Thank you Daddy yeah I'm counting it these are I have steps in today all right good look at the killer Nations you can't bounce like this you can drop it okay.

okay there you go oh my God second server this is me at Tiffany's plan to win I talked to Crow I talk to mess Tiffany hits the ball shoes.

Can I ask you this question is it hard though not to look at that person when he looks so weird I mean I hope you roll your ankle there's no telling how bad I'm gonna be at this so I'm not judging at all don't tell me that we're winning oh there you go.

That hurts let's pack a few right there to Zach's face he can't volley because he's shaking in the knees and we're ready to roll you ready good Team Awesome on three team awesome three one two three team awesome no but I saw you a couple good shots that uh he came he can't get on the.

Return so that's where you can get no his body's falling apart and it's not where we are and so he's not gonna be able to hold out I think he'll get a couple of shots but he's not gonna be able to maintain it no no no we got this yeah right yes we got it you got it you got it thanks get it get it oh hey I see what you're.

Doing there I'm just playing I don't know what you're talking about I'm following the rules oh did you make contact with your face I need to know I need I need to know that's why we wear glasses you got it good one hey that was a good one.

You got it ate them up can I come back good job good job good job good job good job okay so we just wrap up two games two games undefeated we're number one I'm gonna be signing this ball and this.

Racket donating them we let them win what happened they didn't show up their bodies didn't function properly several balls I intentionally missed I'm thinking you guys did too much talking I think they don't understand like Reuben didn't pick up that the ball yeah we look amazing we'll say that right now we're out we're.

Out we're out we're out Reuben you put the ball over though you want to adjust it's easy really thank you bye
Jo, Tiffany, Ruben and Zac had a friendly competition on the pickleball courts at Osage Park in Bentonville.