Slaves you with the senior pickleball report powered by TNC Network let's get it going okay today we have a review probably without a doubt the most comfortable Court shoes I've ever worn um hands down and a little paddle review at the end as well if you like this.

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I gotta tell you I've worn a great deal of Court shoes over my lifetime I played uh indoor volleyball for 25 years I've played a little bit of tennis here and there and Racquetball here and there and now pickleball and my issue has always been shoes really from a comfort level I have a.

Heel spur on my right foot and so when I'm done playing usually I'm limping around afterwards and uh it's not pretty but uh I've come across a shoe and this is the fitville Amadeus beautiful shoe that has a leather upper with some holes so it's very breathable it is uh it's slip resistant it's wide.

You can get it in uh extra wide as well uh really wide toe box which I like great deal as my feet get flatter as I get older it has a removable insole with an arch and a built into it here so get a little more in the arch for those that need it and if you need to you can actually pull that insole out and if you have Orthotics you can slide those in as.

Well it's a great shoe I played into these shoes for about 12 hours now total and when I'm done I'm not limping away like I have in any other thing I played with including all the big brands that I played with over the years these shoes feel very solid they feel very stable and relatively speaking in the market state they're.

They're cheap uh they're made uh at a price point then I think for the comfort level is a steal 85 dollars I believe now the holiday season there's some discounts will be a code in the description that you can put in if you go to the fitful site to buy the shoes they uh are a company out of Texas so that's cool in the US here.

And uh I highly recommend them again if you have foot problems my wife has a pair as well and she's always struggled lately with uh plantar fascia and she swears by these shoes so uh check them out and let me know what you think in the comments because for people that as we get older seems to be more common that we have foot problems and the.

Fitville Amadeus I think is a good solution all right under the paddle fitville also is getting into the paddle game um and seems to be a common theme these are the paddle sets that have been coming out lately and you get a little.

Bag here and two indoor balls and two outdoor balls uh the paddle is fiberglass and it's a USA approved paddle it has a slightly longer grip I believe they added about 15 millimeters for people that have larger hands it has this little kind of Knob at the end which I like from keeping your hand from.

Slipping off there's not a lot of spin to this paddle fairly smooth surface real smooth actually uh you decide for the thickness I hit this thing for a couple days and I get a decent power on it for sure um good resets it's soft enough for touch the only issue I had with it is I have a lot of spin in my game.

And for people that are starting out which is basically what this paddle is designed for spin necessarily isn't something that you need to worry about for a while um because you're just trying to keep the ball in play and play the game and learn from there and then once you get to a particular level you can start.

Adding spin to your game so excellent paddle set again code is in the description uh it's for fitfill so check them out great shoes and you know paddle Set uh great for the holiday season so let me know what you think and hey until next time let's pickle see ya.

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