-professional league and it's all the top players um in Arizona competing yep and uh yeah a lot of them are on the PPA tour actually right now on app so this is.

Definitely some good talent on both on both ends uh men's and women um and what do what can you say about uh because I've heard some things what can you say about the upcoming season two because this season's coming to end in June yep but uh so this is the Arizona pickleball League obviously people outside of Arizona they're not uh maybe.

Not that familiar with it or they they don't care that much yeah but uh what can what can you uh say about the next season here yeah so players right now they're getting paid uh 500 a match when they play which is you know pretty good yeah um the pilot season so season one it was mostly Arizona bass players as the.

Seasons progressed we've had some applicants from out of state a player named Lucas Crippen who's a really good Pro he's from Seattle he's going to actually play tomorrow night for the Gilbert team so it's kind of turned into more of like West Coast Talent neighboring states can apply if you're able to get here and you want to use.

Some of the funds that you're getting paid to travel here you can do that for season two nothing's really for sure yet but some of the details that I can share is if we have season two it'll be in the fall how the teams are going to work it'll likely this is not for sure either it'll likely be the five teams set up again.

Okay um there's talk of having a draft so we'd have like maybe a draft party of some sort yeah yeah there's also talk of having a keeper League where you keep maybe one player from your current team and then the rest of them you drop and that's your first round pick and then you would use that player to.

Kind of form the rest of the team through a draft okay and then there's talk of keeping the teams as is which who knows if that'll happen I have the best team so I'm not super opposed to that but yeah um I can kind of see the draft route probably happening because it would make the teams a lot more fair yeah and then.

If we have some applicants from out of state that do want to apply you can go to Arizona pbl.com there's a player application there like I said if you're doing well in 5.0 playing a little Pro that's like the ideal person um so if you're looking to play make some money it's a good way to do that all right so if you're aspiring Pro and.

Trying to get in in the Pro scene and just kind of get recognized maybe yeah uh by trying to pick up some sponsors and things like that um Arizona pickleball League may be for you so people from out of state if you're kind of on the border of Arizona you might want to check this out so.

Streaming on pickleball Channel as well as Orchard pickleball on YouTube so it has yes yes that's big yeah so last week was the first time it streamed on pickleball Channel and I think got over 10 000 views this last week no that's really good man okay shout out shout out to the Arizona pickleball League now we're gonna hop right into.

Um a question from one of our viewers here um and I usually ask questions here Matt you're not a regular here okay but uh we usually get some questions in from some of the viewers and listeners and this is one here that's a really interesting one see what the see what you think about this.

It says um hello I am a Miku okay m i k u would you would you say Miku mikuya sounds good okay I'm a tiny and skinny 60 year old uh-ish 40-ish Asian okay thank you tiny and skinny who uh who I think lacks power and stability in each of my shots especially swinging volleys I also I.

Have also been having an elbow pain for a long time that's something I truly you dealt with right I did okay I love my double handed backhand swinging volleys so I wondered if I could also do the same with two hands on my forehand side I have been practicing and liking it definitely it provides more stability.

And more power using my left hand and it makes it easier for me to involve my core interesting but my coach thinks is a crazy idea and says said there's no such thing as a double-handed forehand and pickleball and I did not find any instructions on this shot do you even heard of that yeah do you think this is worth it for me to develop and.

Master the shot or do you agree with my coach by the way I do kind of like to do forehand drops and dinks with two hands now um and here's a kicker when I do it I don't switch hands meaning he he keeps his left hand on top of his right hand as a righty on both sides okay so um initial thoughts uh from the the not a.

Coach a mat yeah um the tiny and skinny Mika yeah Miku um I I would say I haven't seen anyone do a two-handed forehand at any any level I've played yeah okay it's so I'm not a coach but doesn't sound like something that I would recommend okay what do you think.

Thank you Matt thank you for your uh uh my cold plunge up there thank you for my uh or for your in-depth uh you know analysis you know what we're you know this may be a sponsor so we're gonna leave it out there okay thank you uh so Miku a couple thoughts I have here um we don't see that that much uh because I.

Think just technique wise you probably could develop um you should be able to get a lot more power with your forehand if you develop it right now if you're having elbow problems I would start there on rehab and trying to meet with a PT coal plunging something to get that.

Figured out so um yeah the thing about the two hands on both sides I would say your your reach is definitely going to be limited and uh with uh I should have a paddle here but if you are kind of have that left hand on top you know what if that's.

And I as a coach as a good coach and as a coach that's always looking at different Avenues and things like that um I would say that if it's War if it's working then maybe um I would actually have to see it but I could guarantee that you're going to be limited on a lot of different uh shots as you progress so oh you said you're a.

40-ish player again with two hands um it's going to be hard to hit Top Spin with that left hand on there it's going to be maybe harder to slice the ball um it definitely you're going to have the stability and it's going to take some pressure off that right elbow elbow but um uh I think for now so like you know I'm just trying to think for me.

Like if I was in that situation and it was hurting I would probably just go left-handed or I would probably do what he's doing so I don't think it's an end-all thing Miku I think it's good to practice now and I so my answer would be try to rehab that because it's good to have a strong powerful one-handed forehand.

