Game right we're gonna do this one-on-one okayso it's gonna be entirely half court how it's going to work I'm going to feed the first ballas a dink Drew's gonna have to dink it back and then anything goes in the half court right okayso it's a good drill to work on your speed UPS right and we're gonna work on a reflex volleystoo just playing some points so how it goes I can't really work too much in your ding strategywhen you're only going down the line the purpose of this is kind of just to get the speed UPS yeahthe speed ups and the uh reflex ball is going all right guys so in this next row we're goingto be working on our drops okay so I'm going to be behind the back line we're still going halfcourt Drew is going to be on the other side at the kitchen right his job is to try to hit itat me as hard as he can at my feet so that I.

Can work on my drop okay I'm going to be goingbetween topspin and slice drops okay so working on everything so it's important guys thatwhen you're hitting drops that you're always on balance you always want to try to be movingforward right you don't want to be hitting your drop like on your back leg it's much better tobe hitting your drop on balance moving forward foreign drops now it's a little bit more trickybut can be extremely effective we are going to go through some reset drills okayso in this drill I'm going to be positioned right here in the transition zone and it's Drew's jobto try to get the ball as hard as he possibly.

Can at my feet area okay I'm gonna have a widebase so that I can lunge side to side in either direction and I'm going to try to drop the ballback into the kitchen so if I was in a pool and I had to hit the shot I could follow it in rightyou don't want to hit this shot High because then they're just going to kill you with it right sonormally you would move forward after hitting this ball but for the sake of this drill youcan stay right here and sort of work on my drop slash reset in this location you're gonna misssome of these it's a pretty tough shot so just when you miss get the ball and keep startinganother rally come up a little bit Drew closer too hard so you can get warmed up and then asyou're starting to get more warming up on the shot Drew or your partner can start to hit a littlebit harder right so you're starting a little.

Bit harder gonna get used to a more tricky shotnice you kind of just want to be low in this area preventing him being able to wrong foot youor anything like that get you off balance serving she's going to return we're both goingfor depth here okay so I'm gonna be doing the spin serve make it a little bit more tricky forDrew his goal is to go as deep as he can with his return obviously he doesn't want to go toodeep because that's risky but uh and then yeah my goal is to go deep and hard trying to get agood reaction on my spin so I'm literally just going to be hitting my serve and he's going tobe returning we're not going to do anything other than that so there's no rally that's goingto come I'm going to be doing the spin with my left hand you always want to try to get theright reaction when you're doing the spin serve.

So Drew's goal here is to get it a little bitdeeper so he wants to try to get deeper in the court I see a lot of people that neglect the servein the return you definitely want to isolate them and work on their depth so that when you getto the game you're not worried about making in right you can be worried about hitting it deep andeffectively all right let's do one more good one much we're just playing points like we put themin doubles cross-court we're gonna start off on the right side all right so nothing can be hit onthe left side of the Court we're going diagonally on the right side and we're just gonna play itsingle style scoring to where you win the point you get to serve you lose the point they get toserve right all right so I'm going to start off video make sure to like And subscribe okay we'regonna be making a lot more cool pickleball content.

Like this blogs tutorials answering your guysquestions all the all that good stuff okay so foreign
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