Hey there how's it going i'm porter and today i'm going to be showing you three of my favorite pickleball drills to help you drastically improve your game while having fun in the process so let's get right into it but first i'm trying to reach 1 000 subscribers by the end of the year and if each and every one of you watching this video.

Subscribes i'll be able to meet that goal really easily so if you can take two seconds to scroll down and click that big red subscribe button it's free super easy and i really appreciate it thank you and let's get to the drills before you actually start drilling or playing for that matter it's really important that you get a really good.

Warm-up and i don't mean just going up to the kitchen and dinking i mean stretching your muscles moving around all of that it's really important to help you play your best game and i'm not gonna go in depth into how to warm up today but if you want to see a video like that leave a comment down below letting me know and maybe i'll make one.

In the future but here's the first drill this drill is super super good for helping you work on your footwork and placement while dinking at the kitchen i'm not sure if the drill itself has a name but i'm going to call it the shuffle drill because you shuffle you're going to need a drilling partner for this drill and each.

Drill that we talked about today to help you out it's really really important that you have one otherwise you're not going to be able to do these drills so you're gonna start up at the kitchen with your partner right across from you and you're just gonna dink back and forth but after each dink you're gonna shuffle one step down towards the other.

End of the court and the same goes for your partner after they hit a dink they're gonna shuffle one step to the end of the court then you're going to repeat that process until you reach the end of the court and then you're just going to start all over again and head back so it's going to kind of be a pattern of dink shuffle dink shuffle.

Thing shuffle super simple and what this does is it helps you work on your lateral movement which is used all the time in pickleball that's how you want to move up at the kitchen shuffling and lateral movement is super important and so this drill helps you out a ton with that now after you've gone back and forth a few times if you're wanting to.

Up the ante and make it a little bit harder you can start cross-court from your partner and basically do the same thing but you're gonna move in opposite directions from each other so you're gonna dink shuffle down to the other end your partner's gonna dink and they'll shuffle down to the other end it's basically the same just crisscross so.

Yeah that's the shuffle drill all right this next drill is great for working on a lot of different shots and on in-game scenarios and now obviously almost all of pickleball is played up at the kitchen so it's really important that you feel comfortable while you're up there and so this drill is going to help you out with that it's called the.

Kitchen game because it's literally just that it's a game played out at the kitchen it's the same exact roles as normal pickleball but it's only played on one side and you score using rally scoring you start at 0-0 and it's a game to 11 win by two points make sure you focus on your consistency and not trying to go for too much because generally the.

Person who's more consistent and makes less errors is gonna win more games in the long run once you play a game straight ahead you can play out games cross court and then straight ahead from the other side and then cross court again so on so forth you're just starting out at the kitchen playing out points and you're trying to beat your.

Partner so you can work on those in-game scenarios so yeah that's the kitchen game really simple but super super helpful so we all know one of the hardest things to master in pickleball is the third shot drop when it goes too high it gets killed by your opponent and when it goes too low it goes into the net getting it to go right over the net.

In the perfect position is extremely hard to master so this next drill should help you out a ton when you're trying to learn and work on your drop shots it's called 7-eleven the person practicing their drops is going to be standing at the baseline while the person who is feeding the drops is going to be standing up at the kitchen the person at.

The kitchen is going to feed the ball and try to beat their opponent who's at the baseline and the person at the baseline is going to try to beat the person at the kitchen while not moving up along the court to win the dropper has to get seven points and the feeder has to get 11. it is rally scoring win by one point the reason the dropper has.

To get less points than the feeder is because hitting a drop shot is much harder than the person standing at the kitchen attacking those drop shots again once you finish a straight ahead game you can move on to a cross-court game and then straight ahead from the other side and then cross-court from the other side so on so forth as always really.

Focus on your consistency because it's super important that you focus on not making errors because again a person who makes less errors generally wins more games so there you go that's 7-eleven it's super super helpful for working on your drop shots and it's also helpful if you're the feeder in this situation and you're working on attacking balls from.

Maybe low under the net or just putting the ball away in general super helpful on both ends and it's super fun and yeah so there you have it these are my three favorite drills to help you improve a lot while having fun doing it i really enjoy all of them and i hope you do too thanks as always for watching this video again scroll down click that big red.

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