Um but doing this this way isn't wrong I just think you'll be limited in certain facets of the game yeah I think for the tennis elbow because I I had that happen to me about I think like last end of last summer where I was using the the Yola Hyperion the Ben Johns one and it's it was really head heavy.

And so I was getting a lot of elbow pain I ended up switching over to the vision which was a little more balanced for me um but I went to a PT did some of the recommendations like massaging the tendons really really deep okay that is when I started coal plunging too and I also got a kettle ball and there's some good exercises you can look up on.

YouTube to some swings because you really want to build up those times right yeah that muscle right there which is what gets aggravated when you play Pickleball so uh Miku that's that's what I would do and I would go back to the the one-handed forehand like Jordan said okay well again let me go uh check out those things and again and you know one.

Thing I last thing I can I can mention um hopefully you're working with a really good coach but uh when it comes to Elbow problems the first thing that I look at is technique if your contact is like super late or you're jammed up a lot when you hit it or you have some sort of kind of weird thing going on with your Technique that definitely puts.

Extra strain on the elbow so um that's something that I would uh do now before we get into our uh second question here uh we're just gonna shout out to Selkirk here all right sponsor of the podcast thank you for all you do uh look at that check out the description below if you want any soccer paddles currently right now I'm using.

The uh SLK Halo 16 millimeter pedal you use a 16 millimeter too right I do I use the vision he's on team Yola yeah I mean they're all right but uh but shout out to Selkirk seriously thank you uh and if you would like a soccer panel go ahead and check out the description below okay so now we're gonna jump right into uh question number two and then we're.

Gonna hop in we're gonna hop straight in to my thoughts uh I know that you want to know uh everything that's happening on the PPA tour my thoughts about Jack sock his Pro debut and we're gonna get right into that after this question from Anonymous here hello anonymous how do I actually incorporate all your great advice and instructions into.

Playing I watch all your videos seems seems all I've seems that all I've learned goes out the window in the heat of a battle now um Matt we've done several several private lessons yeah um I don't do many of those anymore but we've done we've had a handful of them yep.

Um actually I would like to uh ask you this what are one or two takeaways that you really really key things that's really helped your game that you've learned from me and then how did you in in this thing right like in this question how did you like take that and then actually put in your game.

Yeah that's a good question Anonymous so you know drilling with you and coming over here I started with my son taking lessons but yeah he wasn't getting a lot of it so I'm like I'm gonna do half and you do half so that was a little better use yeah of the time um but I think it was a lot of stuff that was holding me back in games that I.

Was seeing or tournament play where like I'd find myself in a bad spot um usually on my backhand side um like when to take a dink as a volley went to let it bounce so working with you on that was definitely really helpful cool and just not letting it you know Forget About It In the Heat of the battle which I can understand what that.

Means because there is so much to think about and my wife who's you know she's kind of a 3-0 levelish player she always tells me that words there's just so much to think about like how do you focus on one thing so yeah I really would say to to this to Anonymous that you know work on a couple things at a time you know especially when you're when you're.

Drilling is work on one thing that day um you know and just kind of grind that and then when you feel good you'll play a lot better and I think there's a phrase like practice how you play play how you practice so okay you know I like it yeah so just drill and get that spot because I was always struggling on my backhand side as a lefty getting that.

Corner dink yeah and you were always telling me you got to take it out of the air you got to go there not always trying to back up and create space yeah which at times you do yeah yeah but I was hitting a lot of them into the net which you know not good but yeah you know taking him dinking him out of the air has been super helpful for me and.

You know as I've Advanced a little bit I can go cross-core with him now and not just kind of lay him up and get an Ernie smash at me but yeah I try to you know get him as much Cross Court and take as many out of the air as I can just take away time from them which I've seen in your videos too good man.

Um from not a coach uh Matt that's actually yeah that's actually pretty good man okay thank you so yeah yeah um to summarize uh or just to piggyback on what he said it's tough right so number one this is why drilling uh super important because you have to set aside time to isolate the skill or.

Isolate the fix I call it right if you're working on a footwork pattern if you're working on a certain shot uh if you don't practice it and isolate it then it's not going to go anywhere like if you're practicing a reset like you talked in the beginning of the show so uh do that and then again when we get in games there is a ton to think about and.

Talk about but uh one way that I can kind of explain it is that you should obviously you're working on a whole bunch of things um but as you work on those things slowly hopefully those creep into your game like that that's the goal right um a lot like one of the biggest things that I deal with.

Um you know in my two-day intensives and if you're interested interested in that at all uh yeah go ahead and in the description um yeah if you want to travel and train with me for a full two days uh it's definitely something that would be really beneficial for your game but um if you.

Um yeah if you're working on a couple things uh it's it's really important that you drill is that what I was saying yeah I lost my I lost my train of thought yeah kind of gotta drill that one thing that you're working on at a time and don't work on 10 things at a time then forget about them yeah so.

That's what I would recommend um so I think I think everyone goes through that as well because in a game a lot of things could happen and um yeah so like for example like if oh this is where I was getting to a lot of the the problems uh there's just a whole bunch of things for someone to learn learn because you know I usually work.

