In this video I'm going to talk about the three most important shots in pickleball let's start with the dink the dink basically is the shot where you want to lead with your shoulder you stay low the ball bounces in front of you you're not trying to hit a winner just to make it awkward or uncomfortable for your opponent and unattackable most.

Importantly now I'm going to demonstrate the dink for you where it actually bounces before you hit the ball and then you hit it back to your opponent hopefully making it non-attackable bounce and hit right over the net we're just keeping it in play with dinking this is one of the most.

Fundamental shots of pickleball very important part of the Finesse game of pickleball the drop shot is basically hit with a lot of finesse again this is part of the soft game where you'd have a little arc on the ball dropping it over the net in front of your opponent so if they have to bend over and hit up on it allowing.

You to move forward and improve your position on the court by getting yourself near the non-volley zone line where you want to play Pickleball from so a drop shot is hit when any time when you're in trouble or back off the kitchen line and you want to help yourself move forward so I'm going to basically try to keep it a couple feet.

Over the net and make it unattackable so that my opponent cannot hit down on it and attack me in order that I can improve my position and move forward in the court here's what it looks like I'm going to step in hit up on it and make my opponent again hit up on the ball so that all those would allow me to move.

Forward and improve my position so that I can eventually neutralize the positional Advantage my opponent had and get myself to the kitchen line and the volley is actually where you take it out of the air placing it either at your opponent's feet between them or if you get a high enough ball hitting it past them for a winner.

Basically keeping it out front watching the ball not a lot of motion until you get it set up when you can actually hit a winner or have your opponent Miss so those are the most important shots that you'll find in pickleball if you can Master them which are all part of the soft game you will learn that this.

Is an amazing game that you can win with finesse without even needing to use much power on your shots I want to ask you a question are you ready to take your pickleball game to the next level making pickleball even more fun do you want to do it the right way and see results the very next time you step on the pickleball court if so I want to.

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In this video, Scott talks about the 3 most #important #pickleball #shots and how to master them in just a few minutes. The 3 most important pickleball shots are the dink, drop and volley. All these shots help you force your opponent to make a mistake by keeping the pickleball unattackable.

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We love pickleball! In this video, you will learn how to play pickleball and various pickleball strategies. It is important to first understand the pickleball rules, and then come and watch these pickleball tutorials to take your game to the next level.

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