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Pickleball courts on page two of the rule book in a section entitled special features you will find the two bounce rule let's unpack what the two bonds rule is all about and some of what might help us is to start with a couple of terms that we're going to find in the rule there are two terms that we're going to find inside of that rule one is.

A ground stroke so let's define what a ground stroke is and then the second one is going to be a volley so a ground stroke is defined as when the ball hits the ground and bounces so it doesn't matter I'm going to have Lori feed me a dink go ahead Lori we call this a dink as well that's a ground stroke because the ball bounced okay she's going to.

Catch that and then I'm going to back up a little bit if I'm back here go ahead hit it to me again Lori and this is going to be another ground stroke so I let the ball bounce and I hit a ground stroke a volley is defined as taking the ball out of the air so it doesn't matter if I hit a volley go ahead Lori feed me a.

Volley if I hit a volley from the non-volley zone line that's a volley go ahead hit me one more this is a volley or if I step back here and I take a ball out of the air that's still a volley because I did not allow the ball to bounce so the first step to understanding that rule is making sure that you understand the term ground.

Stroke and volley let's put that rule back up and we're going to take out the words of volley and ground stroke so essentially after the serve is made the ball has to bounce once time on each side before the ball is volley now a simple way that players tend to remember this and I I like the way uh this helps people is serve and stay so if you're on.

The serve team you serve the ball and you're both going to have to stay back to allow that ball to bounce if you're on the return team you can return and run so you return the ball and then you run up to the non-volley Zone what some players may not recognize is the Strategic importance of the two bounce Rule and it's actually it's baked right.

Into our game so the serve has to land in this service box and I have to hit a ground stroke if I'm the returner I cannot volley this ball right that's what the two bounce rule does but because we know who the returner is my partner Lori is already able to be up at the non-volleys online she does not have to stay back here with me so when I hit.

The ground stroke after I've hit the ground stroke I want to come up to the non-volley zone line with her and what this does the two of us being at the non-volley zone line gives us a positional advantage over the surf team because in that two bounce rule I've allowed it to bounce we've allowed it to bounce on the return side but the served.

Side needs to do the same thing they have to stay back and allow that ball to bounce but different from us both players on the serve team need to stay back because is the returner I could hit it to either player I can hit it anywhere on the court that I want to so if one of them started to come in I'm probably going to hit it towards that.

Player and see if I can get them to volley the ball or take it out of the air and make a mistake so it's very important that those two stay back when that happens when they're getting ready now to hit would be their surge shot the court should look like this two players at the non-volley zone line that's the return team they are here.

They have now taken their positional advantage and then the serve team is still somewhere near the Baseline now it's the serve team's job to get up to the non-volley zone line and to eliminate that positional advantage and frankly it's what Tony and I call the longest 15 feet in pickleball if you'd like to know more about strategy we've.

Got a playlist for you or if you'd like to know more about the rules and how they impact the game we've got another playlist for you right over here because together we can train smart Live Bold and age well
There are a few pickleball rules that leave player’s scratching their heads and the 2 bounce rule is one of them. But there’s more to it than just understanding the 2 bounce rule. It plays a critical role in the strategy of our game and it’s difficult to advance unless you understand the impact.

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00:29 Explaining the Two Bounce Rule
00:55 Definitions-Groundstroke
01:30 Definitions-Volley
02:16 Reexamine the rule
02:53 Strategy Return Side
03:44 Strategy-Serve Side
04:34 What the court looks like for both sides

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