With 3o to four five players like kind of kind of in that range and uh one of the you know key evidence the the most evident um things that I see is the transition like working through transition right and getting kind of stuck there uh not not not split stepping correctly or on time and them just running through.

So like if you're going in and you've been drilling that and you go into a particular game and Kaden and I talked about this before but not just focusing on on winning and other things but you know what every time I'm gonna be in transition I'm gonna make sure I'm stopped in a good split step and um I'm ready for the.

Ball and if I miss I miss if I hit a good reset it I had a good reset but the key is just uh to just focus on one thing at a time so really good man thank you really good you too um thank you and you know what we're gonna hop right in uh two Z.

PBA what is this North Carolina os1 first os1 shout out to os1 if you want to be a sponsor great talk go ahead and uh shout out have you tried him yeah they're really good what so what is this with the sock thing okay I mean we know Jack stock we're gonna hop into that but the OS one song is it just a thicker.

Sock how do they Market these things yeah I actually think socks are really underrated in pickleball in a good sock goes a long way so so is it more support on the ankle or something is that right there's a couple good brands out there uh lasso is a good one uh Futures OS one first uh those are all really good ones and I think they definitely help with.

Like foot pain and that kind of thing so okay they're expensive but yeah health is wealth right yeah Health you get what you pay for huh definitely yeah definitely sucks okay so Jack sock speaking of socks Mr Jack sock yep um and there was a uh just to let you guys know um if if you don't know who.

Jack sock is then obviously you probably don't follow tennis but one of the big this is one of the biggest things uh of this weekend um obviously we know tennis players are taking over game or they have right but this is one of the first tennis players that are still on the tour yeah number one on the tennis tennis professional.

Tour and also has had pretty good success on the tour yeah so has been a a top 10 uh top 10 player uh his highest ranking is number eight in singles and number two in double so this guy pretty crazy has a lot of um a lot of a lot of success here so that's why it's a big thing a shout out.

To giant sock so he played singles doubles and mixed doubles and we're gonna just hop kind of right into kind of his run here and uh let's just see this we're gonna hop right into singles here and uh that's this was his first event and you know what I made a couple made a couple comments on uh on Facebook and.

You know people get heated over there but I just said you know what Jack Stock's a beast man you were quick to he's the real deal post that well even before uh Vegas um I mean you've been early on them yeah I've been early on on the bubbly in Vegas he did a little Pro-Am thing and I.

Just see the skills but one thing that I didn't realize okay so disclaimer here it is not like Jack salt kind of just ran onto the scene he has actually been playing okay I've got some other information okay he's been playing here and there uh but he's still playing professional tennis so it's not like he's training full time.

For for this but uh I gotta say to be uh totally honest I think this is a great for showing here um so he's ranked 20th seed coming in uh wins first round against Anton gootz yeah um and then he then he plays a guy who just almost skunked James ignottowish now I didn't.

See that match yeah did you I don't think they aired that one they didn't air it but thankfully for James they didn't air it that's what he's that's what he said in a post-mass interview too before yeah thankfully uh that didn't get aired so a qualifier came in and beat James ignanowicz one of the top singles.

Players 11 to 11-0 yeah then Jack sock beats him 11-11 too yep so I did see that match and Naveen Beasley um you can obviously see um I I train singles I coach singles as well as doubles so you can see he's definitely a really great tennis player um and he has great shots but Zach beat him and then he.

Um Jack beat him and then he uh hops right into Jake kuzmider and uh again looking at Jake's game um You probably don't watch that much singles matter right because you don't play you know I I do like watching singles do you and I and I know sock from the tennis days like if you haven't seen sock played tennis like go to.

YouTube and put in Jack sock yeah there's like a 30 minute compilation that's like crazy good are you at you were you watch Tennis I watch Tennis did you yeah I didn't know that yeah okay I enjoyed tennis I enjoyed yeah I didn't play I didn't I'm mad at my parents for not putting me in tennis lessons because it would have benefited me you know.

Probably would have been a 5-0 by now huh duper 5-0 yeah yeah for sure but uh yeah so Jake one thing I could say about him dude his game honestly his he has like a top 10 game yeah I've I mean by by watching this by watching this kid um this weekend Jack saw sock played him well and it went went to three games and.

He lost 11-7 in the third game so um obviously a lot of people are gonna save their bodies here in PPA and I'm not gonna play the backdraw what are your thoughts about that so me yeah Kaden and I have talked about this several times but yeah so we think sock lost the quarterfinals to to cuss miter he he didn't play the backdraw.

Which I'm okay with I don't have a problem with it because if the PPA is not going to let you get a medal if you lose before the semifinals then why would they yeah and I know for singles especially you know the handful of times that I played it's it's a lot on your body It's a Grind dude that's when you definitely.

Need two cold plunges yeah he needs to go in the plunge for sure but and I also think I think playing singles was kind of a last minute deal for you too so he was he got the Wild Card uh like you don't have to play the qualifier but but still I mean I I don't blame him I would I would I would pull out of the backdraw too if I was him and you know the money.

