We got Nick over here all the family Nick how you feeling Nick I'm feeling good you feeling good feeling uh you know the pressure I'm as prepared as I'm gonna be not as not as much as prepared oh we're on low life yeah we're live we're not live but we're just recording you know I'm you know prepared I could be in the last week and a half I don't.

Feel like you did some training be all right all right this is an exciting match everyone's looking forward to it I can't wait for match number two oh yeah the the juice the rematch Ellis how you feeling how you feeling so Alice is focused let's go get a little tired but I feel good no excuses all the family just woke up but they're.

Here all excited hello fam hello hello everyone's out here I know I know everyone's joining up and getting excited for this match we're here at Pine Meadows uh it's about to get started we got here Amelia Amelia how you feeling about us as much I don't know I'm just a little nervous just a little.

Nervous I think he's got it he looks confident everybody family's here hey hey he's ready he's ready he is ready yes I'm on his face he's warmed up yeah all right let's do this here we are at the cords we got our referee for today is uh Dave hello Dave how you feeling about this match you.

Ready to referee it I'm pumped I'm super pumped it's gonna be beautiful we got the the stereos the kids the supporting can you get a little yeah we're excited all right and uh just so the score is clear we got the boom boxes and the mic we're ready to go this is happening Ellis.

What's so proudly we hail at the twilight's last leaving who's brought stripes and bright stars we watched were so gallantly through the night that our flag was still there oh say does that Star Spangled.

and now welcome all family and friends we are gathered here today for the match of the year.

Foreign he has one name to tell us he's not Madonna he's not Prince he's not seal still waiting for his one hit wonder he is Ellis Celine means serving machine he has apps.

Like nobody else over here his opponent wind Placer show Tricky Nicky Nick Albanese he has a wingspan of a lot more than me probably Trifecta boxed himself in a two-man event and hedged a bet against himself but he lacks in hair he makes up in flare.

Game on baby let's do it get into it yeah we're not sure if we're not sure yeah yeah okay okay one zero oh yeah 101.

All right zero one or three out get out all day how far that out.

Here zero five oh yeah shots why please nice job man foreign head out foreign.

Okay that's out come on there's nothing to do with that Audrey students four nine.

foreign great ball I'll take a little water we got two of them first time out of the match time up Nick sorry that's true.

Oh no I'll be right back you had him that point I'm aware the second time out of the match timeout Alice one timeout each remaining score is 9-6 .

Foreign match number two down nine though last time whoa whoa Europe two zero.

Playing volleyball you're welcome nice oh so close two zero three zero oh my God a little.

Overruled by a referee thank you no more missing Dom I missed another one are you doing that's a big mistake.

Timeout yeah two times remaining for Ellis one time out for Nick too far awesome good move good attempt oh.

six three that is right now I think yeah that's a good idea wow good Hustle good Hustle.

Thomas hey Make some noise happy Saturday Nick how do you feel sorry around the ground.

Hello Youtube! This was just a friendly local Pickleball match between two friends. Winner gets $1000! Both players did very well and had fun in the process. Already wanting the rematch!
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