Foreign that time the ATP and I am hopeful that Hunter Johnson is okay he's holding that left ankle oh no because he went to cover the ATP wide and Ben Johns brought it back across the court uh what put us into this medical timeout this ball right here is going to kick.

Off the tape and this ATP is going to come back inside and oh man that's uh to villier getting the serve back here down 0-2 Reserve zero two oh Jay try to catch up to that one just did catch the net as you see that.

Sir again and with pickleball you do have to have an upward motion on the on the serve and devillier is just at that line and now the official bringing the players together foreign this is where we need some sound on the official yeah.

And I'm not sure what the discussion is I almost wonder if they're they talking about devillier serve is he is he getting enough time to put motion on that serve two zero that's what that's indeed what they are saying they're saying that it's an illegal survey you have to have an upward motion on the serve I was going.

To mention it from our angle that we're looking at it appeared that it didn't have one it seems like that's the correct call foreign hits it wide and that's the thing right like you're trying to find that line right you want to get you you really would love to be able to hit it sideways.

But it's a reserve I'm calling it on the height of the ball Players let's get back to playing okay Tyson doesn't think Chase found the line he's he's not happy with the serve that Jay is offering but and Jay missed that serve there Jay's making it and so right there that.

Wasn't a legal sir that's called the replay but he missed the illegal serve that should be a fault in my opinion there's no way you should be able to hit the legal surf Mission yeah I'm 100 on on Tyson's side here the rule the rule is a research 15 seconds gentlemen every time and hope they don't call it.

Right where are we the score is zero two and I will recall zero two or you should at least have a limit on how many illegal specs on Sunday and re-engage in the singles when they need to so David say now with a chance to go in front and indeed she does.

Someone yelled out that's going out right before she tried to hit that over here okay yeah you can call it hinder okay I can't call a distraction but she called there's no way that should be a.

Hindrance no it is it's a valid hinder no no no I need I need the main rep right now we can call the ref um one of the worst decisions I've ever seen in all of sports to Vitae rightfully it's a referee.

Timeout unhappy welcome back to Newport Beach California today Ben Sam querry as we continue on here at onisha Smith having a navigate a little bit of an unusual circumstance there as you can understand both sides here I mean uh Leia Jansen clearly upset that somebody screamed in the middle of of.

Her trying to hit a shot but salame David saying come on you can't take away a winning a winning exchange for me based upon a fan making noise in the stands no this shouldn't even be a discussion and we were just talking a little bit about off air it's like someone yelling at a Tiger Woods backswing or.

You know or a free throw that's just part of the game if you want fans at your event this is going to occasionally happen this happened at tennis event so that I was playing and it's um it's unfortunate it's unlucky but let's say Leia would have made that overhead for a winner are they replaying the point then and in in favor of David say of course.

Not you know Don Stanley has made his way out to the court to discuss it well you can hear Salome the expressing her sentiments pretty much in line with what we're saying right I mean it's you know that's that's part of sports look David say may not be a fan favorite in this sport but she's a hundred percent.

Right here and and at no point should this be a replay I mean if that's the case when you're playing everyone should bring a a drunk buddy with him to every match and and have him yell out at critical points of the um of the set or the game and and see if you can just get a replay this was a terrible precedent if this is a replay.

And you know I mean it it was I think from Leia's point of view it was more what was yelled than the fact that something was yelled it was that that you know a towel and somebody was yelling that but you know it's let's take a listen and it wasn't from that audio it didn't.

What didn't sound so much like a yell as it was even a oh it's just a guy there excited look there was no there were no fans in pickleball one year ago she should be excited there's people in the crowd they're they're having fun they're having some drinks a guy yelled during.

And out during a ball that was in the air that just that's just part of the game and to be honest to the same it's it's you know a little bit surprising that this is taking this long to to figure out what they're gonna do yeah I mean I get that they probably feel like they're establishing precedent so they want to get it right.

Right at this point at this point they just need to make a decision and they've made the it looks like the wrong decision timing they are replaying 10-10 so 10. I believe it's 10 10 yeah side out and there you go
What happened in the mens and womens singles day.