Doesn't matter to him either so yeah so Jack stock again really good showing here and I'm just gonna shout out um right here PPA North North Carolina open here uh Federico stackstrued gold um shout out to Tyson McGuffin silver and Christian all Sean okay for bronze uh Federico I believe is uh undefeated versus Tyson yeah he's kind of uh owning.

Him Tyson has not uh been over the hump with a Fed yet so uh yeah I think fed this one wasn't that close either what was what were the um yeah 11 7 11 5. Tyson has the game man but I'm telling you uh Federico just stepped it up so really really good we're gonna hop right into um men's doubles and here's.

The interesting thing um I thought it was going to go way better with Jack yeah Mr sock here but uh he so uh Jack stock played with Tyson McGuffin and uh if we can get there where are we I think they were the six seed yeah so they actually put a jack sock.

And Tyson McGuffin as the five seed and they ran into um Eric Roddy in Jim dobrin and what I know now is uh those are some uh those are some not some buddies of Jack but those are Jack has played these he plays with them he plays and practices.

With them so um I can say uh that Tyson didn't play his best yeah I would agree um and obviously Jack didn't either and he's getting a lot of flack for uh his issues with his backhand so the whole the whole tournament here little dancing he was pretty much uh running around his backhand which as a coach I.

Would definitely not recommend um with his athleticism definitely um that helped him out a lot so I got a question for you why not put sock on the right then because if he doesn't want to backhand dink why would he be on the left if he's playing with someone as good as Tyson I.

Feel like that was something they could have done exactly it's which um especially in game two because the game one didn't go that well uh well it was closer it was close lane two was worse yeah but um that's that was my thought when I was watching like why not put sock on the on the right let him forehand dink yes so to to answer that I.

Don't know okay I don't know why they should have done that um now going into it I'm sure Tyson knew that Jack socks for him was the strongest that wanted to put in the middle that's how he would mix and we'll get to that but yeah it was kind of a big liability there so I don't know I think that's.

Something that different definitely could have uh uh definitely could have adjusted but one thing that's interesting to me and you are not a coach I'm not but um Jack sock does have a backhand he does I mean for crying out loud he's a freaking.

Tennis player he has a great backhand so I don't know if he wasn't practicing it to me it just seems like not confident enough in it yeah um but it's just really really weird I mean his backhand is I think if he just attempted it a few times is better than.

Um better than the field I would say not the field of the pros but at least enough to handle um some rallies there so I don't know that was just really interesting to me I kind of wish he would have played the backdraw after I just said they shouldn't but for this I do think he.

Needed the practice against the other Pros yeah and I think he could have used that um and just to kind of see how maybe his he didn't want the results to kind of show if he got 102 but I I would have liked to see how he would have done in the backdraw because there were some still some really good teams if they yeah yeah.

I think Tyson I wonder whose call that was but um pretty disappointing I'm sure for Tyson McGuffin I'm sure he was at least planning to make a pretty good run with him and uh we'll have to see we'll have to see Jack but definitely um Jack if you're watching this we'd love to have you on the podcast uh number one but number two he's probably.

Watching number two Jack um I would uh just a little coaching advice you already know this you already know this I don't need to coach you but hey shout out if you would like it but uh yeah just work on your backhand man yeah work on those backhand dinks uh every other part of your game.

Is great yeah um now your resets I didn't even get to see that many resets because there was a a lot of crashing and burning he was playing fast yeah so uh speed UPS look great forehand's obviously great overheads is a 10 out of 10. he can hit it harder than anyone else um and his hands are just.

Hands are Elite literally yeah so it's gonna be really interesting great lobber too did you notice that he was great topspin lob the twab did you see it the tweener lob yeah that's blob yeah that was that was sick but just in general he was lobbing a lot and yeah I felt like all the ones I was watching most of them were going in and put so much topspin on.

It okay and then his putaways yeah so good that was Jack and men's didn't have the greatest showing uh we're gonna go over the results here a shout out to Riley and sorry Riley Newman and Matt Wright yep um so Matt uh right Riley Newman finally got it done and this is an interesting uh flip of the script here Dylan Frazier.

And JW beat them in three games last time flipped it over now Riley and Matt um beat them in three uh shout out to Travis Renton Meyer Steve deakin from Canada uh Steve deakins he's a cool guy and he uh so they got bronze but really.

Quick um from Matt not really a coach what do you think uh what was the Difference Maker here with uh you know Dylan Fraser and J dub got him last time yeah what do you think it was I think that Riley and Matt were just really picking their spots well on the speed UPS um I still think JW needs to get more.

Aggressive off the bounce I think were you guys talking about that he would just be it would take him to a whole nother level I feel like I mean he's already incredible but he was doing it more of this tournament I did see him do it a few times but he I think he needs to start adding that to his game and and that would really take them up a.

Notch because when Ben and Colin are playing and then it's Riley and Matt they're gonna have to mix it up to to get that gold spot but I I thought I thought they Riley played really well yeah um and then JW and Dylan wasn't their best game and I really like watching both those guys play and I'm always rooting for those those two guys.

So yeah a little disappointing but yeah he'll be back there but Jada if you start Speed if you're watching he's probably listening yeah so I would I would probably make more attacks off the bounce I'm not a coach but yeah not a coach just an observation but um yeah took the words out of my mouth there uh Matt but uh what I would say is uh yeah.

So I watch pretty much the entire match Riley Newman Matt Wright they actually stayed pretty much with Riley on the left side of the court and then Matt on the right side so again one of the things you can even tell in Riley's interview one of the things that they were working on is uh.

That middle ball yeah because like the Johns obviously they pick them apart and they go middle all day long and that's how they beat Riley Newman and Matt right so two things here yes JW definitely needs to start speeding up off the bounce with topspin uh what's interesting that you said that this is the very first tournament that I saw at.

Least one or two yep and I don't I don't know how many times he's he's done that but the ones that he did speed up it was a success his hands are pretty good so yeah pretty I don't think he should top three good I think he should be okay with starting a fire fight yeah it's really interesting so that's what I saw um so Riley Newman really has worked on.

His forehand speed UPS yeah off the balance and out of the air but one of the things that you can see there is um Riley was attacking with his forehand side and because of his semi-western grip makes it a lot harder to get that ball up and over it just makes it a little bit more difficult but something he's been working on so.

Um and Matt Wright was countering well he had a few good lobs in there you know Matt's Matt right I might put him as the number two lobber in the game after seeing just consistency yeah you know any another guy that's great at speeding up at the bounce and he finds that that shoulder really well when he when.

He speeds up on who's that Matt right whenever he speeds up on the right side he takes the ball off the balance on his forehand side and I know so yeah yeah so his his speed yeah his speed ups were on point Riley's speedups were on point um and uh yeah that's just tough tough to deal with so that was men's dubs obviously Ben Johns.

Was uh I think he's had his little pickleball getaways Costa Rica kind of thing so um you know everyone had a pass this uh this tournament here I heard he doesn't like playing indoors so that is true yeah that's the first time he lost he's Outdoors yeah so so interesting yeah interesting okay so.

Real quick to uh oh man singles we already talked about that now we're gonna hop right into mixed this is the big one here aired on ESPN2 um kinda so so did you see that or what so I was actually out playing pickleball when it aired but I got home and I thought for.

Sure they'd have it like saved to rear like on ESPN at the app and and they did it they made it really hard to find and from what I saw like on social like cornhole was airing and it's like an overlapped it or something and also that yeah they didn't do best of five they did best of three yeah because the time constraints which I can understand but.

But to not air the whole thing I think is a little weak and I think for pickleball to grow they gotta figure out the time slot thing because it's really hard to find when it's not on YouTube that's kind of yeah that seems to be a gripe between the pickleball Community yeah so again jack sock Pro debut we already talked about his accolades uh he.

Plays with Anna Lee Waters number one female of the game obviously everyone here knows that and uh you know before as I was texting people and going to this I I was pretty sure of this uh gold here yeah you were confident I was confident now men's doubles I was definitely surprised they definitely got upset but.

Um Riley Newman Elise Jones for silver Catherine paronto Tyson McGuffin for bronze we're just gonna go over the Jack sock uh run here Jillian Braverman Jack kuzmider got revenge uh yeah got lower Revenge there eleven three eleven six.

Um Rafa Hewitt and Milana Rayne went over 11 through 11-2 this is a big win here anna bright James ignata witch 11 5 11 degrees very impressive um that it didn't even go to three games impressive um and I watched that game Matt what did you what did you see there.

Yeah I mean it felt like sock was just finding the right spots on both Anna and James and they just weren't countering well so and then either they would pop it up and then he'd put it away and then or Annalee would just clean up the Middle with her double backhand it was I mean it was it was a mop cleaning I.

Mean they really mopped the floor with them and which was really unexpected so yeah so I'll tell you what um Jack stock and Anna Lee Waters had one kind of game style the entire the entire tournament yep and it was shaken bakes Smash and Crash smashing crashes and then it was really.

Find the ball that they can speed up I'm telling you there was not extended think rallies I don't I don't I would like to I'd like to see the stats on yeah maybe their longest dink rally in mix but I'm telling you the average dink rally had to be and let's even talk about this so writing nanowicz that was upset but then they played Julian Arnold.

And Vivian David and semifinal right here we go great team yeah 9 11 11 6 11 7. that was a good that was a fun one to watch that was a huge win um it was it was interesting to me Julian Arnold uh I was expecting him to get a little bit more pumped up like he did it a little bit and then.

Jack Jack kind of gave it back yeah I thought he seemed a little star struck personally so I think so it might have been that I do I do think he was a little you know playing it cool close to the vest a little yeah and Vivian's just you know super nice yeah but he dropped the nandiamo once and kind of put his hand up to his ear.

And then sock didn't appreciate it and then dropped one back which I thought was pretty funny yeah but and then I I don't think he needed to give stock anything I think he maybe he was trying to not do that like I don't want to give you any more motivation and then he gave it to him and then backfired but yeah yeah he was a little more subdued than.

Normal yeah it just seems a little weird but um again shout out to Vivian David and Julian Arnold great players that was the only game they lost all the way to the final so they were lost crazy and then again the final was aired on ESPN2 I guess but really hard to find they put it on YouTube they finally did and then just just to.

Go quickly over um Elise Jones and Riley Newman's run I mean they played they played some great teams they had a couple three gamers though yep they had to go excuse me they have to go through uh the Johnsons um they went through McGuffin and Pronto and then they went to the finals and a couple other teams in the first and.

Second round but uh so it did go three eleven eleven Two Eleven three for Waters and Jack sock and uh what's the interesting thing is you said were you the one who said as soon as they lost the first game he thought it was done um that wasn't me it didn't look very good for them but they did make a really.

Good adjustment and they were going after Elise a lot more in game two um for some reason Saucon was challenging Riley I thought a little too much and then yeah that was that was a good adjustment though and then clearly yes versus Jack's gonna go in Jack's favor a lot yeah so if you watch this uh final.

It's really interesting I mean you would think a mixed doubles PPA final the dinking was almost non-existent it really was and um it'd be interesting to just know their longest ink rally which was probably could have been less than ten oh for sure um and then Jack had a couple uh a couple highlight reels there.

Um you know defending and I remember that but uh the other thing is uh yeah I mean basically it was Jack speeding up then Anna Lee crashing or annalize speeding up Jack crashing and uh that just worked for them it was hard to know worked who to hit their third two because like if you hit it to Jack yeah let's Annalee kind of roam free in.

The Middle with her two-handed backhand hit Anna Lee he's roaming the Middle with his huge forehand so yeah he they were put everyone in a tough spot but yeah um it was kind of like a lose-lose lesser of two evils type thing yeah and again in this whole time I mean Jack sock avoided as many backhands as possible for sure which is ABS I mean I.

Just I just cannot believe that um that strategy actually worked when you have a really good forehand back to Mr anonymous's email that's why you want a really good one-handed forehand yeah get be like Jack sock yeah be like Jack so that was pretty impressive uh we're gonna hop right into the uh women's.

Doubles if you're interested in that uh I'm interested in women's doubles you know they do a great job and I think it's I think it's getting uh more and more um not challenging but uh more and more competitive yeah over the past two years women's doubles has increased tremendously.

Um Catherine paronto Anna Lee take the gold uh Jana greskina and Lauren Chapman for silver I think that's a little bit of an upset there and uh Jesse Irvin Jackie Komodo take the bronze so one thing that I can say um and it looks like Yeah Anna Lee and paronto kind of like cleaned clean swept.

Here did you did you see Anna Bryce partner uh Vivian Glassman yeah so let's talk about is it Vivian yeah I think she goes by Viv let's see here yeah okay she was impressive I thought very impressive so that's the one of the things I was gonna mention here so Anna bright um kind of was searching for a partner last minute yep and uh from what I heard uh.

Glassman was a uh x uh ex-partner in tennis yeah uh yeah cow University of California yeah are you sure Cal Bear yeah okay I didn't know that okay so again brought her tennis partner in and uh they did very very well so uh yeah she looked good I honestly don't know how long Glassman.

Has been playing but if she's been playing under a year I'm telling you she's gonna be crazy she looked uh she honestly looked top five material and she was she was that 11 too so she's yeah she was tall but she the interesting thing is like she had the resets already got all the shots she had the dinks she has a swinging volley she.

Had a backhanding jack sock yeah with her yeah um so that's just that's just amazing anyways shout out to them and uh yeah uh there's a lot to break down here but you know what all I can say is hopping into women singles Anna Lee Triple Crowns again so uh definitely the most Triple Crowns.

In the PPA by any uh person uh think more than Ben John's even Annalee waters for Golds and singles uh Leia Jansen silver and Salome defeats a bronze and um yeah anything to say you didn't watch much uh women's uh I mean women's singles is pretty much all chalk just Annalee Leia this one could use a few.

A few wild cards in there yeah I wouldn't mind seeing that yeah definitely um there's definitely the same women that are kind of meddling there switching back and forth but uh yeah it's tough Anna Lee is uh man she has no competition right now dominant out there so.

I do have a question for you yeah back to mixed doubles sock out to play with the number one female so how many of the men's got the guys on the men's side would have won this tournament with her because yeah you know Jack didn't get it I mean Tyson's top ten but annalize top one so.

How many guys exactly and it would have won with Emily so no no Ben being out yeah really good question so uh I think you asked me this before the show and um um I said maybe top five top five maybe ten but let's let's go down the list here so um Matt's question here uh who's not a coach not a coach is uh.

How many people if Jack socked in and played with Anna Lee could Anna Lee won with with Ben John's being gone again with Ben John's being gone it kind of leaves it open obviously Ben Johns and Anna Lee play with each other a lot and they're dominant uh for sure um so Riley Newman obviously yes check.

He would have definitely one with Anna Lee um I would say JW yep but he would never play with her because he's playing with they won together last year actually Ben was out on another pickleball getaways thing it was the one in Orange uh Orange County okay so J dub.

Um I think I'd put Matt Wright okay I put Matt right in there I don't know if he'd be on my list um I'd put Dylan on there I think maybe too maybe he he'd be on there um just Matt Wright has good.

He just has good Court he has pretty good mix um I I would okay so this is where it gets tough it got a witch uh I would say iffy but yes um how about Arnold and then Julian Arnold um would probably be my you know kind of on the borderline but yes how many is.

That already five I think you're up five and then I would say um how about Tyson that'd be interesting pair I couldn't count I couldn't count Tyson and Natalie out so I would have to say yes and you know what I would add two more here um.

I would just actually add one more is Deco bar okay yeah and then everyone else it would be a toss-up but but basically at the end of the day uh my thing is is that yes Anna Lee as dominant as she is because she's separated from the field right now probably yeah the five to ten five to seven it's pretty crazy now if Ben Johns.

Isn't there yeah um I think it'd be really tough well if Ben played with somebody else you thought Nationals Ben played with parento and and Riley played with Anna Lee I think it was 11 3 11 0 11 3. I did so now if it's um if it's Riley Newman and Anna Lee I maybe would take them over yeah over Ben in the.

Field it would I would have to see but one thing that you have to understand is like if it's not Riley right yeah so all the other guys we mentioned and then it's let's say Ben John and Catherine or Ben and someone else it'd be really close all right here's my idea I think it'd be really close this is a made for TV event okay.

You get the top five guys and the top five girls rotating partner round robin for points there you go million dollars for first place who says no they're all gonna come yeah and see who they all play with Annalee so I would think like so let's say Five Guys five girls yeah so um and then they have socks in there so sock.

Would be in there so sock will he get he get oh wait so it's all mixed it's all mixed oh all mixed but everyone gets to play with annalize and then it's like well how how good are you like oh well Ben would win it I don't know Riley I'm I'm pretty sure uh it would be a tough one but I think if I had to.

If I had to make an educated jet I guess I would I would put Ben winning it a close second which could still win it maybe Riley but okay but you know that's tough man so the Five Guys I would invite this is my event Ben Jack sock Riley Newman J dub and ignata witch yep the girls I would do.

Annalee Anna bright Georgia Johnson parento and then I like Andrea Coop that's who I would pick for my fifth okay not bad I think there's some other ladies that could go in there but they all could put and they all like mix yeah so I definitely I don't think I would put jack sock in no I'm saying I know.

But he just won with her so yeah I see everyone's saying like Okay well how good are you you just played with the top girl so yeah I don't know yeah I'll tell you this if Jack stock played with anyone else I don't think he would have uh yeah I don't think I think I'm with you but uh it's still important very very impressive he never even.

Played 5-0 so yeah straight to Pro straight to Pro to Pro road to Pro so uh what else you got there Matt um that was pretty much it for that I was more of like watching it thinking sock is awesome and I love soccer the tennis player and I think it's cool that he can come in and dominate like this but yeah.

Ben wasn't there and how many guys in that spot get Annalee as their partner yeah and that's almost nobody pretty much nobody so um yeah so that just goes to show you again annalize dominance I think is uh we may not see this for a long time so we've got to enjoy it while it lasts and she's only 16. that's interesting thing.

It's going to be interesting to see how far this goes with her I mean in prime years gosh I mean you can say she has 10 more years or more I mean 49 and he's winning yeah so maybe 30 more years yeah it's going to be interesting to see where Annalee goes with this um definitely uh for the ladies you know for those tennis players out there and.

Maybe non-tennis players but if you're you know I think it'd just be interesting to have some competition so hop on over like Jack like Jack socks setting the example uh going back to Jack uh one of the things that he said in the interview is oh that's a thing that we could talk about oh yeah the interviews one of the things he said in.

The interviews though is he uh didn't want to kind of bridge the gap oh yeah it's playing tennis and pickleball and uh obviously a lot of tennis players are mad because of the pickleball thing a pickleball players kind of have a thing against tennis players we have a little tude too yeah.

Um but uh you know coming me coming from tennis I understand I understand both sides uh I think Jack is a good uh Segway yeah it's a good segue for both and um do you know who uh Nicholas curiosis oh yeah I love curios yeah so another uh tennis player but uh recently he did tweet.

Um kind of congratulations or something along the lines of he's supported he was supported of Jack socks Victory he'd be fun and uh I would love I I honestly think they should do a curios and um like a doubles kyrgios and sock uh maybe exhibition okay um honestly I I honestly think curios would be a.

He has a talent he has a talent to be a very very very good player so I think showing though that that extra 10 that you need in pickleball like the tennis guys all think they're gonna come in and clean house and doubles and and queries not having the easiest time he can't even basically win a main draw PPA match but not a coach but yeah just.

Observation yeah but talk just has everything so he has the hands yeah you know he has the soft game I mean even like you said one without a backhand so I think all these top tennis players think they could come in and Crush but I don't think that they're going to socks kind of like an exception of the rule to me but yeah and he's going to.

Get better which is yeah but of all those guys that played in bubbly it was clear he was the best player even back back was that December yeah we'll have to see but one thing that you got to think about is that he is a doubles specialist true so I don't know if you know this but like.

You know a lot of those guys played a lot of they played doubles but they played a lot of singles yeah so if you have some top doubles tennis players coming in I think you're gonna see the same kind of thing but I don't know I want to see it I want to see the Brian Brothers yeah it's going to be interesting I've been saying that the.

Longest that's one of the matches I'd actually pay to see I would like to Brian Bros to train for a couple months and and play the johns or something there used to be a little bit more money in the Pro matches I think and then you'll see it but I think right now they're that's why they're socked at it for fun yeah and he loves a game that's.

Really cool yeah uh last last couple things here we saw a little challenge with a paddle challenge yeah with Matt Wright that right what'd you think uh what happened there what'd you see so that new Onyx is I think it's a 10 millimeter and it sounds really weird kind of like the black Ace sounds a little funky now not when everyone's.

Challenging it's funny because I I look at it I I I kind of try to go back and try to hear what it sounds like yeah and that one sounds weird anyways but I think they were just yeah I forget who challenged it but um I think that's just a palette it's just a poppy paddle so so that thing's still going on uh yeah colors yeah you saw the uh the least uh.

An Anna debacle a little yeah at the end little uh catfight exchange yeah I don't know if Kevin exchange Little Words exchanged yeah um so after the match with Jack sock and Annalee Waters versus uh Elise Jones and Riley Newman uh she came up and said there's a lot of I'm sure there's meme age going on I'm sure there's uh you.

Know I don't know what was said there but uh annalize had another uh press uh post press interview that uh you know just a little misunderstanding so okay Annalee said I never said that you could see that part but you couldn't see what Elise said so although socks face looked a little looks a little embarrassing look at the yeah so uh shocked uh and.

Then the post Mass interview something that the PPA has implemented over this past tournament uh what did you think initial thoughts Matt you said uh you know what I actually okay I actually thought it was a step in the right direction for professionalism I actually liked it okay well I get what they're trying to do it.

Feels like they're trying a little too hard personally think so yeah not a coach observation again but they're they're just they're trying to make it into like a post NBA yeah where that has like hundreds of reporters in the room there's obviously one person in this room you know asking them these questions and they're very short yeah so.

I mean yeah like you said it's going in the right direction I kind of feel like the encourt stuff is is fine for now yeah until it grows a little more but it seemed to me and I love pickleball more than anyone yeah they were trying a little too hard okay personally all right not bad but um you know what I would have liked to see more questions.

Yeah well the thing is you need more reporters maybe or you can actually just like tee up some questions but the thing was weird to me it's like they asked them two questions and then they walked off yeah like that's just a little weird like have 10 questions so uh I'll tell you what the backdrop the mics looked professional so it.

Looked good it did look pretty good nice it looked nice and dark yeah nice and I really got it yeah it would look it looked good so yeah um any last any last things here Matt no I think that was that was a good tournament it was fun to watch I actually enjoy the indoor like watching indoors yeah because it's like there's.

No elements involved you know there's no delays you know no one's blaming the win and honestly watching a championship Sunday when it's super windy is annoying as a fan so I enjoy indoor pickleball I enjoy playing at the orchard yeah of course so um I I think the game might end up going in that direction at some point for.

These professional events but you think so maybe okay I mean lifetime is pretty committed to adding a bunch of Courts so if you've got indoor places all over the country why not okay all right well we'll have to see we'll have to see if the professional game I think there's going to be a mixture um I think outdoor just makes sense a.

Lot of the times but uh you're right the elements and things like that I will say that the amateur courts were very tight at oh yeah someone that memes a pickleball posted or something oh really it was like not even joking it was probably this much in between a court like on the pros all had the big quarters did they have.

Were they tape Lines no I think they just squeezed a lot of Courts and oh for the most part goodness it was pretty early but so but they had three like solid courts oh wow yeah wow yeah the amateurs kind of get screwed on these tournaments um unfortunately um I have no ties to any of those tournaments so.

Kind of what happened I think the amateurs are catching on though because there's been a lot of good cash games especially here in Arizona but yeah like the good 5-0 players put on yeah and there'll be some decent money up top and you pay less than you'd pay yeah to get a medal so yeah I don't know about you but I'll take money over a medal yeah so.

Uh yeah cash games again uh thanks for watching we really appreciate it uh we'll have Kaden uh come back uh he's in the clinic right now Matt thanks for filling in thanks for having me it was fun you know um you know I know he's not as handsome as Kaden no that's not true um.

But uh I guess we'll have the viewers uh you know comment on that like And subscribe if you I'm more handsome thank you yeah like And subscribe anyways you know and uh Matthew yeah thanks man the mayor the official mayor of uh oh what did they call you governor governor we call this that we call me that okay the governor of pickleball.

Here in Arizona that's right again uh lastly on the uh what's the website and then people can watch yeah so Arizona pbl.com if you want to come to a match on a Tuesday you can use my discount code it's Matt you get five bucks off per ticket food and drinks included with every ticket it's a guaranteed good time okay if you say you came from the.

Podcast I'll even buy you a gambling Square so come on down oh my goodness out of my own pocket you came from the podcast he'll buy you a gambling Square that's right you could win a couple hundred bucks all right dude nice great all right thanks for watching again um stay tuned for the next episode we got a lot more coming so see you next.

Time all right foreign
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